The Worlds Worst I.T. Guy

25 nov 2020
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  • carrot fruit stone hand item catalog

    xNyexNyeDag sedan
  • By any chance can I have the can? It’s worth 10c

    Double TroubleDouble Trouble4 dagar sedan
  • To be honest, as IT Support, glue has been required on a number of occasions.

    PyroManZIIPyroManZII7 dagar sedan
  • You'd legitimately be surprised by how many IT issues can be fixed with glue. - An IT guy For real, there's always one guy coming with broken clips, ripped out hinges, ... Glue FTW

    IMNOTAIMNOTA10 dagar sedan
  • I work in an office and this is basically our IT guy. He's useless lol. My laptop was broken and he just gave me a new one

    I love freddieI love freddie12 dagar sedan
  • Did that cocaine ever kick in?

    Underwehr43Underwehr4323 dagar sedan
  • “Have u tried turning it off and on again?” Me: IT crowd vibes

    Bloo PandaBloo Panda24 dagar sedan
  • No the person who is keeping him in work is the worst

    JonaniceJonanice27 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or is Jaxon’s jawline getting dangerously sharper in every new video?

    Andrea Jazmin TorresAndrea Jazmin Torres29 dagar sedan
    • It’s not just you.

      Jayaprada MaddelaJayaprada Maddela11 timmar sedan
  • Teachers when they see the pay of literally any other job: 1:46

    JigaloooJigaloooMånad sedan
  • "It seems to have suffered liquid damage"....pees on it

    Matthijs van EmousMatthijs van EmousMånad sedan
  • its like they have infinite skits to make me laugh.. wtf

    zelvfnzelvfnMånad sedan
  • "Have you tried turning it off and on again" "It won't turn on." "Well we're halfway there." ...that last line is amazing - I loved it. I work in IT so I love it even more; I laughed so hard. Oh damn you nailed another one... "You would be surprised how many IT issues you can fix with glue" is totally accurate lol.

    G ConnG ConnMånad sedan
  • My schools I.T department is more worse.

    dɐnʞreendɐnʞreenMånad sedan
  • Pour a truckload of rice on it.

    Square DonutSquare DonutMånad sedan
  • That was a pretty smooth transition

    The lamb SauceThe lamb SauceMånad sedan
  • instead of Armed Robbery, you should do one for Arm Robbery where you try to steal a man's arms.

    homegrowntwinkiehomegrowntwinkieMånad sedan
  • "Your job shouldn't even involve glue" False. Every consumer piece of pre-built tech contains some sort of glue.

    homegrowntwinkiehomegrowntwinkieMånad sedan
  • lauchlan looks like a dadin that shirt

    Indi nIndi nMånad sedan
  • i watch the adds, because i love you

    Indi nIndi nMånad sedan
  • lol

    WillyZ ΨWillyZ ΨMånad sedan
  • this is like that scene in ronny chieng international student

    Audrey GearonAudrey GearonMånad sedan
  • *speaking of sponsorships* what

    WumboWumboMånad sedan
  • Get surfark bit**es

    NiralokNiralokMånad sedan
  • 1:09 - cited directly by the inventor of sticky keys

    simexafricasimexafricaMånad sedan
  • I though this was my school techs

    SupermarSupermarMånad sedan
  • lol Darcy was actually the first guy that bought me to listen all of the commercial :D

    TomaszTomaszMånad sedan
  • do you reckon they sell macbooks running microsoft chrome os

    S0ME 9UYS0ME 9UYMånad sedan
  • I suggest throwing out and buying a new one, well case closed folks

    Jake FelixJake FelixMånad sedan
  • Relatable

    IndianHead LoganIndianHead LoganMånad sedan
  • *greatest

    J. BenjaminJ. BenjaminMånad sedan
  • Every school IT teacher ever

    CinnabuttCinnabuttMånad sedan
  • You shoulda ended it with the computer actually working after the sketch.

    Ami SugarAmi SugarMånad sedan
  • “You forgot that??!” “I forget a lot of things” my stoner life 😂

    Kat HayesKat HayesMånad sedan
  • You guys could make tv show.

    Quinn StoryQuinn StoryMånad sedan
  • -My computer won't turn on! -I got just the glue for that

    barış irlibarış irliMånad sedan
  • why did i enjoy the ad skit more than the video

    RustyAURustyAUMånad sedan
  • Black eye? Y

    Tim FinnaTim FinnaMånad sedan
  • This is great comedy

    Qui-Gon JinnQui-Gon JinnMånad sedan
  • Was that a dig on asus? Asus is good the only computer of mine that doesn’t melt

    clickheretogenerateusernameclickheretogenerateusernameMånad sedan
  • nice

    JappaJappaMånad sedan
  • I lost it at "one time I thought I was gonna get fired but they promoted me. Now I earn more than you"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Archana koulArchana koulMånad sedan
  • Hi

    StatixsStatixsMånad sedan
  • His names not baljeet

    ASPEXASPEXMånad sedan
  • I would like 1 karen tea pls

    Juancarlos MikesellJuancarlos MikesellMånad sedan
  • I walked away for a few months and I come back to this mess , why did you swap body weight with each other?

    Edgy BoomerEdgy BoomerMånad sedan
  • Nice weight loss Jackson.

    ‘Månad sedan
  • “It seems to have taken serious liquid damage.” “No it hasn’t.” *pours lemonade onto computer* “It seems to have taken serious liquid damage.”

    Max BrownMax BrownMånad sedan
  • Dont worry, we got those at school.

