Breakthrough: Nanoparticle Eats Plaque Responsible for Heart Attacks

26 sep 2020
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Carbon nanotubes sound like something out of science fiction movie, but their slowly starting to find uses in our lives. Today we'll look at how they're being used to fight heart disease.
Previous video for Nanobots and cancer:
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  • I'm 24 and have had high cholesterol and heart arrhythmia since the 6th grade. Even after changing to a majority vegetarian diet and exercising regularly I still can't seem to have a normal cardiovascular system. I'm not overweight, probably under to be honest, so most likely a genetic issue. This kind of news makes me sleep just a little bit easier at night. Thank you!

    Kevin ReavesKevin Reaves6 månader sedan
    • @Jazz Henry thank you Jazz Henry!

      Louie BenzoLouie Benzo8 dagar sedan
    • @Louie Benzo good luck to you god bless you

      Jazz HenryJazz Henry8 dagar sedan
    • I can relate.. im 31.. we have all been born into a bad environment.., trying to figure this out before it gets out of hand.. we know K2 is important

      Louie BenzoLouie Benzo8 dagar sedan
    • And none of the monkey dna borris is pushing to inject on unwitting human lab rats lol

      Jazz HenryJazz Henry12 dagar sedan
    • I had similar issues and for me supplementing with chelated magnesium helped immensely, especially when I would get slightly labored breathing for no reason.

      C StraleyC Straley16 dagar sedan
  • Well I'm excited by this because I've had 2 stents and and 4 artery bypass grafts, and just maybe this will become mainstream before I need my next one.

    etmax1etmax1Dag sedan
  • Bring on the nanites

    Simon GrossSimon GrossDag sedan
  • Duke University Medical Center is doing this at some level.

    Kevin JohnstonKevin Johnston2 dagar sedan
  • It's impossible to apply so-called nanoparticles to eat plaque.

    羅積康羅積康3 dagar sedan
  • Only the rich will be able to afford it, I have 5 stints and one cabbage operation, it's like having the life sucked out of me , I've lost my prior life no I just exist.

    big kahunabig kahuna3 dagar sedan
  • What about subcortical vascular disease would it work

    Kenneth WrayKenneth Wray3 dagar sedan
  • I love carbon nanotubes.

    Michael MallalMichael Mallal4 dagar sedan
  • Wondering when we might see clinical trials in humans.

    Martina VaslovikMartina Vaslovik4 dagar sedan
  • I found your “New Thinking” audiobook on Apple Books, bought it, very much looking forward to listening. I’d prefer if your next audiobook was read by you though. You have a voice with an engaging cadence and melodic tone. Your natural talent is an asset that pulls people in to wanting to listen and learn.

    Cris LaBossiereCris LaBossiere4 dagar sedan
  • I Am my own master of my owning

    don1 Deleondon1 Deleon7 dagar sedan
  • This will disappear just like all the other cures that cut into big pharmas profits/ global depopulation goals.

    Mark BatesMark Bates7 dagar sedan
  • Wow . Sure beats eating a low carb diet and becoming sick and fat to begin with . It’s caused from sugar damaging fat molecules so that instead of them being efficiently broken down to extract the triglycerides for energy and using the cholesterol for hormone production glucose damages ldl cholesterol and it builds up in the system but there’s a receptor in the arterial walls that triggers absorption . Your welcome.

    Free ThinkerFree Thinker8 dagar sedan
  • The easiest way to naturally get rid of plaque is long-term fasting (5-20 days), and then intermittent fasting (slower method). Your body eats the plaque naturally after a few days without food. Most people never miss a meal so they die sooner.

    InThe Matrix?InThe Matrix?9 dagar sedan
  • If only the government would recognize the severity of heart disease and cancer and cut through the red tape as they did with the Covid-19 vaccine far more lives would be saved. This sounds like an exciting potential advancement but, unfortunately, with the snails pace that these things advance it will probably be too late for me. I'm 58 years old with profuse coronary artery disease.

    Ron SkinnerRon Skinner9 dagar sedan
  • Vitamin k2 gets rid of plake and puts it into you bones

    David OlverDavid Olver9 dagar sedan
  • I would be very interested in participating in this new therapy. I have had blocked arteries and stents also have diabetes. Oddly I am not fat and quite fit. Although 72 I don'f look it and if I could fix my arteries ect then I am sure I could live for many years yet.

