Playing A Match On Americas Greatest Holes!! | Tour 18 Amen Corner

28 apr 2021
73 320 visningar

This Golf course is insane I tell ya!! Me and Micah are back at it again!!
GOOD GOOD Is KILLING IT!!! Lets get GG to 250K so we can start a podcast!!
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  • I love good good but damn they gotta practice fixing their divots 😂

    Brett KramerBrett Kramer3 dagar sedan
  • #bestsportever

    NOCO RebelNOCO Rebel6 dagar sedan
  • Those bunkers are playable. Skill tester but playable

    Chris MonroeChris Monroe9 dagar sedan
  • Progress is gonna happen keep up with it or don’t basically. Nice intro! 👍🏼

    Austin DeerAustin Deer9 dagar sedan
  • matt you horse where is the pan

    Albert NielsAlbert Niels9 dagar sedan
  • Tig gotta be the worst camera man ever lol

    Jordan ScottJordan Scott11 dagar sedan
  • Change that putter matt

    BENRARD10BENRARD1011 dagar sedan
  • Btw we always hear you when windy. No need to scream.

    Scott stewartScott stewart11 dagar sedan
  • I'm confused I don't know what happened there Matt goes into the par 3 +2 ended up +1 with a par Micah goes into the par 3 even Par makes a triple bogey and ended up even Par 🤔

    Monje PalmaMonje Palma11 dagar sedan
  • you guys need a ball sponsor

    Scott IrvingScott Irving12 dagar sedan
  • Hope you guys go back to pursell farms soon

    Lucas TunningleyLucas Tunningley12 dagar sedan
  • Hey Matt I’m from Kansas but I have actually played this course had I loved it.

    Tate SauderTate Sauder12 dagar sedan
  • 3:14 'Americas greatest holes'? Muirfield is in Scotland where we can spell correctly. Where's 'Murifield??

    Capt MainwaringCapt Mainwaring12 dagar sedan
  • Pretty sure they misspelled "Muirfield" 3:35 Hope they got a discount on that sign lol

    Chris CompeauChris Compeau12 dagar sedan
  • Very kool guys..

    Russ WagnerRuss Wagner12 dagar sedan
  • Like these matches....both of ya have what it takes to go to another level.. Keep it up . If you catch you a Warmouth. You have it...A true Marmouth.

    Harry MitchellHarry Mitchell12 dagar sedan
  • Matt your middle name is Vadim Don't lie to me

    Candyce RyneeCandyce Rynee12 dagar sedan
  • More matches 🔥🔥🔥

    Adam HowardAdam Howard12 dagar sedan
  • Hell yes boys love the chemistry between you two

    Ryan MRyan M12 dagar sedan
  • Playing there on the 22nd!

    Andy NguyenAndy Nguyen12 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone know why tigs tee shots are always right up against the markers?

    Chris MaguireChris Maguire12 dagar sedan
  • Matt's swing is definitely my favorite of anyone youtube, tour or otherwise.

    CJ WarrenCJ Warren12 dagar sedan
  • Matt vs Micah, my favorite golfers on Good Good in a match :-) only thing missing is the film quality of the Good Good videos.

    Magne Kræmer EliassenMagne Kræmer Eliassen12 dagar sedan
  • Once a week would be sick.

    Max BostonMax Boston12 dagar sedan
  • Good Good should host a tournament this year!!! Or in the future make players pay to play for a prize and make it whatever rules necessary. Just an idear

    William SimmonsWilliam Simmons12 dagar sedan
  • Brings back memories from Purcell Farms

    Ollie PigOllie Pig12 dagar sedan
  • Matt has more excuses than a pregnant nun

    Chicken BridgeChicken Bridge12 dagar sedan
  • Matt sounds like papa golf behind the camera

    Zac OxlandZac Oxland12 dagar sedan
  • We gotta fix our divots young men

    Grayson NewmanGrayson Newman12 dagar sedan
  • Tig was practicing for the next Among us video on hole 17

    ShayShay13 dagar sedan
  • 10:50 Tig “I’m generally confused”

    ShayShay13 dagar sedan
  • Jesus loves you so much. He is coming back. Are you ready?

    Michael HarrisMichael Harris13 dagar sedan
  • Fun video guys Thank You!

    badbilly429badbilly42913 dagar sedan
  • Yaya, swing looking good Shart

    Michael BMichael B13 dagar sedan
  • I think the video we all want is Tig going treasure hunting for golf balls. Are ya with me?

    Spartacus 15Spartacus 1513 dagar sedan
  • Garett definitely smashes Matt’s girlfriend at the good good house ....... I’m friends with bubby in really life he told me str8 up 🤯

    Fat ShooterFat Shooter13 dagar sedan
  • Punched greens suck. Let's all just acknowledge that fact.

    Zachary SimsZachary Sims13 dagar sedan
  • You guys should keep track of the 1v1s with the good good people to create a ranking of W/L between you all

    Brent SmithBrent Smith13 dagar sedan
  • We Gotta get you down to Tour 18 Houston it makes the D Town one look like a butternut squash!

