Star Wars Mandalorian BESKAR SPEAR - Pop-culture weapons analyzed

13 jan 2021
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The beskar spear as seen in star wars the Mandalorian is a very simplistic design, but how effective is it and could it be better?
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Here's a great follow up video from scholagladiatoria, Matt Easton ^_^ addressing some great context I missed:
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  • Here's a great follow up video from scholagladiatoria, Matt Easton ^_^ addressing some great context I missed.

    ShadiversityShadiversityDag sedan
    • Hey I know you made a lot of videos where you take different weapons from movies, games... and there is in league of legends a new character called Viego with a new Type of two handed sword 🗡(you will see what I mean) But my question is, is this any good or just completely garbage like thanos sword. I want to hear your opinion ☺️ Thx btw love ur videos ❤️

      Antiherojack 8Antiherojack 82 timmar sedan
    • @Celtic Angel I think it was used like a javelin, because you can stab that sucker into someone, then jetpack behind them and yoink it out from the other side. because jetpaaaacks.

      tommennotommenno3 timmar sedan
    • part of me thinks the beskar spear is a hunting javelin weapon that was handed down used primarily in the hunting of the native mandalorian fauna

      Celtic AngelCeltic Angel10 timmar sedan
    • @Schneeflocke Monsoon You forgot cortosis.

      YourFaceJEC 333YourFaceJEC 33316 timmar sedan
    • I'm disputing the fact that it is primarily a thrusting weapon, but it is made entirely of metal...making almost like a club when striking with the butt of the spear.

      YourFaceJEC 333YourFaceJEC 33317 timmar sedan
  • I have an theory about the type of metal beskar is, I think that it’s nonferrous

    Fire Brand 72Fire Brand 7224 minuter sedan
  • Tbh i would like to see a review of the double bladed elven polearm form the hobbit props. I know shad already did double bladed light aber and thanos abomination but this design seems way more reasonable. Although not exactly historical.

    Ruben PianegondaRuben Pianegonda46 minuter sedan
  • I'd suggest the design is to be an effective stabbing tool against opponents in Beskar armor, with the tip acting as an armor piercing point, and the wings to pry/crack the opponent's armor. But since it is all fiction, it could be what it ever can be.

    trpclfvrtrpclfvr59 minuter sedan
  • Din has the staff and the dark saber, so he and Bo gotta fight for control of the leadership, he did agree to help re-take the home world of mandolor. I'm so excited for next season and thanks for the vid my guy. This is the way.

    the TV baby 83the TV baby 832 timmar sedan
  • I feel that it was never meant to be a weapon more like a trophy since it is made out of very rare material that just happens to be strong. It's the kind on weapon that you hang on your wall but you dont use it.

    jkl8513jkl85133 timmar sedan
  • What I take from this review : good spear, bad spearman. (To be cool with Din, I’m pretty sure melee weapons aren’t part of a Mando training)

    Jack BeanJack Bean3 timmar sedan
  • There's something you missed that I think is a major thing affecting its design: material rarity. It's a very rare and valuable material. It comes from mandalore, and it's a very important thing in their culture. It seems like most of it is made into armor. To get enough beskar to make a weapon would be difficult, and even then, you might only have a small amount of material to work with. I think that's why it's short and thin and doesn't have wings. I also think that maybe the idea was to make a staff, but they added a pointy end just so you have a bit more offensive capabilities, but even then a dedicated spear would probably be better. Maybe for whatever reason a long rod of beskar was made, and someone else got the hands in it and even then it was a rare find and that's all they had, so they payed someone to do what they could to fabricate a pointy end. I also want to add some thoughts. If the idea is to have a beskar armament to fight someone with a lightsaber, you can't use a sword because it would be too thin and would get damaged or cut through too easily, and if it were thick enough it wouldn't cut and would be too heavy. The same goes for a shield, too thin and therefore easily damaged, and if thick enough would be too heavy. An axe or halberd? Same problem. A parying dagger? The blade and the guard, same problem. A mace? It might have a mass advantage to knock aside the lightsaber, but then what? The lightsaber is much faster and it can counter strike faster than you can take advantage of knocking the lightsaber aside. You need something thick to withstand the lightsaber. Blades don't work if they're thick, ignoring the weight and mechanical issue, the apex of the edge would still immediately get damaged by a lightsaber strike. Of course, the thickness will need to be a balance of durability and weight. Reach is probably a good idea, too. Because it's thick, it's heavy, so you need controll, so the spear and quarter staff fit this well. Again, material and weight restrictions, so you might not be able to have it the same length and thickness as would normally be best for historical spears made of wood and steel/iron. My guess as to why it's used more like a quarter staff instead of a spear other than "because it's a movie" is because maybe it wasn't a dedicated spear (going back to the idea of something getting a beskar rod), and/or the mandalorian was trained in using a quarter staff so that's what he felt comfortable with or he wasn't trained in using that kind of weapon because of being in a world of sci-fi guns.

