Almost Is Never Enough

30 okt 2018
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Almost Is Never Enough · Ariana Grande · Nathan Sykes
Yours Truly
℗ A Republic Records Release; ℗ 2013 UMG Recordings, Inc.
Released on: 2013-01-01
Producer: Harmony David Samuels
Producer: Jo Blaq
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Jose Cardoza
Studio Personnel, Engineer: Carlos King
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Jaycen Joshua
Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: Ryan Kaul
Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Carmen Reece
Associated Performer, Violin: Pamela Sixfin
Associated Performer, Violin: David Davidson
Associated Performer, Violin: Mary Kathryn Vanosdale
Associated Performer, Violin: David Angell
Associated Performer, Viola: Monisa Angell
Associated Performer, Viola: Kristin Wilkinson
Associated Performer, Cello: John Catchings
Associated Performer, Cello: Anthony LaMarchina
Associated Performer, String Arranger: Joel Mott
Associated Performer, String Arranger: Philip Lassiter
Composer Lyricist: Harmony Samuels
Composer Lyricist: Carmen Reece
Composer Lyricist: Al Sherrod Lambert
Composer Lyricist: Moses Ayo Samuels
Composer Lyricist: Olaniyi Michael Akinkunmi
Composer Lyricist: Ariana Grande
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  • January2021?

    Justine OrcaJustine Orca21 dag sedan
  • 🥺

    bernadette borjabernadette borjaMånad sedan
  • Totga

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  • And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32 NLT

    April AnneApril AnneMånad sedan
  • 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • still wanna cry to this song 🤧

    牙本牙本Månad sedan
  • POV: you're watching this at DECEMBER 2020

    Ashley DisomimbaAshley DisomimbaMånad sedan
    • yes

      Ahnnex PeñafielAhnnex PeñafielMånad sedan
    • ASHLEY DISOMIMBA Ahahhaahhhahaha so true

      Noelle GranadoNoelle GranadoMånad sedan
  • So close to being in love

    Rabiatul AdawiyahRabiatul AdawiyahMånad sedan
  • Hakima Elias MamutukHakima Elias MamutukMånad sedan
  • Still my favorite among all her songs.

    Jenny JeonJenny JeonMånad sedan
  • Iloveyou so much ariana!!!❤️😭

    Jay rylJay rylMånad sedan
  • 🖤

    SiamsiamSiamsiamMånad sedan
  • I'm here in 2020 lol

    Caroline X CharlotteCaroline X CharlotteMånad sedan
  • I'd like to say we gave it a try I'd like to blame it all on life Maybe we just weren't right, but that's a lie, that's a lie And we can deny it as much as we want But in time our feelings will show 'Cause sooner or later We'll wonder why we gave up The truth is everyone knows Almost, almost is never enough So close to being in love If I would have known that you wanted me The way I wanted you Then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart But right here in each other's arms And we almost, we almost knew what love was But almost is never enough If I could change the world overnight There'd be no such thing as goodbye You'd be standing right where you were And we'd get the chance we deserve Try to deny it as much as you want But in time our feelings will show 'Cause sooner or later We'll wonder why we gave up The truth is everyone knows Almost, almost is never enough We were so close to being in love If I would have known that you wanted me, the way I wanted you Then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart But right here in each other's arms And we almost, we almost knew what love was But almost is never enough Oh, oh baby, you know, you know, baby Almost, baby, is never enough, baby You know And we can deny it as much as we want But in time our feelings will show 'Cause sooner or later We'll wonder why we gave up The truth is everyone knows Almost, almost is never enough (is never enough, babe) We were so close to being in love (so close) If I would have known that you wanted me the way I wanted you (babe) Then maybe we wouldn't be two worlds apart But right here in each other's arms And we almost, we almost knew what love was (baby) But almost is never enough Oh, oh baby, you know, you know, baby Almost is never enough baby You know

    Abdul AzzamAbdul AzzamMånad sedan
  • amazing song, never fails to amaze my I swear.

    mixedbaby.lyssamixedbaby.lyssaMånad sedan
  • this song is really good. in my 2 years of listening to this song, I always felt love in it. can't get tired of this song

    ali novaali novaMånad sedan
  • this song is so sweet it's making me cry !!!

