Top 10 NEW Games of December 2020

22 nov 2020
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December 2020 is the final big bang month of the year for game releases on PC, PS5, PS4, Series X, Xbox One, and Stadia.
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#10 Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
Platform : PC VR
Release date : December 11

#9 Immortals Fenyx Rising
Platform : PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch, Stadia
Release date : December 3

#8 Override 2: Super Mech League
Platform : PC, PS5, XSX, PS4, XBO, Switch
Release date : December 22

#7 Twin Mirror: Lost On Arrival
Platform : PC, PS4, XBO
Release date : December 1

#6 MXGP 2020
PC, PS4, XBox One
December 16, 2020

#5 Worms Rumble
Platform : PC, PS5, PS4
Release date : December 1

#4 Chronos: Before the Ashes
Release date : December 1, 2020

#3 Empire of Sin
Platform : PC, PS4, XBO, Switch
Release date : December 1

#2 Call of the Sea
Platform : PC XBOX ONE XSX
Release date : December 8

#1 Cyberpunk 2077
Platform : PC PS5, XSX PS4 XBOX ONE Stadia
Release date : December 10


Platform :PS5
Release date : December 8

  • I love watching recent/old videos that are anticipating Cyberpunk 2077. I love not buying games on release date.

    EclecticBread NCircusEclecticBread NCircusDag sedan
  • This video has aged poorly due to the fact that CD projekt has apologized for postponing cyberpunk so many times AND STILL NOT FINISH IT. not only that but purge most of what theyve been working on.

    Aidan ColeAidan Cole10 dagar sedan
  • Wow how exciting I can barely handle it .... so thrilled.. what a load of shit

    I C yooI C yoo18 dagar sedan
  • At this point, i wish fortnite was still good as in old days and popular,

    mershad azizimershad azizi20 dagar sedan

    Chente DiazChente Diaz21 dag sedan
  • is the medal of honor game only for VR? if so thats ridiculous.

    DonkSlayerDonkSlayer22 dagar sedan
  • Chronos: "Everytime you die you age a year" My character's about to break the record for oldest person

    COMICUniversalCOMICUniversal22 dagar sedan
  • Funny how everyone is overhyping the buggy CyberPunk shit. Wr R U now?

    Rhod RicaldeRhod Ricalde22 dagar sedan
  • Let’s be honest games aren’t what they used to be anymore

    Bruce LeeBruce Lee23 dagar sedan
  • Are you wearing a mask while making this video??Kind of weird if!

    Craig AndersonCraig Anderson24 dagar sedan
  • man really said " Jhon wick and Keanu reeves "

    CENSOCENSO25 dagar sedan
  • Top 10 anime betrayals

    pratik jagtappratik jagtap25 dagar sedan
  • As soon as he says VR I’m not interested

    Luke woottonLuke wootton26 dagar sedan
  • Games don't need to be cinematic or new age to me, just fun. There are waaay too many turn-based games or third person games and I'm kinda tired of them (especially if there is a large distance from the characters). Immortals Fenyx Rising was supposed to be (at least I believed so) a first-person or up close third person game and I'm disappointed. I was really looking forward to a breath of wild-like game available for PC. The art, models, characters and the addition of the bird accompanying you seems really cool but the fact that it seems to be so far away from the character will put me off playing it, even if I buy it. What changed it so much from the original design I wonder? (I actually don't know and am curious). The only other game that interests me is Tem tem and definitely looking forward to purchasing it and giving it a try. I'm only curious about cyber punk because Keanu Reeves, enough said

    Kitten2CatKitten2Cat26 dagar sedan
  • So videos like this is why everyone had totally the wrong expectation of Cyberpunk. A game nothing like described in this video that was never intended to be anything like described in this video.

    monkeykodermonkeykoder27 dagar sedan
  • Are you wearing a mask?

