We Played A Very Exclusive Course In San Diego | Sunday Match #8 | MICAH VS GARRETT

18 apr 2021
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  • Another great match in the books!! Thank you guys so much for the continued support!! ❤️

    Micah MorrisMicah Morris24 dagar sedan
    • @Charles Lenyo should be aiming for the green on all of these holes not the fairway...lolol

      searing highsearing high21 dag sedan
    • @searing high driver on all these holes would run through the fairway.

      Charles LenyoCharles Lenyo21 dag sedan
    • @Micah Morris haha!...love this...big fan of you guys...got a great swing buds...be aggressive and get good from 60y in

      searing highsearing high23 dagar sedan
    • @searing high it is if I hit it 290 lol

      Micah MorrisMicah Morris23 dagar sedan
    • Micah, NGL you are the most sportsmanlike person I’ve ever seen toward Garret. Huge respect!!!

      Dylan JohnsonDylan Johnson23 dagar sedan
  • Great match. Well done Garrett!

    Samuel ShawSamuel ShawDag sedan
  • G-Man on the Come Back Train!

    Chet KlapprodtChet Klapprodt6 dagar sedan
  • Ngl i thought this was a mini golf course for the first clip.

    Matt MoonMatt Moon12 dagar sedan
  • Torrey sucks

    Rio Ureño-DembarRio Ureño-Dembar14 dagar sedan
  • Tighter then a ho's hallway

    James ScottJames Scott14 dagar sedan
  • Garrett has a bit of flying elbow right now, like Spieth. I though he played better golf with a longer follow through.

    Joshua PaikJoshua Paik14 dagar sedan
  • Feel like I watched a majority of ads rather than an actual golf video lol

    Sad GooberSad Goober15 dagar sedan
  • "Bunker on the left at 260" Micah and Garrett: "Challenge accepted"

    ZimbabweHeistZimbabweHeist16 dagar sedan
  • you guys ruined brofive

    Devi1RayDevi1Ray17 dagar sedan
  • You guys should of played the golfholics while you were in San Diego

    Adam CatalanottiAdam Catalanotti17 dagar sedan
  • The failed dap at the end warns my heart

    Logan BergerLogan Berger18 dagar sedan
  • Dumpster fire Garrett hit a horrible wedge on 1 and proceeds to ignore his knowledgeable caddie on the putt lol

    Reggie MidReggie Mid18 dagar sedan
  • Who lets these garbage cans onto nice golf courses? Lol

    Reggie MidReggie Mid18 dagar sedan
  • does anyone else think the color looks sucked out of the video?

    Dylan ScrogginsDylan Scroggins18 dagar sedan
  • Greens are nice but some of those fairways looked in real rough condition which is crazy for April...

    JayrobinsonJayrobinson18 dagar sedan
  • Grand Del Mar blows, resort course. The Bridges is the most exclusive. F ing hacks

    C KC K18 dagar sedan
  • Sheesh. Y’all get a new camera? Let me know if you need a color correction next time 🤣

    Willy P FPVWilly P FPV19 dagar sedan
  • garretts 100% high in this hahahah

    Jack AlbrechtJack Albrecht19 dagar sedan
  • Why is Garret so bad at golf?

  • Shutout from San Diego 🏌️‍♂️

    abraham villafanaabraham villafana20 dagar sedan
  • I shot a 92 yesterday and am super stoked guys! In one year i went from 125 to low 90's. Wish you guys could come out to Texarkana, we have a few challenging courses in the area that you should check out! Peace

    Chowderhead AAChowderhead AA20 dagar sedan
  • Play Maderas! Just played it last week and want to see you guys take it on!

    Tim LavalleeTim Lavallee21 dag sedan
  • Garrets tempo looks great. Has confidence in that swing change. Going to be a great season.

    Eric WachsEric Wachs21 dag sedan
  • Micah always has the best intro music

    Kadeem RouleauKadeem Rouleau21 dag sedan
  • Garrett your swinging the club well in a nice rhythm and tempo.Short game was solid but 1 bunker shot and 1 putt got away from you.And Tyg it's your rotation brother.When your body stops the hands takeover and with a square to slightly shut face it's going left.Or if you body stops and you keep your hands quiet you get shots out right.Get on the range bro take some smooth swings only thinking about synching up the lower body and arms.Everything working together in harmony.Love the content guys it's fun to watch you guys.Stay 100 with each other and be humble.God has blessed you boys with alot of talent.And has opened doors for you two to meet awesome players,and play amazing courses.So know where your success comes and give thanks.You guys are really entertaining and funny keep it up.LETS GO!!!!!!

    Mark NixonMark Nixon21 dag sedan
  • Micah are you married!? I saw the ring at the beginning of the video, are you gonna mention it or keep it private?

