Freedom 500 Stream Problems/Update Pre Cleetus and Cars

3 apr 2021
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  • For those of you wondering if you can rewatch on demand we will be restreaming it today and then it will be available on demand from there. We're fixing some of the bugs so the reupload should be even cleaner. Here is the email for those of you who feel you'd like a refund, I completely understand!

    Cleetus2 McFarlandCleetus2 McFarland19 dagar sedan
    • Why you got 2 channels?

      Luis CarrionLuis Carrion13 dagar sedan
    • I'll never take a refund from you for just a few small streaming issues. Spence was totally cool but heavy D needs to stay off the track!!!

      Joshua JJoshua J14 dagar sedan
    • Hey Cleetus, finally getting around to the VOD, literally watching as I type this. I'm enjoying, I'm laughing, and I'm not upset about the bugs, but I think it would be best if you just cut them out completely because that would have been easier than trying to skip a head and trying to figure out where they end.

      XDSDDLordXDSDDLord15 dagar sedan
    • TRUE FANS of Cleetus and the FF will not ask for a refund! It was only 15-$20. If so called fans are gonna bitch about it then they don't belong on this channel!

      Viperman200221Viperman20022115 dagar sedan
    • I was wondering what the deal was. I couldn't watch it at all. I'll give it another try after work. Not asking for a refund regardless. Keep up the good stuff!

      Logic LoverLogic Lover16 dagar sedan
  • Change the channel name to off the track

    EpIcNaChOEpIcNaChO2 dagar sedan
  • I would like to see Nick Savage return for the next show.

    Jeromy SmithJeromy Smith3 dagar sedan
  • I was not able to see the event but I hope that it is aired on the second channel. I watched the first one and I loved it. You guys always put out the best content.

    Jeromy SmithJeromy Smith3 dagar sedan
  • Brother! Don’t change a damn thing! There are way too many bitches in the comments. Great show, always great content. If you don’t like what you see, no one is forcing you to watch. It took NASCAR many years to get it all straightened out, and it’s still not perfect!!

    Bob McNelisBob McNelis4 dagar sedan
  • I just watched to say I am one of the people the message about I got to watched first 13 laps. An when it did come back up it was Lap 20 something. To me who give a rats ass. I understand it was like your 4 pay-per-view. I look at it you dump Ass !! Next time don't watch it and sit your ass at home an play with your self.

    Judge has the WordJudge has the Word5 dagar sedan
  • Sometimes I don’t know what people were expecting. Cletus and cars is not NBC or CBS. Guys that started out in building a junkyard Corvette on SEworld can’t be expected to do a Lucas-film production level filming for Pete’s sake. What you guys are doing is incredible by any standard.

    OldironOldiron6 dagar sedan
  • Spencer seems like a really decent guy when hes not announcing. He adds to the content during those times. However, I'd really prefer to hear someone else behind the mic during these events. I get worn out on him fast.

    Kyle YoungsKyle Youngs7 dagar sedan
  • Is it going be posted on the page like the last ones??

    Tj ArthurTj Arthur7 dagar sedan
  • It was a great event. Spencer definitely needs to simmer down, or be excluded from the commenting team all together. We almost had to watch the event on mute.

    Layne CornellLayne Cornell8 dagar sedan
  • Garrett you need to keep the SEworld clickbait idiots off the track! Cody Detwiler going 100% until it breaks in qualifying, then again during the race is NOT a driver you want on any track, even if you assumed his viewers will bring you views, STOP, it was not a class act. Then the Diesel Brothers turned into a demolition derby, embarrassing. WHAT THE FRICK were you thinking allowing and encouraging drivers to hit the pace van, UNACCEPTABLE! That's what gave Kevin a jump on Randy and we never got to see Randy and Kevin fight for the win, that would have been great racing. The word spreads about these no rules races, and good drivers won't come from their own opinion, or sponsor said NO. Those are the kind of driver would cause the great Randy Probst not to return. Then you're wasting money on Crown Vics for SEworld idiot's not real racers. We need more Hailie Deegan, Randy Pobst, Tanner Foustz, Ryan Tuerck, Chelsee Denovo, Travis Pastrana, Taylor Ray, Alex Bowman, Kevin Smith, etc. In every driver point of view Freedom Factory 500 response video you hear them talking about staying in the back of the field until the wrecks are done. But lack of rules has epic trash on the track because of headlights "falling out" cutting tires! The track came with the fan trailer, get the plastic, glass, and metal off the track. 😒🙄🤦🏻‍♂️ Fans want a race not click bait! They might watch this because of COVID restrictions, but not when everything is back to normal, you'll need better rules and drivers.

