SCP-150 Body Stealing Parasite - Ship of Theseus (SCP Animation)

19 feb 2021
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Dr Bob brings you SCP Foundation Keter Class object, SCP-150 Body Stealing Parasite - Ship of Theseus Animation.
SCP-150 is an obligate parasite that resembles the tongue-eating louse, but is adapted to form conjunctive symbiotic relationships with humans for a period of its lifespan. Upon contact with a human subject, SCP 150 embeds itself deeply in the flesh of its host. Over the course of approximately seven days, SCP150 will burrow into the host and affect numerous physiological alterations.
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This video, being derived from written by Decibelles, is released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.
Narrated by Joe Cliff Thompson
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  • I love that dr.bob just casually burns his desk because of that 1 instance of scp-150

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  • This a anime u know tht right

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  • Could you do one about Scp-990 Dream Man

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  • Is this real;

    Aleksandr GeorgievAleksandr Georgiev2 timmar sedan
  • Is this real?!

    Юлиан НалбантовЮлиан Налбантов2 timmar sedan
  • Rare they real

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  • I want to be a scp guard I know it's dangers but IL protect and IL save the world

    jony plaisjony plais2 timmar sedan
  • The lips on the characters are a bit weird otherwise good animation

    Napalm The FurriesNapalm The Furries2 timmar sedan
  • Please dont make this rea

    DUST CZDUST CZ3 timmar sedan
  • Are scps real?

    Μιχαλης ΝτονταΜιχαλης Ντοντα3 timmar sedan

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  • I love how bob just sets 105 on fire at the end of the video 😆😆😆

    M MirelesM Mireles4 timmar sedan
  • Are you in the scp Foundation DR.Bob

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  • Witch scp is your favret guys

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  • thank god scps don’t exist.

    snowy treesnowy tree4 timmar sedan
  • Your chanle is so good I liked scp headlights

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  • I know it's dangers but I don't kare I've been studding scp for 7 years I know witch is keter and yukled and safe

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  • Cause I want to be an scp guard

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  • How can you become a scp guard in real life

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  • Go scp133

    Абдул-Насир ИсмаиловАбдул-Насир Исмаилов4 timmar sedan
  • So we are not just going to ignore the fact that he just didn't want to clean up the coffee when he said maybe I don't need coffee you're just being lazy bro

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  • 9:31 Scp 150: Hoho a new host nice Dr Bob: No

    PegoPotato is still dafoxyof7seasPegoPotato is still dafoxyof7seas5 timmar sedan
  • Is Dr.Bob one of the 0-5 Councils?

    Lance SolatorioLance Solatorio5 timmar sedan
  • Your scp-072 video stopped but don't saying anything

    Elvis BudimirovicElvis Budimirovic5 timmar sedan

    SCP 173SCP 1736 timmar sedan
  • Im scared of this video i think that bug is real or not obligate parasite

    Shanryl Dirk PondiasShanryl Dirk Pondias6 timmar sedan
  • Isn’t this an anime? By the name of parasite

    EthanEthan6 timmar sedan
    • parasyte

      I need a breakI need a break50 minuter sedan

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  • Do a SCP-231 video.

    George ParavatosGeorge Paravatos6 timmar sedan
  • *I’m literally not gonna sleep tonight*

    {TheStupid_ Potato} and friends!{TheStupid_ Potato} and friends!6 timmar sedan
  • Did he mention the Ship of theseus? OH BOI

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  • Is everything on this channel really exist in our world or all just fictional characters?

    dokodoko daimidokodoko daimi7 timmar sedan
  • he decides to go to the doctor only when he coughs and not when he has an insect arm?

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  • Its year 2050 and im scrolling throught youtube and find a video: "Scp-666666666892682 The Sucking Toilet"

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  • Y’all makin dis funny 😆

    Mîštiç VłøgšMîštiç Vłøgš8 timmar sedan
  • So, if the limbs get turned into bug parts, and the bugs spread to litterally every part of the body, does that mean that someone can turn into a giant insect with insects for organs?

    filthy memerfilthy memer8 timmar sedan
    • I mean "do only the arms change and when they spread, do the parts that contain the recently hatched bugs turn into bug parts as well?" I wonder if a bug went into a person's head and they then became a guy with a bug head.

      filthy memerfilthy memer8 timmar sedan
  • Dr bob please do snail dragons

    fayrandomuser lfayrandomuser l9 timmar sedan
  • Bro litterally just name it migi and go on an adventure to kill the other parasites

    Gavin CatalanoGavin Catalano10 timmar sedan
  • How do we stay away from that bug ? can we cure it ?