    Dakota LivezeyDakota Livezey21 dag sedan
  • Horrible fairway conditions

    AJ JuAJ Ju21 dag sedan
  • Dude shoutout to Caddie Braddie

    Lucas MossLucas Moss21 dag sedan
  • Micah needs to go pro

    master Alexmaster Alex21 dag sedan
  • You guys need to come to monterey

    Nash BodenstienerNash Bodenstiener21 dag sedan
  • tig needs more than 118k cmon boys

    Cleeter McSkeeterCleeter McSkeeter21 dag sedan
  • more exclusive than torrey pines? torrey pines is public and 40 bucks for locals lol not that exclusive.

    Brad LangleyBrad Langley21 dag sedan
  • Exclusive? It's a resort course. But I guess it is an accurate statement that it's more exclusive than Torrey Pines, a public course. 🤔

    Coastal Golf Co.Coastal Golf Co.21 dag sedan
  • Micah ripping a fat horseshoe at 18.39

    Minlist WalletMinlist Wallet22 dagar sedan
  • Micah im sorry but that shank made me feel better about my game. Thank you

    Vinny Negri GolfVinny Negri Golf22 dagar sedan
  • Come to Northern California and play Yoche Dehe. You will NOT be disappointed. In better shape the Del Mar all year round

    Tim RuizTim Ruiz22 dagar sedan
  • Looks like Garrett hit up the dispensary before the match haha he actin goofy

    FLIPHUBNGFLIPHUBNG22 dagar sedan
  • 270 to the pin and you're laying up.. AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    J LJ L22 dagar sedan
  • I think they changed the term in golf from all square to tied... I know it doesn’t matter I was just saying

    Travis SadlerTravis Sadler22 dagar sedan
  • Can yall play the tips?

    Jeffery liJeffery li22 dagar sedan
  • Torrey Pines isn’t exclusive...it’s public.

    TheSlyBadgerTheSlyBadger22 dagar sedan
  • I played there two years ago, beautiful place.

    link elder scrollslink elder scrolls22 dagar sedan
  • Garrett needs to fix his hook. Hooks everything.

    Jake MartinezJake Martinez22 dagar sedan
  • Can we as a community all chip in to get Garret some golf shoes. I am going to lose my mind if I have to keep listening to his shoes squeak every swing.

    Alex BarrAlex Barr22 dagar sedan
    • Those are the new cole haan spikeless golf shoes.

      Jonah StaatsJonah Staats17 dagar sedan
  • Shot tracers make such a difference

    Max StrusMax Strus22 dagar sedan
  • The fact that Micah can swing a p wedge lighter then Fred couples and hit it 155 is amazing

    David JobDavid Job22 dagar sedan
    • Still can’t wrap my head around him hitting 155 on a p wedge. Like you said he’s swinging light!!! I can maybe get 130 lmao

      Blake EvansBlake Evans20 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video as always! Random note: is it just me or did the color grading look a little grey in this video?

    flowaroundtherockflowaroundtherock22 dagar sedan
  • Since your in Cali you guys should play against Golfholics!

    Jeff OffiJeff Offi22 dagar sedan
  • Why is Micah called Tig?

    Viktor OlofssonViktor Olofsson22 dagar sedan
  • For a private course those fairways are looking a litttle rough.

    Chip SkylarkChip Skylark22 dagar sedan
  • Next time you do a match you should put "Alright guys" -counter running on the corner :-D

    Olli AlanenOlli Alanen22 dagar sedan
  • What is going on with the camera. Everything looks so pail.

    Connor CorcoranConnor Corcoran22 dagar sedan
  • It can't be all that exclusive - they let you on it.

    Anne O'NymousAnne O'Nymous23 dagar sedan
  • What wedges do you use?

    Anthony NarducciAnthony Narducci23 dagar sedan
  • Micah clearly coming in high on his first Masters win, it’s gonna take some time for him to settle in with this new title and the added pressure that comes with it and dang gum guys thanks for the video, happy to see Garrett making a move :)

    Bjarke NicolaisenBjarke Nicolaisen23 dagar sedan
  • Y’all gotta make it to Monterey, CA sometime soon. If you end up at Bayonet/Black Horse the greens roll close to 14 💨

    Casey AubertCasey Aubert23 dagar sedan
  • Tig said that Grand Del Mar is more exclusives than even Torrey Pines, but Torrey Pines is a Municipal golf course, not exclusive at all, I could play it this afternoon , for residents the cost is $65.

    Daniel TerryDaniel Terry23 dagar sedan
  • Thoroughly disappointed after last week’s episode as I expected these matches to portray you guys as having an upscale presentation. Bounced back a little bit this week but I expect more!

    Garrett SmithGarrett Smith23 dagar sedan
  • the fact that Micah thought he couldn't carry it 240 and carried it 260 , like shit man gimme some of that

    Jacob HoltJacob Holt23 dagar sedan
  • Amazing love it, you need to come and play Royal Liverpool Golf Club when get a chance , be brilliant to play a open course in the matches. When Rick shiels played he had a nightmare From Adam

    Fitzy GolfFitzy Golf23 dagar sedan
  • Is micah married????