    Da'Lashia MadisonDa'Lashia MadisonMånad sedan
  • Is this a song for those who fall in love but they forget each other because of amnesia but those who have small things seem to come back to them? in my opinion.

    Zyrus Miguel CarandangZyrus Miguel CarandangMånad sedan
  • Hu

    REYES, Ivan Amir J.REYES, Ivan Amir J.Månad sedan
  • here after positions Anyone else??

    baby Grandebaby GrandeMånad sedan
  • mina's favorito song

    P UtamiP UtamiMånad sedan
  • Ive been into ariana lately 🥺 i wish i could sing her song

    Maria LitargoMaria LitargoMånad sedan
  • From taylor,avril,katy,miley,adele im here now😂

    Melita CanopenMelita CanopenMånad sedan
  • Wasn't this song for a movie?

    Mina RamseyMina RamseyMånad sedan
  • i love u so much ariana 💖

    Jamie Shekinah CachoJamie Shekinah CachoMånad sedan
  • i cant stop crying while listening to this tf wrong with me.

    Julianna CastroJulianna CastroMånad sedan
    • 😢😢😢

    • You’ll probably know in like a week 😭😘

      Syn FlowersSyn FlowersMånad sedan
  • i love her so muchh

    Trixy ValienteTrixy ValienteMånad sedan
  • Oh my god that voiceeee

    Electra MiracleElectra MiracleMånad sedan
  • Still listening to this song? Who's with me??

    Joshua Prime CaneteJoshua Prime CaneteMånad sedan

      Jennavieve GunesgorJennavieve GunesgorMånad sedan
    • It hurts☹☹☹

    • I am listening to my everything every time when I am learning

      GunBallzinYTGunBallzinYTMånad sedan

      mark sémark séMånad sedan
    • @mee udang Saaelo garanganwati

      ツAλληεΜορταζαツAλληεΜορταζαMånad sedan
  • So no one will talk about how great Nathan's voice is Ariana is so famous but he is a hidden gem one of the best male vocalist people don't even know about!

    I love u Little mixI love u Little mixMånad sedan
  • M

    Angeline CharrierAngeline CharrierMånad sedan
  • It's always the never enough for the almost lovers...

    shenna reyesshenna reyesMånad sedan
  • the most beautiful song,change my mind

    Boris AntonicBoris AntonicMånad sedan
  • Okay, but this song really hits different during quarantine😭🤚

    Mika to The MikuMika to The MikuMånad sedan
  • don’t spit on Her Grave.

    Clary I.Clary I.Månad sedan
    • Idk. But. they Dated. until she met Sam. they broke up over quarantine.

      Clary I.Clary I.Månad sedan
    • When(?)......

      Clary I.Clary I.Månad sedan
    • that’s why: Ms. Young. I said: I’m sorry. Your husband divorced you.

      Clary I.Clary I.Månad sedan
    • sang this. in a whisper. passing through the halls. first floor. gb.climate.crew.when(?).check.going. inside the arts room.

      Clary I.Clary I.Månad sedan
  • Same here

    Andre EcijaAndre EcijaMånad sedan
  • Why i feel christmas vibration with this song ?

    tari sopanatari sopana2 månader sedan
    • Ikr.. Most of her slow songs give a Christmas vibe but they're really amazing!

      Cupopen ForeverCupopen ForeverMånad sedan
  • 24-11-2020 🎧🎶

    Donny AditamaDonny Aditama2 månader sedan
  • I love her but the song break up w your girlfriend is vile! And then she makes this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Cerys Leah HowleyCerys Leah Howley2 månader sedan
  • i don't understand why this has 2k dislikes

    Sofia OpsimarSofia Opsimar2 månader sedan
  • Whos the guy

    Maria FarlinaMaria Farlina2 månader sedan
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Maria FarlinaMaria Farlina2 månader sedan
  • We could've been

    ukuzi aliensxcukuzi aliensxc2 månader sedan
  • I should've confessed sooner

    ukuzi aliensxcukuzi aliensxc2 månader sedan
  • why am i hearing nathan as john legend

