Ronald Koeman and Barcelona make the SAME MISTAKES during draw with Cadiz

21 feb 2021
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Lionel Messi scored from a penalty kick in the first half, but Cadiz equalised in the final minutes of the game after Clement Lenglet gave away a penalty. The pressure is firmly on Ronald Koeman - especially following the Champions League defeat to PSG...
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  • I genuinely couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that line-up. WHAT IS KOEMAN THINKING?!

    TalkFCBTalkFCB7 dagar sedan
    • 2 season without trophies..good job Pique lenglet and bousquet

      Hemant NaikHemant Naik6 dagar sedan
    • @Omkar That's a given!

      Rafael OrtizRafael Ortiz6 dagar sedan
    • @Cyber Wick Aside from the goalies, Messi's the player who runs the least during a game. But he is good at making gestures when one of his teammates errs. Dembele can be very good, he can create his own shot easily, but can't kick straight at the goal. The thing that I give Griezmann credit for, is that he is tireless running up and down the field. Too bad he often plays out of position.

      Rafael OrtizRafael Ortiz6 dagar sedan
    • @black mass This is the true reality of the situation. No matter who the Manager is, if they do not get the full support and backing of the new President, they will not be able to pull Barcelona out of this funk. When Rijkaard took over, things look similar to this. Laporta stuck with him and they went on to win titles. When Pep took over, he had the full backing of Laporta to clear out certain guys from the dressing room. You need the support of the President to do that. Even if Xavi comes in, he alone will not fix these issues. The club has no money, a group of over the hill veterans, some of whom are club legends no less, on bloated contracts that will be extremely difficult to get out of, a player power issue, and a culture that is stuck on one philosophy, no matter how world football is progressing outside of that. Pep doesn’t even play City the way that he played Barca. So, whoever the Manager is, THAT, is what they’ll have to deal with and none of that will be possible without the backing of the President. If Xavi comes in, do you think that Xavi is going to bench Pique and Busquets? Really? That’s not going to happen. In my opinion (I could be wrong), but that’s also one reason why Xavi is waiting. He also has a lot of respect for Koeman and understands what Koeman means to the club. The President is the most important aspect of this.

      Douglas TaggartDouglas Taggart6 dagar sedan
    • @Athyia Alna shitzema is griezman . Benzema is much better than shitzema go and do your cry work

      Bernard LuisBernard Luis6 dagar sedan
  • its time to suck koeman

    george roupasgeorge roupas2 dagar sedan
  • I don't know why this weak Minded coach keep on playing Linglet over and over.everyone can see that Linglet his not a player who can play a center back any more. same weak Minded coach keeps on giving him chances as a result we drop some silly points.

    Lindile MgqobeleLindile Mgqobele4 dagar sedan
  • we need real revolution not dreams

    Musarurwa MubayiwaMusarurwa Mubayiwa5 dagar sedan
  • First off it's not Messi's fault some of the players from Barcelona and they really don't help Messi why because mess is doing the best he can to score goals and Messi cannot do it all by himself he needs team players what I see it's what I see but I guess not that's why Messi wants to leave Barcelona but that's all I can say right now and I am a crew messi fan any true die-hard Barcelona fan

    frank Lopezfrank Lopez5 dagar sedan
  • This is exactly our problem at Barca “rewarding failure”

    Abdullahi AbubakarAbdullahi Abubakar5 dagar sedan
  • I didn't know Koeman was this dumb

    Edwin WejuliEdwin Wejuli5 dagar sedan
  • This job is too big for Koeman

    Hussain AlibrahimHussain Alibrahim5 dagar sedan
  • What a defendant how can you lift your leg like that to an adverse player when you know that in few minutes that game is over what decision lenglet 😫😫😫

    Haruna SimbaHaruna Simba5 dagar sedan
  • I feel your frustration man and I understand what you’re saying and although I agree in parts in this video I strongly disagree sir! You make valid points but I don’t think you’re looking at the situation Koeman is dealing with retrospectively nor realistically. Instead you are too emotionally invested as is the common denominator for the majority of Barça fans. To accurately evaluate the current state of affairs(disparity) at our beloved club I ask you firstly to consider the injury predicament that plagues our depth. This has caused Koeman major issues with his ability to tinker with formations and besides a handful of “B” team players who are not yet experienced enough to handle this elite level(Koeman’s opinion)some positions are not won by merit, rather are a matter of necessity. Which leads me to my next point... The heinous mismanagement of the previous President&board has created this dire crisis and in some cases directly to blame for Koeman’s lack of choices. For example loaning out Todibo, with our defensive problems and practically every center back either injured, barely fit or just liable to give away a penalty to the opponent. I think Koeman was duped into thinking he’s going to be the Barça coach and instead the poor guy inherited a hospital and during a pandemic at that 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️⚽️🥅🤯🥺