    DanielSkullz - Xbuzz32DanielSkullz - Xbuzz3227 dagar sedan
  • CP2077 at number 1? Seriously? CorpoRats overtly lie about the game's performance on current generation consoles, prohibit reviewers from showing their own play to prevent customers from finding out about how broken it is, the CorpoRats then offer full refunds on PS in controvention of Sony's refund policy, without so much as a 'by your leave', getting the game pulled from that marketplace, and even on 'next-gen' consoles, it's buggy as all get out, and has numerous hard crashes on PC, where it plays best (which is to say, poorly), and you gave it a number 1? So did you loose all self-respect, or did CDPR just buy it from you outright?

    Uncle VerumUncle Verum27 dagar sedan
  • yeah... about cyberpunk...

    Baba YxgaBaba Yxga27 dagar sedan
  • Do not waste your money on cyberpunk. The game is currently damn near unplayable if you don’t have a next gen console or high quality pc. Even then there are still game breaking glitches

    Jacob HahnJacob Hahn28 dagar sedan
  • A rumbles of a good list.

    Fahd FahdFahd Fahd28 dagar sedan
  • Opinions on Cyberpunk 2077 redacted?

    Ross 2077Ross 207729 dagar sedan
  • Cyberpunk was refunded on PSN lol

    nayrrd1nayrrd129 dagar sedan
  • Speaking with a mask on eh? Or with a sock in the mouth. Almost sounds like the guy just came out of a dentist's office after heavy tooth work. Still, great video! Much appreciated

    Walk SlowWalk SlowMånad sedan
  • Do you really have a mask on lol

    ReeeaaalllyyyReeeaaalllyyyMånad sedan
  • Worms was always a battle royale game, just it was turn based. Removing the turn based element wouldn't change much at all besides the pace. 6:11 Chronos: Before The Ashes looks more like Ashen than the games mentioned in the video. If you are going to compare, best compare it to something that resembles it.

    Kindlesmith80Kindlesmith80Månad sedan
  • Your voice sounds like you got some dental work done, maybe you should get all that cotton out of your mouth before you do these videos.

    C. O.C. O.Månad sedan
  • Cyberpunk2077? More like CyberbugsX2077

    Blue NationBlue NationMånad sedan
  • I can't wait for overide and chronos before the ashes

    gho_ s cogho_ s coMånad sedan
  • Immortals is so good and so much fun. I played Cyberpunk for maybe five hours when it released and then went right back to IFR. I just hit 25 hours and I've barely scratched the surface of the second area.

    Twigg4075Twigg4075Månad sedan
  • Cyberpunk really came through..............🥔

    Snowy OwlSnowy OwlMånad sedan
  • 10. Metal of honor above and beyond 9. Immortals fenyx rising 8. Override 2 super mech league 7. Twin mirror lost on arrival 6. Mgxp 2020 5. Worms rumble 4. Chronos before the ashes 3. Empire of sin 2. Call of the sea 1. Cyberpunk 2077

    Vladimir HríbikVladimir HríbikMånad sedan
  • Here after cyberpunk 2077 fail

    ReyYTReyYTMånad sedan
  • You had to spoil it by putting Cyberflunk at number sad

    Polecat54941Polecat54941Månad sedan
  • last 1 was the best one

    bilal coulibalybilal coulibalyMånad sedan
  • Call of the sea Nora looking for her husband... Sounds like a fallout 4 follow up

    Sanad BenaliSanad BenaliMånad sedan
  • "3:34" Well i found a program that generates $5623 easily It totally changed my life *w i n m a k e d o l l a r . s t o r e* εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

    Marina AgapitoMarina AgapitoMånad sedan
  • it sounds like he is wearing a mask

    Lui JuiLui JuiMånad sedan
  • Did he just say Keanu reeves and John wick are in the game💀

    Joshua MarklandJoshua MarklandMånad sedan
  • Also watch dogs legion

    Jake_roblox Loves snakesJake_roblox Loves snakesMånad sedan
  • I feel like cyberpunk 2077 is being hyped too much

    Scene CrunchScene CrunchMånad sedan
  • Man, all these two bit game comentators, journalist, reviewers that have no idea how to describe a game. All they do is repeat obvious info displayed in the video they show and compare it to some thing else. Like 1:23, he didn't even present the game but starts yapping about comparisons and keeps repeating the same shit 3 times.