    Het game kanaalHet game kanaalMånad sedan
  • What a smooth transition!!😭😂

    Jenna CorreJenna CorreMånad sedan
  • It's weird watching these out of order, when did jaxon get so thin?!

    ChantyroseChantyroseMånad sedan
  • Glue huh?

    FURY __FURY __Månad sedan
  • I thought it was it for the movie but this is even better

    TBM_NikkiTBM_NikkiMånad sedan
  • Small note, also the worlds worst camera man...

    Andy CrowtherAndy CrowtherMånad sedan
  • Lachlan with stubble looks like a hot middle aged dad.

    PandaThe2ndPandaThe2ndMånad sedan
  • "I've got just the glue for that".. Perfect!

    Christian V-HChristian V-HMånad sedan
  • School IT

    beaming gamezbeaming gamezMånad sedan
  • My computer wont turn on! iVe GoT JuSt tHe GLuE foR tHaT

    Renegade TacoRenegade TacoMånad sedan
  • Woah that outro music caught me right off guard! Nice to see some fellow Aussie Crawl fans!

    SoundChurchSoundChurchMånad sedan
  • "Try turning it off and on again" Is a classic I.T move.

    SnowySnowyMånad sedan
  • The sponsor was another skit in itself

    Justin, Why?Justin, Why?Månad sedan
  • Seems like a normal Genius Bar worker to me.

    Osmosis JonesOsmosis JonesMånad sedan
  • Lol like IT ever gets a decent budget.

    ZergofImportanceZergofImportanceMånad sedan
  • Unrealistic. My company just now updated to Windows 10 machines because our slow and shitty Win 7's were dying out in spades.

    Electroshock Therapy for the SoulElectroshock Therapy for the SoulMånad sedan
  • wow this was done so well even the sponsor section was entertaining

    ChicabugalaChicabugalaMånad sedan
  • School tech person be like:

    Billy The CatfishBilly The CatfishMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or does Jaxon look like he lost a bunch of weight?

    Eccentric EricEccentric EricMånad sedan
  • I thought It was sponsored by SquareSpace again

  • In other words, High school IT in one video

    DuckDuckMånad sedan
  • Dam jaxon really to be losin least drop the routine bro..

    Hyungwonees_ GwoneeesHyungwonees_ GwoneeesMånad sedan
  • MSPs in a nutshell

    AKgaming786AKgaming786Månad sedan
  • Have you tried lathering it in peanut butter?

    DPIDPIMånad sedan
  • When did Lachlan become the CEO?

    Avery MorrishAvery MorrishMånad sedan
  • Amazing!!!!! :) :) :p :P

    hmm hmmhmm hmmMånad sedan
  • you probably are going to use some glue and solder.

    benbenMånad sedan

    Real WinnerReal WinnerMånad sedan
  • I thought the title said “the world’s first IT guy”. That might be a good idea for a video too

    BouncingClown1BouncingClown1Månad sedan
  • SpikeyMcNothanks t-shirts need to be selling again

    Leila BunnettLeila BunnettMånad sedan
  • macs are terrible anyway

    BenBenMånad sedan
  • Command+r don’t r/wooosh me

    FaibewFaibewMånad sedan
  • You should do a video on people who exaggerate the wrong parts of words

    Ezra DavisEzra DavisMånad sedan
  • Alternative Title: The school IT guy

    Matthew Le MaistreMatthew Le MaistreMånad sedan
  • my favorite part was the ad

    hillary dhillary dMånad sedan
  • Just wanna day I've been with you guys for a while anr just wanna shout out to jaxon for looking almost like a different person, and looking good!

    Andrue JuanAndrue JuanMånad sedan
  • The good thing about loving in spain is that i get farbairn films at reasonable hours

    Viva el BetisViva el BetisMånad sedan
  • poggers! aussie here too!

    jasper cowanjasper cowanMånad sedan
  • money back karentea heheheheh

    gaming secretsgaming secretsMånad sedan
  • Why did they age like 5 years in the month I didn’t watch them

    Lillie RLillie RMånad sedan
  • Have you lost a lot of weight? Lookin good man

    Alexander DaskalosAlexander DaskalosMånad sedan
  • This video was uploaded on my birthday, 26th November 2020. 😁

    Dwayne k27ismDwayne k27ismMånad sedan
  • Still better than any Apple IT guy.

    Captain OverThinkerCaptain OverThinkerMånad sedan
  • meanwhile me who just borrows from people who has surfshark premium

    HubertHubertMånad sedan
  • U have to do a food combo with Cadbury milk chocolate and smiths original melted chocolate is better

    BasicMonkey YTBasicMonkey YTMånad sedan
  • Bold of them to depict the IT guy as available

    alan.christianalan.christianMånad sedan
  • Why is Jaxon buying dells if he is the ceo of apple?

    Michael BoxfaceMichael BoxfaceMånad sedan
  • if you enjoyed this video first like and subscribe. Then go to Netflix (I know you have it) and search "The IT Crowd" you will love it no doubt about it.

    Wiggleton_the_Wize Wizard of wigglesWiggleton_the_Wize Wizard of wigglesMånad sedan
  • he’s skinny now. SKINNY BOY HAH don’t know his name rip

    IntwoIntwoMånad sedan
  • hello IT, have you tried turning it off and on again?

    Wiggleton_the_Wize Wizard of wigglesWiggleton_the_Wize Wizard of wigglesMånad sedan
  • Been awhile since I've seen you boys. And're looking healthy mate

    King 595King 595Månad sedan
  • "how do u still have a job" every karen ever

    Gio ElmaGio ElmaMånad sedan