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Mankind was raised on The Skeld... it was never meant to die here. 🛰️
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  • For the record, Orange is still looking SUS.

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    • Wow

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    • Omg yt comment on my yt video 😂🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  • 1:38 look in the communication room and you will be laughing

    Mauri_gamer1lifeMauri_gamer1life29 minuter sedan
  • After I saw this video I started playing among us and at first I thought I could hide under the beds😅😂

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  • Wait if there is 99 imposters, and a crewmate, wouldnt the crewmate be the imposter and the imposters crewmates

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  • 🎃⚾️🏀🏐🏈🏉🎽

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  • all these impostor are so idiot they can easily call for emergency meeting and vote the crewmate out tho 🤷🏻‍♂️

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  • 🌍🌎🌏🌐🗺🏘🏠

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  • 🙂🐶🏺🦀🦞🦐🦑

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  • Omg this got popular QUICK

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  • All The Comments Vaas : Did I Ever Tell You What The Defenition of Insanity is? Bowser : BWAHAHHAHAH!!! Aldiun : You Do not Even Know Our Tongue, Do You? G-Man : Rise And Shine, Mr Freeman. Rise And... Shine Pshyco Mantis : Now Let Me Read Your Mind AndrewRyan : We All Make Choices. But In The End, Our Choices Make Us. MarkJefferson : Max And Chloe Are Super Sus! Dont Believe Them! GLaDOS : Whats Your Favorite Thing About Space? illusive_man : There, Earth. I Wish You Could See It Like I Do. Its So.... Perfect PshycoMantis : So You Like Among Us, DONT You. Sephiroth : After A Long Sleep, Time has Come... Alduin : Such Arrogance, To Dare Take For Yourself The Name Of Dovah! Comstock : The Lord Forgives Everything Flowey : In This World, its KILL or BE KILLED. PshycoMantis : You Like SEworld. Nice! I Love SEworld! Joker : I Apologize For This Interruption To Your Regular Entertainment. AlmaWade : My baby.. GIVE HIM BACK TO ME! Wesker : Seven Minutes is All I Can Spare To Play with You. Comstock : But Im Just A Prophet... So I Dont Have To. Amen. GLaDOS : Mine Is Space M.Bison : AHAHHAHAHAHHA!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAH! Psycho Mantis : And You like To Slow Down SEworld Videos! GreyWolfSif : Woof! Woof! Woof! Dutch : HEY! STOP! Why Is Everyone Posting Random Quotes!? MewTwo : I Dont Know, But It Is Annoying! Stop it Pls! Kerrigan : Lot Of Bratty Princes Around Here AsylumDemon : Shut Up Please! Its AMONG US! Not STARCRAFT Kerrigan : NOT DARK SOULS EITHER! Goro : Hopefully This Time I Will Be Imposter Zant : Its ImpostOR, Not ImpostER! RevOcelot : Any ImpostOR Strategies? Kefka : Simply Click KILL Next To The Poor. Poor Crewmate... Gwyndolin : Easy Peasy Lemon Squeasy! Dr.Wily : Usually A Round Only Takes A Few Seconds, R.I.P. Quelaag : I Did It In Half A Second, I Spawned Right Next To Him Haha. Vergil : So !#$% Lucky! HAHA GG WP KingKRool : You Know What Is Strange? KingKRool : How Can We Have Dialogue So Fast Paced? Nihilanth : Dude! So True! Scary! ThePixelKingdom : Well, Actually. I Write All This... But Dont Be Bothered Dr. Kirk : WOAH! WHO ARE YOU! Smough : Your Not Even In The Lobby WTH!? Hacks!?!? Paganmin : He Must Be The Real Impostor! VOTE KICK! ThePixelKingdom : Relax! Write Somethign Nice To The Viewers Baldi : Huh? The Pixel Kingdom Sus! Saren_Arterius : What Do You mean By "Viewers?" Is Someone Watching Us? Steve : Lets Meet At The Window of Cafeteria! I Want To Show You Something Cool! Waluigi : Yeah Whatever Steve. We Have A Serious Problem! Ornstein : Is This Some Kind Of fourth Wall Going On Here? PshycoMantis : As Luck Would Have It, Im Specialized In The Field! Handsome_Jack : I Feel Sick Now... I Think i have To Puke... MotherBrain : Spambotlanfakfbaskfb Didnt See That Coming Huh?! ThePixelKingdom : I Did, Since No one Wrote Something Nice, YOU ROCK! ( I Didnt See What It Was Since The Image Was Wrong So Here It Is ) Vees : Did i Even Tell You What the Defenition Of Insanity Was?