    Luke WilliamsLuke Williams3 timmar sedan
  • I would LOVE if Shad did a video looking at the Highlander movies and TV series. Please tell me you have seen these? What I would love to hear about is... 1. Why that amazing sword could not possibly exist as stated in the first movie (number of times folded and when it was made) 2. Why that sword would never have broke like it did in the third movie (unless I am wrong...hey I could be) 3. General look at the fighting stances and fighting styles used. There are so many fights that could be looked at. Highlander is the movies and TV series that got me interest in swords and stuff like that growing up and I would love to just in general hear what Shad thinks about the sword fighting. I think its important to include both the movies and TV series when looking at Highlander because I think Connor and Duncan have their own uniqueness about them that is worth a look. Either way I love the channel, my son and I watch as often as we can.

    BigginBiggin4 timmar sedan
  • So basically, the blade should have been a bit longer to make it a more effective cutting tool, or it should have had some extra length and wings to make it a more efficient stabbing tool. Alternatively it could be called a a "Beskar staff" and just happen to have a pointy blade.

    MogarlMogarl5 timmar sedan
  • To be fair does mando actually know how to use a spear?

    An 8 strength koboldAn 8 strength kobold5 timmar sedan
  • the shortness probably would lend itself to throwing if necessary.

    Nb SmithNb Smith5 timmar sedan
  • I like how you mentioned that the spear was shorter and thinner than a spear normally would be, but if you think about it it's completely justified. Remember, in the show Beskar is stated to be one of the rarest metals (if not THE rarest) in the Star Wars universe, so it would be reasonable to assume that they had beskar, but not so much that they could make a full length spear, they wanted to stretch it out as far as they could and still have something to comfortably hold onto in a fight. It would also explain why there are no wings at the bottom of the spear tip and why the tip is so small.

    wolfkniteXwolfkniteX6 timmar sedan
  • Can you analyze the brute shot from the HALO Series?

    James MitchellJames Mitchell6 timmar sedan
  • mandalorian smith can make beskar lighter and still keeping it strong

    Oscar TaxtOscar Taxt6 timmar sedan
  • a note, shorter spears would make sense in the modern era as there is far more urbanization and practically no formation fighting that was present during the IRL era of the spear. meaning you are going to be using them in close quarters and in restricted environments. using a pike inside a building complex with twisting hallways and many sharp corners would make it extremely unwieldy.

    RevanRevan7 timmar sedan
  • It might be meant to be fought more like a taiaha, a traditional Maori weapon that looks like a spear. However you actually fight with the staff, and the point is just meant for finishing someone.

    ConnmanConnman7 timmar sedan
  • the lady that uses the spear has no excuse for the way that she fights being that she was obviously supposed to be trained with that weapon. However I think it is very possible that Mando has no idea how to fight with a spear and just does the best he can when he is forced to use it. He never even touches it until he has no choice coming up against a lightsaber.