    Ryan McCormickRyan McCormick8 dagar sedan
  • This is a week old why am I just seeing it what's going on with SEworld. Because in your text messages there's the f word who knows you're a growing organization you're going to have problems I was disappointed when I lost my feed but then it came right back and I seen everything the guy did kind of talk too much but who knows he might have been nervous trying to keep up a good show and the voices didn't match but who cares it was so much fun watching you guys have a great time made me want to be there so bad next time I'm pretty much sure I'm going to be there to meet all you guys you're amazing. If anybody ask for a refund or something wrong with them cuz you got to see your SEworld people in a normal light and Travis pastrana is amazing he is such a gracious man. Don't ever ask murder Nova back he sucked crying about a ¢.50 cent helmet. Don't know why he was there he was he's not even a SEworldr he comes from a pretend TV show

    kris myerskris myers10 dagar sedan
  • will you posed the full show at some point

    Noah McDonaldNoah McDonald11 dagar sedan
  • As this grows you are gonna get more and more headaches. Enjoy it until the attorneys and shit ruins the fun!

    Noe SchmoeNoe Schmoe11 dagar sedan
  • There's no email or anything and I've been trying to watch the burnout competition sence it first aired and it won't play. I've tryed on my cell phone and my laptop. This sucks. And yes I'm logged into my account.

    Joe Johnson - FeeneyJoe Johnson - Feeney11 dagar sedan
  • Cleetus, I noticed that I was having trouble streaming the PPV but I dont care about a refund because I knew that you would make it right and you have. It is the PPV that keeps on giving. I was just thinking to myself that not to long ago you were clamping whistles on your tailpipes to sound like turbos for content. Cleetus, all I can say is you are a living legend that will be around for a long time coming.

    LeslieLeslie12 dagar sedan
  • viewers!

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke12 dagar sedan
  • As much as Whistlin DoucheBag tried to ruin the show, it turned out great! Good hustle Cleet and all involved. Congratulations on Maddy sayin yes, yoll look pretty good together.

    FlipFlop TanLinesFlipFlop TanLines12 dagar sedan
  • My only issue with the whole event was HeavyD's lap 6 performance that was disrespectful and dangerous. The rest of you guys put on a great show worth every penny.

    aola wiliaola wili12 dagar sedan
    • 2022 freedom 500 we need lewis hamilton now lol!

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke12 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the toyota???

    Ryan SpeckRyan Speck13 dagar sedan
  • 6000 comments.. good luck finding this.. FUCK THE HATERS!! They are only whining because it didn’t go 100% their way.. dont let these idiots in the comment sections control YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!!!! You will get better THE MORE YOU DO!!

    Jon EllwangerJon Ellwanger13 dagar sedan
    • What did Spencer say about groceries and Hailie?

      aola wiliaola wili12 dagar sedan
  • Early on the stream was rough but after about 15 mins in it was cleaned up the rest of the way was spot on. I have purchased every PPV so far and still would recommend to everyone. We arent billionaires with a whole system in place. Cleetus is a pioneer with this adventure SUPPORT THE BALD EAGLES WOO WOO

    Censored 1Censored 113 dagar sedan
  • Bought myself a catch catchcan from summit and got the ppv. Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch but I don't care. I just hope you get your cut from Summitt

