So I made a pact with Corpse...

12 jan 2021
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Featuring: Corpse Husband, Disguised Toast, Ludwig, BrookeAB, PeterParkTV, Valkyrae, Sykkuno, Spedicey (Jack), Ash
New Video ➡ So I made a pact with Corpse...
#AmongUs #5up
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  • this corpse guy has a REALLY deep voice

    Literally just a picture of a WallLiterally just a picture of a Wall20 timmar sedan
  • Interaction

    Joshua ForwardJoshua ForwardDag sedan
  • why did corpse betray him like that..

    episode playerepisode playerDag sedan
  • If u watch inquisitormaster then you can realize that some of them sound like they’re from inquisitormaster

    S RiseS RiseDag sedan
  • "We were talking to each other the whole round" - I love a suspiciously specific denial lol

    Sio HeadSio Head2 dagar sedan
  • Walkie-talkie partners lmao

    Lucija JankovićLucija Janković2 dagar sedan
  • %up is so underrated. I love him

    Lucija JankovićLucija Janković2 dagar sedan
  • Thomas is always honest

    hn ichn ic3 dagar sedan
  • the way corpse says "oh god" as hes falling into the lava will never fail to make me laugh xD

    samsam3 dagar sedan
  • Corpse is the kind of person who says https

    Jean LuoJean Luo3 dagar sedan
  • proxy chat is probably the best mod and should just be an option built into the game. It makes things so much more interesting.

    Shining DarknessShining Darkness4 dagar sedan
  • Why is ash always with a pirate hat??!

    Gurbani KaurGurbani Kaur4 dagar sedan
  • I love how he was just like “No button pressing.” As he slices. 😅🤣

    SegaNaLeqaSegaNaLeqa5 dagar sedan
  • lmao the way it sounded like a breakup 9:30

    gjustvibingjustvibin5 dagar sedan
  • " WOAHHHH IS IT ME?????" "yes sorry it was me."

    Darren RossDarren Ross5 dagar sedan
  • I love Corpse being the third imposter ahahah

    Enyo HEnyo H5 dagar sedan
  • I love how Peter is just so bad at the game, the impostor immediately attempts to find a replacement

    ayden falcoayden falco5 dagar sedan
  • The only third imposter as we know its stan

    RAFABrRAFABr6 dagar sedan
  • btw the program that they are using called crewlink

    Logan and Quinn home channelLogan and Quinn home channel6 dagar sedan
  • Poor Corpse, he was feeling guilty about it😭😭

    Weeb KidWeeb Kid7 dagar sedan
  • We all wish to sound like corpse don't we?

    InfinityInfinity7 dagar sedan
  • I feel like he would’ve done really wel as 3rd imposter but because he got stuck between sykkuno and toast it was hard since they’re really good at sussing people out

    innithoseokinnithoseok7 dagar sedan
  • Sykkuno and Peter are psychos when it comes to imposter rounds

    innithoseokinnithoseok7 dagar sedan
  • Peter and sykkuno are psychos when it comes to imposters rounds

    innithoseokinnithoseok7 dagar sedan
  • 10:39 lmaooo Toast is savage

    alice greenalice green8 dagar sedan
  • This would be a good mod

    FeesoFeeso8 dagar sedan
  • i sure do love watching 2u+3p play bean game 2.0

    vilma vaitonytevilma vaitonyte8 dagar sedan
  • Is it me? oOOoOoooOhhhhHhHhhHHH! Sorry it’s me. *slice and dice*

    BloodGod_ DakotaBloodGod_ Dakota8 dagar sedan
  • 4:41 How he said Corpse's name thinking he died 🥺😭😭😭

    Gissel GonzalezGissel Gonzalez9 dagar sedan
  • I don’t get this at all

    Alomar YbarraAlomar Ybarra9 dagar sedan
  • Nothing lile watching 5up at 2 am

    No OneNo One10 dagar sedan
  • Damn what is this? I'm bLUSHING

    Blank SinBlank Sin10 dagar sedan
  • "Corpse and 5up, you guys were together the entire time?" "Yeah, we were _talking_ pretty much the entire time" I see no lies here.

    kiminimuchukiminimuchu10 dagar sedan
  • 11:07 _he caught him in 4k_

    KiroKiro10 dagar sedan
  • It was fun💕🤣🤣🤣🤣

    A HumanA Human10 dagar sedan
  • "something's gotta be wrong here" lmaoo

    c cc c10 dagar sedan
  • 5up is the perfect combination of genius mixed with goofball

    Ryan HenryRyan Henry11 dagar sedan
  • Some would say it’s cheating, I call it resourceful 🤷🏼‍♀️

    L N1234L N123411 dagar sedan
  • HOW didn’t anyone hear him talking to “himself” ??

    L N1234L N123411 dagar sedan
  • How did no one hear 5up confess at 4:22?? With my luck the whole lobby would be in specimen

    L N1234L N123411 dagar sedan
  • I watched this live it it was amazing haha

    L N1234L N123411 dagar sedan
  • So he made a pact with corpse...

