Mama Dog Reunited with her Stolen Puppies... She is Crying from Happiness

17 mar 2021
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  • Wish people didn't feel the need to overlay music on every animal video so we could hear the mom.

    Earthling FirstlyEarthling Firstly11 minuter sedan
  • Chucky looks like the runt so no wonder that from all the pups this one got sick

    Razor of the LupicalRazor of the Lupical17 minuter sedan
  • I just can imagine that this degeneratet nightbor was annoyed by the noise of all the doggos. But hey I am annoyed by our neightbors children all day cause they screach and yell 😑. But I dont kidnap them and dumb them In to the woods. That's just inappropriate and stupid . What kind of person does that to pups

    Razor of the LupicalRazor of the Lupical26 minuter sedan
  • this is so phony.

    davey dudelydavey dudely30 minuter sedan
  • Shocking. We don't know this here. We don't have strays like that and right now the shelters are even empty. I don't understand how someone can just throw puppies out. We have puppies right now, they're four weeks old. We love them to bits, the idea throwing them out makes me sick.

    Linda #1961Linda #196137 minuter sedan
  • I want chucky

    MoKena TailoreMoKena Tailore41 minut sedan
  • I think the neighbor needs some gruntling ..

    John-DelJohn-Del45 minuter sedan
  • Who the F are the 2.4k monsters who gave thumb down to this video???????!!! This video made my day WELL DONE !!!!

    Alessandro LuppinoAlessandro Luppino49 minuter sedan
  • Is there a way to see if they go up for adoption? I'm interested in two fur babies.

    Richie Nikki RRichie Nikki R2 timmar sedan
  • I found myself calling the puppies watching this video, and trying to get them to come. ❤️

    Richie Nikki RRichie Nikki R2 timmar sedan
  • I hope charges were pressed on the neighbor who did this to these babies.

    Richie Nikki RRichie Nikki R2 timmar sedan
  • wonderful, you can see the mother is overjoyed. why where these little souls taken?

    TheRealBaxtersliderTheRealBaxterslider3 timmar sedan
  • God Bless all of you for helping these future best friends... how could someone abandon these precious little guys!

    BTPBTP3 timmar sedan
  • I would give that neighbour a flat tire everyday for a year 🙂

    John carlos Dos santosJohn carlos Dos santos4 timmar sedan
  • Not the lip injections tho😂😂

    a Shizzlea Shizzle4 timmar sedan
  • So nice 💚💚💚💚💚💚god bless all those who helped the kids unite with their mom Angels

    Sunil JoSunil Jo4 timmar sedan
  • Its if she knows how many puppies there are. She do not move until every last one of them is there.😍😍😍😍😍

    Clee RaidClee Raid5 timmar sedan
  • Coisa linda ❤️😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️😍😍❤️😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍

    Carme Da CruzCarme Da Cruz5 timmar sedan
  • Q alegria!!! Todos bem cuidados 🐱 lindos. E fortes. Graças as mamães humanas❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

    Carme Da CruzCarme Da Cruz5 timmar sedan
  • Quanto em fora de 🏡 longe. Parece q aí passou um 🔥 a vegetação tá tudo queimada tudo seco.nosda! Os filhotes nesse meio de espinhadeiro.

    Carme Da CruzCarme Da Cruz5 timmar sedan
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍❤❤❤

    S MichaelS Michael5 timmar sedan
  • Thank you for helping those that can’t help themselves. God has a special place for those who help the meek and small thanks again👍👍

    Mike HollowayMike Holloway6 timmar sedan
  • This is a beautiful video...I am constantly amazed at the feelings animals show for one another and people who can interact with them in a benevolent way. Animals are truly feeling beings and it has taken very long for humans to really understand this. On the one hand many animals are very well on their own - however some do "ask" humans for help. That represents a very strong relationship that must be understood and acted upon. In many ways, we need them as much as they need us. All animals deserve the greatest respect for beings in their own right.

    David HolidayDavid Holiday6 timmar sedan
  • Mom said, "Wait, what is this I smell. Did one of you just pee over here?" Beautiful homecoming.

    cambridge leecambridge lee7 timmar sedan
  • That’s so sweet.

    johnscreekmarkjohnscreekmark7 timmar sedan

    Wilhelm GeislerWilhelm Geisler8 timmar sedan
  • A mothers love.

    G AbronG Abron8 timmar sedan
  • How can so many heartless folks not love this video? Shame. Very touching.

    G AbronG Abron8 timmar sedan
  • The best deal man has ever made: “Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the centre of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. ” ― Roger Caras

    R J PR J P9 timmar sedan
  • “A dog reflects a family's life. Whoever saw a frisky dog in a gloomy family, or a sad dog in a happy one? Snarling people have snarling dogs, dangerous people have dangerous ones.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes

    R J PR J P9 timmar sedan
  • Dá comida para mãe dos filhotinhos

    Aline LimaAline Lima10 timmar sedan
  • God bless you dear woman for being so kind to these adorable creatures. It's just amazing when there are still kind hearted people like this.❤️❤️

    JAZZWORLD Global TVJAZZWORLD Global TV10 timmar sedan
  • God bless you all for reuniting the mom and her pups...

