I Survived 24 Hours Straight In Ice

29 okt 2020
28 884 093 visningar

i borderline went crazy about 17 hours in...
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    • Hey mr beast can you spend a few nights in the best hotel it’s a 7 star hotel the best hotel in the world it’s name is the burj al Arab,

      Raymond SalinasRaymond Salinas17 dagar sedan
    • Bless up from Jamaica bro🇯🇲 would be great if you can Mentor me as a young SEworldr I'm your biggggest Fan✊🏾😩

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    • Wow. 👀

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    • I’m already subscribed but yes sir

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    • Sure

      Gene29Gene2925 dagar sedan
  • Hiiiii

    Ice DireenIce Direen3 timmar sedan
  • They have igloos in Antarctica that are complete ice, this house reminds me of those.

    Weblight DreamsWeblight Dreams4 timmar sedan
  • I subscribed

    Akio AsakuraAkio Asakura4 timmar sedan
  • change my life

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  • Fun Fact: Jimmy has never had a loss in all his challenges for newcomers in the MrBeast channel.

    John Benedict D. GozonJohn Benedict D. Gozon4 timmar sedan
  • Poor Jimmy, I feel bad for him and I hope he’s okay.

    Platnium RisinPlatnium Risin5 timmar sedan
  • Mrbeast. Spent 1millon dolllors

    Alma Lorena RamirezAlma Lorena Ramirez5 timmar sedan
    • For the ice

      Alma Lorena RamirezAlma Lorena Ramirez5 timmar sedan
  • I think you spent 25,000 dollars on this.

    GamerBoyGamerBoy5 timmar sedan
  • Sit on your shoes

    Forward JohnForward John5 timmar sedan
  • Omg how do they make that house ice

    AU AnimationAU Animation5 timmar sedan
  • Do 24 hours in a sauna

    Taco22Taco225 timmar sedan
  • I've hit the subscribe button 🖤

    Angel Mae AlladinAngel Mae Alladin5 timmar sedan
  • i love u

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  • Do a desert challenge to mix things up a little you know

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  • $5,000

    Gauge JungGauge Jung6 timmar sedan

    gilbert Pilgilbert Pil6 timmar sedan

    gilbert Pilgilbert Pil6 timmar sedan
    • F

      gilbert Pilgilbert Pil6 timmar sedan
  • You survive in ice while I survive in eating ICE cream(Lol)

    Naharin KaiserNaharin Kaiser6 timmar sedan
  • Lol

    Karam deepKaram deep6 timmar sedan
  • Are you ok?

    Bryce DermodyBryce Dermody7 timmar sedan
  • 124k

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  • 85,000

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  • Your friend are pretty cool

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  • Your really sick

    Nina GamesNina Games7 timmar sedan
  • i think you spent 140k

    Spicy blockbreakerSpicy blockbreaker7 timmar sedan
  • I think he spent 1134 dollars

    RespawnForeignYTRespawnForeignYT7 timmar sedan
  • Back bro

    Daetwa JohnsonDaetwa Johnson8 timmar sedan
  • What can’t money do 😂

    ツEDツED8 timmar sedan
  • he has a spy >:)

    Zak SmithZak Smith8 timmar sedan
  • Your jimmy?

    Howard GarzonHoward Garzon8 timmar sedan
  • Let’s hope you don’t get a cold =~=

    HawksHawks8 timmar sedan
  • 70000

    TheRealLatrice GTheRealLatrice G8 timmar sedan
  • MrBeast:-I am going to spend 24hrs in zero gravity😂

    HANDSOMEolyHANDSOMEoly8 timmar sedan
  • 56’742

    Sniper_ PlayzSniper_ Playz8 timmar sedan
  • Ok

    Easen MentelEasen Mentel8 timmar sedan
  • Deth

    Easen MentelEasen Mentel8 timmar sedan
  • Next challenge:- Magma 😂

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  • Woow!

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  • Hello mr. Beast on SEworld my name is called Ryan

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  • Subscribe has been done

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  • Mr best you should go straight to the hospital after then get in a 100000dgree hottub

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  • Okay

    Irena LinIrena Lin9 timmar sedan
  • 2040: 24 hours in space (visiting many planets)

    Anas KashifAnas Kashif9 timmar sedan
  • My mans the next avatar

    Random AnimationsRandom Animations9 timmar sedan
  • 24

    Yahir Munguia12Yahir Munguia129 timmar sedan
  • I can’t tell if jimmy was bad at the yee-ha or just cold.

