Testing FLAMMABLE TikTok Life Hacks

2 maj 2021
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    Cold OnesCold Ones15 dagar sedan
    • Mix break fluid and chlorine together for funny! (do this outside)

      ૐ Rhubarb The Hippy Goth ૐૐ Rhubarb The Hippy Goth ૐ9 dagar sedan
    • someone please ship them a fire extinguisher

      Aly RadAly Rad9 dagar sedan
    • @cool kid 10 the aids won't go off tho' ...

      Ismail BonjakuIsmail Bonjaku12 dagar sedan
    • *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) {Bababoey} ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

      Ismail BonjakuIsmail Bonjaku12 dagar sedan
    • max I’ll buy you’re clothes if you take a shower

      cool kid 10cool kid 1014 dagar sedan
  • Crowder got cancelled but this is fine. Thank you Susan Scumbag

    FeelFreeToThinkFeelFreeToThink39 minuter sedan
  • Are you guys doing weekly uploads now? The consistency lately is much better.

    Ave SataniAve Satani2 timmar sedan
  • Dead 😂😂🤣🤣 you guys funny as fuck 😂🤣🤣🤣

    Matthew KeylockMatthew Keylock2 timmar sedan
  • How the hell do you not know there’s a ball inside a can of Guinness

    Soggy SaladSoggy Salad4 timmar sedan
  • Why they the unsirouse hilarious version of good mythical morning 😆 🤣

    RealRainPeace 22RealRainPeace 226 timmar sedan
  • Wsup deez

    Djalil DerrDjalil Derr8 timmar sedan
  • *Curtain catches on fire, Yuri goes to help Chad put it out* Max: Film it Yuri.

    Ashton FlintAshton Flint17 timmar sedan
  • Thought I'd do a quick google search on burning steel wool and i found this. Burning steel wool demonstrates the rapid oxidation of metals, the importance of surface area to combustion, and the conservation of mass. Acetone is flammable, a dangerous fire risk, and toxic by inhalation and ingestion. Use only with proper ventilation and keep away from any open flame or ignition source.

    kruegerkrueger17 timmar sedan
  • Bro these guys are fucking hilarious

    anthonybradley13anthonybradley1318 timmar sedan
  • I’ve actually did the bottle breaking thing years ago . It’s very temperamental but it can be achieved with patience and multiple tries

    Bradley HarringtonBradley Harrington18 timmar sedan
  • Your gonna give him ptsd when had to drink howtobasics coke

    seba sebaseba seba19 timmar sedan
  • How does the table not have a bunch of chard spots on it? Always be burning sh**

    DP coastDP coast19 timmar sedan
  • Yo if there's any Finns in here, send these lads some Salmiakki Koskenkorva

    I'mGoingBerserkI'mGoingBerserk20 timmar sedan
  • This guys are awesome omg classic Aussie Bill and Ted......

    RavenRektGamingRavenRektGaming21 timme sedan
  • The ashamed agreement unsurprisingly discover because lift conversly report under a glib cathedral. guttural H habitual, gorgeous heart

    Steven AlexSteven Alex21 timme sedan

    miquel280miquel28021 timme sedan
  • Butter hair. Hair with the butter on it

    Korin TowerKorin Tower22 timmar sedan
  • Yeah the guiness ball is to create the iconic head on the beer dk how it works but jts what it's for

    Thomas LaingThomas Laing22 timmar sedan
  • These episodes are just so entertaining like the guys on the show and the editor does a brilliant job all videos are just well done can’t ask for more nice

    Red and whiteRed and white23 timmar sedan
  • *lemon*

    darkskulldarkskullDag sedan
  • Did that one guy used to have his own prank channel? I forgot his name

    Vito ScalettaVito ScalettaDag sedan
    • maxmofoe?

      Vito ScalettaVito ScalettaDag sedan
  • 9:21 - Da Lemon did this!

    The Sky GamerThe Sky GamerDag sedan
  • Chewing gum also gets the butter out of your hair

    mariosmariosDag sedan
  • 9:40 probably the best and the smartest idea.

    LeachtheravenLeachtheravenDag sedan
  • The ball is a nitrous case. It pops open when you open the can make the beer fizzy again

    Xenu1885Xenu1885Dag sedan
  • Guys, try slice the lemon before putting it on the iron wool. Might work

    Steven SchmidtSteven SchmidtDag sedan
  • I love Chad’s little “helloo” in the beginning and then When Max goes should I finish it and cackles and says “maybe secretly” 😂

    Gundam BoizGundam BoizDag sedan
  • That kick was epic

    Joe RungeJoe RungeDag sedan
  • I’m i the online getting fed up of fucking etoro adds?