    Robert DanielRobert Daniel13 dagar sedan
  • love these tour 18 golf course videos!

    Mark SilviaMark Silvia13 dagar sedan
  • You weren’t expecting this Matt

    Hendley LondonHendley London13 dagar sedan
  • Fix your putting stroke Matthew! 🙄... steery steery no release...

    Andrew ShimminAndrew Shimmin13 dagar sedan
  • 🤔Don’t think they got the scoring quite right on this one...

    Feroz ParkerFeroz Parker13 dagar sedan
    • You guys would both have been on +2 after Augusta #12 🤦‍♂️😂 You got a par and he would likely have tripled!

      Feroz ParkerFeroz Parker13 dagar sedan
    • @Matt Scharff Tig would’ve probably taken a triple on Augusta #12. You gave him a par.

      Andrew HoffmanAndrew Hoffman13 dagar sedan
    • Wait really?!?

      Matt ScharffMatt Scharff13 dagar sedan
  • This course is such a gimmick 😂

    Jimmy StrikerJimmy Striker13 dagar sedan
  • Micah could easily be on the tour

    ÄlgskeppetÄlgskeppet13 dagar sedan
  • No grandstands on 12 at Augusta... just saying...

    Greg SharpGreg Sharp13 dagar sedan
  • Tig will beat Matt 9 times out of 10 because he has a simple swing. Matt's swing changes every other week and he tries to play shots he dosent have in his arsenal like a draw. If he wants to hit one he needs to practice before hitting the course.

    John HillJohn Hill13 dagar sedan
    • Matt plays like I do. He has a four-way miss lol. You never know if it’s gonna draw, fade, high in the sky, or a stinger lolol.

      Andrew HoffmanAndrew Hoffman13 dagar sedan
  • How are we calling that just a bogey for matt on 2. CMON MAN.

    Brian ChandlerBrian Chandler13 dagar sedan
  • Matt, what golf balls are you using? The sound off your wedges is TERRIBLE!

    Ll LLl L13 dagar sedan
  • Less screaming would be good

    Zonie deepZonie deep13 dagar sedan
  • Matt: “Really? No draw?” ...hasn’t played a draw his entire life haha

    Luke MusselmanLuke Musselman13 dagar sedan
    • your not an og he used to play the handsy hook

      Dylan MayeuxDylan Mayeux12 dagar sedan
    • Purcell farms my man I did

      Matt ScharffMatt Scharff13 dagar sedan
  • suumer golf vibes r baaaaccck baby

    Griffin RoweGriffin Rowe13 dagar sedan
  • Matt you're playing with alot of confidence...just like u were at Purcell farms!!

    JohnJohn13 dagar sedan
  • Need to play more holes

    Mark WilliamsMark Williams13 dagar sedan
  • What a great video in comparison of the last one, thats how its done matt

    diego vargasdiego vargas13 dagar sedan
  • Awesome content and great match

    Micheal HudsonMicheal Hudson13 dagar sedan
  • Love to see these matches!!!🏌️‍♂️

    John CrowJohn Crow13 dagar sedan
  • Definitely have matches every week but 9 holes not 5 holes for sure

    98izzark98izzark13 dagar sedan
  • Tell me why I got a johnsonville sausage ad right after you said that

    Big BibsBig Bibs13 dagar sedan
  • C'MON guys where are the tracers? Remember Quality over Quantity," If you want the LIKE button pushed you need to star editing properly..........!!!!!!!!

    Thomas FitzgeraldThomas Fitzgerald13 dagar sedan
  • What’s the point of posting the “scores” if they are flat wrong lol. -1 my ass

    Matthew SalinasMatthew Salinas13 dagar sedan
  • Yes ! Matt and Tig !!!

    cindy grommescindy grommes13 dagar sedan
  • Tig had to be like a 5 handicap

    Junior's Golf LifeJunior's Golf Life13 dagar sedan
  • Matt vs Micah is probably one of the most energetic match ups you could ask for. You could not put two better competitors together. Absolutely insane.

    john clarkejohn clarke13 dagar sedan
  • Matt you play a lot of golf! I’m jealous. But why are you so bad?

    Michael GoldMichael Gold13 dagar sedan
  • If Matt and Tig keep playing matches, they'll have to incorporate a handicap system; Matt is nowhere near as good as Tig.

    Daniel NelsonDaniel Nelson13 dagar sedan
  • Oh buttery biscuits

    Chandler SaiedChandler Saied13 dagar sedan
  • Matt don't be that every 3 minutes is ridiculous

    Dustin YoungDustin Young13 dagar sedan
  • Play at least 9 holes! Come on man! It will give you a better chance to overcome a blow-up hole

    DonsmncDonsmnc13 dagar sedan
  • What an intro.

