Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether...

6 jul 2020
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Beating Minecraft Without Leaving The Nether... we can't leave the nether AT ALL. We are stuck.
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This is a custom coded 1.16 survival challenge. My friends and I try and beat the game before the new nether destroys us. This was super intense. We can't leave the nether at all, not even once.
Can we beat the enderdragon?
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  • Dream: "It's probably a bug or something." George: "You're a bug.

    iiHeqtedUp_iiHeqtedUp_8 sekunder sedan
  • why was the piglin dancing?

    RedsmilE YTRedsmilE YT3 minuter sedan

    Lil ZukoLil Zuko6 minuter sedan
  • Dream 2020: “HALAYVADAVUVATHU”

    Lil ZukoLil Zuko21 minut sedan
  • How did you get diamonds

    op dipiop dipi33 minuter sedan
  • Sapnap and George: *Horror movie spoiled girl screams* Dream: bldvejegavaju

    Maryann RamirezMaryann Ramirez50 minuter sedan
  • why the piglin are dancing...? because they kill like ummmmmm killer big pig hehe

    Eugene Lee ElaticoEugene Lee Elatico59 minuter sedan
  • 7:55 that was like... an irl keysmash "BDPLDSDKJDLLJJJPPP"

    Jack LimJack LimTimme sedan
  • this is a mod?

    VitooMSVitooMS2 timmar sedan
  • You can use twisting vines to mlg in nether

    Ruby The JackalRuby The Jackal2 timmar sedan

    anonymooseanonymoose2 timmar sedan
  • 9:04

    Médiatrice UwingabiyeMédiatrice Uwingabiye3 timmar sedan
  • Craft a diamond pickaxe to break netherite

    MariaCristina MabansagMariaCristina Mabansag7 timmar sedan
  • Dream: finds netherite george: thats useless to us also george: (wearing netherite on the dream smp)

    Radge teevan HortinelaRadge teevan Hortinela8 timmar sedan
  • Nether dragon

    gabi minecraftgabi minecraft8 timmar sedan
  • whats the seed number

    聪明的蛇王聪明的蛇王9 timmar sedan
  • the reason the piglins were dancing was cause when you kill a hoglin infront of piglins there is a chance that the piglins will celebrate by dancing

    Poona FirazPoona Firaz9 timmar sedan

    GalaxyGamez _YTGalaxyGamez _YT10 timmar sedan
  • Fun Fact : Dream Is A Great Person

    *!Starlight Cølors¡**!Starlight Cølors¡*10 timmar sedan
  • How you to get diamond dream

    Bunny SalvadorBunny Salvador11 timmar sedan
  • i love how dream isnt selfish and instead of making a pickaxe with his 3 iron he made he made 3 shields

    The Gamer KidThe Gamer Kid11 timmar sedan
  • Sing mine go,d in front of piglans bc they get angry at u

    Grant SherfeseeGrant Sherfesee11 timmar sedan
  • 9:05

    {edited}{edited}13 timmar sedan
  • H

    milleparre ooomilleparre ooo13 timmar sedan
  • Flex on the haters :>

    Lana A RoystonLana A Royston13 timmar sedan
  • 8:46 ummm

    Evan FriesenEvan Friesen14 timmar sedan
  • the piglin was doing the wavy t

    EpicUniverseEpicUniverse14 timmar sedan
  • i wanna see a manhunt like this

    AR ShAR Sh15 timmar sedan
  • Hoglins do dances when the see those hog creatures die

    Strawberry BunStrawberry Bun16 timmar sedan
  • minecraft speedruns be like

    whyamiherewhyamihere16 timmar sedan
  • ur so good so i broke my moniter :)

    Ruan OppermanRuan Opperman16 timmar sedan
  • Me: watch this video ALSO me: where CRIMSON FOREST

    jamilson Mesquitajamilson Mesquita17 timmar sedan
  • Bring Haaa

    River DolphinRiver Dolphin17 timmar sedan
  • 9:05

    kilerma2kilerma217 timmar sedan
  • 8:05

    kilerma2kilerma217 timmar sedan
  • The dream wheeze is still iconic

    Kris VKris V18 timmar sedan
  • 9:20 Dream knows fortnite

    PlatinumYTPlatinumYT18 timmar sedan
  • 4:30 lmaooo

    Ale DuranAle Duran18 timmar sedan
  • 09:05 "Piglins of Madagascar" exist!