    Steven CreechSteven Creech7 timmar sedan
  • Could you please do a video on He Mans sword?

    Richard RothwellRichard Rothwell8 timmar sedan
  • I just realized... They never call it a spear in the show, heck, they never say what it is, only that it is pure beskar

    Niop TresNiop Tres8 timmar sedan
  • First of all: When you fight against a lightsaber, it usually also means you fight against a Jedi or Sith and if you are not a strong force wielder yourself, you lose right then and there. But of course that's one of the facts which are conveniently forgotten or remembered according to the plots demands. Also the lightsaber is a terrible weapon against something it can't cut through. Because it has no weight the physical force and impact energy you can impart are very limited. That said, having no hand-guard against a lightsaber, probably a bad idea.

    Johannes DolchJohannes Dolch9 timmar sedan
  • Having wings might limit the utility against a variety of opponents. Since the required depth of penetration depends on the target. Stabbing a krait dragon might need more depth rather than a stormtrooper. Sacrificing specialism for versatility.

    Alexander NielsenAlexander Nielsen9 timmar sedan
  • Another thing with wings on a spear... well... let us just say that Mordred didn't have one with wings.

    Leif EriksenLeif Eriksen9 timmar sedan
  • This is just a guess, but I think I might know why the beskar spear doesn't include the wings in its design. As you explained, the purpose of the wings is to allow the spear to penetrate to killing depth, but to stop it from going deeper where it might become lodged. That's all well and good when consistently using the spear on targets that are of human proportions, but now imagine if Din had been using the spear--with wings added--against the mudhorn from season one. Or against the krayt dragon. Or a rancor. In all three of those cases (and numerous others in the Star Wars universe as there are myriad giant monsters and even some large sentient races), with the wings to stop it, the depth to which the spear would penetrate would be little more than a superficial wound to a creature of that sheer size. For a fitting analogy, imagine using your winged spear against a brachiosaur or a megalodon. Against a human opponent (or even more so against multiple human opponents), stabbing no further than killing depth to hasten the withdrawal in preparation to attack again and prevent lodging is fine. However, against a large dinosaur or a 65 foot shark, deeper penetration would be essential to land a killing blow, thus having wings on the beskar spear that would stop it from penetrating any deeper than it would take to kill a human (or Twi'lek, or Zabrak, or any other of the near-human species in Star Wars) would render it virtually useless should the wielder find themselves against one of the lore's gargantuan beasts. Granted, if one is aware they will be facing such a creature, they would naturally bring a weapon more specialized towards taking it down (like bringing the explosives for the krayt dragon to swallow), but I rather think the purpose of the beskar spear is as a "middle ground" weapon that one can carry to counter most threats that may confront them. If your blaster power pack runs out or your tibanna gas canister is spent, or if the blaster just doesn't work on the thing charging at you, the spear could deal with most threats in the Star Wars universe (short of a ship chasing you). Granted, we have seen at least two creatures in Star Wars that were so massive that I have no doubt that the entire length of the beskar spear could penetrate their bodies and still not be deep enough to be more than an annoyance (considering even starship-grade turbolasers didn't phase the beasts at all), but those creatures are extremely rare. Those are my thought on the absence of wings; I'd love to hear your response. Side note: To my knowledge, pure beskar is the only material in the new canon that can completely stop a lightsaber strike. However, in the old canon (or "Legends"), there was a material known as cortosis that had a similar effect. Cortosis was also fairly rare, though not as rare as beskar, but it was usually preferred to beskar outside of the Mandalorian culture because it was much lighter weight and it was pliable, so it could be woven into something much easier to wear (rather like your doublet). Just thought you might find that interesting.

