Minecraft, But There Are Custom Apples...

1 maj 2021
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Minecraft, But There Are Custom Apples...
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  • The merch is FIRE, it's already on the way!! Does it cure baldness btw? (Asking for friend).

    PainfulPainful12 dagar sedan
    • Hi painful

      Resh KishoreResh Kishore7 timmar sedan
    • you and forrest keep up the good work

      Susie CatalanSusie Catalan14 timmar sedan
    • .

      Shai FeuerherdtShai Feuerherdt5 dagar sedan
    • Verified ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

      Lay zrenLay zren5 dagar sedan
  • You forgot trade with villager and get emerald for emerald apple :)

    Даваадорж НДаваадорж Н5 minuter sedan
  • In Minecraft I have 12 ruby

    Spaceflight RaptorSpaceflight Raptor3 timmar sedan
  • Ha I don’t think that’s normal I don’t think that Rubys are normal they could be they could just be an update but I’m not sure

    Snowball CreamSnowball Cream3 timmar sedan
  • Bed Apple

    LoganLogan4 timmar sedan
  • Can you make an apple apple ?

    Snowball CreamSnowball Cream4 timmar sedan
    • Oh never mind sorry I didn’t watch it all the way 🥲

      Snowball CreamSnowball Cream4 timmar sedan
  • Leather apple I don't know but do it and how do you get mods

    Gael GuzmanGael Guzman4 timmar sedan
  • What about a golden apple apple

    Tanner BakerTanner Baker4 timmar sedan
  • I think it is safe to say you got more than one like

    Archer LeGroneArcher LeGrone4 timmar sedan
  • kamehameha apple goku in the game drops 8 kamehamehas

    sonic and friendssonic and friends4 timmar sedan
  • Did

    Freddy PascaleFreddy Pascale4 timmar sedan
  • Alt title: Minecraft, but I say apple way too many times

    Blu's world YTBlu's world YT5 timmar sedan
  • 0:25 that's what she said

    Matayeo HolbertMatayeo Holbert5 timmar sedan
  • eats lave apple

    Stephanie RobloxStephanie Roblox5 timmar sedan
  • my fav part i# the last part

    Stefan WangStefan Wang7 timmar sedan
  • You missed 5 Diamonds :/

    Sky HighSky High8 timmar sedan
  • Him: holy thats big Me: thats what she said 😉

    AEAE11 timmar sedan
  • Java?

    The DiagoldThe Diagold12 timmar sedan
  • i love you

    Crystal SoCrystal So12 timmar sedan
  • It was amazing

    Cutler WaterworthCutler Waterworth13 timmar sedan
  • I million times he AAAPPPLLLEEEE

    Aldrianna De JongeAldrianna De Jonge13 timmar sedan
  • High

    Alexis VanlandschootAlexis Vanlandschoot14 timmar sedan
  • He had a blaze head in his inventory

    czane uchiaczane uchia14 timmar sedan
  • 20 30

    fariha abidfariha abid14 timmar sedan
  • What is thiiiiiis

    Thomas BThomas B15 timmar sedan
  • aim sij bleiz ed

    gunita lejagunita leja16 timmar sedan
  • what's the name of the mode ?

  • Apple count: 1M

    Noob the Bloxy playerNoob the Bloxy player21 timme sedan
  • Dude make redstone apple

    Leny VillanuevaLeny Villanueva23 timmar sedan
  • Armer apple

    Rai PouyioukkasRai PouyioukkasDag sedan
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    Otto Clare-CampbellOtto Clare-CampbellDag sedan
  • 32 apple's?

    Linda LindaLinda LindaDag sedan
  • 567 times you said apple if you don't believe me count it yourself

    Maryam AhmadMaryam AhmadDag sedan
  • You said apple 57 times

    Sandip KumarSandip KumarDag sedan
  • You said Apple 127 times

    Lucas Alderton aka kidLucas Alderton aka kidDag sedan

    T GT GDag sedan
  • bru

    T GT GDag sedan

    Kyle ChaseKyle ChaseDag sedan
  • Ok

    Miss kitty 666Miss kitty 666Dag sedan

    GingyGingyDag sedan
  • I almost killed myself by almost ripping my big toe nail by a drinking fridge!

    GingyGingyDag sedan
  • What about a Apple apple😳😳😳😳

    Dereck LopezDereck LopezDag sedan
    • Nvm he did it lol

      Dereck LopezDereck LopezDag sedan
  • Is a me mario

    BendynationBendynationDag sedan
  • xNestorio: Mining gold* gold is useless or we can make notch apples Me: MAKE A GOLD ORE APPLE PLZ

    fnaf gamingfnaf gamingDag sedan
  • 10,000,0000

    Mini SimsMini SimsDag sedan
  • How about bone apple

    Benson NguyenBenson NguyenDag sedan
  • 1:30 64 bits... 32 bits... 16 bit, 8 bit, 4 BITS, 2 BITS, 1 BITS, HALF BIT, QUARTER BIT .....THE WRIST GAMEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    Noir4KNoir4KDag sedan
  • U should make a stick apple