    S Λ M U R Λ IS Λ M U R Λ IDag sedan
  • Aight dudes I got somethin for yous. Get a grape or a couple and cut them almost just almost in half then put the cutside down into a microwave and just microwave the shut outta it you get straight plasma it’s dope... Ok next one take some gum that’s got foil like shiny metal on the wrappers and fold it into a long rectangle then bend that into a u shape and your mates gotta push that into the socket. Dope as shit bro

    dinodinoDag sedan
  • The uk. Is fucked we always got shawberrys

  • i want to watch chad lactate into a beer bottle

    big diggabig diggaDag sedan
  • "WhY aRe ThEy So ShArP?" Chad, they're razor blades.

    Garr GoyleGarr GoyleDag sedan
  • y'all kept waiting way too long for the bottle and it made the whole bottle closer to the same temp instead of just creating a line of shock around it

    snow princesssnow princess2 dagar sedan
  • 0:12 Banjo Kazooie, I'd like to see more of these

    SuperEman500SuperEman5002 dagar sedan
  • The unadvised reading astonishingly lock because venezuela hypothetically examine like a hateful cup. rabid, little sudan

    hohumsuphohumsup2 dagar sedan
  • My man chugged that soju

    Raidens WrathRaidens Wrath2 dagar sedan
  • Firefighters watching the video like 😑

    xRAzorxDicexxRAzorxDicex2 dagar sedan
  • Ive watched like 3 cold ones videos and havent even took a hit yet lmao hella got me focused 💪🏼😂💯

    SmokePhattSmokePhatt2 dagar sedan
  • Why boys die earlier than girls:

    ScreedomyScreedomy2 dagar sedan
  • is no one else curious how they didnt know about the ball in Guinness

    General cockGeneral cock2 dagar sedan
  • that sheesh got me weak😂

    Snizzle ToastSnizzle Toast2 dagar sedan
  • Please tell me y’all slowed it down

    Swify 37Swify 372 dagar sedan
  • Wait, how do people not know there's a nitrogen ball in a Guinness can?

    Trevor RisenTrevor Risen2 dagar sedan
  • I’m making peace with my alcohol demons ☮️

    Steve NastySteve Nasty2 dagar sedan
  • keep it at 69k likes

    Brendon CableBrendon Cable2 dagar sedan
  • God that mustache is crippling me with fear, I feel as though a cold hand will reach over my face with a brown cloth soaked in chloroform

    LiL PDLiL PD2 dagar sedan
  • My name is deez

    Yaboy DannyYaboy Danny3 dagar sedan
  • The ball in the Guinness can is a widget. It's used to fill the can with nitrogen bubbles when it's opened 👍

    D AD A3 dagar sedan
  • Tried to send a flamethrower, apparently that's not allowed.

    Brad LawryBrad Lawry3 dagar sedan
  • "Aaah, I burnt my fingers!" *proceeds to sniff them*

    o0julek0oo0julek0o3 dagar sedan
  • Chad should like, go to japan and become a handsome sumo wrestler or somethin

    spaceman spiffspaceman spiff3 dagar sedan
  • Australia: Thank goodness we’re not on fire Two idiots: ...

    David Madighi-OghuDavid Madighi-Oghu3 dagar sedan
  • The banjo and kazooi intro 😂 haven't played that game in yonks

    Jack OliverJack Oliver3 dagar sedan
  • i'm new, is maxmofoe actually gay?

    JamesJames3 dagar sedan
  • guiness is nitrogenated so the ball inside is the source of nitrogen to produce the smooth texture and nice foamy head

    ButterMeMeatButterMeMeat3 dagar sedan
  • _Sir Chadwick and his special friend back at it again!_

    Chilli-Ice Olive-AbodeChilli-Ice Olive-Abode3 dagar sedan

    Chilli-Ice Olive-AbodeChilli-Ice Olive-Abode3 dagar sedan
  • Ball is for a head in your can it produces a jet of expanding gass and bubbles up

    sam dunningsam dunning3 dagar sedan
  • Still wondering how these are life "hacks" I love the Doom playing in the background guys!

    Patrick SpapensPatrick Spapens3 dagar sedan
  • wait, people don't know theres a ball in guiness?

    sussnsussn3 dagar sedan
  • How do you open the second bottle? - You get a third bottle.