    MoonshainMoonshainMånad sedan
  • December 11. Gosh, they're nothing if not ambitious 😄

    Barát GáborBarát GáborMånad sedan
  • What’s the thumbnail game?

    AnonymousAnonymousMånad sedan
  • i hope cronos of the aches is not soul's like

    denis Dzemajljidenis DzemajljiMånad sedan
  • Your voice sounds weird! Thanks for the content guys... i love it

    DaveDaveMånad sedan
  • Why on earth are you talking through a mask

    Andrew CharltonAndrew CharltonMånad sedan
  • This video was disappointing in quality.

    Nate FletcherNate FletcherMånad sedan
  • Happy smissmas mercenaries, happy smissmas

    SMBen64SMBen64Månad sedan
  • Yummysoon plebes

    james ryanjames ryanMånad sedan
  • I want to play number 7 that game sounds awesome

    cupcakesqueen01cupcakesqueen01Månad sedan
  • MOH is going to be disaster...

    Кирил ЙордановКирил ЙордановMånad sedan
  • Tem tem has been out for a while on steam

    TenoTenoMånad sedan
  • 9:10 ahh yes john wick

    FGIPFGIPMånad sedan
  • 9:06 "It has john wick, and keanu reaves"

    Dylan HartDylan HartMånad sedan
  • No

    RadBrad Music ArtistRadBrad Music ArtistMånad sedan
  • hate to break it to ya but cyberpunk aint gonna be like gta at alll tbh

    BritishBritishMånad sedan
  • Cyberpunk 2077 🤤🤤

    William William 2.0William William 2.0Månad sedan
  • Is there a video without Cyberpunk ?

    Mr BungleMr BungleMånad sedan
  • Call of the sea. I travel to an exotic island and discover

  • I want chronos on game pass cuz I has no $$

    Lori CruikshankLori CruikshankMånad sedan
  • what kinda of shitty list is this

    abody ghgreabody ghgreMånad sedan
  • try this game on google play SUPER NINJA BOSS FIGHTER it's very challengin👍

    starburstastarburstaMånad sedan
  • Jfc, all these games are garbage. Good thing i have gotten used to skipping through most of these videos. I guess the new obsession for twitch streamers is little kids games, shit like "fall guys" and "among us", with a little battle royale left over. Haven't played them, never will. But because a few twitch streamers like playing these kinds of games, we keep getting stuck with shit games. Bad year for video games all around. The only game that was worth a damn on this list was the medal of honor one, been waiting a long time for a new medal of honor and they had to go and fuck that up and make it VR.

    Dylan HuffDylan HuffMånad sedan
  • Am I the only one who notices that Falcon is wearing a mask in this video commentary. It's distracting.

    Rodney UnthankRodney UnthankMånad sedan
  • Cyberpunk!

    Giorgos DarkseidGiorgos DarkseidMånad sedan
  • So lucky to click the Dumpsmajesty appreciation from Julian on the site, I got a new CC from him @dumpsmajesty on telegram, so happy.. Thank you sir...

    Tony BanksTony BanksMånad sedan
  • Bruhhh the year 2021 have soo many good game comingg bruhh

    ArosifuArosifuMånad sedan
  • wait did he say john wick and keanu reeves haha

    JettyMooMooJettyMooMooMånad sedan
  • There is only one game coming out in December

    Conner 1234Conner 1234Månad sedan
  • This moron does not know that this is not a shooter and not anything like GTA and is not a follow up to witcher3 it is made by the same studio. A muck of a channel.