    Marta HaydukMarta Hayduk19 timmar sedan
  • Wow

    Samantha KendrickSamantha Kendrick19 timmar sedan
  • If you pause just before you hit the ground you won't take damage

    Patrick StarPatrick Star21 timme sedan
  • Facts about dream: hi guys did you know that dream born speedrunnig minecraft :)

    Ali HaidarAli Haidar21 timme sedan
  • 4:30 he screams like a girl xD

    Aiden BTKAiden BTK21 timme sedan
  • 16:46 ~Dream

    Death - Brawl StarsDeath - Brawl Stars22 timmar sedan
  • Fun fact: sapnaps skin is the same since a year and maybe even more same with dream

    X2_VIBIN ッX2_VIBIN ッ22 timmar sedan
  • *me who plays on xbox but will get mc on pc (java) this month* have you tried using the origins mod to NOT have to code it ya know? oh right i forgot it would be easier... well im stupid

    gl1tchiboi the protogengl1tchiboi the protogen23 timmar sedan
  • *me seeing this in my recommended* sure

    gl1tchiboi the protogengl1tchiboi the protogen23 timmar sedan
  • Should do this manhunt edition not leaving the nether

    Harvey JenkinsHarvey Jenkins23 timmar sedan
  • Lol

    Drackfire2011Drackfire201123 timmar sedan
  • Dream has already beat minecraft a L O T of times

    May RichardsMay RichardsDag sedan

    GhostyGhostyDag sedan
  • 9:07 that pig do be Vibing tho

    Sarah clelandSarah clelandDag sedan
  • 9:06

    Axel YoungAxel YoungDag sedan
  • Lsksklsks All,all,a Last,.zzz

    Wez BarryWez BarryDag sedan
  • why is his hunger in hardcore but not his health

    Elias McCannElias McCannDag sedan
  • Fun fact : Everyone was born as small child and his or her mother was female

    Sunny SehrawatSunny SehrawatDag sedan
    • 😂

      Sunny SehrawatSunny SehrawatDag sedan
  • Happy birthday

    Arthur CamposArthur CamposDag sedan
  • Piglins got the moves 😂 9:05

    Huz BuzHuz BuzDag sedan
  • -laughing like hec- (Dream gets pearl) OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSS

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  • 7:56

    Elijah PlayzElijah PlayzDag sedan
  • Is victory dance

    Yuri BaruzziYuri BaruzziDag sedan
  • I can‘t I AM SCREAMING I had an Dream 💭🤠😂😂😂😂😂 and it had the Dream Smp in it LMAO well 🤧 *I was no one just a fact*

    NobodyNobodyDag sedan
  • The acoustic girdle spatially coil because expansion alternatively lie amidst a dreary use. sulky, overwrought scorpion

    Juliana SpikaJuliana SpikaDag sedan
  • dream: DAJAH OJEIFGOHAUHGUT words of man in terror seeing his life flash before him 7:56

    gg. netgg. netDag sedan
  • You can get free saddles sometimes if a piglin is riding the strider if you kill the strider you get saddle

    Princenob ツPrincenob ツDag sedan
  • 9:06 it was in the update but you only get a 10% chance of seeing piglins dance and hoglin

    Game OnGame OnDag sedan
    • But it was only meant for a joke by the minecraft developers

      Game OnGame OnDag sedan
  • @Dream sapnap georg 10 minuts killing gas lol

    Jayden Jibril CantillasJayden Jibril CantillasDag sedan
  • Heres how you get food easily so withers drop skeletons witch can be bonemeal soo you need 1 mushroom to make alot of stew

    Princenob ツPrincenob ツDag sedan
  • Dream : Hits Enderman Also Dream : ThIs EnDeRmAn iS mAd At Me FoR nO rEaSoN!!!11!

    Sleep GamingSleep GamingDag sedan
  • I love your vois

    vaara79vaara79Dag sedan
  • 9:18 they sound like chickrns

    Viccip ExeViccip ExeDag sedan
  • 7:56 lol

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  • 9:08 hahahahaha how's that possible?😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    • Oooooooo myyyyy god

      Nabanita KarmakarNabanita KarmakarDag sedan
  • 9:06 oh my gosh

    shashank guptashashank guptaDag sedan
  • I hier the song so good

    Karlīna ĶepīteKarlīna ĶepīteDag sedan
  • everyone in this comment section's iq 7:56

    Dash1chanDash1chanDag sedan
  • Dream your the best youtuber

    Fellow pig Posin BakonFellow pig Posin BakonDag sedan
  • Me when I got some cake 9:12

    Maria VargasMaria VargasDag sedan
  • Ender Dragon it should be Nether Dragon.