    Dat GuyDat Guy23 dagar sedan
  • Let’s go love it guys keep it up.

    Michael EMichael E23 dagar sedan
  • I feel like all the talk about the fast greens got in Tig’s head

    Joseph WiddifieldJoseph Widdifield23 dagar sedan
  • Yall need to take on golfholics while in California!!!

    Scott GreenScott Green23 dagar sedan
  • great vid! if you guys are in san diego still you should play Bernardo Heights Country CLub

    Tourney 54Tourney 5423 dagar sedan
  • Why is the video so desaturated, and has like no color. Driving me insane, makes me feel colorblind or something.

    SuperYTSuperYT23 dagar sedan
  • Play the Golfholics!

    ryejoonryejoon23 dagar sedan
  • You guess should play the vineyard in Cincinnati as one of your Sunday matches

    Austin WilhoitAustin Wilhoit23 dagar sedan
  • My guys, you are the very definition of "living the dream" so jealous! :)

    Brian WellsBrian Wells23 dagar sedan
  • Let’s go G-Money! I love how pissed Tig gets 😂

    Jeremy JohnsonJeremy Johnson23 dagar sedan
  • Great match guys! Congrats to G-Rat for winning this match!

    Mark SilviaMark Silvia23 dagar sedan
  • You guys need to hook up with Golfoholics and play a few rounds.

    PreppinShootinLivinPreppinShootinLivin23 dagar sedan
  • Never a doubt! Team Micah ✊🏾 🤙🏾

    Marcel WilliamsMarcel Williams23 dagar sedan
  • The Lance Armstrong joke never gets old. =)

    Frankie RamirezFrankie Ramirez23 dagar sedan
  • Let's see 2 V2 scramble You 2 vs Rick Shiels and Pete Finch

    Noah NievesNoah Nieves23 dagar sedan
  • Why no tracer on the approach shots?

    Amir FAmir F23 dagar sedan
  • I thought Micah just got driver fitted??

    pjsbulldog67pjsbulldog6723 dagar sedan
  • “ This is what we call a lance Armstrong one ball to the left”😂😂😂😂

    Progression SessionsProgression Sessions23 dagar sedan
  • Micah is way too good of a player to just never hit driver. Makes no sense to me

    J MOJ MO23 dagar sedan
  • Y listen to the caddie GM.. 🤔🤔, love the sunday matches.!!

    Jessie KJessie K23 dagar sedan
  • Where are the shot tracers Micah?

    Learning golf for free using YouTube and free appsLearning golf for free using YouTube and free apps23 dagar sedan
  • So glad you guys made it out to San Diego! I live right down the street from the Grand. Great vid.

    Jesse PapikeJesse Papike23 dagar sedan
  • Aye! Welcome to San Diego!

    Brandon SummerfruitBrandon Summerfruit23 dagar sedan
  • Y'all went to San Diego and came away with no Good Good vs Golfholics action?

    Cace SmithCace Smith23 dagar sedan
  • Superb course

    Not GoodEnoughNot GoodEnough23 dagar sedan
  • That hand shake though...🤣

    StubbornHicks OutdoorsStubbornHicks Outdoors23 dagar sedan
  • Great Play G 🐀 love the Sundays matches 👌

    christopher sipplechristopher sipple23 dagar sedan
  • Garrett’s play is really increasing... Tig has kinda flattened. The loses hurt tig so much 😂😂😂

    Tiger Hoods 903Tiger Hoods 90323 dagar sedan
  • 5:22 just left of the bunkers lol. Nice shot tho!

    Leibs34Leibs3423 dagar sedan
  • I’m sure this has been asked before, but why is Micah called Tig?

    Joshua MoralesJoshua Morales23 dagar sedan
  • That must be crazy to carry a 2 iron 260.

    Leroy RodgersLeroy Rodgers23 dagar sedan
  • Explain the reason for playing both 2 irons? Curious as to your thoughts on when you utilize each one.

    Devin CatesDevin Cates23 dagar sedan
  • live up the street from the grande. quite the track

    kevin rhoadskevin rhoads23 dagar sedan
  • we need a barstool good good collab

    Luke SedleniekLuke Sedleniek23 dagar sedan
  • garret does better when he isnt in his own head. the way he was playing was a vibe

    Taelor cTaelor c23 dagar sedan
  • Brad is a beast

    Garrett SmithGarrett Smith23 dagar sedan
  • Tig still can't get his left and right down 🤣

    Jonathan KuykendallJonathan Kuykendall23 dagar sedan
  • Wou does Micah a glove on his hand and one in his backpocket

    Mauro Van locoMauro Van loco23 dagar sedan
  • Go head G Rat

    Bruce JuskaBruce Juska23 dagar sedan