    Prenzle DiendoPrenzle Diendo2 månader sedan
  • Listening while hanging the clothes

    Samantha DiazSamantha Diaz2 månader sedan
  • Yes, almost is never enough. That's why he choose someone is better than me, smart, almost beside him(ldr), and much good looking

    Javin OblefiasJavin Oblefias2 månader sedan

    Ashley Kisses NogradoAshley Kisses Nogrado2 månader sedan
  • I love her so much

    Ayuna WatsonAyuna Watson2 månader sedan
    • Same 😊

      Julia MalaesalaJulia Malaesala2 månader sedan
  • Listening to this alone during quarantine 2020 and I'm okay with that.

    Anon72Anon722 månader sedan
    • Same here 😭☺️

      Naishialee quiñonesNaishialee quiñones2 månader sedan
    • Yessss we stan love this

      Lalli 28Lalli 282 månader sedan
    • @Blackoreanfemale Bet this song is a vibe alone but even better with someone😁😂

      Anon72Anon722 månader sedan
    • Here, lets listen together😊

      BlackoreanfemaleBlackoreanfemale2 månader sedan
  • "so close to being inlove." But there are so many BUTs.

    Jammie Jeon 잠미전Jammie Jeon 잠미전2 månader sedan
  • Yah

    park jiminpark jimin2 månader sedan
    • Yuh :>

      Julia MalaesalaJulia Malaesala2 månader sedan
  • Wow this song really showed ari’s amazing vocals!! She should do that nowadays!!

    Chau Dung TriChau Dung Tri2 månader sedan
  • QUEENN❤❤😍😍💖💝💝💘💘💕

    Emma lamsEmma lams2 månader sedan
  • This is like a Christmas song

    Constantine MochiConstantine Mochi2 månader sedan
  • okay lemme just stay in the corner and cry my eyes out because an imaginary bf broke my heart... 👁💧👄💧👁

    AZIZA HANAZIZA HAN2 månader sedan
    • @N Ks thank u boo 🤧✨

      AZIZA HANAZIZA HAN2 månader sedan
    • girl im with you

      N KsN Ks2 månader sedan
  • 😭

    Joy AnnJoy Ann2 månader sedan
  • Wtf so the guy featuring is not John Legend? Damn i seriously thought it was him

    Max WellMax Well2 månader sedan
  • I honestly think she needs to make more songs like this

    Beana QueenBeana Queen2 månader sedan
    • true

      KassandraKassandraMånad sedan
    • YUPPPP

    • For sure

      c0rrupt3dbeautyc0rrupt3dbeauty2 månader sedan
    • true!

      Ajo Berja PeponAjo Berja Pepon2 månader sedan
    • I agreed with you.

      Black Neko ChanBlack Neko Chan2 månader sedan
  • Alright I'm gonna stan and love this gurl go girl ariana❤️

    it's me Nicahit's me Nicah2 månader sedan

    Johaimah Hadji Yusoph PolaoJohaimah Hadji Yusoph Polao2 månader sedan
  • baby Grandebaby Grande2 månader sedan
  • bruh why is this song so underrated?

    Bodour BelayachiBodour Belayachi2 månader sedan
  • miss that time

    narniando :3narniando :32 månader sedan
  • Omg this reminds of the girl i always made eye contact in college and smiled at me. Yet we never talked

    Brandon GudiñoBrandon Gudiño2 månader sedan
  • I sing this in the shower

    Janely Saldivar OrtizJanely Saldivar Ortiz2 månader sedan
  • aging like fine wine

    taste budstaste buds2 månader sedan
  • We were both Inlove since we were teens , we were friends for 2 years and in a relationship for 1 year and 3 months. I thought we will last as what we've promised but he broke up with me this August 2020 . When we broke up we blocked each other , and I talk with a new guy while he is in a relationship with other girl. We never met each other, it's like ldr since we're friends. We still talk right now as a friend , but sometimes when we recall the things before it will turn into an argument, and it still makes me cry. I didn't moved on yet , but he already did .