    Colleen the CommenterColleen the Commenter11 dagar sedan
  • the pact of steel

    itzooferzitzooferz11 dagar sedan
  • the sound while I wear earphones: ➡️⬅️➡️⬅️⬅️➡️

    shannonshannon11 dagar sedan
  • wait how did they speak even tho they're far away?

    philsMphilsM11 dagar sedan
    • @TheDelfinlady Ohhh thank you

      philsMphilsM9 dagar sedan
    • Glitch

      TheDelfinladyTheDelfinlady10 dagar sedan
  • peter is funny as fuck as imposter though haha :D

    Lunnaris01Lunnaris0111 dagar sedan
  • Here when the thumbnail had the logo on it

    cvrmixxcvrmixx11 dagar sedan
  • “We’re still connected 🙏🏼”

    Txddy_chänTxddy_chän12 dagar sedan
  • If CORPSE and 5up crossed paths in real life, they would have never known they crossed paths.

    minnielin1230minnielin123012 dagar sedan
  • the fact that no one got corpse's canadian joke... im disappointed

    sashasasha12 dagar sedan
  • "Okay Sykunno, here's what we're gonna do. We kill one of them, and then we kill the other one."

    Antha FranceAntha France12 dagar sedan
  • Corpse living rent free in 5up’s head

    EM-ELL GEE-PROEM-ELL GEE-PRO12 dagar sedan
  • 7:42 Corpse: a k t i n g 🥸🤥

    Anne TAnne T13 dagar sedan
  • My two favorite boys teaming up? 🥺 My HEART. ❤️💓❤️

    Anne TAnne T13 dagar sedan
  • Omg haha

    Evan Reloading Bazooka Gaming 740Evan Reloading Bazooka Gaming 74013 dagar sedan
  • Jack and 5up in the same lobby with proximity chat this is a dream come true

    Lord of LeviathansLord of Leviathans13 dagar sedan
  • Corpse literally voted himself for the drama lmao, there was no reason to do that

    Sofia MSofia M13 dagar sedan
  • Corpse collision

    Nathan LehnNathan Lehn13 dagar sedan
  • I die every time I hear Ash speak

    Justin MacFarlandJustin MacFarland13 dagar sedan
  • Corpse: *look 5....look.. i dont know if i can do this anymore..* 5up: **dies inside**

    Crystal DraffinCrystal Draffin13 dagar sedan
  • Toast with no hat cant hurt you son... he isnt real... Toast with no hat: 5:02 Me: *somethings wrong here...*

    Crystal DraffinCrystal Draffin13 dagar sedan
  • You gotta confess to corpse your imp you cant keep it from him *I MEAN ITS NOT CAUSE HIS VOICE OR ANYTHING RIG-*

    Crystal DraffinCrystal Draffin13 dagar sedan
  • Ash's voice is a blessing for my ears.

    EppstoreEppstore13 dagar sedan
  • 9:20 "something's gotta be wrong here" perceptive as always, Sykkuno, and that is: telepathic twins SIMPing for each other! Much as I love squashing bugs in my code, when a bug in in someone else's code leads to such hilarious opportunities as this, I can't help but appreciate the moment... even if I still at some level want to see it squashed (especially since it apparently made one of my favorite SEworldrs uncomfortable. Sorry CORPSE and thank you for going along with it!)

    Twisted CodeTwisted Code13 dagar sedan
  • ok, serious question, who says dot com after saying twitter?? corpse wtf bro? thats some sicko shit. corpse is a sicko

    Secret MedicineSecret Medicine13 dagar sedan
    • Chill

      TheDelfinladyTheDelfinlady10 dagar sedan
  • A deal with the dead

    Ay_its_ CaveAy_its_ Cave13 dagar sedan
  • screeches in corpse simp

    chompy zoeychompy zoey13 dagar sedan
  • I’m gonna spam my own reply to look famous

    Charles CalvinCharles Calvin13 dagar sedan
    • I know I’m just too upsetting

      Charles CalvinCharles Calvin13 dagar sedan
    • But deeply

      Charles CalvinCharles Calvin13 dagar sedan
    • I feel like a winner

      Charles CalvinCharles Calvin13 dagar sedan
    • I’m the inposter

      Charles CalvinCharles Calvin13 dagar sedan
    • Guys I have a confession

      Charles CalvinCharles Calvin13 dagar sedan
  • Oh I watched this part on raes stream

    Aaron RAaron R13 dagar sedan
  • Super fun xD

    Struenda MakeinStruenda Makein13 dagar sedan
  • WTH Corpse

    JikillJikill13 dagar sedan
  • This made my day a lot better

    Emily MarionEmily Marion13 dagar sedan
  • I think pp and me got the same strategy as impostor...going for a killing spree right when the game starts