    Great Lakes LoggerGreat Lakes Logger13 dagar sedan
  • I absolutely love it I really really really enjoy your Channel the freedom 500 Freedom Factory

    W IveyW Ivey14 dagar sedan
  • I think you need to add some good fireworks.

    jim von feldtjim von feldt14 dagar sedan
  • Great racing! I want to offer you a rules reccomendation. In road racing, lappers are allowed to pass the pace car, drive all the way around the track and come up behind the pack. That sets the placements correctly. Also, it does not penalize lappers working to unlap themselves, it instead helps them. That gets everybody back into the race for better crowd entertainment. Look at Taylor Ray's video for a great example. He would pass, pass, pass, then each caution he would be sent, not forward, but backward. That discourages drivers that want to fight their way fwd.

    Bradelina GomezBradelina Gomez14 dagar sedan
  • It's OK with me if the Diesel Brothers and those lapped drivers who kept interfering with the main group don't get invited back for future events. Also, keep Spencer away from the alcohol next year. He was obviously intoxicated towards the end of the race.

    Matt WolfgangMatt Wolfgang14 dagar sedan
  • Heavy D sure as hell gained no fans in this race... He trashed the grass and the lead group then used up all the backup cars... At least you know who not to invite next time... Love ya brother

    jeff cooperjeff cooper14 dagar sedan
  • Look, the next race let the people do whatever to their cars. Time and money limit yes.

    Jason TamsettJason Tamsett14 dagar sedan
  • This shirt cost 1000 bucks... we ain’t care. Bunch of cry babies.

    Adam GaronAdam Garon14 dagar sedan
  • Holy cow anyone who cannot see these guys are literally pouring their hearts and souls into making this something truly amazing has to be deaf and blind keep it up 👍🏻 ya’ll

    gioyu comigioyu comi14 dagar sedan
  • it was still sick but lets get a longer race more that 100 laps we need more brother

    Chris popeChris pope14 dagar sedan
  • Can we get streetspeed out there?

    Dylan Vanden BoschDylan Vanden Bosch14 dagar sedan
    • inside the cars via incar footage I've watched! So tough call for you there

      gioyu comigioyu comi14 dagar sedan
  • Lol, you cant please everyone... you guys did awesome job. there's a reason why this fun.. little to no rules, if i want to watch 100% by the book, i'll watch nascar.. but cant wait for 2022 freedom 500 we need lewis hamilton now lol!

    ebu touyebu touy14 dagar sedan
  • As i watch the stream, my old lady said to remember this day because these guys are going to be around for a longggggg time doing this. It felt good to support such a great channel and group of people. Keep it up, hoping to make it to a show all the way from Chicago soon.

    Mr. GoodMr. Good15 dagar sedan
  • What did Spencer say about groceries and Hailie?

    TechOutTechOut15 dagar sedan
  • was in the stands and cannot wait for the next event to come back. great race at a even cooler track. keep doing it for Dale brother.

    ChadChad15 dagar sedan
    • One thing I love about Cleet is how mature he is when handling things that come up.

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn15 dagar sedan
  • I'll pay full price today for the next event if Heavy D-bag is not invited.

    boneyardrendezvousboneyardrendezvous15 dagar sedan
    • you had big names in the race. Still a very loyal fan of you and your content. Cheers from Aus

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn15 dagar sedan
  • You guys have GOT to put full cages and race seats in those cars before someone gets hurt. I promise you... someone will. I got crashed hard in my street stock and I would have died if not for the safety equipment. You guys are going every bit as fast on that track as I was on my local 1/4 mile track and the side of my car was crushed in 2 feet! Taco-ed the entire car and ripped the rear end out of the car. Broke the transmission in half and caught fire big time. The liability is off the charts when you provide the cars these people are driving.

    SirensC3SirensC315 dagar sedan
  • Who woulda thought 5 years ago that one day cleetus would own a track and and have his own ppv race with a fighter plane flyover

    Nick MartinezNick Martinez15 dagar sedan
  • Keep my money. It was a great show. And will be even better next time!