    fertileproductionsfertileproductions6 dagar sedan
  • Jamie it is so unfair that u blame the defenders for us losing games. I understand that Pique is getting old and Lenglet makes mistakes at times. But u can't blame them every time we lose. The midfielder's should be getting most of blame, because they're the ones who should be upfront of the defence making it hard for opponents to find a way through. Look at a team like Atletico. They don't conceded much goals as we do, because all of their players track back and stay compact, which makes its harder for teams to score. So people blame the defence, it doesn't really make any sense. U can't tell me 4 defenders can stop 4-7 players attacking at their goal. I understand that our defenders make mistakes at times, but the midfield should be there right in front, as well as the attackers. U look at the times when our opponents are attacking at us, u realize they have a lot of space because the midfielders and attackers aren't helping enough defensively

    V ClockaV Clocka6 dagar sedan
  • I love the video! this is exactly how I felt

    טל גורלטל גורל6 dagar sedan
  • If Koeman insists on this embarrassing line-up, I'd rather punish him with NO TROPHY this season! There is no reason any trophy can be lifted with such so called "transitional formation".

    Lionel LeeLionel Lee6 dagar sedan
  • barca. messi. is best team and best player💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    #ABC Fotball#ABC Fotball6 dagar sedan
  • They must sell Lenglet and sack Koeman 😡😡😡

    Francis QuaysonFrancis Quayson6 dagar sedan
  • Lenglet, Pique and SB 5 shouldn’t start a match again

    Francis QuaysonFrancis Quayson6 dagar sedan
  • Only messi and ter stegen and de jong should start again

    AmmielAmmiel6 dagar sedan
  • hhmm.. definition of insanity... I heard it somewhere, probably it 'VAAS' from far cry 3

    Mardav UpadhyeMardav Upadhye6 dagar sedan
  • Secondly we need the former president

    Mohamed KurumaMohamed Kuruma6 dagar sedan
  • You are right men

    Mohamed KurumaMohamed Kuruma6 dagar sedan
  • Everyone is losing interst and I think Jamie should start an another channel supporting some other team 😭😭

    Amal Santhosh PulianmackalAmal Santhosh Pulianmackal6 dagar sedan
  • Can you explain the mail voting process and how long does it take

    Dwayne MillerDwayne Miller6 dagar sedan
  • Pique, Lenglet, Busi and Alba need to be squad players. They're just not on the level to be in the starting XI anymore.

    Keshav ChughKeshav Chugh6 dagar sedan
  • Let's be honest here. Among our last 3 managers, Valverde was the best. Atleast he got results in the league and won trophies.

    Keshav ChughKeshav Chugh6 dagar sedan
  • Koeman definitley gets a bonus in his contract f he goes trophyless again

    Miklos ArgyelanMiklos Argyelan6 dagar sedan
  • "He was the military general during our last years" -Secretary of Roman Empire on Clement Lenglet.

    IkeephermoistfrombehindIkeephermoistfrombehind6 dagar sedan
  • Possession football is about rehearsed movement and positioning. And that is what valverde,setien and koeman don't focus on in training .

    Enam DunyohEnam Dunyoh6 dagar sedan
  • Do a video talking about the players positioning and movement, because that's where the problem has been all this years apart from our president.

    Enam DunyohEnam Dunyoh6 dagar sedan
  • Coman use the same team on a soft side to pick out who making mistakes

    Dineil HaynesDineil Haynes6 dagar sedan
    • But i see what coman is doing next game that defence will change

      Dineil HaynesDineil Haynes6 dagar sedan
  • The team has bigger problems than koeman like griezman, pique, lenglet,barteromeu legacy, riqui puig rocky relationship with koeman.

    FlightBruhhFlightBruhh6 dagar sedan
  • Man i couldnt agree more with wat u said " if it is a transitional season , THEN ACT LIKE IT!!!!" I swear koeman as used the "transitional year" excuse so much this season prolly just to deflect the blame from.him self . Either were not in a transitional season in which the fault it on koeman cuz we aint winning shit this season or it is a transitional season in which case the fault is again on koeman for continuing to play the same old players #koemanout

    mobeen Haidermobeen Haider6 dagar sedan
  • Koeman doesn’t like his job. He is doing everything possible so he’ll be fired!

