3 dec 2020
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Did you know exotic weapons exist? You have to spend gold, and there's no refunds. If you die after buying them, and you can't try again - Gold has no refunds. We hope you enjoy!
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  • 5:41 No, you are Jordnos

    Bustermykingman JonesBustermykingman JonesDag sedan
  • you forgot the blaze fire sniper

    trezenstrezens2 dagar sedan
  • Gg

    Heidi Østermark LarsenHeidi Østermark Larsen2 dagar sedan
  • Bruh lachy stole the thumbnail like the rainbow boxes and lightning around character his is blue lightning if I remember

    Vast BlastVast Blast3 dagar sedan
  • i have max gold xd its 10,000

    Mason LeeMason Lee5 dagar sedan
  • You guys are amazing

    Śupęr Døg BrošŚupęr Døg Broš6 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    PetrPetr6 dagar sedan
  • What about gun that shoots snowballs

    Gabe MVPGabe MVP8 dagar sedan
  • I have 10k gold the Max amount

    Tadhg McCabeTadhg McCabe11 dagar sedan
  • What Do You My Name Rick Say Knock It’s Lol Exo Langis Clamper Name Do You Storm Cann What Do You My Name Rick Say Knock It’s Lol

    nining haeraninining haerani11 dagar sedan
  • Double Light Lag Dani Exo Sm Notice Lag Lag You Down Light

    nining haeraninining haerani11 dagar sedan
  • Lag Lag You Down Light Suhan Actually Exo Mystery Actually Lag Lag You Down Light

    nining haeraninining haerani11 dagar sedan
  • 10 Meter Hard You Exo Zalapk 10 Meter

    nining haeraninining haerani11 dagar sedan
  • Look You That See Coins Hunter 100 Mensati Exo Prakai Do You Rick Knock Look You That See Coins Hunter

    nining haeraninining haerani11 dagar sedan
  • I Don’t Know Exo Sakaraia I Don’t Know

    nining haeraninining haerani11 dagar sedan
  • Paint Here Good God You Leni Sana Saral Last Yusi Exo Pai Senyi Se Green Sana Saral Paint Here Good God You Leni Sana Saral

    nining haeraninining haerani12 dagar sedan
  • Jessi always wins everything

    Ben Mason GamingBen Mason Gaming12 dagar sedan
  • Never have I ever seen brothers get along so well

    Nathan SternNathan Stern13 dagar sedan
  • I'm level 351

    supyogisupyogi15 dagar sedan
  • Over Here It You The My Name Rick Full Knock Rpsos 2919 Paiana apaja Taisks Taxi Paia Exo Over Here It You The My Name Rick Full Knock

    nining haeraninining haerani15 dagar sedan
  • 2 Hours Day Epic You 201 Palan Pancake Exo 2 Hours Day Epic You

    nining haeraninining haerani15 dagar sedan
  • 🅘︎🅜︎ 🅐︎ ☃︎

    RetroBTWシRetroBTWシ16 dagar sedan
  • Whats better pepsi or coke?

    RetroBTWシRetroBTWシ16 dagar sedan
  • Lapet 210 Dosh Exo Lapet 210

    nining haeraninining haerani16 dagar sedan
  • Robot Zapaki Zapaki Exo Robot Zapaki

    nining haeraninining haerani16 dagar sedan
  • Jordan the heavy sniper shoots clingers

    Alessia MarinelliAlessia Marinelli18 dagar sedan
  • Dummy can be near please park two

    Hudson BakkenHudson Bakken21 dag sedan
  • U were on my team in apex legends

    Spleen DriverSpleen Driver22 dagar sedan
  • Do you guys even get some 💤

    siham malkisiham malki22 dagar sedan
  • 4:45 - Anyone know what this beat/song is? I really like it and would like to use it! - 4:45

    Cryptic GodCryptic God24 dagar sedan
  • Night hawk is thermal

    Sade MeyerSade Meyer28 dagar sedan
  • You guys are INSANEEEEEEEEE

    Jayden HernandezJayden Hernandez28 dagar sedan
  • سلام رفقا

    iliya 88iliya 8828 dagar sedan
  • The bizarre cast exemplarily balance because psychiatrist radiologically file failing a mighty death. quiet, crabby finger

    Kathryne HarffKathryne Harff29 dagar sedan
  • Starts with 3,000 each, ends with less than less than 1,00 total gold. Very economy

    FlexTape 467FlexTape 467Månad sedan
  • Oh. I forgot to record.

    krillin winninkrillin winninMånad sedan
  • Your missing the blaze sniper

    Jason M KadingoJason M KadingoMånad sedan
  • Also Jordan spamming space

    Piotr BorowyPiotr BorowyMånad sedan
  • Jordan: i stuck him

    Piotr BorowyPiotr BorowyMånad sedan
  • You saw the player in the rift LOL

    Groovy FishGroovy FishMånad sedan
  • Jessie getting annoyed that Jordan won’t shut up about power and how unstoppable he is ooof that’s what I would feel like

    Samurai 501stSamurai 501stMånad sedan
  • 5:18 omg how you to that

    ahmedX EzahmedX EzMånad sedan
  • hoi

    Heyden HewHeyden HewMånad sedan
  • Lol I got all exotic weapons in one game including the 2 new ones

    Indy d dogIndy d dogMånad sedan
  • The sniper shoots a granade that clings, the silenced pistol marks the scoped deagle is thermal scopped and the double barle nocks u back, and the storm scout tells u the final storm

    Udi WaizerUdi WaizerMånad sedan
  • Can we just appreciate how they grind in hours for these vids they deserve it

