The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 2020

26 dec 2020
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  • Might sound funny but everything trump suggested were actual treatments that were being tested and he never said to inject bleach. I do love the subtle switch of his word disinfectant for brand name bleach everyone did. Even disinfectant and uv in the lungs were being tested prior to trump talking... Makes me think of how the McDonald's coffee case was ridiculed everywhere by the media and news who had their ad money, only to find out a decade later that the coffee was nearly steam, they had raised the temperature on the machine and the woman had 3rd degree burns and needed skin grafts. Those ivory towers are tall. I should add that this show looks ridiculous now with the distancing, they have to basically yell to each other to discuss their answers, it's hilarious. In fact, the team members are further apart than members of the other team... These are the people who think they know how the world works? They're not smart enough to realize that that's an issue with discussing the answer with your team mate? In fact, I don't think they're even 6 feet apart from the other team whenever they lean, but they're 15 feet apart from their own team mate... You guys actually believe that Biden got 10 percent more votes than obama despite being unable to rally a hundred people at any time? No one is going to talk openly about making mail in ballots unchecked and running them in the dark of night while kicking out observers and no court ever hearing any of the cases... You guys completely missed why the internet was upset about the song "imagine". It opens with "imagine there's no heaven" while you're telling everyone to shut down everything because grandma's going to die... People didn't just find it off-key and cringe, it was insultingly disconnected with reality by people who have so much money that it's basically just a vacation to them while the common person is struggling to eat and maybe just lost his grandparents from government incompetence like NYC placing covid patients INTO old folks homes. It's never been more obvious who are the ones with so much that reality doesn't affect them and that they're standing on your head pissing down on you.

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  • "Let her speak" *hears her speak* "Actually, I take that back, let's move on" I am crying on the inside.

    adamadam18 timmar sedan
  • That news anchor dresses on point

    WindruneWindrune21 timme sedan
  • I wonder if you get get used for trying to monetize another channels content

    Andrew YoungAndrew Young22 timmar sedan
  • I can't get over the "marriage between a man and a womEn" bit. ARRRGGHHHH

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  • Richard kicks ass without Noel to distract him!

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  • 1:07:00 ㅠㅠ

    윤ㅇㅇ윤ㅇㅇ2 dagar sedan
  • Thank you, Joe, for wearing that horrifying head at the end.

    Marian TophamMarian Topham3 dagar sedan
  • these half-hearted pre-recorded laughs are killing me. no laughing at all would be better

    PhoenixPhoenix4 dagar sedan
  • Stacey was hilarious in this

    Isabel Fraga SousaIsabel Fraga Sousa4 dagar sedan
  • Why the hell did they invite an accused murderer on the show??

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  • Now I know its the Apocalypse, Richard Aoyade poised to win the quiz of the year.

    Eric LovejoyEric Lovejoy5 dagar sedan
  • When Jimmy Carr is calling your song misogynist you're hitting a low

    BewegteBilderrahmenBewegteBilderrahmen5 dagar sedan
  • Since when were there half points???

    Virgil BiggsVirgil Biggs5 dagar sedan
  • Why so many fat jokes, Jimmy? Maybe less humour throwbacks - it's the quiz of 2020 not 1992.

    Amanda WilsonAmanda Wilson5 dagar sedan
  • Waarom heeft Craig David een nederlands tshirt met "een-tweetje" aan? Why is Craig David wearing a shirt with a dutch football term?

    muziekjesmuziekjes5 dagar sedan
  • ngl, didn't expect dynamite to play here

    Jihyorno JihyovannaJihyorno Jihyovanna6 dagar sedan
  • The distance between the panelists has sucked up half of the fun

    ShiningBOTShiningBOT6 dagar sedan
  • The airplane is SR-71, not SR-17

    Mark BrooksMark Brooks6 dagar sedan
  • Question 3: Rediculous, you got his statements totally wrong. He DID NOT say inject bleach(that was the Democrats trying to discredit him). At least you did play the actual clip. FYI: There are non-leathal(to humans) disinfectants that are inject-able and even breathable.

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  • The team naming portion is quite boring without Noel

    AmyAmy7 dagar sedan
  • "We only have to get through to mid January with Trump" That quote didn't age well.

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  • EXpresso.......

    Ryan DevlinRyan Devlin7 dagar sedan
  • I've never seen Jimmy's real hair before...

    Mark ArnoldMark Arnold7 dagar sedan
  • Here for the accidental throwback to Man!Moss with Richard doing that voice at 50minutes.

    VictoriaVictoria7 dagar sedan
  • haha you can tell Maya was not having that song.