    AP RaoAP Rao10 timmar sedan
  • Woou so sweet

    Akmal HossanAkmal Hossan12 timmar sedan
  • Many saying "we need people like you" but very few are willing to be that person themselves

    Fan SiteFan Site12 timmar sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️ Any way to donate?

    ToniToni12 timmar sedan
  • Brought a big smile 😃 to my face,God bless you all.👍

    ecosselionecosselion13 timmar sedan
  • OMG !!! Wonderful God Bless, Godspeed 🥲

    Me, I amMe, I am13 timmar sedan
  • Bless you people who helped those puppies reunite.

    Lloyd RichardsLloyd Richards14 timmar sedan
  • Hope chucky dont get picked on.

    Lloyd RichardsLloyd Richards14 timmar sedan
  • How awesome! Thank you for this service you are providing to help God’s creatures! You will be rewarded and blessed!

    Amanda HatfieldAmanda Hatfield14 timmar sedan
  • We think they have no emotions, but look at this video. They feel loss, happiness and so much more. The person who took away her puppies, you suck.

    Cristina JCristina J14 timmar sedan
  • At the end mom looks like she still didn't accept Chucky and seemed ready to protect her other pups from him!

    hopeseeker97hopeseeker9714 timmar sedan
  • Did all the puppies get adopted? A wonderful outcome that all the puppies survived being out in the field!!

    Suzanne LawsonSuzanne Lawson15 timmar sedan
  • Love it

    Jose PandalJose Pandal16 timmar sedan
  • Omg. This is such a beautiful thing to see them back together. I cried. 😭💞

    Eva SolizEva Soliz16 timmar sedan
  • ❤❤❤

    Marta KubickaMarta Kubicka16 timmar sedan
  • You need to have given mama down spot so she can relax

    Joseph Anthony MatereseJoseph Anthony Materese16 timmar sedan
  • Did she ever let them nurse? Almost looks like she was running away when they tried.

    K ReeseK Reese17 timmar sedan
  • great

    pradeep Nepalipradeep Nepali18 timmar sedan
  • yeah. but where’s the dad!!!!!

    Stephen McAllisterStephen McAllister18 timmar sedan
  • Dogs are better than people. They would never abandon us.

    William ThompsonWilliam Thompson18 timmar sedan
  • God bless people like you!

    Mariangela PereiraMariangela Pereira18 timmar sedan
  • This is when humanity shines! Thank you for being loving humans for helping these dogs!

    shawn gatesshawn gates18 timmar sedan
  • Have compassion for the human that behaved this way, imagine how they feel about themselves inside to do this. Humans who love themselves, easily love others.

    Ursa MinorUrsa Minor19 timmar sedan
  • Awwww....She's happy to have her babies back. I didn't read all the details on how they were stolen, but at least there was a happy ending with Ms Woof Woof getting her babies back. And to the beautiful soul taking the little woofs out of the car, GOD bless you, your family and your heart. ❤ it's so good to know that we still have good people left, in our world today.

    shortee44 Diroccoshortee44 Dirocco19 timmar sedan
  • Arguably the best SEworld video on offer and such a good natured breed Mama and pups are. When I get a yard, I want one or two just like em!!

    Big ValleyBig Valley19 timmar sedan
  • Good and decent people.

    Christopher RichardsChristopher Richards20 timmar sedan
  • Wow... tell your “disgruntled” neighbors to SUCK A RAW EGG!! What they did was SO FRICKING CRUEL!! The puppies were in YOUR YARD!! I say turn the neighbors in for TRESPASSING and THEFT! I’m not sure where you live, but here in Maryland, my space is MY SPACE!

    Dani VargasDani Vargas21 timme sedan
  • Oh, no! Knowing they were by that highway, no way in hell could I have left them there! I would have loaded them up and brought them all home with me if there was no other place to take them.

    Little OgeecheeLittle Ogeechee21 timme sedan
  • I humbly thank you for this great act of kindness.

    Paul Jean VellaPaul Jean Vella21 timme sedan
  • where do we donate at? Dogs take care of their litter better than some humans take care of their children. This is so wonderful. God bless you all!

    wavy wwavy w22 timmar sedan
  • 🙏🏾❤️ Alma, Jolly, Elsa, Bobby, Johnny, Mark, Zhuzha, Chucky, Knopa and Mama! Thank you angels 😇 for being absolute heroes to the animal world ! ❤️🌈

    Gaspard KGaspard K22 timmar sedan
  • i really want a puppy but everytime i got 1 it will die imidiatly

    Danny Boy DelimaDanny Boy Delima23 timmar sedan
  • God needs to punish people who mistreat animals, but God keeps allowing these scum to live.

