NHL "Childish" Moments

11 jan 2021
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NHL "Childish" Moments! I'm not hating on these guys I respect them all, but sometimes we all act a bit childish. Enjoy!

  • Glad the Leafs aren’t in that bratty bunch.

    LaylaDulcyLaylaDulcyDag sedan
  • the ending...was dumb...how can u even make any money off this anyway...you dont have a license to USE NHL footage...or sports footage for personal use.... so either youre committing fraud or lying either way

    Moon610Moon6103 dagar sedan
  • Marchy can’t lick anyone anymore with Corona virus lol

    Shannon SammelShannon Sammel5 dagar sedan
  • Hartnell looked like the prototype for Gritty in his clip.

    Dennis SmithDennis Smith5 dagar sedan
  • whats the song at the end

    Collin BarberCollin Barber5 dagar sedan
  • Are we proving that Marchand is a little child or something? My goodness...

    RedNazRedNaz7 dagar sedan
  • "so I can get some money" this content isn't even yours so no I don't understand

    rehtireinorehtireino8 dagar sedan
  • Subban is such a whiner

    Tyler DubbinTyler Dubbin8 dagar sedan
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  • “Childish Moments: The Brad Marchand Story”

    greenlaces 12greenlaces 129 dagar sedan
  • Let em' play hockey.

    Scott LeppardScott Leppard9 dagar sedan
  • It may be "childish" hockey moments but this is still normal moments in a "sport" called soccer ...

    Jörgen DavidssonJörgen Davidsson9 dagar sedan
  • The fact that most of these are bruins clips, really makes me proud to be a fan of B town😂

    Biscuit 1968Biscuit 19689 dagar sedan
  • Barnaby just fought Doig bc he is black

    Andrew SmithAndrew Smith10 dagar sedan
  • This was the old Marchand. Also talk only hate because he’s not on ur team.

    Freedomfighters2Freedomfighters210 dagar sedan
  • Andrew Ference: “glove malfunction”

    mxamiss5mxamiss510 dagar sedan
  • Brad Marchand licking is pathetic.

    Joshua HendersonJoshua Henderson10 dagar sedan
  • Great video! Amazing outro music🔥

    Richard PetersRichard Peters10 dagar sedan
  • The water bottle stuff is hilarious.

    Ryan FordRyan Ford10 dagar sedan
  • Couple o classic Gay Chickens

    BoiBoi11 dagar sedan
  • Tcachuk taking Burn’s stick is hilarious

    IrishhockeyIrishhockey11 dagar sedan
  • I fucking love hockey! Thanks for the compilation!

    thebirdeethebirdee11 dagar sedan
  • 5:39, “Dont mess, with the doo”

    Zills BillsZills Bills11 dagar sedan
  • The water in the glove is perfect

    Breakbeat XBreakbeat X12 dagar sedan
  • Lol, childish isn't the word I would use 😂😂

    Shannon WilsonShannon Wilson12 dagar sedan
  • The game within the game

    Ali DezAli Dez12 dagar sedan
  • Goalies are like QB’s and soccer players They are the biggest fruit sticks

    A RockA Rock12 dagar sedan
  • Dam, it reminded me that I have to plead guilty for some childish/stupid moments when I was a teen. I loved triggering the opponent. But I never licked anyone...

    Misan ThropeMisan Thrope12 dagar sedan
  • Subban is as worthless as they come.

    ChristopherChristopher12 dagar sedan
  • Pat Moron is an absolute joke of a player

    Patrick WalshPatrick Walsh13 dagar sedan
  • Marchand should have gotten speared up his nostril for that....

    MancoManco13 dagar sedan
  • Marchand is just gross tho

    T.KaiT.Kai13 dagar sedan
  • Well waddle botter 9:15

    Jeff LazzJeff Lazz13 dagar sedan
  • I have never been a great fighter on or off the ice. But there have been two people (off the ice) that thought it was a good idea to spit on on me. Both are lucky other people were around to drag me off of them. I guess I'm lucky too or I'd be in prison lol.

    sniffer & chiefsniffer & chief13 dagar sedan
  • That last one was brilliant

    SENTECESENTECE13 dagar sedan
  • A licking rat

    J RoldanJ Roldan13 dagar sedan
  • My mans just tryna get that bread

    BigBoyJohnBigBoyJohn14 dagar sedan
  • PK Subban is a soccer player in disguise. Even if he bit your finger... TF you have you hand on his face for.

    K TK T14 dagar sedan

    Kim McLaughlinKim McLaughlin14 dagar sedan
    • He did he was like what about me

      Maddy SMaddy S11 dagar sedan
  • Marchand kinda sus...