    AnimeOtakuDrewAnimeOtakuDrew10 timmar sedan
  • I’m no historian nor am I a HEMA fighter but I am a martial artist and I have some experience with a bo staff. I can understand not blocking but I can still see strikes with the shaft or butt of the spear being very effective of done right

    Son of CelebrimborSon of Celebrimbor11 timmar sedan
  • Yeah this is pretty much a bo staff with a point lol but I don't think they're going for accuracy and the Star Wars series. Also who in the world thinks she can shop a spear in half with the sword? Obviously nobody spent any time cutting hardwood with an ax... That's hard work

    Eric RakesEric Rakes11 timmar sedan
  • gotta analyse the gaffy stick used by Boba

    Declan ReinerDeclan Reiner12 timmar sedan
  • In the Star Wars universe it is not uncommon to face foes that are bigger than your average human. There’s big animals, and other humanoids to fight out there. I personally subscribe to the idea that the spear in the show shouldn’t have the wings, but it might be an idea to make it cut both ways, so it’s easier to pull out again. Also, would have made the spear longer, personally.

    GamerCokeGamerCoke14 timmar sedan
  • Considering the size and shape of it, and the presence of it in the show as a relic, it's likely that it was initially used as a throwing spear or here's an odd idea what if it was meant to be used more for harassing, like you go in with a few of these spears and use it as a means of weakening your quarry, just forcing it to deal with this slightly heavy stick, jutting out of its side now.

    BlueMenpachiBlueMenpachi14 timmar sedan
  • Mando's spear are probably inspired by Maasai spear, which usually used by throwing, and to be used like a quaterstaff when in close combat

    keroro407keroro40715 timmar sedan
  • Great video alway love watching and I find myself agreeing with pretty much everything you had said, except one, and that was the danger of the mandalorian’s fingers being cut due to how he was fighting with the spear. I bring that up as during my rewatching of the mandalorian season 2 I noticed something about the spear that is rather interesting, is that the shaft has notches in it, my guess is that they are there for catching an opponent’s blade to keep them from slashing through the user’s fingers, ether way food for thought.

    zachary hendgeszachary hendges16 timmar sedan
  • About chainmail in summer If you wear a thin long sleeve shirt The metal would act as a heat sink But I think I may have heard that from you

    RizionRizion16 timmar sedan
  • This is at least one more material that is at least a lightsaber resistant metal, the metal of the Manga Guards’ electo-staff. Excluding beskar it is the only non-vibrating material that can counter a lightsaber. But keep in mind it is only lighsaber resistant. The only exception is in season 2 of The Clone Wars one shattered when being slammed by 4 of General Grievous's lightsabers at the same time.

    Javier SavalaJavier Savala16 timmar sedan
  • emphasis on "doesn't know how" to fight with a spear. Mando *doesn't know* how to fight with a spear, first and foremost, and second of all, that spear is largely a ceremonial artifact, not an actual weapon. if anything, that thing is more a javelin than a spear. I wouldn't be surprised if Mando ends up impaling Moff Gideon at the end, Mando being disarmed, and Gideon trying to run away..... "Oh, I don't have any ranged weap--.... hang on a sec... *wooosh!* _SHHHNK!_ "

    NighthawkNighthawk17 timmar sedan
  • Even though I already know all these things about the spear, it's still genuinely enjoyable listening to Shad explain them to me. :)

    Groundbreak GamesGroundbreak Games17 timmar sedan
  • Hey Shad I know this isn't related to the video but I was having a discussion with a friend about the advantages or disadvantages of a curved hilt ( in the context of both lightsabers and a regular sword). I'm wondering if there are any advantages at all to curving a hilt in either setting whereas my friends proclaims the curved hilts superiority over straight hilts in contest of dodge and thrust matches (with an omni-directional blade) which I compared to fencing, (but fencers don't use curved hilts either). Regardless when I finally catch up on the Mandalorian I'll watch this video and I love the work the you do. hope you and anyone that reads this has a great day!