    TaliaTaliaMånad sedan
  • The naive south korea advantageously stir because overcoat technically stop opposite a therapeutic textbook. bustling, sore grouse

    Chungwei WangChungwei WangMånad sedan
  • You guys are so nice 👍

    Follow__Tr3Follow__Tr3Månad sedan
  • Fun fact: They kill my friend DanTheMan

    Dr. HserDr. HserMånad sedan
  • you can esbec arabac

    yazan ghadayazan ghadaMånad sedan
  • The new heavy sniper makes u see the other zone

    xGALAXYxxGALAXYxMånad sedan
  • Good vid

    Jacob BarrientosJacob BarrientosMånad sedan
  • He said ****

    Rock Krawlin RonRock Krawlin RonMånad sedan
  • Imagine if they died and someone saw their loot. They would just be like 😲

    AakeAakeMånad sedan
  • Funfact: at the beginning when they got the double barrel they used a rift fish and they took the dummy with them

    Blaze_ AlphaBlaze_ AlphaMånad sedan
  • Bro then twins work so hard have some respect. like this if u agre

    louis cutielouis cutieMånad sedan
  • The overjoyed shampoo expectedly correct because line peroperativly thaw aboard a incandescent record. lethal, naive feedback

    Jacoba MortenJacoba MortenMånad sedan
  • Ycf7

    Savannah NeacappoSavannah NeacappoMånad sedan
  • Me oh there getting a double barrel *One of the twins:OH wE aRe gOING TO jUnK jUnKtIoN

    cosmic vaillcosmic vaillMånad sedan
  • Yes

    El bromista de Culiacan •El bromista de Culiacan •Månad sedan
  • How u got that much gold

    Sameera AliaSameera AliaMånad sedan
  • i subed and liked and turned on the bell

    Toni LeeToni LeeMånad sedan
  • I have over 5k gold

    Zoom RacerZoom RacerMånad sedan
  • That was crazy but they got pretty Lucky

    Cynthia LouderbackCynthia LouderbackMånad sedan
  • x2twins = plays fortnite with a good quality and 100 fps Me: *plays fortnite with low graphics and 1-17 fps*

    I am SimpI am SimpMånad sedan
  • Your still missing the sixth weapon

    Wat ColdwellWat ColdwellMånad sedan
  • The boom sniper hits only 10

    Isabelle . okay goIsabelle . okay goMånad sedan
  • No one : Not a Single soul : Jordan:JeSsY

    Jason RenfrowJason RenfrowMånad sedan
  • 3:28 Wait szszszszszsz???

    Martin DantaMartin DantaMånad sedan
  • hi

    Henrik TafjordHenrik TafjordMånad sedan
  • How did u get so much gold off spawn

    Megha HirwaniyaMegha HirwaniyaMånad sedan
  • Leda looks so cartony. Also, I have full reese. My fave skin

    ShadowbombShadowbombMånad sedan
  • play some real games not kids games

    ༒༺•Δβψៜៜ•༻༒༒༺•Δβψៜៜ•༻༒Månad sedan
  • "gos for pistol first"

    Julia WormerJulia WormerMånad sedan

    Sara KrugerSara KrugerMånad sedan
  • Ite picture this “Twins vs the best duos” ????

    NotvokeNotvokeMånad sedan
  • How do you get so much gold at spawn?

    The Zeee beastThe Zeee beastMånad sedan
  • Exoti revolver gives you night vision

    Rylan ParkeRylan ParkeMånad sedan
  • 7:16 “sneaky silencer”

    Mineturtle 1809Mineturtle 1809Månad sedan
  • You had 6 spectators instead of 4 man!

    Anson QiAnson QiMånad sedan
  • Once a wise man said: I wAnT aLl oF eM

    Abdullah AAbdullah AMånad sedan
  • i have 11000 gold

    DarknessDarknessMånad sedan
  • honestly much respect to the grind of getting all that gold

    Jordan MartiniJordan MartiniMånad sedan

    zambie killzzambie killzMånad sedan
  • The revolver has thermal vision

    Alex CarterAlex CarterMånad sedan
  • اعلتناب

    مريم الهاشممريم الهاشمMånad sedan
  • نبغاتما

    مريم الهاشممريم الهاشمMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Lennox GarciaLennox GarciaMånad sedan
  • Players this exotic weapons is op. Epic games I never update exotic weapon never

    Franek grzelakFranek grzelakMånad sedan
  • You guys talk a lot

    Apostolos KavvadiasApostolos KavvadiasMånad sedan
  • Jordan i have more gold then you i got 5,000 gold also when you said five of them i thought of lazarbeam when he said i wnat five of em

    Addilyn HeymanAddilyn HeymanMånad sedan
  • add my friend pleas x2twins my name is Husky_Sam1

    Hongmei JiangHongmei JiangMånad sedan
  • I want a skin ans not be a default ;(

    Manu NzManu NzMånad sedan
  • i love your video ❤️❤️❤️

    Sian brent ToledoSian brent ToledoMånad sedan
  • Pistol is best it gives u aimbot

    Uzma KousarUzma KousarMånad sedan
  • Jesse is slowly dying in the inside

    NahomNahomMånad sedan
  • lol i have like 6k gold xD

    pita pauupita pauuMånad sedan
  • I love u guys that ur not clickbaiting it’s really fire

    Bo EdalBo EdalMånad sedan
  • He says perfect run but the dummy didn’t spawn in the first location but it was still good

    NashTheDash05NashTheDash05Månad sedan
  • Soy el único español que ve estos vídeos aunque no entienda una mierda?

    yo ser humanoyo ser humanoMånad sedan