    Glenn PierceGlenn Pierce10 dagar sedan
  • Let's see... cure most of heart attacks and cancer..? WE ALL WISH RIGHT...! they will never let this out. BILLIONS AT STAKE!!

    Chris XavierChris Xavier10 dagar sedan
  • This video is B.S. no such therapy is available

    Mikael VitalyMikael Vitaly10 dagar sedan
  • When is this accessible? I am 64 and want it now!!

    repiv275repiv27510 dagar sedan
  • watching this while eating pizza...crap

    Jason GoodenJason Gooden11 dagar sedan
  • Black Seed Oil // thank me later

    EsevenEseven12 dagar sedan
  • Unfortunately in this current political climate they want people to die and not live longer!

    Ian ThomasIan Thomas14 dagar sedan
  • My Dad has pre heart attack condition and this news relieves me. Hopefully he will be with us for long time

    unknown 4uunknown 4u14 dagar sedan
  • Excellent... pharmaceutical companies will fight this. Statin medications are huge profit for them..

    Ron BattRon Batt14 dagar sedan
  • So when does this therapy become available to the public?

    Patricio Da SilvaPatricio Da Silva15 dagar sedan
  • They been working on this for along time still waiting 🙄 😒

    Ray VacRay Vac15 dagar sedan
  • SEworld (Google) (or, ColdFusion, but, I doubt it) has censored my perfectly benign Comment from this afternoon (01APR21) ... thanks for wasting my composing time ...

    K McK Mc16 dagar sedan
  • The good news is the cost of this therapy maybe around hundred thousand to million dollar per hour.

    Unlikely TrollUnlikely Troll18 dagar sedan
  • Are people aware of what intravenous chelation therapy can do? It's expensive and time-consuming, however.

    James FJames F18 dagar sedan
  • CORONAVIRUS PATIENTS ARE DYING BECAUSE MOST DOCTORS DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IVERMECTIN AS A SOLUTION TO THE CRISIS. Mountains of evidence proving its efficacy is now available Developed in 1975, it is a very safe drug and the Winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize 3/30/21 IVERMECTIN is being used as a “repurposed drug” since it was only last Fall that the ALLIANCE discovered it to be an amazing SOLUTION against the CORONAVIRUS. It PREVENTS Illness, LESSENS SUFFERING and HOSPITALIZATION DAYS, AIDS CRITICAL PATIENTS and THOSE ON VENTILATORS. Ivermectin is good for persons with Allergies, the Elderly, All Phases of Covid, Covid Variants, Long Covid/Long Haulers and Those Refusing Vaccines. IVERMECTIN reduces viral load and replication. Studies have shown action against Yellow fever, Dengue, Zika and others. It enhances Interferon. Dr. Paul Marik formed the FRONTLINE COVID-19 CRITICAL CARE ALLIANCE (FLCCC). 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Edenbridge Pharmaceuticals, LLC announces that the World Health Organization (WHO) has added Edenbridge's Ivermectin Tablets USP (3mg) to its Prequalified Medicines List. This marks the first ivermectin product in the world to be added to the Prequalified Medicines List by the WHO Prequalification Team.” How Dr. David Chesler saves his nursing home residents from Covid-19: 2/25/21 Can IVERMECTIN fight Variants? Dr. Mobeen endorses IVERMECTIN 3/3/21 SARS-CoV-2 UK variant: Does it matter? 3/5/21 Long-covid and the loss of smell. 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The virus vaccines are being released with questionable safety records with “emergency usage authority,” whereas, the IVERMECTIN drug, which has a proven safety record for 45 years, needs much more TRIAL DATA to prove its SAFETY. Vaccine companies cannot be sued for any injuries to people so they are dispensed quickly. The US FDA, WHO and CDC have been notified since December, 2020 and have delayed their recommendations on IVERMECTIN during a PANDEMIC. These health agencies are not working quickly for IVERMECTIN approval in this CRISIS. As a result, satellite groups of doctors around the world are using IVERMECTIN based on their knowledge and evidence based experiences. Some foreign countries look to the USA for medical direction; approval delays are extending suffering and costing the lives of millions of coronavirus patients.

