#478 - 3 Feet Of Snow And Counting! LVP Flooring Finished!!! Preparedness (Desperate Times)

21 feb 2021
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3 feet of snow in four days. LVP flooring is done. Preparedness talk.
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  • 3 Feet Of Snow And Counting When you live in snow country........enjoy !!!

    BS DetectorBS Detector2 timmar sedan
  • Love u guys.. God bless.

    Bernie RodgersBernie Rodgers4 timmar sedan
  • I understand that you don't have to deal with this all that often but, you may think about investing in a pair of snowshoes. Just sayin'...

    Greg McKinleyGreg McKinleyDag sedan
  • My advice is if you can make a car open garage using only the roof cover, so you don't get rain and snow .... greetings from Indonesia

    Achmad MuswindiartoAchmad MuswindiartoDag sedan
  • Need to get a snowblower up there

    Jeff SeifertJeff SeifertDag sedan
  • All you have been saying is how little snow y'all have gotten "be careful what you ask for" The good lord will and can provide. Really enjoy the talks after your videos.

    Richard ScoginRichard Scogin2 dagar sedan
  • hows that global warming bs again??? lol

    Don DuckDon Duck2 dagar sedan
  • Woo there was a bunch of stuff under them stairs.

    WiztardWiztard3 dagar sedan
  • That was some bulllllllshiiiit that happened in TX. I had a generator and supplies but the people around me just froze their asses off for 73 hours and then another 48 beyond that with no water. Ercot killed our power because they couldn't make any money off of it, they should be in prison.

    WiztardWiztard3 dagar sedan
  • I have a feeling these weather patterns will continue for the next 5 years.

    Lochan AcresLochan Acres3 dagar sedan
  • First aide in every vehicle!!!

    Richard and Diana SalsberyRichard and Diana Salsbery3 dagar sedan
  • These are the months you need a second home farther south. LOL Are you the only one that plows that road? Have you ever spoke to other neighbors about pitching $'s in for a proper snow removal type vehicle? Like a community effort and you can continue to keep the road open for all?

    Patti WhitePatti White3 dagar sedan
  • I am also north west of Dallas. Got down to -3. I have lived here my entire life. I have never plowed snow. Until now. I had to just use the bucket on my tractor and push snow off the driveway and roadways around our house. The others with land around us did the same. The small community pulled our resources and got it done. We keep a pantry full of food. We have 25 lbs each of beans and rice. We melted snow on the fire to flush toilets. We have a lot of water on hand. We were ready. It never lasts more than a few days, here and this was no different.

    Don BavolDon Bavol3 dagar sedan
  • Prepare for the worst hope for the best. Prepare for everything.

    Denise DurhamDenise Durham3 dagar sedan
  • Andrew Camaratta just did a video on three toro snow blowers. The smallest one he demonstrated would be perfect for clearing the snow and ice from your roofs. It probably is not too expensive, but it IS effective.

    KDKRacingKDKRacing3 dagar sedan
  • How is it going with the snow? Are you snowed under?

    eva celikeva celik3 dagar sedan
  • Do you have a recommendation for a high end first aid kit? We have been talking about getting one also... With Dan cutting wood, and also doing chores... you never know when something will happen. and its not if it happens , its WHEN it happens..... We have a small first aid kit.. but we need something better ! I was heating a bag of broccoli in the microwave one day. When it was ready I took it out and the bag Burst open... hot steam and boiling water landed on my leg.. and gave me 2nd degree burns...it took 6 months for the burns to heal properly .... that's horrible !!! a first aid kit is needed for home and farm !!! anything can happen no matter how careful you are.. accidents happen !!!

    Pamela RileyPamela Riley4 dagar sedan
  • Funny to see SEworldrs from Texas have so much trouble and complaining about 1 inch, next video Heath is plowing 30 inches and planning out how to be even better prepared next time.