    Automonaut 9Automonaut 917 timmar sedan
  • I think it would be cool if they upgraded the spear to have wings and maybe make it a tad longer

    ChaoticMindChaoticMind17 timmar sedan
  • I’m always one for supporting historical authenticity, but in this case I think it was better to avoid it, because the way you’re supposed to fight with a spear is uhhhh... boring. It’s dull as dirt. However I think it’s unfair to say the spear isn’t used properly because in two of the three instances that we see the spear used in combat (the two where mando has it and not the silly samurai themed magistrate lady) he was totally unprepared to use the spear, he was already in close quarters without the opportunity to retreat to proper spear wielding distance.

    GaletineGaletine18 timmar sedan
  • For such a rare metal, there sure seems to be a lot of Bescar going around every other episode.

    Austin PAustin P18 timmar sedan
  • I don't know Star Wars almost at all, but this material the spear is made of sounds quite precious. I'd expect it to be engraved or colored fancifully, if it's a high prestige / cost material.

    Brandon PowellBrandon Powell18 timmar sedan
  • Well the stunt safety officer probably won't allow them to use the weapon properly.

    Marvelous MakerMarvelous Maker18 timmar sedan
  • OOh. That is a video idea. How many strikes does it take with a combat axe to cut or break a spear shaft?

    H. DeGreyH. DeGrey18 timmar sedan
  • Does anyone know what the name of the giant ceremonial sword that shad did a video on a few years ago is? I remember what it is but I can't remember the name.

    Tornado TerrorTornado Terror18 timmar sedan
  • The Jedi fought the Mandalorians for centuries and were considered their oldest enemy because the Jedi were the only group in the galaxy that could rival the mandalorians, and Vice versa (Before the discovery of the sith ofc). This was in non small part to the fact that the mandalorians possessed beskar and used beskar weapons and armor to rival Jedi lightsabers. Also while pure beskar is extremely lightsaber resilient, as seen in the mandalorian season 2 contact with a lightsaber for a considerable amount of time can heat the metal to potentially warping temperatures.

    Gaelic GladiatorGaelic Gladiator18 timmar sedan
  • The term " Pure Beskar" is contradictory because the final workable Beskar used to make the ingots that the armor and weapons are made of is and Alloy, Beskar ore is the basis but it has carbon and other metals added to it to make it much lighter and stronger than other metals. So it's final form, what is prized sought after, and used to make the armor and weapons is an alloy and by definition not "Pure". That All said I think the spear is made from a solid Casting like we see all other Beskar made in the show, The armorer might smack it with a hammer a few times but she isn't really shaping it as all that is done by mold.

    Astonishing Mutha PhuckersAstonishing Mutha Phuckers19 timmar sedan
  • maybe it was originally a throwing spear?

    Yami SukehiroYami Sukehiro19 timmar sedan
  • One thing that immediately occurred to me is that the mando goes against many different species, and even giant beasts, perhaps the wings might help against human or human like targets, but would have limited utility in helping to kill something the size of a rhino.

    Cyberwar101Cyberwar10119 timmar sedan
  • What would be cool is seeing the Mando being trained in spear fighting by you in the next season! And explain all the minute details about it and what makes it one of the deadliest weapon's or any other epic background about the spear.

    xartafxartaf19 timmar sedan
  • Great video but balsa is a hardwood ;)

    Andrew AbbottAndrew Abbott20 timmar sedan
  • I actually kind of like that nobody knows how to use it properly because nobody would know how to use it properly. Think about it if you talk about it in D&D terms, the mandalorian is proficient with his disintegration rifle at his pistol as well as his other tools and accessories. If he was highly skilled with a spear wouldn't he already have one? Same thing with basically the crime boss who he got it from. She was of the empire but I doubt that she went through significant spear and polar arm training before getting the spear

    JC CraftMageJC CraftMage21 timme sedan
  • In Mandalorian the beskar weapon is light, indestructible and can cut through anything because it's made of beskar

    Good ModeGood Mode21 timme sedan
  • Yeah I cringed wen watching the spear duels

    Winged HussarWinged Hussar22 timmar sedan
  • @shadiversity on your spear with the rope, does the rope offer anything more then just being able to swing it on your back? I love your video's and am trying to write a novel mostly about tactics and warfare in a medieval area world with each faction with different historical weapons and tactics. your vidoes are great and I have loved learning more and more about the medieval area.