    Freda ChildressFreda Childress23 timmar sedan
  • Beautiful

    Rose HernandezRose HernandezDag sedan
  • Shes happy now but wait till she has 9 teenagers running around shell be hating life

    Maui No Ka 'OiMaui No Ka 'OiDag sedan
  • Amen to that How sweet.

    Eileen LucianiEileen LucianiDag sedan
  • Great work thank you

    romi khawasromi khawasDag sedan
  • God bless you

    Sashi ChandraSashi ChandraDag sedan
  • 👋👋👋👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️ 💐💐💐💐💐

    Михаил СеменовМихаил СеменовDag sedan
  • I'll keep saying it. I love dogs but videos like these only remind me that white people value dogs lives more then black people. Smdh

    andreneal282009andreneal282009Dag sedan
  • Thank you 😊

    Jonathan SchuermannJonathan SchuermannDag sedan
  • Tears of happynes!!!! you all are the real heros from that time!!! Thanks sooooooo much for this fantastic picture! Love is the answer!!😉

    R. BlackyR. BlackyDag sedan
  • Wie schön, dass es einmal gut ausgegangen ist 😊😂😂😂

    K. O.K. O.Dag sedan
  • Scripted for earning by youtube views.. shameful

    The AlchemistThe AlchemistDag sedan
  • Now she's saying for gawds sake put em back!!! Lol

    Carol JohnstonCarol JohnstonDag sedan
  • It must have so uncomfortable with all that milk

    Carol JohnstonCarol JohnstonDag sedan
  • When I traveled to Ukraine, I saw a lot of very sweet stray doggies. Luckily most of them looked like they were well-fed by the good people of the local community. Thank you for caring for them

    Yes PlsYes PlsDag sedan
  • Aww the last ones a chubby lil thing! /

    Carol JohnstonCarol JohnstonDag sedan
  • Deadly desai. Go for it you hold while I do the cutting Slowly!!!!

    Carol JohnstonCarol JohnstonDag sedan
  • Someone who couldn't Adopt them made a tent for shelter. The greatest of Human Characteristics is Charity. Without Charity there would be no world.

    ajushi10ajushi10Dag sedan
  • God bless you for caring about these,souls. "Humans" who act that way should be shot.

    mikel shmikel shDag sedan
  • Que bonito. Otra vez nos enseñan

    Concepcion AguilarConcepcion AguilarDag sedan
  • So touching! 😢A good Ending!! Usually a person who dislikes animals, also doesn't like small children & the elderly. It's called the "Meme syndrome!" All about me, me, ME! 😢 SAD

    Lilly WigglesLilly WigglesDag sedan
  • Thank you so much, for helping these dogs!

    Barbara ConnettBarbara ConnettDag sedan
  • Thanks 👏👏👏❤️

    Eric DoucetEric DoucetDag sedan
  • God bless America. I’m so sorry your country lacks the resources to handle these situations.

    billy lobilly loDag sedan
  • OMG I hope the person who took these pups and dumped them is punished!!!!! What a sweet mom and adorable puppies! You people who rescued them are terrific!!

    Dotty GuynnDotty GuynnDag sedan
  • The neighbour should be prosecuted

    Avril SkidmoreAvril SkidmoreDag sedan
  • Awwww... you are amazing people with a sensitive ❤️, who take time/and your own $ to CARE for scared and abandoned animals. God Bless you! The world would better a BETTER PLACE WITH MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Thank you for your HEALING TOUCH!

    Free BirdFree BirdDag sedan

    Angelia Brigitha KarauanAngelia Brigitha KarauanDag sedan
  • God bless you

    Time is GoldTime is GoldDag sedan
  • Soooooo much happy to see the reunion ...a fully satisfaction ❤️

    Peehu GuptaPeehu GuptaDag sedan
  • I think I'd have some words for the "disgruntled neighbor!"

    Tiffany NonellaTiffany NonellaDag sedan
  • They all look so happy to be together again.and shame on that mean neighbor for separating them and for dumping puppies not knowing if they would die or not.

    Deborah SzczesniakDeborah SzczesniakDag sedan
  • Thank You for helping those fur babies and Mom.❤

    Susan ErnstSusan ErnstDag sedan
  • The nasty neighbor who took the puppies and left them to die by the side of the road SHOULD BE WHIPPED, BEATEN THEN SHOT! How could anyone be so heartless?!

    Heather HeckingHeather HeckingDag sedan
  • I hope the disgruntled neighbour ends up homeless, hungry, thirsty and alone. Some people should be dog food- God forgive me but it seems some people shouldnt have the right to walk on the same earth as innocent creatures like these pups. They only want to have love and survive. Totally loyal and innocent. It just kills me seeing them treated cruelly

    Kerrie LouKerrie LouDag sedan
  • Why on earth did you not take ALL the puppies with you on the day you found them ?

    La Vie En Rose SpainLa Vie En Rose SpainDag sedan