    Max XuMax XuDag sedan
  • gold block appel

    Lili SteffensenLili SteffensenDag sedan
  • Wood apple

    Carter TotushekCarter TotushekDag sedan
  • seed plz

    Micah SmithMicah SmithDag sedan
  • u should have tried crafting table apple

    சாமானியன் Samaniyanசாமானியன் SamaniyanDag sedan
  • What mod is this

    Akhil ChirumamillaAkhil ChirumamillaDag sedan
  • all i heard: apple apple apple apple

    Jackson_1234Jackson_1234Dag sedan
  • Apple AppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleAppleApple iS tHe bEsT

    Kay TurnerKay TurnerDag sedan
  • did everybody botice a blaze head

    Namrata ChauhanNamrata ChauhanDag sedan
  • The iron apples were literally the same as vanilla notch apples

    Tejas DakshTejas DakshDag sedan
  • 18:41 kkkkkkkk🤣🤣

    Lucca F.Lucca F.Dag sedan
  • SApling apple

    When the cyan is susWhen the cyan is susDag sedan
  • i never thought ide say that sentance oh wse can eat cob webs hol' up

  • 6:57 oh we can heat cobwebs now loveley

  • 0:25 holy thats beg he says about a big blured image hhhmmmmm sus

  • do the apple apple

    Player 1Player 1Dag sedan
  • Redstone apple And those golden Apple Saplings, were specifically ignored as if they don't exist 😂

    Sweta SuklaSweta Sukla2 dagar sedan
  • how many apples are in this video? 1? 10? 100? 1000? 100000?

    Bill YangBill Yang2 dagar sedan
  • uh uh uh uh

    P TP T2 dagar sedan
  • i wanna eat apples

    UrchinUrchin2 dagar sedan
  • so the leaf apple is how herobrine creates his "no leaf tree"

  • Eeeeeeeeee

    Maricela.jardín Amor naturalMaricela.jardín Amor natural2 dagar sedan
  • As you know I’m going through the process and I’m going back to the office for the next couple weeks iPods b, to see the first person to the world 🌎 the process to the first of

    Va'Neal ReidVa'Neal Reid2 dagar sedan
  • Can you make the apple apple?????

    SteveSteve2 dagar sedan
  • Netherack apple:(

    Koan MouzzKoan Mouzz2 dagar sedan
  • I am a new one

    Nicole SmithNicole Smith2 dagar sedan
  • What about you make a falr Appl

    Nicole SmithNicole Smith2 dagar sedan
  • How many times he said Apple! My sis:533145221 Me:WHATTTTT

    Max ChumMax Chum2 dagar sedan
  • Can u make a Apple apple its made out of 100% apples

    KailitgamingKailitgaming2 dagar sedan
  • Your intro sounds like your a fly capten

    Dream SMP ClipsDream SMP Clips2 dagar sedan
  • I Haven't Watched The Entire Video Yet And I Think The Feather Apple Will Give You Feather Falling

    MasterGamer PlayzMasterGamer Playz2 dagar sedan
  • xNestorio: fireballs me: ayo what sus my dude

    James CruzJames Cruz2 dagar sedan
  • I got the merch and uts my new blankit

    Sladja_i SrbaSladja_i Srba2 dagar sedan
  • He said apple 189 times

    SyncSync2 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone esle see the blaze head

    Jeramiah RamirezJeramiah Ramirez2 dagar sedan
  • 208

    Rheaper GamingRheaper Gaming2 dagar sedan
  • xNestorio: at one point in your life you should probably eat rocks my older brother at 16: don't mind if i do

    Lee MorrisonLee Morrison2 dagar sedan
  • You forgot wood apple buddy

    Mr. Legend Adopt MeMr. Legend Adopt Me2 dagar sedan
  • Theres your 1 like aka 127k likes lol

    Blake RenckenBlake Rencken2 dagar sedan
  • Apple

  • 2:58 xNestorio: Technoblade Apple Technoblade: *WHO SUMMON ME*

    NevertownTHNevertownTH2 dagar sedan
  • This is a mode addition you can’t actually do thid

    TheBestGamer45TheBestGamer452 dagar sedan
  • You talk fast 😐😐

    Suleyma ArriazaSuleyma Arriaza2 dagar sedan
  • What Mod are you using?

    • Luna •• Luna •2 dagar sedan
  • 64times I can say Apple

    Hannah ReddyHannah Reddy2 dagar sedan
  • 3:18 this... is looking shiny today...... | | | V

    scftcolorsscftcolors2 dagar sedan
  • Take a shot every time he says *Apple*

    Наркотици ООДНаркотици ООД2 dagar sedan
  • @SirYakari inspirace

    Gaming SkGaming Sk2 dagar sedan
  • 100

    Nikkie ReijnenNikkie Reijnen2 dagar sedan
  • 55 time

    Nimaway HuntNimaway Hunt2 dagar sedan
  • Alternative video: appleeeessssss

    The normal gamerThe normal gamer2 dagar sedan
  • You said apple 4059 times

    Saul KerrySaul Kerry2 dagar sedan
  • I wanted to see what the cursed apple was 🥲

    Gamer_ MGamer_ M3 dagar sedan