    Blake ValladolidBlake ValladolidDag sedan
  • Fun fact : dream always sprint and jump even in creative mode

    Adam HarithAdam HarithDag sedan
  • Who saw the piglin dance lol

    Faizan AliFaizan AliDag sedan
  • We need to shout out mr piglen, first he does a dance then he gives the pearls

    Alex BishopAlex BishopDag sedan

  • They could of killed pigmen and piglins to get crossbows, arrows, swords, and armor.

    Nzo hi :DNzo hi :DDag sedan
  • Impostor moves set A: The stab animation Dash Attack: Runs foward and Dose stab animation Side tilt: Punch Up tilt: Mini crew mate jumps off head or Knife stab overhead Down tilt: Sits down like mini crewmates and sticks impostor tounge out Neutral Air: Spins in motion like the eject Foward air: Wacks tonge forward Back air: Knife stab Down air: Uses rayman hands to hold knife and swipe down Grab: Wraps impostor tounge around them Attack while grabbed: Squeezes tounge around the foe Back and forward throw: Eats foe and spits them out Up throw: Tosses them up Down throw: Slams them in ground Side smash: Tounge sticks forward Down smash: Tounge goes into the ground and can burry Up smash: tounge gose stright up B: Emergency meeting press a button and Stun pepole and drag them near tge button a bit represents how the meeting Makes you stay Side B: Asteroids Control the astroid shooter it dose no knockback but a bit of damage Up B: Teleport Like how he teleports in lobbys Down b: Vent Place Two vents down And vent to one to the other Taunts: Dose the shhh motion Pets a crewmate dog Pulls out a sabbotoge tablet Victory screens: 1st:Shows opponents body and impostor vents away 2nd:Shows opponents body and sabbotoges then a bunch of crewmates past the body 3rd:Shows impostor holding megaphone near the body fina self report Series icon: Innersloth logo Alts: Henry stickmin Purple green lime cyan pink blue Default is red Tagline: Impostor Joins the crew Stage: On top of airship or skeld Trailer: Mario Megaman and samaus walking somwhere they hear a vent noise and gets ready to fight but then we see Mario get impailed in a red screen by the impostors tounge like in ridleys trailer they then see a vent and impostor comes out Impostor joins the crew Edit: Final Smash: Ejection Impostor calls a meeting and votes out The opponent Classic Mode:Evil Across He would battle against villans Music: Mr game and watch situation or use henry stickmin music Victory Music: Impostor win theme Victory screen when in a team: Same situation as joker Or its him coming out of a vent amd doing shhh motion Spirits: Crewmate Impostor Dum sticky note crewmate C sir From mira Rhm Inpostor Their Stance in the select screen would have them doing the shhh motion or them standing still Like steve Mii costumes shown: Crewmate costume Spyro Deluxe costumenChun li costume and Fnaf Mask Costume Kirby Hat: Would have him wear a crewmate A pack on his back like the impostor and crew have

    Yoda JediYoda JediDag sedan
  • me: yo whats the password for my phone again? mom: im gonna say it only one time ok? me: ok her: 7:56

    mattymatt azymattymatt azyDag sedan

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  • George said “she’s coming down she’s coming down” At the dragon fight, then sapnap said “Get in, get in.” Lol 27:17

    Mag 864Mag 864Dag sedan
  • does dream use realms to play with his friends

    DudeMan the lllDudeMan the lllDag sedan

    Alphin TvAlphin TvDag sedan
  • Sou brasileira

    Emanoele Mesquita de sousaEmanoele Mesquita de sousaDag sedan
  • 9:10 it was a part of the update when they see piglin die, but it is very rare for it to happen

    Rev JearRev JearDag sedan
  • You dont code at all your a minecraft youtuber lmao

    ByvszByvszDag sedan
  • could you summon like 4 withers and then make some ender crystals and summon the dragon that way?

    Charles XieCharles XieDag sedan
  • so, when your famous you will have thousands of dislikes but hundreds of thousand likes

    Bùbbłÿ Gåçhã PwøfBùbbłÿ Gåçhã PwøfDag sedan
  • me when someone likes me 9:17

    ho11y9ho11y9Dag sedan
  • 26:15 sapnap said this like it was even possible to do it

    ChrolloChrollo2 dagar sedan
  • 3:47 minecraft the nether update trailer reference lol

    DaniPro43ツ UWUDaniPro43ツ UWU2 dagar sedan
  • 14:58 they spent 10mins trying to kill a ghast im dyingg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    SaringanSaringan2 dagar sedan
  • the nether dragon

    Schemil 42Schemil 422 dagar sedan