    Jason MonkJason Monk15 dagar sedan
  • You guys are doing great ! I can wait for the next one. If I can't be there in person I will always buy the ppv . Shit happens ! ADAPT AND OVERCOME

    87bowtie87bowtie15 dagar sedan
  • Loved both 500 and Cleetus and cars. Only thing that I think can be improved on is Cleetus and cars wait time. We got in at 1130ish but waited til 3 for the burnouts to start. Maybe allow the drag racing to happen in the mean time. Anyway awesome event. I'll definitely be at the next one

    MotoAllanMotoAllan15 dagar sedan
  • Don't worry about it, shit happens. Wasn't intentional! Live & grow!

    MrSlowestD16MrSlowestD1615 dagar sedan
  • supporting cleetus and the freedom factory is something i try to do as much as i can. Its all about supporting one man that has the balls to do what most of us can only dream of . Congrats Kevin on the Win !!!! And i wish more people were like this in the world . Amen Brother!!!!!

    Three S Hobbies SnyderThree S Hobbies Snyder15 dagar sedan
    • apart so you did an awesome job and cant wait for the next show wish this covid would go away so i could come down from canada and watch it live

      nijuo joingnijuo joing15 dagar sedan
  • Who elese is doing anything like this, exactly no one. Give the man some credit. U can see you guys bothered cleetus by saying its not worth the money ect. This dude is making youtube history give him actual ideas how to make it better. Also why are you guys complaining about Deegan. She probably saw the previous races and new what she singed up for. Everyone said that this race was the best driving there had ever been. I went and watched her channel for the first time on the ff500, and i didnt see her upset at all. Btw Hailie your hotter than the uv rays comming of Dales hater shades. I would love to work for the FF and be part of making history on SEworld. Dont put this man down like that again, hes doing it all for you guys. Hes going where no one has bf so yea its gonna have bugs and what not but can you imagine what its gonna be a year or two from now. Mega props bro keep it up and dont let it bring you down that much, shah happens.

    Southwest AssassinsSouthwest Assassins15 dagar sedan
    • What was said about hailie deegan?

      nijuo joingnijuo joing15 dagar sedan
  • The fact that the second channel is on the trending page for a 3 minute update video is awesome!

    misolou foutmisolou fout15 dagar sedan
  • So.. I'm thinking about the comment towards Spencer. Not sure what it sounded like on the stream, but he sure had that crowd nice and rowdy! You could hear the cheering inside the cars via incar footage I've watched! So tough call for you there

    b plumistob plumisto15 dagar sedan
  • Shut up and take my money! (ANY $$$ towards the Freedom Factory, and the McFarland Fam is worth it! Still had a blast watching the PPV 2021 Freedom 500 regardless of the "bumps" !!

    Derek Frampton aKa 1PaPaD1Derek Frampton aKa 1PaPaD115 dagar sedan
    • brother

      misolou foutmisolou fout15 dagar sedan
  • I don't want my money back I understand the issues you are dealing with I think Spence did a really good job till the race got started I think he got drunk or something but I did have a problem with I think it was heavy d jump into the front of the line I thought it was a real poor sportsmanship and I probably speaks a lot about his character

    Neil PruettNeil Pruett16 dagar sedan
  • You need to get with Linus Tech Tips and get your internet infrastructure up a level brother!

    Ryan McCormickRyan McCormick16 dagar sedan
  • We had a couple of issues but no where near enough to ask for my money back. The over all race was pretty disappointing cause of some of the savage racing taking out a heap of favourite drivers. I guess it's part of minimal rules racing but would have been much better to have clean racing and more drivers at the end of the race, especially when you had big names in the race. Still a very loyal fan of you and your content. Cheers from Aus

    Damien BellDamien Bell16 dagar sedan
  • One thing I love about Cleet is how mature he is when handling things that come up.