    Samuel VillanenSamuel Villanen14 dagar sedan
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    • Yes

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  • What’s wrong with mackinnon ripping up his coach?

    Neil SandersonNeil Sanderson15 dagar sedan
  • Shot out to you Delta and that outro message!

    Adam AAdam A15 dagar sedan
  • That's so funny 😃😃😃😃

    Fanda KeřkaFanda Keřka15 dagar sedan
  • everyone complaining bout marchand when he wasnt even the only one to lick someone in this video

    bigrig2008bigrig200815 dagar sedan
  • i was really wishing someone would've smacked the rat across the face after the licks

    Jacob CarllJacob Carll15 dagar sedan
  • was really expecting to see 12min of the idiot Subban

    Chanel SantiniChanel Santini15 dagar sedan
  • Mayday May

    Yippie-ki-yayYippie-ki-yay15 dagar sedan
  • The fact that Marchand didn’t get suspended for those licking incidents is a joke..

    Michael 2779Michael 277915 dagar sedan
  • A better title would have been Bush League moments

    osu5inarowosu5inarow15 dagar sedan
  • Tampa is one of the most least respected teams. They get cheap and dirty when they are down with cheap shots like that

    J.R. Puffin MasterJ.R. Puffin Master15 dagar sedan
    • That was Maroon. He came to Tampa last year lol.

      Adam WinellAdam Winell12 dagar sedan
  • good video bro

    Mehtab RaiMehtab Rai15 dagar sedan
  • Where is Boston..

    Claude RainsClaude Rains15 dagar sedan
  • 1,000th Like!

    Mason StoltzMason Stoltz15 dagar sedan
  • Anybody else remember the time James Wisniewski mimed something, uh, inappropriate at Sean Avery?

    Estelle GrignonEstelle Grignon15 dagar sedan
    • Haha I debated putting that in

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights15 dagar sedan
  • Spitting someone in the face isn't childish. It's an assault.

    tespiiitespiii15 dagar sedan
  • Make that coinnnn

    CharChar15 dagar sedan
  • I don't respect them all at all. Screw most of them in fact.

    B EB E15 dagar sedan
  • i was hoping for a marchand highlight reel

    Clayton JohnsonClayton Johnson15 dagar sedan
  • Ever notice that Marchand keeps trying to come out of the closet.

    Real American IntelligenceReal American Intelligence15 dagar sedan
    • Yes. He likes man love.

      Justjamin 1Justjamin 115 dagar sedan
  • I friggin hate Marchand

    bill mannbill mann15 dagar sedan
  • A lot of clips of bruins players lol

    cigar88upcigar88up15 dagar sedan
  • Pat Maroon shooting the puck into the stars bench is such a fucking scumbag move

    ViciousTriangleViciousTriangle15 dagar sedan
  • Lol "Gaaaaatoraaade" 3:23

    ViciousTriangleViciousTriangle15 dagar sedan
  • I know everybody loves to hate Marchand, but, I dont know, I'd like to have him on my team if only for the enterrainment value, the skills are just a plus.

    fubar totalefubar totale15 dagar sedan
    • know what i feel like he is over hated and ya he has done stupid stuff like licking and the slew foot but he is an insane player and isn't that bad anymore

      The Series Of EverythingThe Series Of Everything14 dagar sedan
  • Alternate title: “A Tribute to Brad Marchand”

    InMotionForAMillionInMotionForAMillion16 dagar sedan
    • More like Shawn Thornton

      Arttu MeriluotoArttu Meriluoto11 dagar sedan
    • Nice one man

      RusmoRusmo11 dagar sedan
  • 0:09 now watch he's got the nihoy he gets a hole ya see egay they're having a speh and he's going wpa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Christopher chrisssChristopher chrisss16 dagar sedan
  • PART 2 PLEASE Also Shaw... needs to calm down.

    Inc IncInc Inc16 dagar sedan
  • Perry taking the stick! 😀🤣

    Ryan GatesRyan Gates16 dagar sedan
    • @Trident K9 like it wasnt malicious nor harsh. Just swiped it out of his hands. Same as squirting water into the Kings players glove. Childish little pranks.

      Ryan GatesRyan Gates11 dagar sedan
    • One of my favorite clips.

      Trident K9Trident K912 dagar sedan
  • Not surprised in the slightest that the Bruins appear in this "childish moments" video more than any other team.

