DGPT All-Star Course with Paul McBeth (Extremely Difficult)

19 feb 2021
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I can't wait to watch this weekends All-Star event. The format and course are going to make for an exciting weekend. Also, can't wait to go out to Fountain Hills to compete at the Memorial!
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  • What happens to all those lost discs? Do you get some local to go dive for them? Or are they just lost in the abyss?

    David WylieDavid Wylie2 dagar sedan
  • : ( .... that was for his disc

    JosephJoseph3 dagar sedan
  • 100 ft. further? You mean farther

    Ricky VRicky V3 dagar sedan
  • :(

    Jacob SchwartzJacob Schwartz4 dagar sedan
  • :(

    Brett GuevaraBrett Guevara4 dagar sedan
  • :( poor disc

    Scarecrow IIScarecrow II5 dagar sedan
  • 😖

    Chris DarbesChris Darbes5 dagar sedan
  • "it's like when you are playing a video game and this is the area you haven't unlocked yet" hahahaha

    Nancy SearsNancy Sears5 dagar sedan
  • 17:07 top right corner looks kinda sus

    Samuel EhrhardtSamuel Ehrhardt5 dagar sedan
  • Brodie u still in az?

    Lion OrtizLion Ortiz6 dagar sedan
  • Guys yall nailed the food add! Great job Brodie

    PlaceboEffectPlaceboEffect6 dagar sedan
  • What are those things called you take the disc out of the water

    Tuukka TiriläTuukka Tirilä6 dagar sedan
    • cause i need that kind of thing

      Tuukka TiriläTuukka Tirilä6 dagar sedan
  • Brodie is low key an incredible putter

    Blake TaylorBlake Taylor6 dagar sedan
  • "I'm gonna try and qualify for some things on tour and probably play some mini tour events this year". And here we are throwing Frisbee again

    Schweaty BawlsSchweaty Bawls6 dagar sedan
  • "Who's Carey?"

    Tyler RhotonTyler Rhoton6 dagar sedan
  • Good job, Hanna!

    charlie sawyercharlie sawyer7 dagar sedan
  • Hey Brodie, where was this course?

    Harley GrattanHarley Grattan7 dagar sedan
  • Where's Doug and Maritime law!

    Michael MadridMichael Madrid7 dagar sedan
  • Must be nice to just instantly work with one of the best disc golfers off gate!

    Aaron CAaron C7 dagar sedan
  • that putt was fookin iconic

    gurkdoinworkgurkdoinwork8 dagar sedan
  • ☠️☠️🥀😐

    David JacksonDavid Jackson8 dagar sedan
  • Hello Fresh looks like it uses a lot of plastic. Did you know due to microplastics, its estimated we eat 5g of plastic each week (about a credit card).

    Miles CooperMiles Cooper8 dagar sedan
  • What happened to jomez?

    apollion1apollion18 dagar sedan
  • Paul putting @ 20:45 Random lady: „No pressure Buddy.“ Brodie: „He lives under pressure.“ 😂

    Lars JaegerLars Jaeger8 dagar sedan
  • I say this a lot, but as I improve at disc golf, what the pros do is *more* impressive to me, not less. Paul is amazing as always, but I have to admit, hats off to you Brodie for getting so good as this so quickly.

    Jeffrey WuJeffrey Wu8 dagar sedan
  • Wish we could see some real golf

    George PyleGeorge Pyle8 dagar sedan
  • =(

    Mike ReidMike Reid8 dagar sedan
  • I play doubles the same way but usually there’s a conversation on almost every hole

    AR-13AR-138 dagar sedan
  • Double G BURN!!!!!

    Mike EickhoffMike Eickhoff8 dagar sedan
  • :(

    jacob horstmanjacob horstman8 dagar sedan
  • How do you go from regular golf to disc golf!!!

    George BakerGeorge Baker8 dagar sedan
  • Double Nomez 🥲🥲

    ngatau leafngatau leaf8 dagar sedan
  • All I know is, the thought of playing against McBeast and GG in dubs is terrifying.

    Josh EastwoldJosh Eastwold8 dagar sedan
  • This is some of the best content out there. I love the veteran and rookie commentary. Brodie you have grown so much in the last year!

    Brandon MaurerBrandon Maurer8 dagar sedan
  • Random lady walking by casually trash talking the number 1 player in the world might be one of my favorite disc golf moments ever 😂

    Kyle RoehlerKyle Roehler8 dagar sedan
  • The running commentary on this video is worth as much as the content itself. Loving how you guys play off of each other!

    Michael VerhoefMichael Verhoef8 dagar sedan
  • Hate to be negative and really love both these guys, but Brodie should keep in mind that God gave him two ears and only one mouth. He's also interrupting the GOAT!!