    DesolateTreeDesolateTree16 dagar sedan
  • Screw that! I have watched everyone of you pay for you view and I will continue watching everyone! You guys rocks! no refund needed! Thank Y'all

    Jonathan SpykerJonathan Spyker16 dagar sedan
  • Heavy d is the only thing that pissed me off, fuck that guy. Everything else, perfect!!

    Clay P.Clay P.16 dagar sedan
  • Stream was good, I bought it as a sign of approval. Didn't expect it to be perfect, I'd be a fool if I did.

    Descript ODescript O16 dagar sedan
  • Thank you cleetus . The “500” was so cool . Loved the event can’t wait for the NEXT, Freedom 1000 with a few mulisha ,circus or pro exhibition I liked the candid response from Hailie Deegan first time seeing the factory and she liked the track and it was better then MOST in K&N west lol. True.

    Bryan DavisBryan Davis16 dagar sedan
  • The stream was laggy for the first 30 mins but after that was fine, I’d say just get some higher up/better camera angles for the track and your good! Would never refund funding a guy living out his dreams! I can’t wait for the next one!

    Goon SquadGoon Squad16 dagar sedan
  • Haters gonna hate was a Mean weekend of racing. Bring on the next one. Will never get a refund.

    darrenbridgetdarrenbridget16 dagar sedan
  • What was said about hailie deegan?

    Halston SpohnHalston Spohn16 dagar sedan
  • I think it was an awesome show and its your 4th ppv ever it will evolve thats why we spend the money on you all cause it will get better and if we didnt support you it would fall apart so you did an awesome job and cant wait for the next show wish this covid would go away so i could come down from canada and watch it live

    John ForbesJohn Forbes16 dagar sedan
  • If you request a refund, don't bother coming back. Help cleet and the boys out no matter what just give em your thoughts

    annag coclannag cocl16 dagar sedan
  • if anyone asks for a refund thats not right where spending that money to support you so i think most people will be reasonable

    John ForbesJohn Forbes16 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely loved the show!!! Although Heavy D kinda pissed me off... Not real sure what he was doing... Yes.. Yall were there to have a blast but first it was a race... Love ya brother

    jeff cooperjeff cooper16 dagar sedan
    • from Privateer motorsports

      annag coclannag cocl16 dagar sedan
  • You guys using Ethernet net, coaxial cable cameras or WiFi? Do you have someone on staff to run lines, repair and help the pay perview company set things up?

    Ja BJa B16 dagar sedan
  • You guys need some hood latches on the cars

    ashton clineashton cline16 dagar sedan
  • Baby GiraFFES?

    Captain MorganCaptain Morgan16 dagar sedan
  • People will always find something to complain about or just be a dick, you guys are doing amazing and your content is absolutely epic. Ignore the haters and keep doing it for Dale

    lilturks 999lilturks 99916 dagar sedan
  • If you need more camera operators, I would love to join the crew. Was a camera operator for Pierce County High School , Georgia school, to 2020.

    AK40Kevin 2020AK40Kevin 202016 dagar sedan
  • Man don't get me wrong I was upset it wasn't a great stream but I loved the race and I'm not planning on asking for my money back. I paid for it and watched it and IL continue to watch them they are fun. But yes Spence talking over the announcers was a little agervating I was loving the stories of Lary Mack I hope one day I can come see in person. Also film more wrecks lol that's the fun part keep on trucking though I love it

    barn built dieselbarn built diesel16 dagar sedan
  • 5 days now, still getting bullsh*t emails in reply about how they have to check with someone higher up. Where is my goddamn refund? We paid for your race track, we paid for your race cars, we pay for all your toys, your motorhome, your trailers, the gas in your race cars, and heck we're even paying for your goddamn wedding. you are so worried about having live fans at the show, you neglected to upgrade anything to do with the live feed and take care of us people in other countries that made you who you are. Now give me my f*cking refund like you promised. quit lying to people about how great your live feed is and then lie to them some more about giving refunds. I've been trying every day to get a refund out of you buddy. I am so pissed off, I'm going to unsubscribe and make my own video about what a cluster f*ck this thing was and how you don't give refunds when you said you would.