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  • more video from among us

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  • s t e v e

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  • JAJAJA 🤣

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  • Que mentira kaja

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  • That was the besttttttt among us video 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖🤩🤩🤩🤩

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  • Did any one else realize there were a bunch of bed crabs attacking someone in coms at 1:40

  • Esta muy buena

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  • Nos brasileiro assistindo vídeo em inglês oque eles estão falando os brasileiros assistindo vídeo em português what

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  • Hola hola

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  • 1:59 please buckle up as were approaching our final destination (:

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  • £¥£££€

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  • 1:39 lol

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  • it would take hacks to win as a crewmate with 99 imposters

    VampireCoven CovenVampireCoven Coven2 timmar sedan
  • The animation was so good, I thought it was real for a second.

    Luke MenereyLuke Menerey2 timmar sedan
  • actually, i dont play this game. i was interested, so i watched some gameplays couple weeks ago. i dont knew it is possible to do so many things like, hide in th bed, or hide on that box. also, i dont see any games, mak that "eletrical jump". but when he take the control of the ship, i was wondering, is it real? can someone answer me? sorry my bad english

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  • Jajaja me encanto soy la unica que habla español

    Lizeth G. SánchezLizeth G. Sánchez2 timmar sedan
  • Ii

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  • Hello

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  • Can somebody explain why the imposters could've just voted him out?

    Rumana BegumRumana Begum3 timmar sedan
  • Suscribance a mi canal subo cobra kai temporada 3 el otro años muchas gracias solo los que son españoles latin o

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  • Enzo 19

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  • Es muy bueno

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  • Ggggg que chistoso

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  • Hhhhhhhhhh😁😆😆🤣🤣👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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  • you can see it on camera is the previous episode with 100 players

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  • Damn, that must be some bad luck getting crewmate in a 99 imposter game

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  • Are you good in that game

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  • 😱

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  • Si te parece si lo ha dicho nada del

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  • Jajaja esta buena 🤣🤣🤣

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  • Hey bro a ad of a cleaner for mobile used your video

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  • If Among Us Expand Servers to 10 to 100?

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  • orginall

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  • This guy is making so much money off these vids

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  • anyone else see the million bed crabs chilling in communications?

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  • the kids chasing the icecream truck:

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  • 1:38 you see good have more milion PET ;-;

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  • Crazy to think that this has 163M views

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  • Eso se puede hacer

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  • idk i saw steve vent. pretty sus

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  • 🎁🎀🎈🎆

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  • Nobody: Me: oh welp the blue gonna die because a lot of bedcrabs

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  • Yo if you look at the names you can find dark souls remastered bosses

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  • [

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  • but there is only 1 crewmate how are many dead?

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  • No

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  • this is the most watched video in such a short time from AMONGUS

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  • Look in comms at 1:37

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  • wooow hay mas de 163M de vistas

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  • This is why you should wear your seatbelt

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  • This is perfect 👌👌

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  • Is that you SEworld!

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  • Ужас 162 млн просмотров

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  • 2:05 💣💣💣💣💣💥💥💥💥💥

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  • your video everyday become a lot of view, I excited. WOW, see any one? your video must will be 1 billion view, I pray of you

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  • Poor steve lol

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  • This is litteraly the most viewed video.. IN THE WHOLE OF SEworld

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  • So would the crewmate be the imposter?

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  • Dude like if there’s equal imposters and crew mates then the impostors win because there’s no hope because they both have no cool down then they can kill them both and then there’s like one of you and then there’s like 1000 of the other dude like seriously the impostors win

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  • Еее

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  • Good video pixel

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  • 0:48 Wait, that's illegal

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  • Great gameplay my friend. Have a wonderful day.

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  • Wow innersloth was there again!

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  • I like the last part

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  • It’s basically editing but I like it anyways

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  • Is it a lie

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  • 0:36 Vaas? As in Vaas Montenegro?

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  • Yo these animations are so good

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  • Just imagine how the lobby would look like

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  • u know that 99 imposters are basically impossible!

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  • How to play among us with 100 players

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  • steve just killed all 99 cerwmates he should be the imposter

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  • 1:51 zombie attack

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  • Hi I would just like to acknowledge you that they used your video for an among us add .So I'm not sure if it's considered stealing other people's videos

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  • 😮

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  • me encantoooooooo como haces para poner 100 personas dime quiero hacer eso

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  • So funny 🤣

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  • so they stole this vid to make an ad of a app called booster master More likr stoler master

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