    Eienne FuhrimanEienne Fuhriman22 timmar sedan
  • Could the spear's shorter length be due to the possibility of fighting in narrow/short spaceship interiors?

    Ari KrugerAri Kruger23 timmar sedan
  • My main point against it having wings is that the Mandalore didn’t only fight humanoid targets, as seen in the show there several non humanoid creatures that wings on the spear would prevent the user to make a deep enough thrust to deal fatal damage. It’s likely it was designed without wings in lore, so that it could be utilised against a greater variety of opponents.

    Dager sworDager swor23 timmar sedan
  • The way the magistrate handles the spear before the duel would indicate that it is very light. The shaft could be hollow, this does not have to be a flaw but can be by choice - to make it lighter. There should still be no risk of it being cut straight through by axe or sword. We get absolutely no hint as to who made it and for what purposes. Din seems to only admire the material, not the shape or design. It could have been designed as a staff to combat light-sabers (as we see in the show) and the spear-head was only added as an extra feature. It could have been designed as a javelin used to hunt specific animals that could not be hurt by "normal" metals for some reason (Zillo-Beasts?), so no wings. It could have been made as a badge of office or status-symbol that was not really intended for combat but to still be able to show off wealth in a culture that does not like flourishing designs. Apart from Ewoks, Gungans and Talz no-one in Star Wars really uses spears (let's please ignore jousting clones!). The magistrate and the Mandalorian both show a degree of training with a staff. Yes, I realize they show a degree of "Hollywood" training, but it does somehow fit in better with Star Wars than spear-fighting and I can forgive them both for using the spear more like a staff. The duel between Ahsoka and the magistrate should have ended 13 seconds after the magistrate tapped the spear against the floor. Ahsoka should have cut her fingers off with the weapon in her right hand or stabbed her with the weapon in her left. She had a minimum of 8 chances to end the fight by cutting the magistrate's hand instead of pushing. But we get that in a lot of films with sword-play... Later Gideon had at least 4 chances to slice Din's hands, but since he is an utterly unskilled swordsman who is just hacking away with a dangerous object I think we can forgive him.

    Hrothgar the SaxonHrothgar the Saxon23 timmar sedan
  • If I come to watch a video regarding a movie... I can not say I would expect not to be spoiled a bit. If it would make a point on the topic, why hold back? :3

    Zhou PactZhou Pact23 timmar sedan
  • One thing I'm curious is that since a lightsaber is nearly weightless, can you even parry a beskar weapon with it? It has next to no mass compared to a spear, so how would they interact if they made contact?

    Slinky SlinkSlinky Slink23 timmar sedan
  • You should do a video on the hidden blade from assassins creed

    ExpertGAMEBOYExpertGAMEBOY23 timmar sedan
  • to be fair, he was trained with guns, not spears. it also wasn't his originally.

    frostbite0707frostbite070723 timmar sedan
  • Interesting points Shad another one is beskar is supposed to be super rare its seems like they modeled it after olympic javelins but if they had instead looked at roman pilums they could've gotten the throwing aspect better hand protection and only had to use beskar for half the shaft and wood or composite for the other half and save a ton on money.

    Matthew CourtneyMatthew Courtney23 timmar sedan
  • To be fair mando only has the Spear because it's made of beskar. He's not necessarily shown to be an experienced spear user throughout the show. Perhaps he is more used to some kind of Quarter Staff

    DarthZ01DarthZ01Dag sedan
  • Who says the spear was meant to be used against humanoids? Maybe you need the extra penetraiting ability to fight what it was meant to fight.

    ChristianChristianDag sedan
  • If the wings are made to stop the spear from thrusting deeper, why are they not perpendicular then to the sharp edges?