    Joshua ImlerJoshua ImlerMånad sedan
  • wait isnt john wick keanu reeves?

    IncoX GhostlyOdinIncoX GhostlyOdinMånad sedan
  • This will be nothing like GTA. That's what makes me excited. I'm ready to fully immerse myself.

    TetzuoTetzuoMånad sedan
  • Falcon, are you using a mask while recording the vid bro? hehehe

    MrJonathanRBMrJonathanRBMånad sedan
  • Slow month for gaming

    DaReal MossDaReal MossMånad sedan
  • 1st, you said John Wick AND Keanu Reeves. 2nd, you didn't include biomutant!

    Reckless69KillerReckless69KillerMånad sedan
  • They are running out of ideas. Minimalist graphics, childis games. It is ironic that we have the technology to produce good games. But we don't. My wallet will be happy.

    MGstaR17MGstaR17Månad sedan
  • Cykapunk 2077

    1O1 YouTube1O1 YouTubeMånad sedan
  • U can play Empire of Sin on ur phone right now it's been out for over 2 months

    Toxic StudiosToxic StudiosMånad sedan
  • You sound so depressed in this video, what happend?

    Leon DjuricLeon DjuricMånad sedan
    • Shit games happened

      Dylan HuffDylan HuffMånad sedan
  • Android ?😔👎

    Anas SayyedAnas SayyedMånad sedan
  • Empire of Sin got a mediocre review score.

    Eric GlueckertEric GlueckertMånad sedan
  • i'm getting shadow of the colossus vibes from kronos

    BlixZeroBlixZeroMånad sedan
  • Anyone who believes in Jesus will live, even after dying. Everyone who lives in Jesus and believes in Him will never ever die 🙏

    Metro MMetro MMånad sedan
  • Who dislikes a video like this ?

    sbsavioursbsaviourMånad sedan
  • No mention of Immortals Fenyx Rising?

    Jordan TuckerJordan TuckerMånad sedan
  • im just waiting for a new competitive game

    KauzeyKauzeyMånad sedan
  • Is his voice different

    magic koopa 2019magic koopa 2019Månad sedan
  • Dude are you wearing a mask 😷 while recording this? Sounds muffled 🤔

    79Dtrain79DtrainMånad sedan
  • Chronos before the ashes sounds like a neat concept.i'll check it out. Checked it out. Great concept. Best I can say.

    SangoProductions213SangoProductions213Månad sedan
  • Wait so Worms Rumble is basically Super Smash but with HP bars and in Worms universe????........ Son of a b, IM IN!

    ZDYZDYMånad sedan
  • Guess: will Cyberpunk release on December 10 ? : )

    Vidmantask VidmantaskVidmantask VidmantaskMånad sedan
  • Your voice sounds different. Are you sick?

    Ian BIan BMånad sedan
  • i need new cool games cuz im bored from GTA 5 and Fortnite.

    Nasty ShotoNasty ShotoMånad sedan
  • Cyberpunk top 1 of every month this year xD

    Nihal K prakashNihal K prakashMånad sedan
  • Sounds like he speaking through mask

    Kai SuisenKai SuisenMånad sedan
  • The Medium would be also coming out this month, but it was delayed most likely because of Cyberpunk 2077. I'm hyped for Cyberpunk, The Medium, and Call of the Sea as of right now.

    RhomayyannHBRhomayyannHBMånad sedan
  • Why in the fuck are you wearing a mask while you record???

    Rob MortuaryRob MortuaryMånad sedan
  • Rumour has it that cyberpunk was delayed to make it at top of this list every month...

    Se EsSe EsMånad sedan
  • Hey quick question... WHERE THE FUG IS RUST

    Adam YinglingAdam YinglingMånad sedan
  • My least favorite part about next gen is already having to hear about games coming out on xbox 1 2 and 3 and series a b c. Brought to you by Sesame Street.

    oppositesleeperoppositesleeperMånad sedan