Reddit vs Wallstreet - GameStop, The Movie

4 feb 2021
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#wallstreetbets #reddit #rebellion #gamestop
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  • Amid the Dogecoin frenzy, I stumbled upon this video. bro this shit was fire. Very well made documentary. My hat's off to you, sir.

    Mike DMike D13 timmar sedan

    Demetrius GDemetrius G17 timmar sedan
  • The fact that elon hates the hedge guys gives me hope

    Bibi AyubeBibi Ayube17 timmar sedan
  • oh my fucking god...i literally knew wbout gamestop since dcember, and this tit has soemhow made it into a dramatic movie

    AgainAgainDag sedan
  • F#$@ Robinhood and f$$@ Citadel.

    PsirosPsiros2 dagar sedan
  • Its not even over....

    this is definitely a humanthis is definitely a human2 dagar sedan
    • Rockets are just getting ready. 💎🙌

      Brian SBrian S2 dagar sedan
  • It's strange how people talk about all the profits,they've been making through trading of bitcoin,while am here not making any profit at all.Please can Someone put me through on the right path or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?

    Marc M. GilmoreMarc M. Gilmore2 dagar sedan
    • + 1 9 1 7 6 3 3 9 0 4 6

      Alexander ImadamAlexander Imadam2 dagar sedan
    • Now is the best time. Stop Procrastinating as bitcoin is shape.

      Adam DanishAdam Danish2 dagar sedan
    • Quite an honest review, thank you for this! I've been working with Expert Olivia and the team for a while now and believe me when I say their expertise is unparalleled! Kudos to them

      Adam DanishAdam Danish2 dagar sedan
    • No doubt Olivia Trading Services is very good, invested $5,000 and cashed out $14,700 after 3 weeks. I still wonder how they get their analysis

      Amy j. JonesAmy j. Jones2 dagar sedan
    • I thought of Investing in bitcoin around July Feb 2018 but was discouraged with the rise and fall of bitcoin. I don't know if it's still safe and ideal to invest now and what platform is recomended

      Beth l. NairBeth l. Nair2 dagar sedan
  • Bill Clinton (Democrat) Started this whole mess. Joe Biden (Democrat) came into power and appointed Jen Psaki (Democrat) and Jannet Yellen (Democrat). Jen Psaki when asked about the Gamestop Stock situation just says "we have the FIRST FEMALE Treasury secretary...:)" Jannet Yellen has taken $810,000 in speaking fees from Hedge funds like Citadel. She also won't exempt herself from the Gamestop investigation due to conflict of interest. Back when Occupy Wallstreet happened the big banks manipulated the people's anger off of them and toward identity politics. Instead of the people blaming the big banks, its now the fault of the white, straight, males. Which political party promotes this manipulated anger? **Cough** Democrats/the left **Cough** HOPE SOME OF YOU CAN SEE A CONNECTION HERE.

    SlashWolf001SlashWolf0013 dagar sedan
  • "this story will be taught in bussiness schools" hahaha, only if the system benefits from it.

    Juliano SantosJuliano Santos3 dagar sedan
  • Short selling should just be banned, period

    ewlchenewlchen4 dagar sedan

    Ink Era TattooInk Era Tattoo4 dagar sedan
  • *Cyber history was made*

    LeͥgeͣnͫdTMLeͥgeͣnͫdTM5 dagar sedan
  • This just getting started and no mention of AMC!!! Says it all and we're still holding!!! 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🚀🚀🚀🚀 🌛

    Sport 1989Sport 19896 dagar sedan
  • That was beautifully summarized - thank you @coldfusion for creating and sharing! Hope Others Do Listen

    Berhe MehreteabBerhe Mehreteab6 dagar sedan
  • T-shirt? want to buy. Store doesn't have GameStonk shirt ...