    Jennie QuevedoJennie Quevedo18 dagar sedan
  • Where can I call to get this done?

    Treviño’s OutdoorsTreviño’s Outdoors18 dagar sedan
  • I'm very interested. Sounds promising.

    Dan MartDan Mart19 dagar sedan
  • Can I volunter?

    Bob MasonBob Mason21 dag sedan
  • Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. Just to clear any questions up: NO OIL! Not even olive oil, which goes against a lot of other advice out there about so-called good fats. The reality is that oils are extremely low in terms of nutritive value. They contain no fiber, no minerals and are 100% fat calories. And above all they contain saturated fat which immediately injures the endothelial lining of the arteries when eaten. It doesn’t matter whether it’s olive oil, corn oil, or any other kind of oil. You should not consume any oil if you have heart disease. This is so important I have detailed oil in Chapter 10.- Dr. Esselstyn

    Mikael VitalyMikael Vitaly21 dag sedan
  • There is no money in cures.....Big pharma will buy the patent cure ......the solution is don't eat American cusine ! eat no fat , no oils , no nuts , ----------eat a raw pant base diet . buy the book and watch the video --- >Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D second book - The Enzyme Factor: How to Live Long and Never be Sick Paperback - 1 March 2010 by Hiromi Shinya (Author) -

    Mikael VitalyMikael Vitaly21 dag sedan
  • The best heart medicine is to stay cool at all times.

    Share GreatsShare Greats21 dag sedan
  • This is an interesting speech. Now I'm wondering when the first applications will be available?

    Share GreatsShare Greats21 dag sedan
  • Still sounds dangerous. Will stick to EPC.

    WK ChanWK Chan21 dag sedan
  • Dagogo!! U have done service to human-kind by making this vid. AWESOME JOB!! Please make sure u visit the top genetic lab on this planet and put some of ur genes/sample aside into a biopreserve chamber. We will need it in comming generations.

    Pratik VyasPratik Vyas22 dagar sedan
  • This is worth sharing😮

    Roger LambanicioRoger Lambanicio22 dagar sedan
  • how do i go get this treatment?

    Kevin BissingerKevin Bissinger23 dagar sedan
  • @ 74. I’ve had a cabbage x4 1993 and x5 2008. So your article is very exciting. Thank you so much.

    Ralph RichardsRalph Richards23 dagar sedan
  • Big pharma wont let that out to the market

    Andrew FinneyAndrew Finney25 dagar sedan
  • I had a quadruple bypass 24 years ago. I'm 69 now. I dont go to doctors. (They have itchy pens and I think are addicted to writing prescriptions. So I just keep a straight face and stay away.) I do supplement with serrapeptase, about 250,000 SPUs a day, and also Vitamin C 3 or 4 grams/day, and avoid all dairy, minimize sugar, but seem to crave meat lately so I carefully indulge several times a week. This video is exciting news.

    Thomas ManningThomas Manning25 dagar sedan
  • Four years ago I was diagnosed with heart deasese. I began a regiment of Nattokanese which is an extract from the Natto plant. It is inexpensive and has zero side effects. It's magic comes from a particular enzyme that we produce to keep plaque at bay. I had a pacemaker put in about 3 months ago. After my procedure my doctor said that my arteries were in pristine condition. For you who are interest, I took 200 mg of Nattokanese a day split in two doses. I also took 2,000 mg of Krill oil, pill form. I also went on Keto a little over a year ago to minimize inflammation. I just began taking broccoli sprouts which are cheap and easy to grow. It only takes 3 or 4 days to yield a small harvest. Broccoli sprouts trigger our bodies into making more Sulforaphane. I would highly recommend it. When purchasing products don't lowball. Thorne has a great broccoli extract. Make sure to buy mustard seed extract and take it with the broccoli supplement. It exponentially increases the bioavaiblity of the broccoli extract. Oh, by the way, quit smoking. Use the patch or gum. Smoking is your enemy. It's out to put you in the grave!