    QuantenMagierQuantenMagierDag sedan
  • Mandos are/were hunters of beasts as well and i wonder if the spear was made more for beast hunting instead of dueling other humanoids.

    Stuffsayer GamerStuffsayer GamerDag sedan
  • The one time Din mentions the spear, he refers to it as a staff. Maybe that's why he fights with it like it's a staff. His terminology and style would make sense if he trained in fighting with a staff, but not a spear.

    Ryan StadelRyan StadelDag sedan
  • If he were to fight some alien race such as Java’s, the wings could be in the way because the lethal organs would be much deeper inside its target. Although considering mandalorian history it probably wouldn’t been used against such targets

    Tobias WennbergTobias WennbergDag sedan
  • Lightsabers actually don't have the problem or danger of sliding since they seem to bind as if glued together. If you notice, they basically never slide along each other or anything they're cutting, so that's actually not a concern.

    Tommy PittsTommy PittsDag sedan
  • As far as criticism and the fight scenes, spear verse lightsaber; Lightsabers create their blades using magnetic fields. When they come into contact with metal, or other blades, they 'stick' in essence. They don't like to slide up and down. Helps explain why it is able to be used that way. Though if they do that against a vibroblade it'll be a while different story.

    Preston FlaggPreston FlaggDag sedan
  • Well It Looks just Like a "Saufeder" (Boar Speer) that is used for hunting in Germany till today. They are Essentialy shorter, lighter Speers. Some modern Versions are hollow and can be taken apart. They have mostly "wings" attached to Them but Not Always. They are used to kill wounded Animals when your dogs already Got Them in Order to Protect your dogs from misplaced gunshots. So it would make Sense for the User Not to know how to Fight With it since its not a fighting weapon, but a hunting weapon

    uwe scauwe scaDag sedan
  • its more like a Javelin, than a Spear

    Fiasco CamFiasco CamDag sedan
  • I wonder if the narrow profile of the beskar spear was designed to face someone armored in beskar, so it could slide between armor plates and penetrate the body

    Karliff5Karliff5Dag sedan
  • So Shad, what are your political ideas for fantasy about communism and fascism? Its hard to create a communist country from revolution and stuff. Like the Dawn Empire.

    Colin KeltnerColin KeltnerDag sedan
  • those wings probably really should be in its design if your not just fighting humans, wich happens in starwars you kindof need those wings to try and stop the thing your piercing if your bracing the spear else something big might just keep running, sure it will have a hole but you will be flat so even when you consider fighting something bulkier that might need to be penetrated deeper then a human the wings are still a good idea

    Ashardalon DragnipurakeAshardalon DragnipurakeDag sedan
  • Hey Shad! I read your book, and I realized something about the ideology about the Dawn Empire. It's really just communism, not fascism. I now this because communism is about distribution of resources to all people equally and anti capitalism. Fascism is about... Genocide and race supremacy, and the xenophobia of other people and countries.

    Colin KeltnerColin KeltnerDag sedan
    • Dayless the Conquerer wanted to redistribute the resources, and then get rid of the monster problem. He was killing all the nobility but that's what all communists do in the end.

      Colin KeltnerColin KeltnerDag sedan
  • "At some point it could get stuck while trying to get it out." And what if i want to literally drive it trough the whole body? I get that it might slow you down, but there gotta be al least a fright factor right?

    Green Titan02Green Titan02Dag sedan
  • I find the beskar spear is more of a defensive weapon, to carry less armour to fight against lightsabers and the dark saber without being cut in half, to block strikes without completely lacking offensive capability

    Ads AwesomeAds AwesomeDag sedan
  • If the New Order had spears, they could prevent the the unstoppable rebel horse charge.

    I.V. SouzaI.V. SouzaDag sedan
  • If you're looking for a medieval game might I suggest conqueror's blade? It's an open world mmo free to play

    Ads AwesomeAds AwesomeDag sedan
  • It needs knurling or a grip- if it gets wet it would be really slippery.