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  • Jimmy Carr is starting to look like a mix between Dick Clark and Fred Willard

    AndroidDoctorrAndroidDoctorr7 dagar sedan
  • You shouldn't body shame a quiz.

    james taylajames tayla7 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy's laugh is still the same 😂

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  • Not gonna lie, between the candy ring and “Nick” because I can’t tell the Jonas brothers apart, I was suddenly terrified the engagement story would be Sophie Turner.

    RosaLuiRosaLui8 dagar sedan
  • Maya Jama sounds like a candy, and actually she looks like one too.

    Andre BubblesAndre Bubbles8 dagar sedan
  • Haha the first time I watched this my first thought was “oh, Jimmy’s changed his haircut” took me way too long to realise that he didn’t get a new haircut, he got new hair!

    Lord MaxwellLord Maxwell8 dagar sedan
  • why is nobody mentioning stacey’s “i feel like it shouldn’t be called tiger king because if tony’s not in it the king isn’t in it” comment? that was absolute gold

    HallieHallie8 dagar sedan
  • 7:28 Just holding a big slice of brie

    PurpleDragonPurpleDragon9 dagar sedan
  • 51:50 James Acaster doing an Art Attack LMAOOOOO

    DanDan9 dagar sedan
  • Remember when the show wasn’t entirely trump jokes?

    garlowlokegarlowloke9 dagar sedan
  • Wow.. what a drab and dreary episode of Big Fat Quiz... I know that 2020 sucked but damn... this is depressing to watch.. I am gonna watch the older ones.

    Giant RobotGiant Robot9 dagar sedan
  • "People are like 'oh, you're late' and I'm like 'no I'm not, says who?' Just because YOU decided there was time..."

    Alex McIntoshAlex McIntosh9 dagar sedan
  • Eff the government slogans. 1984 wannabes

    Ulrich EnevoldsenUlrich Enevoldsen9 dagar sedan
  • I can't help but notice that it's called the SR-17 and not the SR-71 here......the A-12 was the precursor to the SR-71. Elon Musk corrected this on twitter already but it's good to point out I guess

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    magic spellmagic spell9 dagar sedan
  • Tenet was absolute gem..only middle school failed people will write this about the movie..and guest are not that smart!!

    VenomVenom9 dagar sedan
  • even covid couldn't kill this show? 99% survival rate woooo aren't they brave?

    Eric MorganEric Morgan9 dagar sedan
  • Richard singing chas and dave is fantastic

    TheVintageStuffGuy1998TheVintageStuffGuy19989 dagar sedan
  • Space Force insignia = McDonalds arches; that was awesome! I would bet that was trump's choice from the beginning and not copying the Star Trek logo.

    Mike KennedyMike Kennedy9 dagar sedan
  • ugh i prefered the perfect circle version.

    Scripted ValorScripted Valor9 dagar sedan
  • Taskmaster finally made it to the TV overview! So proud of them

    harrissunharrissun9 dagar sedan
  • What on earth happened to our host??? He has changed last year more than he did in the previous 20.... still getting used to.. and yes i know Jimmy is in his 40's

    Mar cookMar cook9 dagar sedan
  • 32:00 What is he whispering?

    Ano NymAno Nym9 dagar sedan
    • @Matthew Jensen Thank you :D

      Ano NymAno Nym9 dagar sedan
    • Presentation plaque of anusol

      Matthew JensenMatthew Jensen9 dagar sedan
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  • They said we need to wait until mid Jan LUL Trump didn't even make it to mid Jan xD

    Jan MorrisJan Morris10 dagar sedan
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    Mike LopezMike Lopez10 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or does Jimmy look different

    SEBESEBE10 dagar sedan
  • Wasnt the best...James and Stacey just were not funny..

    udeshika jayewardeneudeshika jayewardene10 dagar sedan
  • I don't know if it the teeth but Stacey Solomon looks quite like the female version of Daniel Ricciardo.

    Guner DawsonGuner Dawson10 dagar sedan
  • Wow Carole Baskin hahaha

    Ben ManoochehriBen Manoochehri10 dagar sedan
  • An odd amount of anti trump moments coming from people who do not know anything about American politics.

    Eli M.Eli M.10 dagar sedan
  • James Acaster is so fucking funny!

    Josh HorvathJosh Horvath10 dagar sedan
  • 54:29 great use of prop!

    RenRen10 dagar sedan
  • is this the first time Richard has won?

    Alonso ArayaAlonso Araya10 dagar sedan
  • 11:32 don't forget that he even voiced support for ingesting toxic oleander sap

    Abigail KleinAbigail Klein10 dagar sedan
  • David, James, AND RICHARD? This is gonna be awesome

    Eralen00Eralen0010 dagar sedan
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    Oscar Torres RodriguezOscar Torres Rodriguez10 dagar sedan
  • The bible hahahaha

    Neal MarshallNeal Marshall11 dagar sedan
  • Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

    Warren WelchWarren Welch11 dagar sedan
  • I've been doom-scrolling since 6th of January

    MirrorgirlMirrorgirl11 dagar sedan
  • "Maya, that was the scariest moment of my fucking life."