    Kevin MasonKevin Mason16 dagar sedan
    • @buttkick22 also the current team isn’t dirty whatsoever. Yes there are plenty of instances but they get way too much unnecessary hate as a team. Marchand and Edwards deserve every bit of hate but don’t throw the whole team under the bus

      J.R. Puffin MasterJ.R. Puffin Master15 dagar sedan
    • @buttkick22 one other thing, all of you guys are calling the team dirty, then immediately defend your own teams when they do the same thing? That’s what I was saying to begin with

      J.R. Puffin MasterJ.R. Puffin Master15 dagar sedan
    • @buttkick22 When did I ever defend Marchand? He’s no different. Talented player? Yes. Makes dumb decisions? Yes. I also agree about good old Jack. He makes everything 10 times worse than usual

      J.R. Puffin MasterJ.R. Puffin Master15 dagar sedan
    • @J.R. Puffin Master the B’s deserve all the hate they get. They have routinely been one of the dirtiest teams in the NHL for a long time. Also, the most biased and clownish announcer in the NHL. They are an easy target. What is unhinged is jack edwards and all of the irrational Bs fans that will defend the actions of marchand and then call out other players for the same thing.

      buttkick22buttkick2215 dagar sedan
    • @buttkick22 Sorry I was trying to make a point. People always get unhinged on the Bs as well

      J.R. Puffin MasterJ.R. Puffin Master15 dagar sedan
  • Subban is quite the child. Good thing that little shit Marchand is in here too. But where’s Gallagher?

    Paladin PurePaladin Pure16 dagar sedan
  • Marchand is gay

    EL B3TO DE CALIFAEL B3TO DE CALIFA16 dagar sedan
  • The licking thing is too much...that doesn't belong in hockey.

    Lifting ChickLifting Chick16 dagar sedan
  • Brad Marchand started the corona virus

    Michael PasquarelliMichael Pasquarelli16 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if he spit on gudbranson now a days..

    alex marsdenalex marsden16 dagar sedan
  • Just those two words Sean and Avery make me cringe

    Dean WorsleyDean Worsley16 dagar sedan
  • 9:15 Waddle Botter

    Samuel GualtieriSamuel Gualtieri16 dagar sedan
  • I haven’t seen much of Andrew Shaw recently, but he used to be such a whiny little bitch 🥺🥺🥺

    91Gpalma91Gpalma16 dagar sedan
  • Just don't let their grade 9 teacher watch this.

    Stickman GuyStickman Guy16 dagar sedan
  • 10:06 thanks don!

    Sex PistolsSex Pistols16 dagar sedan
  • Nice video!

    Michael MoldovanMichael Moldovan16 dagar sedan
  • Get that bread

    Matthew StuttMatthew Stutt16 dagar sedan
  • Love him or hate him Matthew barnaby is funny asf

    Chasm FrazierChasm Frazier16 dagar sedan
  • a bunch of these were just fines waiting to happen

    TotalxTotalx16 dagar sedan
  • Marchand likes men

    Owen BouwmanOwen Bouwman16 dagar sedan
  • imagine if Marchand licked someone in the bubble last year

    ToastedGhostToastedGhost16 dagar sedan
    • if he did it last year he would be sued HAHBA

      Peyton ScottPeyton Scott16 dagar sedan
  • Andrew Ference flipping off the bell center is hilarious. Same with Thornton on Subban. Lot of Bruins incidents on here ngl 😂😂😂

    ESC03CiViCESC03CiViC16 dagar sedan
    • @Derick Mcgraw he is. You have to be brain dead to like the Bruins

      999 worlddd999 worlddd4 timmar sedan
    • @J.R. Puffin Master You do realize this was at the height of the modern Bruins/Habs rivalry. Subban was a pest and a damn good one at that. It was also the revival of the "Big Bad Bruins" with the biggest pest himself Brad Marchand. It was a good time to be a fan of Bruins hockey. BTW I have 0 hate towards Subban and always wanted him in a Boston Jersey at that point of his career. Just think of the crazy crap that would happen.

      Good ol BostonGood ol Boston7 dagar sedan
    • Go B’s The water bottle stuff is hilarious

      Ryan FordRyan Ford10 dagar sedan
    • @J.R. Puffin Master what’s wrong I mean Marchands only licking people. It’s silly and funny I don’t think he’s insulting the bruins.

      RobbyRobby12 dagar sedan
    • @Derick Mcgraw there are plenty worse than this trust me. They have a picture of Jack that they worship every night

      J.R. Puffin MasterJ.R. Puffin Master12 dagar sedan
  • Could you do “Beast mode moments” like Keslers goal against Nashville in 2011 or Malkin vs the Lightning in 2012

    Ricky LafleurRicky Lafleur16 dagar sedan
  • 3:25 love how the two announcers had to do a Waterboy reference 😂

    Kane GarveyKane Garvey16 dagar sedan
  • As much as I don’t Like Hathaway, he was justified.