    Tuyet Minh Le NguyenTuyet Minh Le Nguyen10 timmar sedan
  • Well, I thank you for the information *and for giving me Entomophobia*

    Kay is KayKay is Kay11 timmar sedan
  • Scp-150: *Changes guys limb* Guy: Wow this is awesome!

    ProfanityProfanity12 timmar sedan
  • Nice work! I’m wondering if your videos are copyright free? I saw a channel using your video and voice over in Thai language. Here is the link Also, the owner said that it is a “reaction video”

    NanfazaNanfaza12 timmar sedan
    • Bullshit, I got like 4 ads, 2 at the beginning of the video and another 2 when I skipped to the middle

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  • Strangely the man looks like grian but without glasses.

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  • Im glad that it’s not real😬

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  • omg.. should've finish my breakfast first...

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  • not gonna lie i'd like to be infected by this SCP, i'd look like something straight out of Prototype.

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  • Why can’t you have a flame thrower and dr bright can’t have a chainsaw cannon?

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  • Fake

    Minh KhanhMinh Khanh14 timmar sedan
  • Im scared

    Isabel AlvaradoIsabel Alvarado16 timmar sedan
  • This dude hasn’t even noticed his hand looks like a stick yet lol

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  • W H A T

    quack_quack_17 timmar sedan
  • He might have Covid

  • I feel a strange itch after watching this...

    Norway guyNorway guy18 timmar sedan
  • Human: *looks at arm and sees its a bug limb* Brain: This is fine, just a tiny cough

    countrygirlzscountrygirlzs18 timmar sedan
  • Why would hide the face when ur just gonna animate show the face don't be shy

    BOI ANIMSBOI ANIMS18 timmar sedan
  • Wut the fuck so u take out the bugs and put it in his ...... I'm confused

    Leyah ThomasLeyah Thomas18 timmar sedan
  • he got CORONAVIRUS

    Legion HockenburyLegion Hockenbury18 timmar sedan
  • Well with how doctor Bob had a flamethrower in his office i think its safe to say we have another Dr. BRIGHT

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  • proson be sleep. bug it free real state

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  • Are the scps real are they

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    • Some of them partially real, others not

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    • Pls answer

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  • ya id of cut my hand off

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  • 0:45 I LOVE CODING

  • Wow

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  • Just kill scp 105

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  • I think you went too far on the Outro

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  • Is an SCP a game or is it actually real

    Jaden The GamerJaden The Gamer19 timmar sedan
  • Is this real?

    Lacy SkinnerLacy Skinner20 timmar sedan
  • So think abt it what if this is how alien are made

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  • Nice Vid.

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  • Did this dude not realize his hand is a fucking branch

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  • Bla bla bla

    Riche AletaRiche Aleta20 timmar sedan
  • I used to night at motel which full of bed bugs , gosh. Now i keep wondering if i will transform as well.

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  • Is it real

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  • A b c d e f g h i love you will you marry me

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  • nice flamethrower

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  • I seeing the most horrific of scp that are as bad or worst than the old man or shy guy, but for some reason this one in particular is in the top ones

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  • 3:51 I like ya cut g

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  • He turned into an insect furry My Brother: *did you just say that?!?*

    Chris M lochChris M loch22 timmar sedan
    • Im in romania so im lucky :)

      kolim jonekolim jone21 timme sedan
  • Researcher: ... Doctor? Why do you have a flamethrower underneath your desk? Dr. Bob: You must be new.

    Whatever WoodyWhatever Woody23 timmar sedan
  • i fear no man but that thing: SCP-150 it scares me

    Mr Peanut SCP-173Mr Peanut SCP-17323 timmar sedan
  • That scp 8w pretty dangerous

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  • OMG this is litrly parasite the movie anime

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  • Dr bob: sees scp-150 burns with flame througer likes its nothing

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  • this feels so fake!

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  • can you do a face revele

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  • this reminds me of parasyte the anime / film

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  • Is anyone else og I've been here since 10 subs

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  • Henlo

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  • Thank you for adding another 15 minutes to how long it takes me to sleep

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  • Dr.bob is anomaly I swear, videos pop out of no where. I check his channel yesterday so many times but there is nothing new. But today there was a video from 4 days ago...?

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  • I legit have a dream about this scp

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  • is a horror animation? i don´t know

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