    TopAcesTopAces7 dagar sedan
  • have been a believer in the blockchain and the bitcoin over the years and from experience, I have learned that information about bitcoin comes from three kinds of people, One who knows but would rather suppress the information by publicly criticising bitcoin but privately stacking up on the asset, there is also the truly ignorant who would swallow any information hook, line and sinker and of course, those that are truly devout to bitcoin and making steady progress in updating with information worth knowing. I have been in the last 2 group but with the assistance of Koen Albers whose trades I have been copying for over 3 months now, netting in more than 9 btc in profit already. Learning never ends and I am still doing so with Koen. He can be reached on whatsAap (+44 7828 450768) and telrgram (+447828 450768) . Persistence and commitment and love for success is what you need in the crypto space and we all can. cryptoforex60@gmail. Com

    Trading 212Trading 2128 dagar sedan
  • Hm... time to short some gme right now I guess! April looks fine for that! ;)

    Jack McLaneJack McLane8 dagar sedan
    • @Letrollaccount I have no clue about how shorting actually works and how you could do it (except for with cryptos). I don't want to take part in this perversion. If and whenever I'm in the mood for perversions, I find a more enjoyable one! ;)

      Jack McLaneJack McLane7 dagar sedan
    • Lmao you can’t right now unless you have x800 margin requirements 🤣

      LetrollaccountLetrollaccount7 dagar sedan
  • 8:18

    Ny Tsiory RakotonanaharyNy Tsiory Rakotonanahary8 dagar sedan
  • Short a stock then write rumors to push that stock price to plummet, so dirty.

    Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh8 dagar sedan
  • It's far from being over, the golden circle ⭕ ❤️🌎🙏🧘 GME and AMC 🚀🚀🚀🌛💎💎✋

    Waleed EbrahimWaleed Ebrahim8 dagar sedan
  • All this shows is that the game is fixed . We are Sims in someone else's game . As soon we work out the rules and play they change the rules . Well that's what I see .

    Aaron BillingtonAaron Billington8 dagar sedan
  • Can we all finally just admit that main stream media has become the enemy of the him or hate Trump wasn't wrong about this

    John JonesJohn Jones9 dagar sedan
  • I cant believe it it just happened

    aurizan habibaurizan habib9 dagar sedan
  • We can be retarded longer than you can be liquid! Most epic qoute ever from one of those reddit guys.

    Mac JulienMac Julien10 dagar sedan
  • When my child will born I will tell him this real life story how unity won over greedy giants ! Yes of course there will be special appearance of Elon Musk and Chamath Paliahapitia who encouraged and stood by side of Good Fellas !

    Interactive Graphs' ChannelInteractive Graphs' Channel10 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe they asked the white house and the reply was. "We have a woman working on it." Who the fuck cares answer the question.

    Alex HandfordAlex Handford11 dagar sedan
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    Ly Dieu HangLy Dieu Hang11 dagar sedan
  • Never test professors with the cleverest widths. Those wall street demons will always win if you fight in wall street.

    tritonmoletritonmole11 dagar sedan
  • At 7' 37" Game Stop - The Biggest Short Squeeze Of Your Entire Life - I can see name of Micheal Burry own 3.5 million... Is it the same Michael Burry from "The Big Short"??

    m lm l12 dagar sedan
  • Crypto will free us all

    Sameaul AhadSameaul Ahad14 dagar sedan
  • Moreover, every other brokerage forced people to stop buying. I had GME on trading212 and they stopped people from buying. Sadly only Robinhood got the worst end off it and every other broker that did it. Got away with it.

    Sameaul AhadSameaul Ahad14 dagar sedan
  • Lol 1 month on $Gme is the only stock that has been slowly going up, and if you check back on it everything else is slowly going down and GME is till holding its $190... it’s only gana get higher

    Sameaul AhadSameaul Ahad14 dagar sedan
  • It went 398 few month ago agin made some bank

    Grizzl 123Grizzl 12314 dagar sedan
  • What ever you say reddit or discord wsb groups are to me a big scam.... people people win and small get losses.

    Golam Afridi 2014032642Golam Afridi 201403264214 dagar sedan
  • Any thoughts about the /r/GME subreddit? They recently invited Alexis Goldstein to do an AMA. In one comment she said: > On Wall Street, it is not frowned upon to “rip the faces off” one’s own clients. If the client is dumb enough to get hoodwinked, that means the client didn’t work hard enough. He didn’t do his “due diligence.” In other words, if I screw you, you only have yourself to blame. That is the “zero-sum game” of trading. And I think that’s what the people who control the narrative in that subreddit do: fooling a lot of “smooth brain apes”. They continuously post DD that the floor is $1mm, make people spend 3 months of their salary to buy a share hoping to make a $1mm soon, and anytime you question the DDs that claim that $1mm is the floor, they call you a shill or ask you to ignore the DDs and do your own. I hope $GME reaches never seen before values but that community has become extremely toxic by those that control the narrative there.

