Omegle... but we tell each other what to say #9

17 jan 2021
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Omegle... but we have to do & say what we're told over discord. (pt. 9)
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Omegle: Impractical Jokers edition #9. For the 9th time, there are 4 of us in a call on discord telling the other person on Omegle video chat what to say & do. This is the best episode yet. Subscribe for more!
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  • my favorite episode yet. hope u enjoy :)

    Crispy ConcordsCrispy Concords3 månader sedan
    • Crispy look at my comment

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    • These people are messed up in the comments they respond to you and its like 40 but the person under you has 70 replies whats up with that :|

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    • Ah yo you should do a room tour or house tour update video

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    • Discord?

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    • G, CC lllllj jg

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  • y'all should use push to talk.

    shinigamizzzshinigamizzzDag sedan
  • The last one had me dying

    JAMONJOJAMONJO2 dagar sedan
  • 14:41 your INSANE jarvis

    NOOBNOOB3 dagar sedan
  • When she said 911 was her favorite holiday. She just like me my favorite holiday to celebrate

    Häagen DazHäagen Daz3 dagar sedan
  • whats the guys youtube who said im not even black its a birthmark

    Damian FraustoDamian Frausto3 dagar sedan
  • I wanna meet the high guy

    Terris BeckhamTerris Beckham4 dagar sedan
  • bro the man just went 🤤

    foxy :Dfoxy :D5 dagar sedan
  • "dont speak" random ad: PARTY WE LOVE TO PARTY PARTY BARBY BARBIE ARF ARF ARF what the fuck

    CoolGuyGamer999CoolGuyGamer9995 dagar sedan
  • 18:27 Looking like Jake from State Farm.

    Sean LuSean Lu7 dagar sedan
    • You a proud boy?

      Brady RussellBrady Russell5 dagar sedan
  • The black girl bad af

    Yahvid McGrathYahvid McGrath9 dagar sedan
  • azzers too omfg perfect vid

    Cole GulasCole Gulas10 dagar sedan
  • the views...

    Jackson jeffersJackson jeffers10 dagar sedan
  • 2:13

    AgüeroAgüero10 dagar sedan
  • Why is no one talking about how good the voice impression guy is?

    Garfield GarivannaGarfield Garivanna13 dagar sedan
  • Girl with white hair @ ?

    2x Teoo2x Teoo14 dagar sedan

    ImManateeImManatee19 dagar sedan
  • 9:00

    Bru 999Bru 99922 dagar sedan
  • 13:41 that’s my ex gf room and that’s her new bf

    Dalton HawkinsDalton Hawkins23 dagar sedan
  • 10:56 and after that it all went down

    GG ASMRGG ASMR26 dagar sedan
  • How tf did no-one recognise baby no money wtf

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  • Women dont fart. Im unsubbing, I cant be subbed to a clown who spreads missinformation

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  • Damn bro I really coulda used that guys diet advice

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  • the family guy was super unrealistic no mr conway twitty lol

    Preston PiersonPreston PiersonMånad sedan

    Axeldelarosa McnallyAxeldelarosa McnallyMånad sedan
  • Lol crispy u have no life 😂😂😂

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  • 3:43 omg i saw this clip on his channel lmao

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  • Dang boi, call Seth Mcfarlane we need that epi to happen 😂😂

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  • Do two days on Omegle when you hit 2 million subs:)

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  • dude that did Stephen hawking voice tho..

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  • I want the whole video of the dude explaining

    Abel PedrazaAbel PedrazaMånad sedan
  • 18:26 Jake from State Farm

    ButterBallsButterBallsMånad sedan
  • Why do I want to see what happened with crispy and the 2 girls if they met up 😳

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  • Trainium is the person you met online and its your first time seeing their face.