    F AF A4 dagar sedan
  • Snow Shoes

    Imperial JakeImperial Jake4 dagar sedan
  • Best first aid kit surviveware ! Check them out

    Anne SweeneyAnne Sweeney4 dagar sedan
  • We are in the middle of remodeling the kitchen. This is the second time we our remodeling a kitchen. Yes it is very difficult living in a house that you have to remodel. You're doing a awesome job, you're a very good husband. Take care and I hope the snow stops for you and your family.

    Deb from the millDeb from the mill4 dagar sedan
  • That slope where you have the solar panels, next to the house....... Seems Avalanche Prone !! In Switzerland they drive metal spikes into the slopes to anchor the snow crust.

    Manuel Bermúdez Diaz de AldaManuel Bermúdez Diaz de Alda4 dagar sedan
  • you talked about planning for back up to everything, here is another Homestead in WVa that is doing the same thing. PS he is a Master Electrician. seworld.info/will/ooeu3p6weIWTups/video

    David KisnerDavid Kisner4 dagar sedan
  • With all your planning and preparation are you planning for 20 or 25 years time when you may not be able to do what you do now or want to do then and if so how ?

    Jon CoxheadJon Coxhead4 dagar sedan
  • Buy a used showcat

    Wim HWim H4 dagar sedan
  • Bannana belt is an area of your region which recieves warmer winters than what is typical for your area, a sort of micro climate.

    rocket testsrocket tests4 dagar sedan
  • Oops. SO sorry. :-)

    M PM P4 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if the world snow cocaine

    jajajaja4 dagar sedan
  • I have taken St. John’s ambulances 2 day courses up until 2020. Excellent peace of mind for a couple of hundred dollars and I drive a school bus and I want to be as prepared as possible.

    Ashleigh Jaima OsborneAshleigh Jaima Osborne5 dagar sedan
  • I'm north fort worth we got hit hard. Wells froze all over we still have no water in Springtown tx. I am trying to fix my well and there is zero 1 in fitting pvc within 60 miles of me. But God has blessed us me my #1 to get is a genator.. any advice? I am still on grid and it will be a backup

    Matthew McClureMatthew McClure5 dagar sedan
  • I Be taken some funny looks and laughter over my insistence on being prepared. But......got to admit.....it feels kinda good to know that when (not if) the cow poo hits the buzz fan, we are taking care of ourselves and doing our part to try to help others.

    meh1943meh19435 dagar sedan
  • Texas and the Gulf Coast had a worse storm back on Feb. 15, 1895. Winter happens. Every home should be prepared with supplies just like our great-grandparents were back then.

    saxonsoldier67saxonsoldier675 dagar sedan
  • Stop whining, you choose to live in the middle of no where.

    John MarquardtJohn Marquardt5 dagar sedan
  • If you increase the angle of your veranda roof would that make it easier for the snow to slide off *you answered my question later in video. Thxs

    Shane D55Shane D555 dagar sedan
  • Where is the black dog? Bandit?

    NettieNettie5 dagar sedan
  • We like Dallas, Texas, were hit hard by the large amount of snow (for Austin, Texas) and the power outages that followed. We lost power on Monday but still had gas and water. On Thursday, we had the power come on but lost water service. We never lost gas. That was the most useful utility. We could cook and melt snow to flush the toilets. The power was the worse when the house got to 48--52 degrees inside. Lots of clothes and covers helped as well as the gas logs (even though they are fairly useless-- poorly installed chimney won't draw, so is really useless for wood fire. We finally got water Sunday afternoon. We were somewhat prepared so as to stay safe, fed and able to weather the issues. We had two power packs but realized the smaller Goal Zero wasn't strong enough to run some items that were vulnerable. We have now ordered the next to largest Goal Zero and will be able to solve some of the issues we had should we go through another storm like this. Neighbors helped neighbors. We kept the phones and iPads charged for two of the single ladies. And we grilled and smoked meat we were able to share, rather than let spoil. In return, one neighbor shared he load of sheep manure that will go into my garden and the other connected us with a friend that lost no utilities who allowed us to shower at his business as well as filled up our various containers with 20 gallons of well water. We also provide some of our extra food to a young couple that was caught unprepared. They definitely learned some lessons, but were willing and able to get them through the issues. Other things that helped us pass time was an old transistor radio and boardgames that helped us pass the time. I, as a lifelong Texas) know how to live with two months of temperature over 100 degrees than what we went through. But, with some extra preparation, we will be better off in the future. Sorry for the long Texas disaster tale. Joy Giles