    LeoLeo25 dagar sedan
  • If they’ve had this since 1993 and haven’t brought it to market, this may not be viable

    Gee WizGee Wiz26 dagar sedan
  • For those, with fuller hardening of the arteries and the nano cell does a 20% reduction, after a certain time frame can additional nanos be given, to reduce more of the plaques n the same artery?

    Tracy Strength & JoyTracy Strength & Joy26 dagar sedan
  • I have had 2 heart attacks and cancer.... wish they had tried that on me long ago but would try it now if given the chance 😊

    Constance CarstensConstance Carstens28 dagar sedan
  • I had a stent at 41 my dad had a hart attack at 51 an died thank god he was shocked back to life that was 20 years ago he’s still working 💪 👍🏻

    The Muncey sistersThe Muncey sisters28 dagar sedan
  • Great news as I have had a stroke at 48 and I an vegan also and not overweight, so this all good news, so when do you thing they will put this out. Simon f

    Simon fearnleySimon fearnley28 dagar sedan
  • Where to get this therapy?

    LittleRedSlipperLittleRedSlipper28 dagar sedan
  • Hospital are to make money .Not put themselves out of business for your benefit

    Fred PotgieterFred Potgieter29 dagar sedan
  • I was watching a video where Paul Stamets said that certain mushrooms de-cloak cancer cells so that the body can destroy the cancer. And now this! Interesting parallel!

    Mauritius DunfagelMauritius DunfagelMånad sedan
  • Isn’t science wonderful. I guess Republicans don’t think so so don’t let them benefit from this research!

    Mauritius DunfagelMauritius DunfagelMånad sedan
    • And along comes an ass who feels the need to bring in politics.

      R SkiR Ski27 dagar sedan
  • What else does it eat?

    E OE OMånad sedan
  • Look up Ivor Cummings!

    Michael ConwayMichael ConwayMånad sedan
  • I am just about to have an ablation in about 2 to 3 weeks due to afib. Can I stop my afib without the ablation? I am very confused about all this procedure.It just don't sound normal to cartirise a part of your heart. Somebody please help before its too late?

    Barbara KornegayBarbara KornegayMånad sedan
  • Yup just wait for the med beds

    theenitehawktheenitehawkMånad sedan
  • I am adding another comment. Seriously we can't let this technology go to waste. Please let's get this into mainstream use as soon as possible.

    Lester StandfillLester StandfillMånad sedan
  • I would like to volunteer to be the first patient to receive these nano tunes. I had 2 stints placed in my widow maker in the month of December 2016.

    Lester StandfillLester StandfillMånad sedan
  • I am 53 and have 3 arteries 1/2 blocked they won’t do anything unless they become 3/4 blocks I wish they wouldn’t wait I want something done now not take a chance with me not making it . I don’t understand except I feel that Big pharma and globalists want to depopulate just like diabetes disease they give us bandaid meds or killer drugs instead of killing the root problem I think it’s in humane! Like crime against humanity!

    dan rheadan rheaMånad sedan
  • Completely amazing, but hurry up please, when I hear of these things it always seems as though it may be available in 30 years, millions would happily sign a waiver to try it.

    robert whiterobert whiteMånad sedan
    • How do you know how may would sign a "waver," which far as I know has not even been drafted ?

      R SkiR Ski27 dagar sedan
  • Even more promising is that we now know that you can make yourself nearly heart attack proof by just changing your diet and lifestyle.

    Quack TuberQuack TuberMånad sedan
    • @R Ski SEworld search "How to Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof" by renowned cardio-surgion Dr. Caldwell Esseltyn. Lots of proof. It just requires taking personal responsibility which most people don't want to hear anything about. So... you can wait for the magical pharma pills and for doctors to save you... good luck with that. Lol.

      Quack TuberQuack Tuber27 dagar sedan
    • "nearly." Sounds like BS to me so maybe you can provide some PROOF to back up your comment.