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  • yes im subscribed

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  • LOLL i died in the part of the lights, 7:30

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  • 2:20 he is literally Michael B jordan younger and with less money

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  • Song at 15:10

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  • I won't subscribe cause you said rotate to left side

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  • 15:08 that song sounds great and he hasn't released it yet, he said he's going to drop a song this friday, hope is that one

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  • Thx for reminding me to subscribe Crispy

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  • Crispy likes men

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  • Me accidentally presses unsubscribe

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  • Best videi

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  • I actually felt sad for the jacked guy

    FieryfurnissFieryfurniss2 månader sedan
  • Crispy talking to those girls may be giving me an anxiety attack

    Chicken NuggieChicken Nuggie2 månader sedan
  • I wasn't Among Us chatting I did not know and there were a bunch of cursing I thought that was a part of your video and I was so confused until i palse your video and realize I was still in Among Us chat also I love the inpatabal jokeers watch the series on Netflix

    rundio clanrundio clan2 månader sedan
  • How did he know my phone was rotated that way?

    Angelina BarattaAngelina Baratta2 månader sedan
  • Why they do that jacked dude like that?...........

    Exquisite ChipewayExquisite Chipeway2 månader sedan
  • “There are no lights” him earlier: these edibles ain’t shit

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  • 19:40 that's vardan the kid from david dobrik's vlogs

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    Jerry BigvibeJerry Bigvibe2 månader sedan
  • The high dude was amazing

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  • LEX

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  • 19:40 omg thats the best thing ever LMAO

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  • 13:44 I don't think that was a fart 😧

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  • My man crispy into Asian girls I think dude bc he just ignores what they say lol

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  • 11:44 the perfect gym bro, always nice to see

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  • Lmaf

  • E

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  • DRAKE BELL ESEEEEEE 🤣😂😂 that fmu

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    • 1:48

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  • I got bad second hand embarrassment from this bro

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  • Imagine asking me to sub but i have been since the bo2 days

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  • Bro when she did the Louis voice it was so cringy 😭😭

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  • my guy was zoinked out of his mind

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  • U said we should flip our phone what if we are on pc :/

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  • K9 RevengeK9 Revenge2 månader sedan
  • They killed bbno$ bruh 💀

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  • Poklopi se ušima i igraj

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  • im on pc

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  • that boi was on a different level of faded

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  • “That’s good cause i am lactose intolerant 🧍🏻”

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  • The buff guy was such a sweet heart omg 🥺

    SimoneSimone2 månader sedan
  • What lights

    Lil Sam Sam DLil Sam Sam D2 månader sedan
  • Man this shit banger , propably the funniest internet trolling i ve seen on SEworld, i wish i had guys like you to do it with.

    Legendary GamesLegendary Games2 månader sedan
  • The man under the table was giving sucky sucky on some feet

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  • 7:40 Tim Hansen?

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  • i did subscribe but then i unsubbed so

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  • I saw azzerz background and saw absolver and started crying of joy (if you see this pick up and play absolver its so underrated)

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  • and thats when crispy got laid

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  • 3:44, when he said hey, you guys like tiktok, a tiktok ad popped up...

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  • Hey crispy, love watching your video's. Keep bringing out good ones. Much Love ❤ kayleigh

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  • 5:07 jacked dude looks like ronaldo but with a beard

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  • 15:50 I fucking died

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  • 6:23 girl on the right is fuckshit from mid90s as a girl

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  • I hope this series never ends, so enjoyable

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  • they should do punishments for not sayin things!!!!!!!!!

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  • But I’m not on phone I’m on iPad

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  • 15:50 is my favorite part duuude holy fuck that was funny

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  • Yo the kid that they made think the lights weren’t on was funny bro

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    • Like

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    • Thx for the lime

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  • Crispy really abouta pick up all 3 of them at the same time

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  • 19:56 be at std flights university

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  • *Looks like Crispy Concords is tonight’s biggest loser*

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  • 20:20 bro the one in blue looked so hurt

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  • why tf is mans sleepin on da floor

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  • The guys who saw the lights made me laugh so fucking hard

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  • The black girl doing family guy is perfect!

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  • They didn't believe bbno$ xD

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  • 13:05 the guy was so nice lmao I would of got pissed

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