    Tip GilesTip Giles5 dagar sedan
  • We live in WV..we had an ice storm not one but 2 of them..we just got electric today..was out 8 days..we have propane n stoves..and generators..but,a lot where without.we all have to prepare...alot dont..it scares them to.

    Beverly WilsonBeverly Wilson5 dagar sedan
  • I have been watching you guys for last 3 years now and have watched every single video, your videos are so peaceful. You have a calm voice and the way you narrate. you should do some audio book narrationsa i would definitely listen to that audio book

    Mrinal ChoudharyMrinal Choudhary5 dagar sedan
  • To Dharri [which has a fake youtube site that you cannot respond to]: I commented about spending excessive money on a skid steer, for snow removal and he/she replied: "A skid steer is more versatile in terms of working around the homestead getting other things done when it's not snowing. You get your money's worth from a single investment" To reply, I say again, that's true if you have extra money laying around, but then he has excavator for that [if he can run it that well] which works better on a hill, as I have one also. But the other consideration is that people give their hard earned money to help them, and they should be frugal with those funds. Like finish & improve the property, barn, and other started projects. This can be done during the summer, and an auction bought box dump can help.

    BstigerBstiger5 dagar sedan
  • Amazing job on the house, love your vlogs! Thanks for the advice on being prepared! I'm not off-grid but I have a well, septic, and oil heat and COVID definitely brought about some challenges when we couldn't get certain supplies we needed. I've learned now to keep 3 months worth of certain supplies on hand for unexpected emergencies. It's a bit of an adjustment to make sure I always keep enough supplies around but since doing this it has already proven to be necessary a time or two.

    Amy HubbardAmy Hubbard5 dagar sedan
  • Time to get a Toro Snow Blower.

    S. KentS. Kent5 dagar sedan
  • This is what being a "prepper" is all about, constantly reevaluating and fortifying one's position. Best of luck with your plan.

    tsx3214tsx32145 dagar sedan
  • Look for a Kabota Skid steer SVL-75-2 with tracks (good i've learnt from anyone in the US that uses a kabota, it starts where bobcat fails even in cold winter days parked outside) Hope you're warm and well? stay safe. GOD BLESS YOU.

    Edward SethEdward Seth5 dagar sedan
  • Hey, we had a little bit of snow in Jerusalem last week. Nothing like your wonderful deep snow, but it was quite beautiful too. Take a look: seworld.info/will/nmyymK-nrYuYx4k/video . I really love watching you guys twice a week! God bless you!

    Ehud TokatlyEhud Tokatly5 dagar sedan
  • What about the Emergency/survival food kits? You can get a 4 week supply or if you're very worried I think they make up to 6 months. Not very expensive, doesnt take a lot of space and lasts for years

    Anthony KobelAnthony Kobel5 dagar sedan
  • Remotely? We are 5 miles from the mailbox and trash can living offgrid in a polebarn in our All Terrain Warrior RV from Australia...;-) King Rope Sheridan Wyoming!

    M&M Overland AdventuresM&M Overland Adventures5 dagar sedan
  • Huh? Banana belt in IDAHO where? We looked for property up by Bonners Ferry, Sand Point, and Priest River. Then Montana Bitterroot area, finally bought in the Banana Belt of Wyoming. We've got a foot at most in one storm then it melts and we get a few more inches. Check out Cowboy State Daily seworld.info/will/gq7X18TQrJaXmZ8/video Best US weather reports I've ever seen. We are in an La Niña pattern. Take care and GOD BLESS!