    Bill MillettBill Millett8 dagar sedan
  • That put on hole 9 (regular 18) looked really familiar, just minus a bunch of spectators

    Jon AndersonJon Anderson8 dagar sedan
  • I love the lady saying “no pressure, we’re just watching” just being friendly, totally unaware she was saying that to the best player in the world

    Aiden GlennonAiden Glennon8 dagar sedan
  • "Lets get cooking!" ala Jim Gaffigen. Great comedian. Would be a riot to see him play disc golf. Can't imagine his comments Keep posting. Can't wait to see you in some tournaments.. Come on COVID19 go away:(

    mark humphreymark humphrey8 dagar sedan
  • Kyle WaughKyle Waugh8 dagar sedan
  • :(

    Ryan ColeRyan Cole9 dagar sedan
  • =(

    xt0rrentxt0rrent9 dagar sedan
  • pausing in laughter at the first 1:30 they're packing in the jokes folks!

    agetori77agetori779 dagar sedan
  • :-( Sad face for Brodie. Always put your name on your disc

    Blake OgilvieBlake Ogilvie9 dagar sedan
  • Only legends will remember this guy and Dude Perfect 9.7 years ago

    cale9590 cale9590cale9590 cale95909 dagar sedan
  • am I the only one who wants trick shots and world records back?

    cale9590 cale9590cale9590 cale95909 dagar sedan
  • "Who's Carrie? Haah!" Lmmfao

    Kyle EarleKyle Earle9 dagar sedan
  • Sorry Brodie. If I find a disc with your name on it, it's going on my wall :)

    J TJ T9 dagar sedan
  • :(

    Antonio SalidoAntonio Salido9 dagar sedan
  • Brodie you’ve gotten so good

    Jay BowserJay Bowser9 dagar sedan
  • I miss the bleached tips, but I like baseball cap Paul too.

    BongRipsandStockTipsBongRipsandStockTips9 dagar sedan
  • What a cute Doggo!

    Brendan LivingstonBrendan Livingston9 dagar sedan
  • 16:27 is a Brodie vs Uli reenactment in the background

    Nate OlsonNate Olson9 dagar sedan
  • I low key miss golf Brodie

    Andrew HaldemanAndrew Haldeman9 dagar sedan
  • Awesome to see how much you’re progressing! Keep slinging em!

    William ClarkWilliam Clark9 dagar sedan
  • Do a quick Scoober instructional video. Maybe it IS underutilized.

    Justin TheBasketJustin TheBasket9 dagar sedan
    • I have a video already on it

      Brodie SmithBrodie Smith9 dagar sedan
  • How cool is it that Hannah saw that tee sign scenario as a partially unlock video game map? Did Paul find the perfect woman?

    Justin TheBasketJustin TheBasket9 dagar sedan
  • So I'm not trying to start another Brodie good / Brodie bad conversation here. This is a serious question. He has 2.2 million subscribers? Is that from Ultimate? I had no idea there was that large a following for Ultimate if so. That blows the disc golf viewership numbers completely out of the water. Is there something else I'm missing? Is he like a movie star too or something? Serious question. I have no problem with the guy and he seems to be picking the sport up very well.

    Justin TheBasketJustin TheBasket9 dagar sedan
  • Doubles strategy depends on skill of the players and type of hole. There is no right answer for all scenarios. If it's an easy 2 / ace run and you have 2 solid players, the first person goes for it. Especially if you are playing against many teams. If there are a bunch of teams and you want to win, you have to both be aggressive because there will be some really hot scores. If it's one other team head to head, that changes things a bit. The two good player scenario especially needs to have the first person go for any putts and even give the long ones a chance to go in. Things change again if you have one or both players that aren't that good.

    Justin TheBasketJustin TheBasket9 dagar sedan
  • The whole doubles thing depends on how far BOTH players throw versus the course you're on. I only throw about 280'-300' but I'm pretty accurate and can hit gaps and have a sick upshot game. My buds Kevin and Joey who I usually play with can throw 400'+ but aren't as accurate. I most always go first, so we'll have a solid shot first 8-9 out of 10 times, then they just try to ace. If it's an easy hole we both go for it no problem. Basically exactly what Paul said. Also, best vs worst is relative. I have no distance but I have great accuracy.

    NitronNitron9 dagar sedan
  • Awesome content and I can assure you all that Hello Fresh is absolutely amazing

    traskalletraskalle9 dagar sedan
  • That old lady. Stuff where people say: “close but no cigar”

    Tim NicholsTim Nichols9 dagar sedan
  • :-(

    Ben LinkBen Link9 dagar sedan
  • ☹️ for Brodie's disc

    Italian ElevenItalian Eleven9 dagar sedan
  • First ever other McBeth I’ve seen

    Logan McbethLogan Mcbeth9 dagar sedan
  • why did they have to pick worst course available for this event :(

    brian6speedbrian6speed9 dagar sedan
  • 21 right arrows to skip from ad to play.