      R SkiR Ski27 dagar sedan
    • 🤡

      Black JockBlack Jock28 dagar sedan
  • My considerable internet research has finally paid off and recognized with extremely good facts to exchange with my friends and the world. Medical Doctors and Dermatologists said (HSV 1&2, Herpes zosters) do not have a medical cure because the virus is capable of hiding within the human cells. it remains protected from your immune system. Herpes isn't an incurable virus! your immune system has the tools to fight it back. But because it is able to lay dormant in protected cells, your immune system is unable to remove it from your body, But with strong reactive herbal medication, it is capable of getting rid of the virus gradually and totally from your body without any side effects, natural herbs kill the virus totally not just reducing the outbreaks. I just got my test result today after 7 days of using the herbal Medication and it came out Negative to both HSV 1& so delighted I recommend this to anyone suffering from herpes virus. You can get natural Herbal Medication from Dr. Aloha contact him through his email: or WhatsApp +1(202)871-3222

    Lucille BennetLucille BennetMånad sedan
  • 3 One is a double I think.

    Paul FallowsPaul FallowsMånad sedan
  • Some say the plague build up cannot be removed and some say the heart can repair itself with a strict diet. This treatment would be a major advancement if it worked. It will take years for it to become available. Personally I think diet(plant based and exercise/lifestyle is a persons best option at the moment. Problem is people like food as it is one of the few pleasures in life. Fact, lose weight and your cholesterol level will drop. Lastly unless the plague build up is found before one has the heart attack and stent placement then this treatment is kind of too late although I guess it could be an after treatment. If it does no harm then could it be given too anyone from time to time to clean out the arteries the same way a plumber cleans your drains?

    Paul FallowsPaul FallowsMånad sedan
  • This is stunning. Extending life spans.

    William MillardWilliam MillardMånad sedan
  • sounds like they will have a kill switch on anyone that does this

    Nick WhiteheadNick WhiteheadMånad sedan
  • A treatment for the rich and famous.only.

    MrPepper312MrPepper312Månad sedan
  • I never thought it would happen to me but at 54 it hit me. I had a stroke they told me I was lucky that it was a light stroke but felt like a freight train. I will be going for aCardio angioplasty soon as they did a chemical stress test and said I needed it. When is this going to be ready for humans?

    rob castorob castoMånad sedan
  • That's is the New nanotubes method that define the clinieniegking off theirt artery Thank's very much George

    George ParaGeorge ParaMånad sedan
  • Where can you get this treatment?

    Andy MillerAndy MillerMånad sedan
  • If I understood this correctly this was in 2010? It's the same old thing; finding cures are not good business models for "BIG PHARMA"

    Gary BurchettGary BurchettMånad sedan
  • Total BS. There is a 100% cure Plaque buildup happens due to inflammation. Cholesterol is a healing agent. It gets deposited when the arteries lining is inflamed. It dies that to calm down the tissue and heal the site. Why one will suffer from inflammation? Carbs....junk food and sugar Go don't need to line up pharmaceutical companies. If my 77 year old mother can reverse it after 3 heart attacks, 6 stents and congestive heart failure, anyone can. Good luck with the big Pharma BS. PS...cancer is a different situation. But cholesterol is 100% fixable by eliminating carbs and sugar

    CodeBlueCodeBlueMånad sedan
  • Understanding and possibly preventing plaque formation is more important than developing technology that supposedly eats the plaque - will the integrity of the endotheliium be the same after the plaque has been eaten?

    kat undmauskat undmausMånad sedan
  • I can't wait for the SEworld videos that will sprout from this discovery in the next couple of years ... "How to grow your own carbon nanotubes and use them to clean out your arteries".

    Jeffrey JohnsonJeffrey JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Sounds like a significant way to actually treat ateriosclorosis. When might this be available?

    glen paulglen paulMånad sedan
  • my bet is it will happen for rich people secretly but will not be something regular people have because there is too many are making billions from heart problems. I believe they will shortly come out and announce it didn't work and more study needs to be done.

    mike Tmike TMånad sedan
  • When will this therapy be ready for the population and what will be the cost of this type of therapy

    JohnMac MacJohnMac MacMånad sedan
  • Looking at this very interesting technology, cautiously. Now thinking how might this be used to place on nanotubes the needed NAD+ to help body do necessary cell rebuilding and cleaning senescent cells. How might technology be used as a diagnostic means?

    Harold ParkerHarold ParkerMånad sedan
  • one bacterium, "smaller than a bacterium." two or more bacteria, the plural.