    Henry AyakwahHenry Ayakwah6 dagar sedan
  • Koeman Out.

    221B Baker Street221B Baker Street6 dagar sedan
  • Welcome to PSG

    Jassey MouraJassey Moura6 dagar sedan

    tony Valentinetony Valentine6 dagar sedan
  • Koeashit mid table coach 👍

    Thisal LakpuraThisal Lakpura6 dagar sedan
  • Hi very Game dispomento

    Lamin FofanaLamin Fofana6 dagar sedan
  • As long as these deadwood players are here they are guranteed to start sorry there is no point in watching Barca any more.

    HA21 YangHA21 Yang6 dagar sedan
  • I just clicked the video only to write KOEMAN OUT!!!!!!!!

    Alnto BalampaniAlnto Balampani6 dagar sedan
  • Koeman is a fucken racist,if LANGLET was black he should have been dropped way back before he costs so many damages ...y umtiti doesn't play bcz of his colour?

    Teboho MokoenaTeboho Mokoena6 dagar sedan
  • Koeman out💯

    MF save 10MF save 106 dagar sedan
  • Since he leave Suarez & say he's not in his progression & then again stay in the media & laminating he doesn't have a striker & the one who has been neglected is the top scorer of the league I feel is very nonsense coach ever since the team was formed & any president who is in his side he should not given the chance to be our president... Koeman should be sacked off 😠 even if the season is not over

    Ancy BlixAncy Blix6 dagar sedan
  • at this point barca likes to be embarrassed that is the new norm I can't wait for koeman to leave i swear this is getting worse

    amani morrisonamani morrison6 dagar sedan
  • when i saw the lienup too i raged in frustration why did he start pique and lenglet and busquet cmo'n nowwww

    amani morrisonamani morrison6 dagar sedan
  • 5:42 😂

    LenZzXLenZzX7 dagar sedan
  • For the first time in 8 years, i have skipped a barca live game. Looks like things r changing with other culers too. Not mad not sad, just disappointed.

    Tom TysonTom Tyson7 dagar sedan
  • I think Koeman is making revenge on barça for something.

    Ussene ChishteUssene Chishte7 dagar sedan
  • Someone must show this channel go the barca board seriously

    amine titoamine tito7 dagar sedan
  • Puhhhleeeeaaase. Transition my ass.

    Allen MathewAllen Mathew7 dagar sedan
  • We need defenders and midfielders

    Chrysantus DuruChrysantus Duru7 dagar sedan
  • Jamie thank you so much for the confidence shown during this transition period I can feel your anger and frustration you are indeed a great genius of our club ( Barcelona). I think koman is the real enemy of this club cos he is the head and he's never acting as if he is ready for any challenges,he keeps making us the fans look like a scrap.i can't wait for the election to come and I pray koman should be the first to be sold.

    Oluwatosin AjayiOluwatosin Ajayi7 dagar sedan
  • I don't blame Barcelona THEY DISSALWOED 2 GOALS

    Amir SaedAmir Saed7 dagar sedan
  • It hurts sooo much to see your team struggle, drop points, lose and completely fall apart. For the past four months, I've been insulting Koeman because he's a stupid coach and the only reason I watched the match was because Jamie would do a video about it. Halfway through the match I slept coz it was fucking boring. After the match, I wasn't myself. This is the 5th time I'm watching this review and it's been a while since I commented on your videos. I still care and love the team, I just want Koeman to leave. When he first came into the team, I didn't care, when he said he was going to play the youth more I was excited, and then he said alena and Puig should find different teams and that pissed me off.. Considering how he has treated those on the bench namely trincao,Puig, pjanic, and others. I knew I couldn't trust this man anymore. When he leaves the team then I'll start watching barca matches again, heck I barely get time, from Monday to Saturday I'm at work and I always get home late.

    Michael AgyepongMichael Agyepong7 dagar sedan
  • Some people may try to defend koeman saying all power may not lie with him but we all have that choice to stand for what is right. I can make my selection and stand by it, if they want otherwise then I’d take my leave... besides his career is on the line as well. It think he’s just clueless

    Saint AdemolaSaint Ademola7 dagar sedan
  • They say successful people “makes mistakes and learn from it”. Koeman is enjoying failure

    Saint AdemolaSaint Ademola7 dagar sedan
  • It’s disheartening and frustrating watching Barcelona. It’s really not good for my heart.