    LuciferLucifer14 dagar sedan
  • Man, the rich are nasty.

    Michelle Mae SimplicioMichelle Mae Simplicio14 dagar sedan
  • Anytime some corporation has to regulate themselves, it always ends up in some fuckery.

    Rex LongfellowRex Longfellow15 dagar sedan
  • This started when human realize u can make money out of believe, and now its digital So it's virtually unlimited

    Rakasiwiii fiddihaqRakasiwiii fiddihaq15 dagar sedan
  • Robinhood? More like sheriff of Nottingham.

    Chinchow ChenChinchow Chen15 dagar sedan
  • Part 2 in a few weeks time, then? ;)

    nastyevilninjanastyevilninja15 dagar sedan
  • Borrow shares + copy them + sell them + Never pay back = Free market of America. EU market is much more safe and it is much harder to short or manipulate it. Choose visely while investing.

    RalleleleRallelele15 dagar sedan
  • First of all. Great work. Thanks for putting this together. Hedge funds are putting the global economy on the line by shorting US bonds, yet the SEC turn a blind eye. These hedge funds have all social media and the mainstream media in their pockets. There will be another 2008 scenario sometime soon because wall street are doing the same under another name. Until people are held accountable and sent to prison it will be the same old, because the punishment doesn't fit the crime. It's a bit like robbing a bank for $2 million and getting caught. The judge gives you a $100 fine and tells you to behave. Bullshit!!!! Hedge funds manipulate the market and MM's create shares that don't exist from the ass of a unicorn, its perfectly acceptable. The new generation attempt to make a few buck it's manipulation. Here in lies the problem. The system is designed this way.

    Billy HallidayBilly Halliday16 dagar sedan
  • The big con.... Some people made huge money with the "'Hedge fund " line.............. Redit is Toxic

    Martin HalbhuberMartin Halbhuber17 dagar sedan
  • Join us in $amc and $gme. This is a revolution for a fair market. We are taking back what these pieces of s*** took from us back in 2008.

    José GuedesJosé Guedes18 dagar sedan
    • Yes I am holding AMC and GME HODL!!!

      All SourceAll Source16 dagar sedan
  • To whatever future student watching this, Your case study better come out well

    AyyySampleAyyySample18 dagar sedan
  • Squeeze is not yet squoze

    crimsonstar108crimsonstar10818 dagar sedan
  • Lol “personal differences.” You can say Trump happened.

    DaSmasherDaSmasher18 dagar sedan
  • Wow..i must thank sir elton Stephens for his super prediction about GameStop going down by 33% as at 23rd march, buying opportunities are now available, a possible 100% is on the cards in Q2 2021...his strategies are amazing.

    Elena StefanovaElena Stefanova18 dagar sedan
    • His schedules are quit busy but you can mail him to get his number, or on facebook at elton stephens.

      Ethan williamsEthan williams18 dagar sedan
    • How can i communicate to him.

      Hans!!Hans!!18 dagar sedan
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      Ethan williamsEthan williams18 dagar sedan
    • Nice platform i must say.. I have seen his algorithm and portfolio set ups Amazingly standard.

      Belia FredrickBelia Fredrick18 dagar sedan
    • Then I will be doing you a privilage of learning from the best in his field(mr elton)... whose strategies and dynamic financial advice has been the secret behind my success.

      Elena StefanovaElena Stefanova18 dagar sedan
  • Don't manage retail investors, MANAGE THE BLOODY HEDGE FUNDS WHO HAVE DONE THIS FOR YEARS, if you only go for retail, then that is a double standard.

    ProtoRetroProtoRetro19 dagar sedan
  • This probably needs an update. Also, it should probably clarify that the wallstreetbets creator was removed for trying to monetize the sub reddit through selling classes and other schemes.