    MattyMatty9 dagar sedan
  • Hannah “oh James Conrad” not knowing that he’ll be Paul’s partner yet lol

    Christopher CooperChristopher Cooper9 dagar sedan
  • Brodie is going to be danger this year 🙏😁💪

    Martin HenryssonMartin Henrysson9 dagar sedan
  • 😒

    HyzerBob-omb !HyzerBob-omb !9 dagar sedan
  • Good disc golf!

    Nomon MunirNomon Munir9 dagar sedan
  • I think the best putting tactic for best shot doubles is to have the first partner be aggressive and try to make the putt (unless you're in a spot where laying up is really difficult, then I'd lay up first). Ideally they make that first putt. But when the first putt is missed you'll usually get metal and drop to the ground or airball and finish inside 25 feet and gives the other partner the green light to run it. It really is rare that the second partner has to lay up because of how bad the first aggressive shot was. Aggressive is the name of the game on the putting green playing dubs.

    Tim ATim A9 dagar sedan
  • :( for the lost disc

    Spencer AnkleySpencer Ankley9 dagar sedan
  • Awwwwmazing conditions

    D LilloD Lillo9 dagar sedan
  • @Brodie Smith are you done with your Golf channel??

    Hunter WestHunter West9 dagar sedan
  • @5:00 them damn doodoo walkers!!!

    Dread HeadDread Head9 dagar sedan
  • good jobs brodies monster meidaei?

    H KH K9 dagar sedan
  • ☹️

    Chase SchumacherChase Schumacher9 dagar sedan
  • Whos Carrie!? Haha! So funny.

    Rick MortyRick Morty9 dagar sedan
  • 👍🏻

    Josh RussellJosh Russell9 dagar sedan
  • 😪

    Black Ace ProductionsBlack Ace Productions9 dagar sedan
  • The fact that Brodie’s channel (this biggest is the disc golf community where so many other disc golfers are trying to succeed with YT) DOESN’T support a single other channel should tell you all you need to know. GoodGood boys lucked out. Show some love to the people who you make content w...

    Tim ShanahanTim Shanahan9 dagar sedan
  • I have to disagree. Worst case scenario with the first player going big on their drive is the 2nd player plays it safe. That means one person played it safe and one person played aggressively, the same result if the first person played it safe. However, when the first shot does work out, it allows for two aggressive shots. It is common sense, 2 shots give you a better chance of scoring than 1.

    Wade VeillonWade Veillon9 dagar sedan
  • I loved Hannah’s comment about the video game! 😂😂😂

    GirdsGirds9 dagar sedan
  • Anyone tell paul he’s playing with James Conrad???

    Nate CalhounNate Calhoun9 dagar sedan
  • Not-so-bold prediction: Brodie will finish in the top 10 of a DGPT event this year.

    OlliepanceOlliepance9 dagar sedan
  • Ya’ll, the kids fighting each other at 16:27

    Nathanael PrestonNathanael Preston9 dagar sedan
  • The tourney rounds, you always looking fresh. But the casual rounds looks like you was just chilling on the couch and was like "I'm bored, let's go make some SEworld videos" and I'm here for it. Lol. Makes me think...alright, me and this dude could hang. Great content bro.

    Justin GossJustin Goss9 dagar sedan
  • Brodie I would jump into water to save my discs

    Rudraksh AghawRudraksh Aghaw9 dagar sedan
  • The all star format is trash! What happen to the skills challenge

    DAP2 CRYPTODAP2 CRYPTO9 dagar sedan
  • Paul and Conrad are going to crush

    DAP2 CRYPTODAP2 CRYPTO9 dagar sedan
  • I'm Just saying why is there no Bro-D Zone I need that in my life!!!!

    Cade GasnerCade Gasner9 dagar sedan
  • What shoes are you playing in?

    Chad RobertsChad Roberts9 dagar sedan
  • Hannah's video game comment on the teesign of #9 is the best 90s analogy ever!!! LMAO 🤣🤣

    JSozKVBFJSozKVBF9 dagar sedan
  • 13:00 YESSS!

    chris finchchris finch9 dagar sedan
  • Gotta clean up that footwork Brodie. I'm seeing a few foot faults...

    Kevin D.Kevin D.9 dagar sedan
  • :(

    Jake RaymondJake Raymond9 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait for the tourney

    John EvansJohn Evans9 dagar sedan
  • @6:46, that is an interesting strategy, never considered it, but it could be helpful, know the rules wells so you can break the effectively.

    Rich NARich NA9 dagar sedan