    M&M Overland AdventuresM&M Overland Adventures5 dagar sedan
  • 👍

    John-David ChambersJohn-David Chambers5 dagar sedan
  • Thoughts and prayers going up for all the family at Red Poppy Ranch.

    cody Jonescody Jones5 dagar sedan
  • In retrospect, would you have run a power cable alongside the waterline so that you can power the well pump off of the house power?

    Du BrDu Br5 dagar sedan
  • Snow is a wery good thing. Nature will be so grateful when it start melting. Big regards from Serbia and currently South Afrika. Stay happy and healthy.

    dulivojedulivoje6 dagar sedan
  • Looks like you need snowshoes

    A. W-SA. W-S6 dagar sedan
  • I have a large parcel of land near El Paso TX in Hudespeth Co TX and I need someone to help bold a house and get setup I will give a veteran 5 acres of land and help them build a house for them If you know someone send me message with there information at amaralr111@gmail.com I have satellite TV and Internet For your entertainment

    Raymond AmaralRaymond Amaral6 dagar sedan
  • You can thank the globalists , chemtrails , and the climate change crowd with their weather altering science experiments. Liberals that want to control the world,

    James HaynieJames Haynie6 dagar sedan
  • that back up to a back up to a back up plan attitude is what makes the difference. Y'all are doing this right. Having lived in South Fla back in the 50's & 60's before all the hurricane forecasting, we always stocked up, had a generator and gas. Had lots of charcoal for the BBQ and a camping stove. Today I have a camp stove and a gas grill so I can be prepared for a power lost. and Lots of Coffee.

    David KisnerDavid Kisner6 dagar sedan
  • If you mark where the roofline(front and back) falls onto the ground(with the snow), then make that a snow removal area as well. this will be an area you will run the snow blower(away from the house) to get the snow away front and rear of the house. Add to this plan; a walk of the area to remove anything that would keep you from removing that snow(before it starts snowing). with the roof pitch changed, you only have to use one of those snow removal poles(as seen the on SEworld) instead of getting on the roof. Also write down these "Improvements on your position" on a Go to list, so you get to them. Also maybe start looking at a 5 or 10 ton dump with a blade for your next plow(Make sure you mark it Not For Hire)

    David KisnerDavid Kisner6 dagar sedan
  • And a very good message.

    Gary McClellanGary McClellan6 dagar sedan
  • If your going to get a really good first aid kit please do a course to learn to use it and Cedar please learn how clean out a wound and suture/ stich with Heath doing to the work he does it may come in handy you will be surprised how easy it is, I have had to stitched myself up on a number times when I couldn't get out of my place due to flooding. Strange Heath it sounds like you and I were brought up by the same people, I always keep about a years supplies on hand and my oldest kids could never understand it until last year.

    Gavin McleanGavin Mclean6 dagar sedan
  • It's called a polar tilt.

    Gary McClellanGary McClellan6 dagar sedan

    doitman RVdoitman RV6 dagar sedan
  • Not only is your editing excellent your choice of music is as well.

    Dennis and HelenDennis and Helen6 dagar sedan
  • RPR, I thank God for you. You say what needs to be said and you help me to keep my thinking Christian-based. We totally chilled out during this last cold spell w/ about 10 inches of snow. Fire in the woodstove, plenty of firewood, plenty of food & water. Kiddo is doing web-based school, too. Polaris Ranger w/ a poly snowplow to move the stuff around. Basically, except for feeding & watering the animals, we never left the house!

    Mark BeanMark Bean6 dagar sedan
  • Do you still have your excavator?

    Bob MottauBob Mottau6 dagar sedan
  • I thought your well is up hill ? During the end of the video, you kept saying walk down there, and walk back up to the house.