    YouBackTube JeffYouBackTube Jeff16 dagar sedan
  • Cleetus, the entry level and many mid level video guys all make the mistake of forgetting how important the audio is.... dude, I could ramp the crap out of your live streams if you let me mix the next show... simple things like audience mic’s? some of the music you use on your YT stuff? Good ,clean and consistent mic levels.... we all know that the sound in a movie MAKES IT! And you have all those glorious V8’s [and a dumb v6 Camry LOL] ... the tire screeching, the fender smashing, wall hitting....etc. let me know...

    Brad BaerwaldBrad Baerwald16 dagar sedan
  • If any of yall ask for a refund your part of the problem 14.99 to help a genuine guy out to grow his company/brand? That seems like an easy thing to do. So what if there were streaming problems it probably was on your end most of the time.

    Hey NickkHey Nickk16 dagar sedan
  • Garrett is such a stand up guy

    x Chevy Tough xx Chevy Tough x16 dagar sedan
  • If you aren’t expecting issues on the streams you are just setting yourself up for failure. The site going down is a real showing of how many people are watching so I felt proud when it went down lmao. Just means too much support but my only real complaint was the few drivers out there who felt like they weren’t taking it serious. Felt like 95% of the field was really trying to run a clean competitive race and the other 5% were playing demo derby. I know some might actually like that so I’d really like to see the Freedom 500 become the more serious race and the 2.4hrs of Le Mullets be the no rules anything goes race where people can be less serious and trash up the cars.

    TristanTristan16 dagar sedan
    • @Brad Baerwald I just think the two races should be separate one serious and one not serious. And it sounded like he wanted to make this one more serious but some of the newer drivers weren’t tested yet and those are the ones who were more reckless. But yeah I still worry everyday of Cleetus somehow ending up like roadkill and becoming part of that network garbage.

      TristanTristan16 dagar sedan
    • Yeah I hear you, “serious or not serious?? “. I’m not sure myself, but I’d have to say I think I lean to serious. I think the other issue is that Cleetus owns the cars, and the drivers could give a shit [they have nothing invested] so it kinda spawns a smash-up derby attitude. I lean to it becoming a serious event because I think Cleetus is creating something fresh, independent and real... who has ever heard of anyone doing what he’s doing? [that hasn’t turned into mass-produced, network garbage?]

      Brad BaerwaldBrad Baerwald16 dagar sedan
  • Actually you are paving the way to the new world of entertainment... “the stream” [and yes PPV has been around for decades]... but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that you are NOT the “networks”!!! [and I think we all love this?]. I couldn’t watch, I was working LOL but I know I wouldn’t have been happy for the stream to go down if I had paid to watch it either... Cleetus, we love you brother! You just keep being you, we know you will get better at this and we are behind you! I make my living doing Audio and video... I know I live way up in MD but if I can help I’d LOVE too! [btw I do LIVE stream BIG band, audio mixes from more than 100 miles away, in REAL TIME!! [if you have the right gear and software]. So I could mix audio for you, and ask anyone around I’m pretty good at it LOL [been in the gospel music industry for 3 decades...] People don’t understand how difficult a job [what you are trying to do] IS!

    Brad BaerwaldBrad Baerwald16 dagar sedan
  • If it was UFC quality the price was probably way more than 15 bucks. And as much as I want to see everyone finish, if it was super clean and 100% by the book it wouldn't be anywhere near as much fun to watch!

    Aimless_DannyAimless_Danny16 dagar sedan
  • Wish I could have joined in . Even though I couldn't I just don't see the event being bad enough for you to have to post a sorry vid . Shit happens with big production and all the excitement. I mean damn look how far you guys have come hell look at how far you have . And still staying humble that's why you are the man . Oh and congratulations to you and the future Mrs cleetus

    Dennis RenteriaDennis Renteria16 dagar sedan
  • I paid to watch the race on Friday. I had full plans on setting it up on the tv in my shop so I could have it on in the background while I worked. I never got around to turning the tv on. Anyhow I still feel the money was well spent because I love what you are doing. keep up the good work and I hope you guys are able to systematically fix all the problems. Paul from Privateer motorsports

    Paul JamessonPaul Jamesson16 dagar sedan
  • hire a proper OB truck, director and organizer, let them worry about the stream. you just be you!!, it will cost a lot more but you will have alot less stress

    WaferWafer16 dagar sedan
    • That stuff sometimes completely outweighs the profits in these types of situations. That money goes into the freedom factory.