    StreyXStreyX19 dagar sedan

    Ioannis DragazisIoannis Dragazis19 dagar sedan
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    Gloria ShawGloria Shaw20 dagar sedan
  • you should convert your wealth in bitcoin, because it is inflation free, and cannot be controlled by government.. government personnep use money to control us ordinary people

    jerry marabulasjerry marabulas20 dagar sedan
  • Great video. Thanks

    David HájekDavid Hájek20 dagar sedan
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    Johnson ShelbiJohnson Shelbi20 dagar sedan
  • These type of videos should not only be watched and liked but DOWNLOAD and save on your Hard Drive for future education purposes for you and your young ones and just incase SEworld ban it Education is the key keep up the Terrific work and God Bless You ColdFusion

    Dwayne The LionDwayne The Lion20 dagar sedan
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    Chao NgChao Ng21 dag sedan
  • 11:36 "Worse still, hedge funds had borrowed money". What does this mean? Don't they borrow the actual underlying stock and buy it back later (at a lower price, aka betting it goes down)? What do they mean by "borrowed money"? Any clarification would be great!

    Stella BauerStella Bauer21 dag sedan
  • Bulls make money, bears make money but pigs get slaughtered. RobinCrooks trying to give away 3 stocks now for inviting a friend.

    michael del zittimichael del zitti21 dag sedan
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    chris Tseuchris Tseu21 dag sedan
  • What ? Companies been buying their stock shares just to inflate their stock prices ? How can you buy your own as if you don't own it ? So you sell to yourself, do you ? And buy from yourself ? Like a split personality thing where one is the seller and the other the buyer ? Where will these craziness reach it's crazy limits and when ?

    Enoch AliEnoch Ali21 dag sedan
  • Short selling is thievery and trust breaking. You borrow something from someone and sell it and then you buy it back when the price falls. Question is, who the heck are you to sell somebody else's merchandise as if you own it ? Hence, shortselling is downright dishonest and thievery. A big sin. Conning! Illegal in decent countries. Legal, maybe, in countries who's government themselves are thieves and robbers and looters.

    Enoch AliEnoch Ali21 dag sedan
  • There should be no such thing as short selling.

    Nick VNick V21 dag sedan
  • This needs to be made into a movie.

    tpeasetigertpeasetiger21 dag sedan
  • This story needs a part 2

    Daniel RobuDaniel Robu22 dagar sedan
  • This isnt over tho

    MoreGibberishMoreGibberish22 dagar sedan
    • 🚀

      Daher (Rz)Daher (Rz)21 dag sedan
  • l recommended a professional broker to you guys sometime ago, can I get person who invested with her comment below let's gooooo

    Jefferson WoodsJefferson Woods22 dagar sedan
  • Why is it seen as "bad" when people get together on social media and openly discuss the manipulation of stocks? But when hedge funds have these same discussions of collusion & manipulation behind closed doors it is seen as "okay," "acceptable," or even "good"? Also, if NASDAQ (@21:27) has software to monitor social media (now in place), when will they develop and implement ways (via software, phone bugs, text monitoring, etc) to monitor discussions of collusion between hedge funds?

    R.E.M.R.E.M.22 dagar sedan
  • LOOK! Wall Street, WS, (notice similarity to WalMart) has employed the Best of the Best from Harvard, Yale, MIT, etc., On MSNBC, you do not get FREE airtime, NEVER! Companies pay to be on the program just like in a Grocery, Retail store. Top Shelf brings a premium. Everyone on the MSNBC has an angle suggesting a Buy or Sell. See how GaqmeStop was "ALLOWED" to skyrocket? A Market Maker allowed the Algorithm to act this way. What if the Oil or Gas stocks were allowed to be Run Up? Gasoline would be $100 per gallon. It is not a Supply & Demand world with algorithms trading--its all FAKE and MANIPULATED. Joe and Jim and all the talking heads on MSNBC are scripted to get Ma, Pa and any dummy make an emotional irrational transaction. IMHO

    N GrankoN Granko22 dagar sedan
  • several details incorrect - bad research !