    Jayson CodyJayson Cody6 dagar sedan
  • What is on that goats right ear?

  • I thought you were a turkey russeling there for a moment....

    EE6 dagar sedan
  • Show shoes my friend

    Kenneth JohnsonKenneth Johnson6 dagar sedan
  • I am surprised you haven't just got a one ton and put a plow on it your destroying trucks when you don't have to.

    WarcityWarcity6 dagar sedan
  • And they say it's global warming.???

    John EastonJohn Easton6 dagar sedan
  • Need a trail groomer behind that four Wheeler. Good for snow and dirt.

    Penny BaxterPenny Baxter6 dagar sedan
  • Get radios for your kids and build a base station at home...

    Белое СелоБелое Село6 dagar sedan
  • You inspire me to do some of these things for sure. God bless you as you are prepared for whatever heads your way

    LINDA ScottLINDA Scott6 dagar sedan
  • 👀👀👀See Cedar, He needs you in the good and the BIG BAD TIMES too. Love you guys prayers🙏🙏 are with you. Hope and pray🙏🙏 it eases so VERY soon. All my love, Ellen D Queensland, Australia.

    Ellen DempsterEllen Dempster6 dagar sedan
  • Good Luck with everything I hope things get easier for you. Have a great day :)

  • La nina strikes again. This is an abnormal climate cycle, but may get more frequent.

    Pierre CPierre C6 dagar sedan
  • 👍😁Best Wishes to you and family 😁👍 quick fix for window household Saran Wrap the whole door frame no duct tape removal issues later 👍

    mega mannnmega mannn6 dagar sedan
  • Subtle lesson from this video:- technology can hinder productivity especially when it's a distraction.

    Tatenda MudzvitiTatenda Mudzviti6 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video , you brought up many things to consider in order to be prepared ! Love yo all ! God bless . Thank You

    David RobinsonDavid Robinson6 dagar sedan
  • 7:36 is the shallow well not connected to the house mains?

    paul robinsonpaul robinson6 dagar sedan
    • Shallow well pumps water to 2 tanks up the hill which are connected to house.

      Tony GrimesTony Grimes5 dagar sedan
  • 6:50 There is the Doggy Dude!

    paul robinsonpaul robinson6 dagar sedan
  • 4:00 Reminds me of "The Dukes of Hazard" music. I'm giving my age away now!! Where is Doggie Dude?

    paul robinsonpaul robinson6 dagar sedan
  • In Sweden all the farmers have what you call inverted snowblower and the work awesome! You should look at a god farm tractor that has a front loader and putt a inverted blower in the back. Take a moment and watch this video! seworld.info/will/rpKrv8q2l6JlraM/video

    BlodörnBlodörn6 dagar sedan
  • the high end first aid kit is less important than the knowledge to use it. In your situation, I would consider becoming, and staying, certified as a WFA (Wilderness First Responder)

    Kim WiseKim Wise6 dagar sedan
  • I appreciate your talk about preparedness. I haven't been adversely affected by our recent cold snap but you've got me thinking about how I would fair in the event of a prolonged power loss. Thanks for waking me up.

    Carolyn ClarkCarolyn Clark6 dagar sedan
  • Quit watching because of all the constant whining if it's so bad go back to the city.

    b cb c6 dagar sedan
  • Watching the turkies made me wonder what the rules are from keeping them from being wiped out by greedy people. Can anyone enlighten me please.

    vusi mduduvusi mdudu6 dagar sedan
  • You need either a grain shovel or snow shovel! A Native Texan here who just went through the biggest snow of my 56 years! I used a grain shovel for mulch and composite for over 20 years and for the 1st time used as a snow shovel. Large plastic (or fiberglass) scoop and relatively dry snow (super unusual )

    James ThompsonJames Thompson6 dagar sedan
  • You are doing phenomenal. If you can get ahold of a skid loader with snow blower, you will be SO glad you did. My dad has a snow blower mounted on a 50 horse wheel tractor. He's had it for almost 35 years. He did buy it new but it has been so handy. I remember when I still lived at home, we had a really big snow in 1992. When all the plow pickups couldn't handle the deep powder and deep drifts, that snow blower cut thru it all! We were rescuing neighbors with that thing. I drove the tractor a mile to the neighbors and cleared their whole drive and parking area in about a half hour. I know you have about 3 miles to cover but that thing would work wonders for you. And it will throw the snow out of the way so you won't have a big plow bank to fight or risk snow drifting deeper.