      MrSlowestD16MrSlowestD1615 dagar sedan
  • I think one change that would make a huge difference is better audio equipment. The announcers mics were clipping so much. Trust me brother I had the surround sound cranked.

    Zak NeyZak Ney16 dagar sedan
  • What a guy! 👌

    Jason StevensJason Stevens16 dagar sedan
  • -- *_CMcF, You (et al) define INTEGRITY in toto!_*

    KefooKefoo16 dagar sedan
  • You guys have to watch all those burnouts I felt it did single in my front yard black lung and I live in Connecticut have fun tearing up

    Jerry GrozikJerry Grozik16 dagar sedan
  • Holy cow anyone who cannot see these guys are literally pouring their hearts and souls into making this something truly amazing has to be deaf and blind keep it up 👍🏻 ya’ll

    Matt PenceMatt Pence16 dagar sedan
  • Cleetus should parachute in after the fly by at the next freedom 500 😁

    cole reedcole reed16 dagar sedan
  • She's the daughter of the Demon himself. She's a beast and I'm glad she don't give two shits about what people say and think. I wish her the best and I hope to see both father and daughter Deegan in the next Freedom 500 or 2.4 Hours of Le'Mullets.

    Redman147Redman14716 dagar sedan
  • i totally had no problem paying 20 bucks

    215 maloneboy215 maloneboy16 dagar sedan
  • I’m a big cleetus fan but everytime something controversial or bad happen it’s only addressed on the smaller channel which I’m really not a fan of. Similar to the Parker stuff. I bet half your fans don’t even know about it.

    A SPIN WITH FINA SPIN WITH FIN16 dagar sedan
  • No refund or apology necessary, but dang, what a stand up dude! You will have my support and money for every ppv!

    laskin riubnlaskin riubn16 dagar sedan
  • Hell idk why people were complaining I thought it went well like yeah there were some connection issues but sometimes that's just the way things go I was just enjoying it when it was working

    elric116elric11616 dagar sedan
  • Got some class offering refunds. Nice one mate.

    Jarred KJarred K16 dagar sedan
    • The First Freedom 500 can’t be beat 💯❤️

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn16 dagar sedan
  • cleetus is literally the most humble person ever

    YaBoi2KYaBoi2K16 dagar sedan
  • And heavy d killed the show more than anything

    Mitchell HaynesMitchell Haynes16 dagar sedan
  • But deffo drop Spence hes not a good hipe man

    Mitchell HaynesMitchell Haynes16 dagar sedan
  • We missed more of the show then we got to see i will not be asking for my money back we support you

    Mitchell HaynesMitchell Haynes16 dagar sedan
  • Funniest thing was seeing cleet swear in the text between him and Hailie

    Axel ThompsonAxel Thompson16 dagar sedan
    • Why did he owe her an apology? was it for the groceries comment Spencer made?

      Charlie StimmlerCharlie Stimmler16 dagar sedan
  • dude all in all it was awesome, the qualifying was cutting out and OMG spicey spence lived up to his name but hey as you said, TEETHING PROBLEMS are always going to be a part of it. I won't be asking for a refund cause it's going to be better next time. Cheers from down under.

    Matthew WilkieMatthew Wilkie16 dagar sedan
  • This just shows how good of a guy you really are and how much you actually care about your viewers!!!! Keep up the good work.

    Jason RushJason Rush16 dagar sedan
  • Amazing content. Probably the best SEworldr out there.

    Jack VacuumJack Vacuum16 dagar sedan