Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (But Lil Nas X Makes All The Sounds With His Mouth)

23 apr 2021
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Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) But Lil Nas X Makes All The Sounds With His Mouth” by Lil Nas X
Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now​
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Director: Adrian Per
Production Company: Lumpia Watermelon, VFX: IQ Pictures
Producer: John Vincent Salcedo
Creative director/ Stylist: Hodo Musa
Stylist Assistants: Breanne Bañuelos
Make Up: Anthony H. Nguyen
Hair: Stacey Kutz
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    LilNasXVEVOLilNasXVEVO20 dagar sedan
    • Lil Nas X u are gay bro?

      Tiago JRTiago JR20 timmar sedan
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  • wewe buttt come to me today at school 11:30

    NiAra CalvinNiAra Calvin3 timmar sedan
  • "Twerkinggggggg" ----Lil Nas X 2021

    Zivind YTZivind YT3 timmar sedan
  • When you hear this sone for the first time on the radio be like 😲😲😲😲

    Faith MFaith M3 timmar sedan
  • I have a Question are you Gay? 😂😂

    TeamWolfi _6TeamWolfi _63 timmar sedan
  • Lil nas x bizzare adventure

  • He's so talented i can't

    Hey there I'm woojuHey there I'm wooju3 timmar sedan

    Aya AlkaderiAya Alkaderi4 timmar sedan
  • *lesbian twerking*

    Emily DuffEmily Duff4 timmar sedan
  • This has no right to be so lit😮😍😍❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kaydia StamppKaydia Stampp4 timmar sedan
  • Iil nas x when are you going to play with itsfunneh again

    Peng KimhengPeng Kimheng4 timmar sedan
  • I just realized hes gay 😳

    tommathy claystommathy clays4 timmar sedan
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    paula Camargopaula Camargo5 timmar sedan
  • can't wait for the day I feel nostalgia from this song 👵🤙

    y.uriko_!!y.uriko_!!5 timmar sedan
  • Me everytime my dad comes home while im listening to this music: * turns off the music anxiously *

    Ali FarranAli Farran5 timmar sedan
  • This version is the best. He has an amazing voice.

    Buddy Scott Jr.Buddy Scott Jr.5 timmar sedan
  • Dont go to hell~ don’t go to hell~ I love your music so don’t die on me Dont go to hell~ don’t go to hell~ I love your music so don’t die on me

    Wendy CooperWendy Cooper5 timmar sedan
    • My lyrics

      Wendy CooperWendy Cooper5 timmar sedan
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  • I wish everyone who clicked on this video the most love, peace and abundance. You’re so much closer than you realize.

    WigadamaWigadama8 timmar sedan
  • Some one ask me “is lil nas x gay” and i said idk but is he though?

    Blue berry LlamaBlue berry Llama8 timmar sedan
  • I love this so much

    Sara HusselmanSara Husselman8 timmar sedan
  • How do people get angry over this song in general its a vibe!

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  • Oh wow!

    SMIDHA NAIRSMIDHA NAIR8 timmar sedan
  • You probaly wont see but eh what do i have to loose you are a creative genuis and will be my inspiration during this art block (btw sorry for my bad english)

    secret catsecret cat9 timmar sedan
  • It looks and sounds soo gorgeous 😍

    Dilara TanDilara Tan9 timmar sedan
  • Can you play the bagpipes? Asking for a friend.

    knate44knate449 timmar sedan
  • Sure this is a good song. But this is like those stupid ass tik tok girls who be like “daddies money”

    XanderXander9 timmar sedan
  • I am an ARMY but still why do I freaking like this song over dynamite 🤔🖤. Any way BORAHE 💜💜

    THE EDITORTHE EDITOR10 timmar sedan
  • ur such a Beauty

    Its AnneIts Anne10 timmar sedan
  • But the music but it was very uncomfortable to walk can you do any other theme instead of hell seriously man🙄😳👎🏻🤔

    Dylan CaiDylan Cai10 timmar sedan
  • It’s pretty catchy keep go with the songs good luck 👍🏻👌🏽😍

    Dylan CaiDylan Cai10 timmar sedan
  • Acapellic twerking

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  • Big fan of this version, a cappella songs are so good!