    Stephen SaasenStephen Saasen6 dagar sedan
  • I love you guys and your journey. I for one am inspired by your journey...your competence and tenacity gives me motivation. Thanks for giving me a view of it all.

    Jeff WilliamsJeff Williams6 dagar sedan
  • You need a Matts Recovery rope from Matts Offroad Recovery

    Doug ReesDoug Rees6 dagar sedan
  • Check out the snow blowers that they use for cleaning airport runways. Might be able to pick one up cheap with miner repairs. Cold long winter will bring long hot summer. Lots of people in Canada melt snow everyday for water, for many it is normal. Topical Xocane or Novocain is a must for any first aid kit, and is sold behind the counter without a prescription. Stay Warm.!

    donnyboydonnyboy6 dagar sedan
  • That is a lot of snow, hope everything goes well in the spring and you dont have to get a boat

    KaurKaur6 dagar sedan
  • Something that I'm guilty of myself is not labeling things so that someone who doesn't know can't operate the gizmo in question. Like the water pump. No labels on which should be up or down. Even Cedar may have to go down and fire up the generator but she may not know.

    Robert PalmoreRobert Palmore6 dagar sedan
  • I was going to suggest changing up your front and rear porch roof pitches, glad you mentioned it at the end of the video. Gotta be self reliant where possible.

    JasonoidJasonoid6 dagar sedan
  • I have really enjoyed watching you build your dream home

    ed wildered wilder6 dagar sedan
  • I’m talking about you cedar Enjoying it having some time alone

    ed wildered wilder6 dagar sedan
  • Well I’ve been in construction all my life and I have never tried to tell someone how to fix their problem. I’ve been watching you build the low roofs knowing you were going to have that problem with the snow. Now you are talking about taking the porch down ,if it was mine I would level the roof by taking it off then build a second level porch bringing the roof up to the roof of the house then you would have a perfect place to come out and enjoy the weather all year round

    ed wildered wilder6 dagar sedan
  • I know you have been thinking of it but a roof on the front of the shop, high enough for 3 vehicles would be good so the plough, Cedar and the kids trucks could be snow free first thing and save time first thing. Just a thought. Also in Europe where there is a lot of snow fal a low frame on the rood edge is used to stop heavy breakaways of snow coming down.

    bromyard coachousebromyard coachouse6 dagar sedan
  • LOL, Those poor turkeys.

    Angels ArrivedAngels Arrived7 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for your words of wisdom. Many in our nation and even in the world are struggling to see another day. Between fears of Covid and illness. Lockdowns and lack of control of movements and basic freedoms. People loosing their livelyhood and way of dueing business. Lose of family and friends. Crazy weather, and stress. Humanity is in state of shock and trauma. Their isn't a soul on earth, that hasn't been affect some how since this pandemic started. Many people have learned to adapt. While others are frozen in deep trauma. We all need guildness in one area or another. Learning to be flexible with our expectations and abilities. Thank you again, for your advise, wisdom of experience and sharing your ups and downs. By sharing, what you've done, what changes your planning, I'm sure you have helped many out here in cyberland, pick up the pieces of their life and see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are a man of compassion, faith, a true leader and teacher. YOU ARE ONE OF G-DS ANGELS ON EARTH. G-D Bless you and family, Stay Safe, and Stay Warm.

    Angels ArrivedAngels Arrived7 dagar sedan