    David Lloyd-JonesDavid Lloyd-JonesMånad sedan
  • The intonation this script-reader uses is really weird. For instance, "Drug-coated nanotubes IN mouse arteries..." (erodes plaque...) Who has been claiming that the nanotubes had to be outside mouse arteries? This doesn't just happen on cold Fusion. It's endemic to SEworld. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of video producers are handing their scripts to know-nothings who mangle them by reading the words without understanding the phrases and sentences.

    David Lloyd-JonesDavid Lloyd-JonesMånad sedan
  • I wish. ,but big pharma will squash this cause they cant have people get better. Oh hell no, they want you to suffer and buy there hope. F#@k big pharma.

    Sailing SoloSailing SoloMånad sedan
  • Wow this is great soon nobody will die we will cure everything not sure how it will help having an overpopulated planet with most of us in our late nineties

    Michael MabajhacMichael MabajhacMånad sedan
  • Very interested and need to know more about this, so I will follow this information up thank you, I have been worried for quite some time, I am 69 .

    Sissie MillerSissie MillerMånad sedan
  • Vaccin, Gentherapy

    moderntimes123moderntimes123Månad sedan
  • The frustrating part about supposed breakthroughs like this is the length of time it takes for them to start being applied, if ever. They always seem to be 10 years away and 10 years from now they'll still be 10 years away. If you're already at risk of heart attack announcements like this almost become a cruel joke. Sometimes I wish they would keep these findings to themselves until they are ready to start treating people

    Thom VoganThom VoganMånad sedan
    • Here's the answer: step outside of the U.S. where there's less AMA red tape. Israel or Spain

      Kevin JohnstonKevin Johnston2 dagar sedan
    • @A. Miller life is more interesting when you imagine it as a dystopian thriller

      bio bagholderbio bagholder14 dagar sedan
    • If you're at risk, the best thing you can do is start intermittent fasting and get your insulin levels down.

      DiplomáticoDiplomático14 dagar sedan
    • These drugs are only for the elites... did you forget they're trying to kill the rest of us off with Covid & the vaccines?

      A. MillerA. Miller14 dagar sedan
    • because usually these treatments end up failing in the clinic

      bio bagholderbio bagholder15 dagar sedan
  • Where can I get this micro nanotube treatment?

    Agri-Life Organic FarmAgri-Life Organic FarmMånad sedan
  • I would most certainly try this therapy!

    Ernie SmithErnie SmithMånad sedan

    Tiger Talk210Tiger Talk210Månad sedan
  • Why would I be thinking “who cares “, I did click on the video after all.

    K SK SMånad sedan
  • Great! What companies are working on this technology?

    Dr. Paul J. WatsonDr. Paul J. WatsonMånad sedan
  • There is an argument that its the least painful way to die, at least compared to cancer if you do live longer.

    D ManD ManMånad sedan
  • another stupid medical measure based upon a misunderstanding Cholesterol isn't the villain; it's patching material (same as what cell walls are made of) for tissue damaged by stress chemistry (i.e., cortisol, which causes connective tissue to unravel). They are (as usual) treating a symptom rather than the underlying cause because they don't understand what they're dealing with; they confuse "cause" with "antecedent condition". Too bad. Steer clear.

    Lawrence GoldLawrence GoldMånad sedan
  • As a practicing MD in both clinic and ER with developing coronary disease myself this is VERY interesting. I was not aware of this and I WILL be digging into this research.

    manofreedommanofreedomMånad sedan
  • This treatment should be fast-tracked like the covid vaccine - it would save a LOT more people!!!

    Ken OtwellKen OtwellMånad sedan
    • Why would they? Heart desease, from drugs to stents to surgeries make trillion$ for corporations and the medical establishments. Same with cancer.

      Kat prowlerKat prowler3 dagar sedan
  • I have a healthy heart but some months ago I had a 10 second Tia; after a scan it was discovered my right carotid artery is blocked and surgeon won’t operate, too dangerous so, my left side is compensating.

    Masada2Masada2Månad sedan
  • Nothing's a 100% at lie comes down

    Gary BrownGary BrownMånad sedan
  • I would like this therapy ASAP

    kathleen swiftkathleen swiftMånad sedan