    Saint AdemolaSaint Ademola7 dagar sedan
  • Koeman getting sacked 💯 by the new president...

    OG BelieveOG Believe7 dagar sedan
  • Koeman need to be sacked.. He is worse than setein and Valverde as compared. Please sacked him as soon as possible.

    Pohsnem websitePohsnem website7 dagar sedan
  • If they have the same lineup from the first leg against psg well then koeman is a joke

    Nicolas LilloNicolas Lillo7 dagar sedan
  • Somebody hire a hitman to take out Lenglet, his mistakes will probably cost us the La liga

    George GoguadzeGeorge Goguadze7 dagar sedan
  • I predicted on FC Barcelona's official website that Barca will win 1-0 to Cadiz and when Clement Lenglet conceded the penalty I was like wtf are you doing why don't u can see Sobrino coming and just try not to upend him and Lenglet did the Same thing and I am here thinking that I am jinxed that what I predict always goes wrong and I really can't get over that match till now. All I am thinking is that Barca fucked up at last minute because of my jinx.

    Abhishek PalAbhishek Pal7 dagar sedan
  • I was so angry that I can't manage my mind to see ur vdo for 24 hour.💔🙂.. LENGLET out

  • Do you think messi will leave Barcelona this year

    Yeboah ElvisYeboah Elvis7 dagar sedan
  • Him need to go now now now not tomorrow now him style the fan big time right now a messi why I am a fan of the club an from the past few years am losing it

    John brownJohn brown7 dagar sedan

    alex maddisonalex maddison7 dagar sedan
  • At the moment barca is a mediocre team being managed by a mediocre manager.

    Nashon RichardsNashon Richards7 dagar sedan
  • Mamppe's attitude is so rude when he responded Dest and Mona players. He is not sportsman anymore.

    Khun OoKhun Oo7 dagar sedan
  • Maybe a change would be Trincao instead of Dembouz, but tbh the rest of the team, in absence of Araujo and Fati, is our strongest line-up. We have no replacement for busi other than pjanic and Pedri and de Jong are our best midfielders. And I’m sorry but mingueza is simply not good enough to be a starter at Barca. This is just the best we can put up. And once again against Cadiz, we created a lot of chances and once again, we failed to score any of them. Next season, a CF García and Gaya are needed, and once we sign of promote a proper replacement for Busi we can talk about replacing him but until then.. In addition, it is preferable to play with a left footed LCB, and if the alternative for Lenglet is Umtiti.. Maybe when araujo is fit you can play him there next to pique but right now, this is just our strongest XI

    Wessel BrinkWessel Brink7 dagar sedan
    • Also, I see Alaba as a crucial signing as he is left footed, can play in CD, LB and CDM. His contract expires this season, he is 28 which means he is in his prime and he has the experience at the absolute top.

      Wessel BrinkWessel Brink7 dagar sedan
  • This is just to prove the delusional fans from last season who scapegoated Semedo as the catalyst of our defeats. He was genuinely the least worst defender in our back line. That’s how bad the line is. Fans are just too brain dead to figure that out because Semedo didn’t wana any notable European silverware with us in the past.

    A107A1077 dagar sedan
  • Do you think that Elvedi and Zakaria are good signings with mukiele next season?

    AHIAHI7 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    AHIAHI7 dagar sedan
  • Tbh you can't just blame koeman, jamie . When setien came in he did the same thing and sometimes you supported him. But i think you give out a feeling that what you say is always right but you are a barca fan and every barca fan can have their opinions. But....... I think you should always be neutral even so you support anyone related to the club in youtube videos. Just make it a secret on who you are supporting I am tired of barca but i will keep supporting barca. Just full of frustration.

    saurab dhakalsaurab dhakal7 dagar sedan
  • Jamie i told u we aiint gona be heard.. Koeman attributes EGO, ATTITUDE, STUBBORN ( THIS 3 GONA B HIS DOWNFALL ) ..... GOOD LUCK TO ALL WHO CAN CHANGE THAT.....

    scars rscars r7 dagar sedan
  • Koeman doesnt know how to rotate players

    V!N0 YorkV!N0 York7 dagar sedan
  • Koeman , Griezmann and Lenglet are counting their days in Barca . Period .

    Obot GodwinObot Godwin7 dagar sedan
    • Including pique busquet Alba

      Rukaya AbdulkadirRukaya Abdulkadir7 dagar sedan
  • Pique needs to retire, alba ,Busquets, lenglet out. I think barca should either sign a super striker like halland or just get new quick experienced wingbacks and an established cb like alaba.

    chris johnchris john7 dagar sedan
  • Bruh why yall blaming Lenglet alone? Tryna protect Messi's bad performance? Open misses from attackers?