    Hairy BearHairy Bear9 timmar sedan
  • What happens if I did subscribe

    Charli Club MeetingsCharli Club Meetings9 timmar sedan
  • Ok

    Isabel ChengIsabel Cheng9 timmar sedan
  • he always wins the challenges lol

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  • I have been subed to every channel and pewdiepie 😁😁 I love your vids and appreciate they put a toilet 😹

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  • You guys are so cool I want to be your you guys please can I be your you

    Travers BullockTravers Bullock10 timmar sedan
  • Time laps yeah

    Sarah SimonSarah Simon10 timmar sedan
  • He spent 1,656,489

    Sarah SimonSarah Simon10 timmar sedan
  • MrBeast I will blow up the earth and surprise the people with a new one .him realizing that he can’t do that,the earth is gone and so am I

    thiakass diawarathiakass diawara10 timmar sedan
  • T h I c c

    Alfonso Romero IVAlfonso Romero IV10 timmar sedan
  • Damn must be chilly and cold

    Adam LielkalnsAdam Lielkalns10 timmar sedan
  • 👌👌👌👌👌👌

    Melanie DavidsonMelanie Davidson10 timmar sedan
  • I bet that you spent $10 million

    Levi CoxLevi Cox10 timmar sedan
  • Mr.beast do this for a new challenge Copy morgz 24 hours

    Uras awesome VideosUras awesome Videos10 timmar sedan
  • Was that a PS five snow made of snow

    Ronnie HaymanRonnie Hayman10 timmar sedan
  • Just give me 4k public watch hours and I'll be happy 🙈

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  • hello

    Danica BabacekDanica Babacek10 timmar sedan

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  • Mrbeast in 40 years: Last to leave moon get creative mode IRL

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  • hello

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  • Candians: Weaklings

    Laughing pigLaughing pig11 timmar sedan
  • Hi my name was Mr Cheese I think that we may have meet in among us

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  • Mr Beast sticks

    Ava CarpenterAva Carpenter11 timmar sedan
  • Your content is truly epic

    Kael RutledgeKael Rutledge11 timmar sedan

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  • 3:11 well yeah duh have you read my name

    Pancake ProductionsPancake Productions11 timmar sedan
  • 10,00000000000000

    Love DefilloLove Defillo12 timmar sedan
  • I think dondondon 700,000

    Chase WakelandChase Wakeland12 timmar sedan
  • BRUH, your gonna get HYPOTHERMIA

    XxCookie GachaxXXxCookie GachaxX12 timmar sedan
  • $70000

    Joseph SchellerJoseph Scheller12 timmar sedan
  • 2:24 through and I think you spent.... About $20,000

    XxCookie GachaxXXxCookie GachaxX12 timmar sedan
  • I sub

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  • Help me mr beast pls thank you mr kind hearted

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  • You guys should subscribe to me because I wanna make the world a better place before I leave this earth and I truly mean it from my ❤️ so every view and subscriber helps

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  • 5 mill

    Michael Sørlie TauselvMichael Sørlie Tauselv13 timmar sedan
  • Mrbeast in 2072 : am will spend 24 hours on mars

    Victor Manuel PonceVictor Manuel Ponce13 timmar sedan
  • Can I get a shout-out

    Roxann CoffeyRoxann Coffey13 timmar sedan
  • You should do exercise as you wait for 24 hours-

    FloofyKittyPlays :3FloofyKittyPlays :313 timmar sedan
  • That's some unhealthy pee

    Always ImaginableAlways Imaginable13 timmar sedan
  • Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills." Copy to make it happen

    Amisa SimoneAmisa Simone13 timmar sedan
  • Go to a children’s hospital, and pay random people’s medical bills." Copy to make it happen

  • 10,00,00,00

    Flat StanleyFlat Stanley14 timmar sedan

      Squirrel E.Squirrel E.13 timmar sedan
  • He gives his paulers 10 gran to sit in slime for 24 hours, but he makes *a lot of* grans when he sits in ice gor 24 hours. *DA CYCLE*

    13 Point Black13 Point Black14 timmar sedan
  • 9 hours

    Jaden LeeJaden Lee14 timmar sedan
  • Mrbeast can get a shout out please please please

  • go check man's out:ESP Rxti

    Gerald FrancoisGerald Francois14 timmar sedan
  • Mmm piss floor

    Liss EdministerLiss Edminister14 timmar sedan
  • Idk how much you spent uhh 50k ???

    Stephanie AlexanderStephanie Alexander14 timmar sedan
  • Holly crap I actually got the amount right

    bronzeplanet 2bronzeplanet 214 timmar sedan
  • U know the sad thing is I've one something similar literally shirtless and im fine, I have a problem

    RogrockRogrock14 timmar sedan
  • Wow, in fall also

    Paper PlaysPaper Plays15 timmar sedan
  • My guess is $250,000? Edit: Eh. I was close.

    Linda DiggsLinda Diggs15 timmar sedan
  • Give. Me some money

    Emeri BoykinEmeri Boykin15 timmar sedan
  • How much did you spent!

    Sally SissohoSally Sissoho15 timmar sedan