    KaleFGBKaleFGB16 dagar sedan
    • @Ricky Lafleur “move on kiddo”

      KaleFGBKaleFGB15 dagar sedan
    • @KaleFGB Don’t hit me with your purse, Kale

      Ricky LafleurRicky Lafleur15 dagar sedan
    • @Ricky Lafleur “Move on Kiddo”

      KaleFGBKaleFGB16 dagar sedan
    • @KaleFGB Sick name, Kale

      Ricky LafleurRicky Lafleur16 dagar sedan
    • @Ricky Lafleur "move on kiddo"

      KaleFGBKaleFGB16 dagar sedan
  • I'm loving these original video ideas! Very fun to watch

    Isaac FrohlichIsaac Frohlich16 dagar sedan
  • Not surprised by the dirty play from Maroon on the Lightning. Makes sense he was apart of the Blues and Lightning winning teams. Both teams used their cheap-shot artists to beat their opponents.

    Bobby MulliganBobby Mulligan16 dagar sedan
    • @Romulo Rubio About the game turning into a bunch of mediocre “tough guys” running around without fear of being punished? Yeah, I’m salty. There was a time where those stunts were responded to by true enforcers. Not oversized buffoons like Maroon.

      Bobby MulliganBobby Mulligan15 dagar sedan
    • Still salty, eh?

      Romulo RubioRomulo Rubio16 dagar sedan
  • This video is hilarious as f lol. Good one!

    NCSN0sta1g1aNCSN0sta1g1a16 dagar sedan
  • don cherry's comentary on the sticks at the end is priceless

    Tony B GoodTony B Good16 dagar sedan
    • Brad Marchand....THE KISSING SLEWFOOT!!!

      Erik ShenErik Shen6 dagar sedan
    • Don Cherry is legend

      Hester RamirezHester Ramirez8 dagar sedan
    • @Patric____ the thing people still wont understand is that when he said "you people" it wasnt toward a race it was towards the group of people who werent wearing poppies and supporting the troops

      Exquisit3 GamingExquisit3 Gaming9 dagar sedan
    • @Patric____ Not "you people" "YOU-SE PEOPLE"

      not likelynot likely12 dagar sedan
    • @Wubba-dubba-doo pretty sure B E still butthurt over don cherry's poor wording on live televsion when he said 'you people'. don cherry lost his job and openly apologized for his poor wording but pieces of shit still like to claim a legend like don cherry is worthless lol. dudes donated more money than B E will earn in a lifetime, but he's worthless.

      Patric____Patric____12 dagar sedan
  • What's the song for the outro?

    Jalissa ShulerJalissa Shuler16 dagar sedan
    • @Dangler 19 no lol

      RobbyRobby12 dagar sedan
    • darude - sandstorm

      Dangler 19Dangler 1915 dagar sedan
  • Nice vid keep up the good work I love your vids

    Callahan BouffardCallahan Bouffard16 dagar sedan
  • quick question. How did u make money from your outro?

    Keir PatrickKeir Patrick16 dagar sedan
    • @Keir Patrick nope

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights16 dagar sedan
    • @Delta Highlights but did u make the music yourself?

      Keir PatrickKeir Patrick16 dagar sedan
    • The music gets claimed so it splits the money made from the video with the NHL then the money from the music made goes to me.

      Delta HighlightsDelta Highlights16 dagar sedan
  • Marchand licking the other guy's nose is just a classic.

    Dominique HamelDominique Hamel16 dagar sedan
    • @Irish Potatoes "you just proved you have never been in a fight." LMFAO Yeah I've never been in a fight hahaha. So you're thinking about sunshine, rainbows, and bunnies when you fight? Bullshit. I don't like to fight, so most of the fights I have been in were provoked by the other person. Was I pissed? Yes!! Did I let my emotions get out of control? Fuck no!! There's a huge difference between being angry, and letting your anger get the better of you. If you don't know the difference that's your problem lol.

      sniffer & chiefsniffer & chief6 dagar sedan
    • @sniffer & chief you just proved you have never been in a fight. I love fighting angry people cause they do dumb shit and they either hurts themselves or makes it easier for me to hurt them.

      Irish PotatoesIrish Potatoes8 dagar sedan
    • @Tyler Kozak Did you give yourself a thumbs up???

      sniffer & chiefsniffer & chief12 dagar sedan
    • @Tyler Kozak LMFAO okay buddy. Anyone who deals in absolutes like that (100% and never) has no fucking clue what they're talking about. We aren't talking about an MMA match.

      sniffer & chiefsniffer & chief12 dagar sedan
    • @sniffer & chief you're 100% wrong. Anger never helps in a fight.

      Tyler KozakTyler Kozak13 dagar sedan