    TharshTharsh7 dagar sedan
  • Watched you about 2 years ago and the videos were alright then. Now its just loud blatant over the top screaming, what a shame.

    Kush ProductionsKush Productions7 dagar sedan
  • Koman is not workable

    Abdullah ManzurAbdullah Manzur7 dagar sedan
  • I think we are making too much out of what is just a question of philosophy. Koeman probably thought playing the same team again against a weaker team would build up their confidence back up. We would have preferred a different team. Koemans idea didn‘t work hence we think we were right from the beginning. But given the chances we had in the first have it could well have worked out. I think the more urgent question is the question of lack of mentality to see through „easy“ games.

    micha4014micha40147 dagar sedan
  • " Knock Knock " the is just the trailer, the worst with the best/big teams picture still yet to be released ......

    scars rscars r7 dagar sedan
  • Is it not evident that we need a new coach? Sigh he’s not a tactical master class, he’s arrogant, and bullish.

    Clinton CampbellClinton Campbell7 dagar sedan
  • Barcelona badly needs better defenders

    ken ombokoken omboko7 dagar sedan
  • Perfectly spoken Jamie

    Izaac ZumayaIzaac Zumaya7 dagar sedan
  • Messi 2 years ago: Nothing surprises me anymore Fans at present moment: Nothing surprises me anymore under the management of Koeman 😔😔😔

    Travis DonavanTravis Donavan7 dagar sedan
  • Plastic fans... smh...

    JayJayJayJay7 dagar sedan
  • Koeman is dumb ..and very orthodox in his approach, he is stubborn about his beliefs. I have lost my confidence in koeman

    MjeezMjeez7 dagar sedan
  • PSG were beaten yesterday by 4th place Monaco.. Watching that game, you realize Barca is far from competition for another 6 years

    sed kaufmannsed kaufmann7 dagar sedan
  • I am getting pain after pain after pain by supporting barcelona with the same players who are really not delivering as expected at barcelona.

    Ebrahim ContehEbrahim Conteh7 dagar sedan
  • The worst thing wasn't the result because we are used to that but what Pique said after the match. He said he is physically tired that after not playing for 3 months he is just trying to get his rhythm. And he started a champions league knockout game against last year's finalist... Why do coaches lie, 'you play as you train' sound familiar, we have been complaining abt a fit pique who broke out during Guardiolas Era. Now ur playing an unfit one, it's like man city still relying on Vincent kompany, ridiculous

    Ev FolorunshoEv Folorunsho7 dagar sedan
  • Ronald Koeman might have some plans but no balls to make big decisions.

    Sachit TimilsinaSachit Timilsina7 dagar sedan
  • Mate this is just too much...seeing everyone make a laughter because of us hurts...we are called FC BARCELONA we killed the football for fifteen years and now we are supposed to suffer because of a cocky arrogant,manager🤬🤬🤬We need A left back,a center back,a proper center forward,an exploading roght forward and thats it.Oh and yeah...a manager.Coutinho,braithwait,antoine,lenglet should be sold.Jordi,sergi and pique should retire themselves and to not become villains of the club they gave their life to.

    Aleksander JosifiAleksander Josifi7 dagar sedan
  • 6:10 22 is written on lost collum of atletico😂 How great it would be if it was true 😂

    Iaha TeensIaha Teens7 dagar sedan
  • I told you u from beginning Koeman won't take us anywhere We need Technical and Matured manager Who can use the second eleven and young talents and still gets results

    kollinxon 89kollinxon 897 dagar sedan
  • My heart is broken for my team

    EJ. HendrixEJ. Hendrix7 dagar sedan
  • How do you watch the game we had against Alaves and then bench all of the players who made us look like the best days of Barça for the next two games is beyond me. And yes, I know PSG is not Alaves but seriously what is Kouman's problem with Puig? Did he murder his mother?

    ranndinoranndino7 dagar sedan
  • This was the reason we wanted Valverde to be sacked, and alas what we've got now, even worse in Koeman

    Arnab PalArnab Pal7 dagar sedan
  • It is the player power ruining barca

    Sunanda ghoshSunanda ghosh7 dagar sedan
  • Valverde was never the problem

    JamesJames7 dagar sedan
  • Messi will suffer at the end our defense will disappoint, the most useless defense in the world

    Osman SterlingOsman Sterling7 dagar sedan