    Joe MacLeod-IredaleJoe MacLeod-IredaleDag sedan
  • the live action star wars is the same universe as animated shows like the clone wars and rebels

    Rowan ReidRowan ReidDag sedan
  • Ive tried to chop a pine tree with a Messer before and i can tell you even if that spear was pine, a sword wouldn't cut it.

    Super Epic1908Super Epic1908Dag sedan
  • Fighting with the beskar spear in Mando is ridiculous. They do not know how to fight with a spear, much less a Jedi with two lightsabers. If anything, Ashoka was taking it incredibly easy on her opponent.

    DOOMDOOMDag sedan
  • 9:58 funny, you could say this same thing about how they use lightsabers ;-)

    Pele316Pele316Dag sedan
  • Probably the spear is studied to kill someone with a beskar armor

    VincenzoVincenzoDag sedan
  • "Could be better if it were a bit longer" shows the LOTR movies with an 11 hour 42 minute non extended run time and 17 hours with bonus features

    Tyler HeadTyler HeadDag sedan
  • Can you analyze the SNL Medieval Times with Adam Driver skit. If you have already anyone got a link?

    R CR CDag sedan
  • I would say that the bescar spear looks more like a throwing spear due to its small size and lack of stop allowing it to penetrate the target deeper as well as a small spear head so it can go into the target better but still allow for more damage.

    Riderlessharp47Riderlessharp47Dag sedan
  • I don't know if I missed a video on your channel, but you should definitely cover in-depth how Count Dooku's lightsaber works. Was a curved hilt really a more advantageous design for someone more skilled in saber to saber combat?

    ClickbaitClickbaitDag sedan
  • No one ever said Star wars has had anything to do with realism or science

    CeiCeiDag sedan
  • In S1E1 of the Mandolorian in the first scene one of the thugs in the cantina asks Mando if his armour is real "beskar-steel." This implies that his first armour was an alloy. Probably a mix of beskar and durasteel.

    rasungod0rasungod0Dag sedan
  • you really need to macke a combat annalesis on star Wars SC 38 Reimagined

    pascal smithpascal smithDag sedan
  • About the length since mandalorian armour is made specifically for the wearer maybe the spear was made for a shorter person ?

    Ahmed FaroukAhmed FaroukDag sedan
  • An ex once told me it's not about the length it's about how you use it. She wasn't talking about spears but the same concept applies.

    DecentDecentDag sedan
  • Counterpoint on wings. There's some very, very large creatures in the Star Wars universe. A foot or so of penetration on most Earth creatures would be lethal. On a truly huge creatures though, it might be much more functional to have the option of really deep thrusts.

    Joshua KrugerJoshua KrugerDag sedan
  • Based on my experience in taekwondo, the beskar spear seems far more similar to a bo staff in size and use than it does a spear. I'd be curious how it compares to weaponry from Asia and how accurate it is there. Obviously they used spears there as well, but was spear usage in asia far different than its use in europe?

    Koda KodiakKoda KodiakDag sedan
  • Wings might have been a terrible idea do to some of the creatures ancient mandalorians use to hunt. This spear might not have been made to hunt humanoids.

    Cj binx ReloadeCj binx ReloadeDag sedan
  • The Bescar Spear shouldn't have wings... Some species are needing deeper penetration than humans

    GuyWithThumbsGuyWithThumbsDag sedan
  • Well, the one and only death blow the spear does in the show is a proper stab. Also a good reason for the spear not to have wings is that in the SW universe, they could be fighting any sort of crazy sized monster with it. That thrust length is good enough to kill a humanoid, but what about a rancor. Mandalorians were known for fighting against large beasts, so their older weapons would probably be designed with a large variety of opponents in mind. edit: I notice I'm not the first to bring this up

    Alex StadigAlex StadigDag sedan
  • I assume a light saber generates heat and thats how it cuts / burns. at what temp does baskar steel melt so that it can be machined? cause that will have to be hotter than a light saber

    Wayne BarkerWayne BarkerDag sedan