    Samuel Lavigne-CloutierSamuel Lavigne-Cloutier3 dagar sedan
  • "Be careful with those Chad." Chad: What're you my F@#$in' mom? Proceeds to cut himself. "Ow f@#$, ow f#$% why are they so sharp?"

    Sleeping KatSleeping Kat3 dagar sedan
  • 10:05 "is that tony hawk from camping?" That got me

    B U R RB U R R3 dagar sedan
  • how long have you guys drank guinness and not known about the ball it says on the can its to release nitrogen

    DudeManProBroDudeManProBro3 dagar sedan
  • This was super interesting to watch but for Chads sake, don't tie your hair so tight! It increases hairloss and balding and he wants to avoid that I assume? 💖

    MMMM3 dagar sedan
  • Started as Cold Ones... Ended as the Dudesons

    TyberiusTyberius3 dagar sedan
  • note to self, dont let 2 drunks play with fire

    Zygarde365Zygarde3653 dagar sedan
  • You might not want it, but that was one delish intro. DO EET AGAIN

    Panda43 6Panda43 63 dagar sedan
  • Your parents must be so proud raising two fine estabished gentlemen such as yourselves

    Swif TehSwif Teh3 dagar sedan
  • some kids will never know the darkness then redness then whiteness

    Savage GTISavage GTI3 dagar sedan
  • fuck i miss tobuscus

    TwentyTwo IQTwentyTwo IQ3 dagar sedan
  • How could u drink that lmao

    crijah94crijah943 dagar sedan
  • Fitz is the guy on the left?

    Niko09rpNiko09rp4 dagar sedan
  • I've never wanted to grow my hair out more

    Corvon H LordhazeCorvon H Lordhaze4 dagar sedan
  • “Where’s the fire hydrant”

    Isaiah11pIsaiah11p4 dagar sedan
  • So Good😂😂😂

    Corvon H LordhazeCorvon H Lordhaze4 dagar sedan
  • "Why would a child have a can of guinness" really made me lose it

    Merijnio666 DevilpriestMerijnio666 Devilpriest4 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: if you wrap steelwool around a firecracker and light the steel wool, and firecracker you get a spark effect.

    TaquiliorTaquilior4 dagar sedan
  • The balls is so the beer is like if you would have poured it from a tap

    Andreé LindevallAndreé Lindevall4 dagar sedan
  • 10:21 where’s the fire hydrant... at least he corrected himself

    Daevid M. WolfsonDaevid M. Wolfson4 dagar sedan
  • Hey, youtube 14 year olds. Uhhhh don't try any of this.

    RandomTuber782RandomTuber7824 dagar sedan
  • Max just drinks a extremely expired coke

    GamingLovesCompanyGamingLovesCompany4 dagar sedan
  • Onlyjauyus 🤢🤢🤢

    profilutennavnprofilutennavn4 dagar sedan
  • idk if it's fake or i should be surprised or disappinted they didnt know of the guinness one

    soundlesspealsoundlesspeal4 dagar sedan
  • The most cavemen episode of cold ones by far

    M3TALfoREVer1M3TALfoREVer14 dagar sedan
  • Aren’t strawberries literally in season

    Max BarbosaMax Barbosa4 dagar sedan
  • Well he does stand to his name...

    Flame _F1yer2037Flame _F1yer20374 dagar sedan
  • I mean, if sending some alcohol from Argentina wasn't like 400buckos I'll totally do it bruh

    Pedro DavidPedro David4 dagar sedan
  • where can i buy a cold ones sign glow up like in their studio

  • The reason the Guinness has the ball is to fill the can with nitrogen so it gets a nice big head when you pour it

    Riley HodsonRiley Hodson4 dagar sedan
  • i wanna see these lot try a magnum😂😂😂

  • "Testing FLAMMABLE" But doesn't get a fire extinguisher on hand

    YoruBoiYoruBoi4 dagar sedan
  • 14:46 I recognize alright... two in the pink.... one in the stink...

    Dr. ShoobDr. Shoob4 dagar sedan
  • The boys commit Arson

    CrimZnXCrimZnX4 dagar sedan
  • That aluminium foil part at the end had me rolling

    Assistant to the regional managerAssistant to the regional manager4 dagar sedan
  • Who else just watch to see them get drunk?

    Observent SoykObservent Soyk4 dagar sedan
  • You guys deserve more subs. Nearly burning down the cold ones studios… for us. 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️😂😂😂

    That Guy LanceThat Guy Lance4 dagar sedan
  • Can someone send that a live animal?

    shadowknight109shadowknight1094 dagar sedan