    eMkaAceeMkaAce22 dagar sedan
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    william burnwilliam burn23 dagar sedan
  • When Big companies manipulate - NASDAQ BE LIKE "YEA ITS OK" When Redditors fight for their Rights,help general people, help charities by doing the right thing - NASDAQ BE LIKE "HEY WAIT ITS TOTALLY ILLEGAL, WR NEED TO REGULATE SOCIAL PLATFORMS NOT THOSE MARKET MANIPULATING BIG COMPANIES AND STUPIDS LIKE ROBINHOOD"

    LegacyLegacy23 dagar sedan
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    Vault StorageVault Storage23 dagar sedan
  • Coldfusion, it's new thinking.. 😍

    MrPank01MrPank0123 dagar sedan
  • Viva la Revolution

    Nathanfx2006Nathanfx200624 dagar sedan
  • Awesome vid, I’m shocked youtube has not banned this cause you actually have the balls to show the Clinton’s being on the HF side.

    xenesyxenesy25 dagar sedan
  • good movie ! love your channel !

    jessica gissaudjessica gissaud25 dagar sedan
  • The plz redditors check out ZOM they are killing us those large hedgefunds!!

    Jon VataJon Vata25 dagar sedan
  • The Big Short

    F NamF Nam25 dagar sedan
  • It's actually sad and scary that the common person can't fight the big banks, even if they try. The big banks just make a couple of calls and make it illegal to do, what they have been doing to people for years. Still great to see what can happen when people stick together as one. Great video, Fusion!

    multiestonianmultiestonian26 dagar sedan
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    Nick MineNick Mine26 dagar sedan
  • Nice video!

    SupernovaSupernova26 dagar sedan
  • “I AM NOT A CAT” - what a fucking legend !

    Bogdan AlexBogdan Alex26 dagar sedan
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    Tigh GundersonTigh Gunderson27 dagar sedan
  • Excellent video, Cold Fusion!

    Superpower BroadcastingSuperpower Broadcasting27 dagar sedan
  • Finally a fair representation of the gamestop story! P.S. Fuck Wall Street

    jim kirschejim kirsche27 dagar sedan
  • Don't think you can take down the giant just because you got one surprise shot in from behind.

    Random DudeRandom Dude27 dagar sedan
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    Hyman SchoolmanHyman Schoolman27 dagar sedan
  • My highschool has a small business course and my friend was taught about the GME and DOGE coin in it while it was happening.

    Geico LizardGeico Lizard27 dagar sedan
  • Lost 60k USD in unrealized GME gains because of manipulation from the hedgies :(

    donsherydonshery28 dagar sedan
  • Bitcoin is the most profitable investment online if only you trade with a professional broker

    David BrianDavid Brian29 dagar sedan
    • Wats@app👆

      David BorkanDavid Borkan29 dagar sedan
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      David BorkanDavid Borkan29 dagar sedan
    • How do i get a professional broker i have been wasting my time trading on my own and blowing up my account

      Patrick LindaPatrick Linda29 dagar sedan
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    Amu YangAmu Yang29 dagar sedan
  • What a coincidence, i got a robinhood ad on a video about the Stonk Market War were they were they betrayed us and became the villains.

    ShinyPotatoShinyPotatoMånad sedan
  • Redditors have the ability to do this but get nervous around people of the opposite gender

    Ahmed SyedAhmed SyedMånad sedan
    • LOL

      Life TradeoffsLife TradeoffsMånad sedan
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    이정현이정현Månad sedan
  • You're all talking like it's over, diamond hands forever

    Zach BlazekZach BlazekMånad sedan
  • Don’t you just love Jen Paski’s non answer about GME “ ohh happy to announce the first female secretary of treasury”... that’s great 🙄 but, what about the answering the question for once.

    Ernesto ArielErnesto ArielMånad sedan
    • even acknowledges that shes repeating herself lol

      Pew PewPew Pew28 dagar sedan
  • Craziness, big money now everything week and months before retail traders do. They work together but retailer aren't aload to.. occupy wallstreet need to happen again.. share the God dam wealth

    danny Martinsdanny MartinsMånad sedan
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    Holman NirganiHolman NirganiMånad sedan
  • @coldfusiontv could you do a video on 'how big is LG please'

    Kelly ArmantradingKelly ArmantradingMånad sedan