    Xain416Xain41611 dagar sedan
  • Omg trump is the only one not wearing a mask 💀

    WeAreAllRidiculousWeAreAllRidiculous11 dagar sedan
  • We can see the year in Jimmy's hair ☹️

    Pavanan M SPavanan M S11 dagar sedan
  • Re: The casting agent disparaging the young actor’s apartment (flat) : sweet Jesus! My place when I was that age makes his place look like a palace!!

    Red Elf Shot the FoodRed Elf Shot the Food11 dagar sedan
  • Trump is so alpha.

    kalbininkaskalbininkas11 dagar sedan
  • The laugh track is distracting

    Sapphire Sky824Sapphire Sky82411 dagar sedan
  • David's wildly skewed perception of time, Stacey's existential crisis, Jimmy's "I must be running out of batteries...", Joe forgetting what the concept of a child is; If this isn't a microcosm of 2020, I don't know what is.

    Andrew RobinsonAndrew Robinson11 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love when the quiz starts with a lie about trump. He paid an average of 1.5 million in income taxes from 2016 to 2019. He overpaid by millions and the IRS allows you to roll over. What is amazing is that I know this because I actually read the article they are citing for the 750 number....

    HipiiHipii11 dagar sedan
  • "We've only gotta get through to mid jan, we're gonna be fine" Oh, boy xD

    AnaaewpAnaaewp11 dagar sedan
    • Famous last words

      Melissa RobinsonMelissa Robinson11 dagar sedan
  • anusol is real fml

    soless dialtonesoless dialtone11 dagar sedan
  • did dunkirk seriously come out three years ago wtf

    PurelyUndecidedPurelyUndecided11 dagar sedan
    • i was confusing it with 1917 and have a feeling david was as well

      PurelyUndecidedPurelyUndecided11 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy's hair looks different something not as perfect about it makes him look human we love it

    extraweird44extraweird4412 dagar sedan
  • How is that shaper guy nice, the apartment is ok, stupid entitled person

    Kirsch RotKirsch Rot12 dagar sedan
  • LadBaby dressed up in sausage roll gear... iconic

    VictoriaRianVictoriaRian12 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy looks better now that he is aging. Looked a bit off for a while there but the new hair etc really chilled out his whole vibe, now swap that for a twede suit and he will actually look his age.

    Vincent GravesVincent Graves12 dagar sedan
  • Give back Jimmy his original hair.

    David McGahanDavid McGahan12 dagar sedan
  • 1:00:24 the dripping ice cream lines up perfectly 😂

    Chris HayesChris Hayes12 dagar sedan
  • Did no one else notice the typo on Arnie's quote? "...between a man and a women" Definitely bothered me more than it should have

    Raven ParadisRaven Paradis12 dagar sedan
  • Ugh . . . this format drags . . . five minutes in and not one answer to one question.

    Carpe DiemCarpe Diem12 dagar sedan
  • Wow, David and Richard! So glad they left Rob, Roisin, and Katherine out

    Mark PembertonMark Pemberton12 dagar sedan
  • They should do the yearly quizzes weekly

    RManPTRManPT12 dagar sedan
  • I love the big fat quizzes because shit just always goes off the rails and it's glorious

    harlequinharlequin12 dagar sedan
  • 1:30:03 "Jeff Bezos" was clearly added in. I wonder who's name they took out.

    Jacob LewisJacob Lewis12 dagar sedan
  • Why don't they rename it The Big Fat Donald Trump Quiz? That idiotic obsession with him is quite tiresome.

    CzechMircoCzechMirco13 dagar sedan
  • JAMES!

    Lauren MarieLauren Marie13 dagar sedan
  • what the hell was that misplaced audio at 42:23? that "well done" sounded so odd lol

    Josie LJosie L13 dagar sedan
  • It blows my mind Jimmy Carr (48) is older than Mitchell (46)

    Khaleel RahmanKhaleel Rahman13 dagar sedan
  • 57:55 easy!

    Amane KabbajAmane Kabbaj13 dagar sedan
  • Jimmy looks human now ?! 2020 sure was a wild year.

    JulienJulien13 dagar sedan
  • Omg.

    Lekim QuocnamLekim Quocnam13 dagar sedan
  • maya sounds like she's been smoking for 40 years

    jordan andersonjordan anderson13 dagar sedan
  • Who's the girl in the background in the middle between James and Stacey? It's driving me crazy I know I know it.

    MrScrawnjuanMrScrawnjuan13 dagar sedan