    GiGi Gaming!GiGi Gaming!13 dagar sedan
  • Alternative title: CORPSE helping his long lost brother ends up losing his sanity

    AboneeAbonee13 dagar sedan
  • It's always the faceless men

    anna vanna v13 dagar sedan
  • 5up got to lay with jack woohoooo

    SijenkaiSijenkai13 dagar sedan
  • Simping always wins

    ChickenChicken13 dagar sedan
  • There should be a mod where everyone gets paired with a random person (or trio) and has the walkie-talkie thing the whole game, no proximity chat. The people who get chosen can't both be impostors to balance it, but if you're a crewmate then you don't know if your walkie talkie partner is an impostor

    hiiistrexhiiistrex13 dagar sedan
  • commenting on another video

    Carter OdomCarter Odom13 dagar sedan
  • Made a deal with the devil to another meaning.

    SpiteSpite13 dagar sedan
  • The corpses “OMG” was awesome

    RadiicalRadiical13 dagar sedan

    ThePi314ManThePi314Man13 dagar sedan
  • anyone notice that 5up sounds a lil breathless? i mean, who wouldn't after having corpse in your ear ;)

    Ade SchmadeAde Schmade13 dagar sedan
  • This was fun! Also, Ash sounds so wholesome lol

    ChronoXShadowChronoXShadow13 dagar sedan
  • My favorite play from 5up. Great content

    ReaverPLReaverPL13 dagar sedan
  • 5up giggling to corpse about his kills iss the most adorable thing omg, the giggles

    Ely YeagerEly Yeager13 dagar sedan
  • I love how corpse call 5up 5

    Lonely ViberLonely Viber13 dagar sedan
  • Dang. 5up’s end card music is freakin bumping

    Sean RattanSean Rattan14 dagar sedan
  • One of the best among us videos ever

    Michael BerkowitzMichael Berkowitz14 dagar sedan
  • Nobody gonna mention Corpse said he needed to do breathing exercises at the end? Poor guy, anxiety is shit

    GelatinousPineappleGelatinousPineapple14 dagar sedan
  • I love that Corpse "Did it for the Twitter clout" when he has 16x the amount of Twitter followers 5UP does.

    Violet CastleViolet Castle14 dagar sedan
    • Does he +

      GeorgeGeorge13 dagar sedan
  • Day 2 of saying 5up you're videos are appreciated

    Ali QuhshiAli Quhshi14 dagar sedan
  • This was so funny 😂😂😂

    LuceLuce14 dagar sedan
  • Where is the tweet?

    Scarlight KnightScarlight Knight14 dagar sedan
  • >they kick out Corpse Well, 5-up's fucked now Wait, didn't they both button? >hilarity ensues

    RipleySawzenRipleySawzen14 dagar sedan
    • I mean if they had a button he would have just won the normal way...

      Everett FlowersEverett Flowers13 dagar sedan
  • Corpse walked so 5up could run

    Daniel RaggattDaniel Raggatt14 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or does Sykkuno sound like higher-pitched Jonah Scott?

    ablindingcometablindingcomet14 dagar sedan
  • Omg! Seán and 5up in the same lobby!!! My life is complete...

    Meganlodon BradicusMeganlodon Bradicus14 dagar sedan
    • @George You're just a child who is mad that I do not watch Toast, or anyone else that 5up has played with. Being a fan of a certain person does not include wasting your life watching every single video - that's not their own - that features them. That's obsession. Congratulations, you're an addict. And for the record, I have seen every single one of 5up's SEworld videos and I am on his discord. I do not watch his Twitch (though, I would love to), because as an adult with a life, I do not have the time. So, am I a fan that craves his content? Yes. Am I an obsessed addict with no life? No.

      Meganlodon BradicusMeganlodon Bradicus12 dagar sedan
    • @Meganlodon Bradicus your just not a big enough fan

      GeorgeGeorge12 dagar sedan
    • @George Nope. I have seen every single one of Seán's Among Us videos on SEworld. None of them features 5up. Perhaps, you are thinking of Twitch. However, I could have indeed missed a video. If that's the case, please do send me the SEworld link to Seán's video with 5up.

      Meganlodon BradicusMeganlodon Bradicus12 dagar sedan
    • @Meganlodon Bradicus lol but Sean on his channel pays with 5up all the time lol

      GeorgeGeorge12 dagar sedan
    • @George Barely watch anything? Just because I do not watch what you watch, or a person you watch, does not mean I don't watch anything at all. And you know what? Everyone in 5up's lobbies (aside from Seán), I do not watch.

      Meganlodon BradicusMeganlodon Bradicus12 dagar sedan
  • I just watched the second last episode of assassination classroom and now I’m sad

    Allison YuAllison Yu14 dagar sedan
  • Skip to 5:30 ish if you don’t want to rewatch what they spoiled in the beginning.

    Blake ThompsonBlake Thompson14 dagar sedan