    Shalom YoungShalom Young13 dagar sedan
  • Hey Sharfenberger, loving your swing and those TRACERS are awesome. Hint, hint. :-)

    CastleTGCastleTG13 dagar sedan
  • Matt says he missed right but he aims right every time

    PasturePursuit309PasturePursuit30913 dagar sedan
  • Video 154 of commenting for Good Good to go back to Pursell Farms

    Kaiden SchneiderKaiden Schneider13 dagar sedan
  • Score keeping on this video suspect as hell

    Shane M WilliamsShane M Williams13 dagar sedan
  • What happened to fan Fridays?

    alan villarrealalan villarreal13 dagar sedan
  • The dart board is backkkk

    Griffin3812Griffin381213 dagar sedan
  • Let’s go man

    Griffin3812Griffin381213 dagar sedan
  • WTH!! Not playing bunkers & lift and replace by Matt in fairways???

    Ron RichichiRon Richichi13 dagar sedan
  • how did micah get the nickname tig?

    Nickolas SzczechowskiNickolas Szczechowski13 dagar sedan
  • U and Maddie hella cringe, y’all’s snap are like little kids tryna be cute

    John Mark HarterJohn Mark Harter13 dagar sedan
    • you sound hella lonely lmao

      Hagen PattersonHagen Patterson13 dagar sedan
  • 14:15 lmfao the sound effects are always so good

    WoobieWoobie13 dagar sedan
  • Good stuff. Wind wasn’t much of a sound issue at all. You guys should try the Tour 18 down near Houston. Bigger trees, feels a little more “Augusta”.

    Kent KKent K13 dagar sedan
    • The one in Houston is miles better. This is an awful rendition of the hole. Barely recognizable.

      Brian ChandlerBrian Chandler13 dagar sedan
  • This was one of my favorite vids from you in a while! You and Tig have some hilarious comedic chemistry

    RankUpTakeUpRankUpTakeUp13 dagar sedan
  • Love that you bring comedy into the game! How it should be done! Great vids

    True North GolfTrue North Golf13 dagar sedan
  • Straight teeth of destiny

    jake hahnjake hahn13 dagar sedan
  • Monday matches

    Cole KirboCole Kirbo13 dagar sedan
  • Said Tig finished -1 when he tripled the par 3😂

    Sam MartinSam Martin13 dagar sedan
    • I thought i was the only one that noticed. In stroke play they tied

      elel13 dagar sedan
  • god the thumbnail got me good

    nicksy #1nicksy #113 dagar sedan
  • Play an Instagram live golf video so we can see the process

    Nate BehrensNate Behrens13 dagar sedan
  • Johnson Eville Sausage

    Ryan URyan U13 dagar sedan
  • Matt coming in clutch with the vid while waiting on more of the GoodGood week content

    Michael BradberryMichael Bradberry13 dagar sedan
  • should definitely have a monthly matchplay tournament w the good good group to monitor your games!

    Nick SantosNick Santos13 dagar sedan
    • @Keith Jacob yup, I've been watching on flixzone for since november myself =)

      Shepard SkylarShepard Skylar3 dagar sedan
    • a trick : watch movies on flixzone. Been using it for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.

      Keith JacobKeith Jacob3 dagar sedan
    • @Joseph Widdifield totally feels like they can go so much further than what they’re at and it’s probably been an entire year and just been sticking to the same thing

      Hawaiian HunkHawaiian Hunk5 dagar sedan
    • Hawaiian Hunk why don’t they have a constant league going with an actual scoreboard much like the actual pga tourney? Why don’t they do more collabs with people outside of golf to bring in more followers? Why don’t they have long drive comps between themselves? Why don’t they open their own range or golf course? (I know Steve has his going) why do they not all have witb videos? Why don’t they do fun stuff off the golf course like video games, Soccer which I know most played, gym videos etc. why don’t they own custom tricked out golf carts? Why don’t they do fun golf videos off the course? Urban golf exists and is pretty awesome. The car video that was done a couple years back was awesome. So much potential that totally feels phoned in a lot of the time.

      Joseph WiddifieldJoseph Widdifield12 dagar sedan
    • Hawaiian Hunk my biggest pet peeve about good good is the content machine they are sitting on kinda sucks.

      Joseph WiddifieldJoseph Widdifield12 dagar sedan
  • Just in time for lunch!!

    WhitePandaWhitePanda13 dagar sedan
  • Matt will get destroyed by Tig

    Kaylea BabelKaylea Babel13 dagar sedan
  • It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, Micheal Buble reference

    Zack YorkZack York13 dagar sedan
  • You justly how you play, and you get the job done that way

    Ben WeissBen Weiss13 dagar sedan
  • 🐞vs🐞

    Albert AAlbert A13 dagar sedan
  • Have you seen the progress on stephans Course??? Im subscribed to you all and keep putting out the great content.

    Tyler HattawayTyler Hattaway13 dagar sedan
  • early gang cmon scharff!

    Brendan TaylorBrendan Taylor13 dagar sedan
  • Second ahaha love to se IT Always Nice to se the notification poping

    Lamothe FelixLamothe Felix13 dagar sedan
    • Let’s go

      Lamotsky GolfLamotsky Golf13 dagar sedan
    • Right

      Lamotsky GolfLamotsky Golf13 dagar sedan