    Kingdom NetflixKingdom Netflix2 månader sedan
  • One of her best songs periodt.

    gg stangg stan2 månader sedan
  • so sad

    Maya WilliamsMaya Williams2 månader sedan
  • you are the best ever

    Brianna MartinBrianna Martin2 månader sedan
  • I LOVE THIS SONG. Only thing I wish is that it was just ariana cause his voice is so autotuned it hurts my ears.

    Maya MakkedMaya Makked2 månader sedan
  • I am not a big ariana fan , but she has such an angelic voice . To be honest I like her songs in terms of production but her lyrics aren't for me . But that being said she has some gems like these hidden in her albums .

    KK2 månader sedan
  • my best guy friend told me he had feelings for me but then proceeded to tell me he didn’t want a relationship. i think he’s talking to someone else. i miss him so much. almost is never enough bradley 💔

    Zeliha OzcanZeliha Ozcan2 månader sedan
    • u mean, that guy looking at u with a heart of doubt? i mean yeah, same with me. my boy friend said that he liked me, but he didn't want a relationship andthen i knew he still contact with his ex. hahahiks

      HELLO ITS ME VHELLO ITS ME V2 månader sedan
  • So close to being in love♥

    devi siti hardiatidevi siti hardiati2 månader sedan
  • happy 3 year anniversary ❤️

    jeans wifejeans wife2 månader sedan
  • ℗ A Republic Records Release™

    Othniel Mordekhai SimanjuntakOthniel Mordekhai Simanjuntak2 månader sedan
  • Oh! It's been 2 years! Love you pony Queen ❤

    Jazmir AgnasJazmir Agnas2 månader sedan
  • Almost sleep is never enough😒🙄

    Gabie KhoGabie Kho2 månader sedan
  • u ever have a day where that almost part just hits a little different

    Juliana NoelJuliana Noel2 månader sedan
  • yeah, we almost knew what love was but it's never enough :c

    Jonalyn DeligeroJonalyn Deligero2 månader sedan
  • i love you ariiiiii

    Valerie PonsoValerie Ponso2 månader sedan
  • i think this song screams what virgo and gemini are if they're in a relationship

    Selma Intan OktapristiaSelma Intan Oktapristia2 månader sedan
  • Now I understand why this song is Mina's favorite song

    BN LeeBN Lee3 månader sedan
  • They both amazing :)

    RaynhardRaynhard3 månader sedan
  • When they say the best song of an artist isn't a single, that's true.

    Zerudo Jon CarlomanZerudo Jon Carloman3 månader sedan
    • Not true for Adele tho.

      Aakangsha MazumderAakangsha Mazumder3 månader sedan
  • I didn't know 2:20 was exist before this

    ODAODA3 månader sedan
  • Lendas

    Erick SantosErick Santos3 månader sedan
  • It litterlly sums up the story of my sixth grade crush

    Breanna NicholsBreanna Nichols3 månader sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    seeking for answersseeking for answers3 månader sedan
  • last song syndrome♥️

    Elizabeth MontefalcoElizabeth Montefalco3 månader sedan
  • love this song💯❤👉👈

    Queraysha ArendsQueraysha Arends3 månader sedan
  • I playing this on repeat its just so good and it makes me feel really emotional and i love the feeling omg its so amazing everything about this song

    Penelope PadillaPenelope Padilla3 månader sedan
  • i love this song so much to bad this is one of her underrated songs that dosen't have auto tune on her voice that much its really sad that this is mostly forgotten :C

    Mariella PlayzMariella Playz3 månader sedan
  • is it bad to say that i still ship him with Nathan Sykes rn?

    NCT GrandeNCT Grande3 månader sedan
  • nathan skyes sounds like john legend

    Elijah StoneElijah Stone3 månader sedan
  • this needs more hype

  • Oh no, it's keep 666

    Lady CleophilaLady Cleophila3 månader sedan
  • I hate 666 comments so I make this one to make them 667

    Lady CleophilaLady Cleophila3 månader sedan
  • 2:57

    Autumn RoseAutumn Rose3 månader sedan