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  • Umm where’s the devil

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  • I love this song

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  • *gay twerking*

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  • production: "how much do you wanna spend on costumes?" nas: *y e s*

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  • It’s pitch perfect lil nas x edition

    I’m gay and gay😫💅I’m gay and gay😫💅12 timmar sedan

    ii12 timmar sedan
  • how many versions do you want of Montero? *yes*

    imkilluaswife_imkilluaswife_12 timmar sedan
  • His song is all exotic and explicit but his personality is adorable plsss

    umekaiumekai13 timmar sedan
  • :v

    eduar jhaireduar jhair13 timmar sedan
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  • I love this. 😍😍😍

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  • Enchanted

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  • He's so underrated

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  • This man is an absolute genius

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  • Lil nas estas obsesionado con tu canción verdad? 😂

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      Sir Dalton J. Lunday The 2ndSir Dalton J. Lunday The 2nd3 timmar sedan
    • What's biromantic? Honest question.

      Flobby PandaFlobby Panda11 timmar sedan
  • El mejor lil nax

    Depredador CayuqueoDepredador Cayuqueo15 timmar sedan
  • this perfect just the right pitch.and peoople just bc someone posted soemthing and they did soemhting does not mean that u can just soemthing and on thong thats just showing them o they did this

    Josephine StullerJosephine Stuller15 timmar sedan
  • 2021👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

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  • Hey little has x its my sisters birthday today her name is cammy but we can't go anywhere because of covid and its her dream to meet you will you be willing to add her and she doesn't have alot of friends on robots will you be willing to add her Ayogirlsarenot_toys and it goes for anyone else thanks you,ll make her day ❤❤❤❤

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  • I love this so much ✨💜

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  • El Puto Amo del infierno no existe Lil Nas X : cómo que no mi ciela?.... mira y aprende

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    • @Brenda Erburo te vacunaste del covid?

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      Brenda ErburoBrenda Erburo15 timmar sedan
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  • i'm addicted to this song now?!?!?!?

    Fabiola HernandezyjjhFabiola Hernandezyjjh15 timmar sedan
  • *has flashbacks of the 10,000 versions of old Town road*

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  • I love how this sounds exactly like the original

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  • Nobody: Me: Doesn't food get stuck in the diamonds on his teeth? ew

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  • Me as a kid the make up looks cool

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  • I OWE U MAN!!!!

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  • His outfits are an equivalent of Stand users

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  • Omygosh

    Isa_chan 27Isa_chan 2717 timmar sedan
    • Te amo Lil Nas X,sos mi ídolo tkm mucho

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  • O comentário que vc procurava está aqui

    SOLRAC•FFSOLRAC•FF17 timmar sedan
  • I tried to ignore this song but now it’s just me putting this on every single day

    Coco._. kookiesCoco._. kookies17 timmar sedan
  • You lilnasx

  • *twerking just twerking-twerking*

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  • Help. I’m stuck in the loop of watching all the videos to this song again.

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  • The tik tok

    Mostafa StoufaMostafa Stoufa18 timmar sedan
  • Confused clarinet twerking

    Kae_Kae??? ???Kae_Kae??? ???18 timmar sedan
  • the music is good but sorry it coming from a gay person so disappointed

    iliass gamingiliass gaming18 timmar sedan
  • Me: . . . *this is a thing now*

    Kyra NowikKyra Nowik18 timmar sedan
  • then he does something else with his mouth...

    FłamęFłamę19 timmar sedan
  • Remember when homophobes were saying "Lil Nas X is the only gay person I respect cuz he doesn't shove it in your face" Yeah about that

    SidTV25SidTV2519 timmar sedan
  • This is amazing! You are incredibly talented.

    MorganMorgan19 timmar sedan
  • Pls stop with the twerk comments

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  • * hetero twerking*

  • Nice music🤩

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  • is James Charles your boyfriend?

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