Joker Reacts to SUICIDE SQUAD Criticism! (Animated Parody)

5 aug 2016
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Suicide Squad has come out and the Joker is not quite happy with the criticism the movie is getting!
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  • surprised that they didnt use harly quin for the thumb nail

    General JakeGeneral JakeMånad sedan
  • Excuse me joker watch your laungune

    Jayden JonesJayden JonesMånad sedan
  • Hccccc vvcgmhccccccccccccccccccghkc

    Bionic System5Bionic System5Månad sedan
  • No Eyebrows. Wide Ass Eyes. Ugly Teeth.

    BigNoobz ProdoctionsBigNoobz Prodoctions3 månader sedan
  • Bruh the rats things was clearly just for him to appear on articles and hype about the movie

    carlangas worldcarlangas world5 månader sedan
  • So good for

    Mui LeMui Le5 månader sedan
  • Even though these videos are old they are so great

    Diva DimondDiva Dimond6 månader sedan

    General GrievousGeneral Grievous7 månader sedan
  • 0:46 weird shit

    PekiKvakec 69PekiKvakec 698 månader sedan
  • Peek cringe

    Wolfex 2000Wolfex 20009 månader sedan
  • I actually like suicide squad

    Mike MiketicMike Miketic9 månader sedan
  • Yeah I’m totally call 911 and then I’m getting in the straining order

    JCFL !JCFL !11 månader sedan
  • 0:07 where did the donut/bagel go?

    TobiTobiÅr sedan
  • I don't know what to comment.. But I wanted to..😆

    Ishu MHIshu MHÅr sedan
  • Xd

    Tired VilmerTired VilmerÅr sedan
  • Heath Ledger wanna be

    Nightwing 123Nightwing 123År sedan
  • Spoiled tomatoes

    The Greatest ScatatorshinistThe Greatest ScatatorshinistÅr sedan

    Elena RobertsElena RobertsÅr sedan
  • Pause at 0:47 and thank me later

    angry dad _ joey3249angry dad _ joey3249År sedan
    • ..

      trolliustrolliusÅr sedan
  • And that is just bull sh@#

    Joslyn MurphyJoslyn MurphyÅr sedan
  • i acctullay loved that movie

    finlay baytonfinlay baytonÅr sedan
  • Well yeah Suicide Sqaud Joker was bad, The Dark Knight Joker was the best

    Pawn AlmondPawn AlmondÅr sedan
  • The joker didn't ate his Donut.

    Johan RayamajhiJohan Rayamajhi2 år sedan
  • O love that fancow reference

    Drink my bleachDrink my bleach2 år sedan

    Magenta FreakMagenta Freak2 år sedan
  • What draw style is this? I like it

    GamingwithMarzGamingwithMarz2 år sedan
  • this film was still successful knowing the fact that every girl in 2016 dressed like Harley Quinn

    Annika NielsenAnnika Nielsen2 år sedan
    • And the actress who should've played Harley Quinn is Kat Dennings because she has the same characteristics as her.

      Ken MastersKen MastersÅr sedan
  • 😂😂😂that Harley tho

    Danny PerezDanny Perez2 år sedan
  • Nudedy!😟

    GABE the IcebergGABE the Iceberg2 år sedan
  • Congrats on 700k

    SubscribeToR6CONSOLEonYouTubewith7subsr6contentthxSubscribeToR6CONSOLEonYouTubewith7subsr6contentthx2 år sedan
  • If you're too stupid to pay attention to a movie and instead choose to whine like a pathetic piece of shit then you should probably shut the fuck up instead.

    Auron1Roxas2Auron1Roxas22 år sedan
  • Suicide squad was not Joker movie .It was harley quin and the other members movie . They made money out of it by using Jokers name and appearance.

  • In my opinion suicide squad was the best out of the new DC films, not saying that it was good, but it’s better than the others. The only problem that I would have like to see was a good cgi killer croc and a better looking joker

    JawaLuLu25JawaLuLu252 år sedan
  • Lol 😂

    The Insane Bolt!The Insane Bolt!2 år sedan
  • Harly *THICC* uinn

    Xavier SaavedraXavier Saavedra2 år sedan
  • ok

    MookiMooki2 år sedan
  • You got the laugh perfectly

    D03KERD03KER2 år sedan
  • MMMMM. I know this is making fun of his performance, but it's still so cringe it's that accurate!

    nightowlnightowl2 år sedan
  • Harley quinn is so thicc

    ilike2Danimegirlsilike2Danimegirls2 år sedan
  • I honestly like suicide squad

    EL DaemonEL Daemon2 år sedan
    • You have a problem

      dulvabdulvab2 år sedan

    mercymercy2 år sedan
  • Ok first of all it isnt jokers movie its suicide squad

    Josh WrightJosh Wright2 år sedan
  • Suicide squad joker's laugh is just boring

    YardenYarden2 år sedan
  • "Uhhoo,I'm Harley Quinn."

    mjbmjb2 år sedan
    • **sigh** its the little things in life...

      Mlgfoxy1111Mlgfoxy11118 månader sedan
  • that laugh is just garbage

    juan Gallegosjuan Gallegos2 år sedan
    • @juan Gallegos That’s the point dumb fuck

      DesignzRUs1DesignzRUs12 år sedan
  • it was a trash movie tho.

    Jess DrazekJess Drazek3 år sedan
  • Cringe

    Emmanuel MurilloEmmanuel Murillo3 år sedan
  • *27%*

    Ann-Marie HurleyAnn-Marie Hurley3 år sedan
  • Man that movie was so fucking bad

    Ravelord NitoRavelord Nito3 år sedan
  • Suicide squad was just a series of character introductions lol

    EmmyEmmy3 år sedan
  • I’ve been reading Suicide Squad comics for years and the movie was terrible. Maybe if I never read the comics and just heard about the team then maybe Id like it but since I am very familiar with the group I hated it. I’m sure a lot of book readers feel that way when books become movies. Just it was so bad and it breaks my heart that people are hating the team when the comics are soooo good. Now they might be making a Gotham Ciry Sirens movie and I’m losing my shit because what if it’s bad too? Just read the book guys like they’re pretty great

    TrinTrin •TrinTrin •3 år sedan
  • the problem with suicide squad for me was 1) it wasn't timed properly, some scenes could have been played longer others cut short 2) the suicide squad supposed to be villans but they hardly do anything that evil in the entire film they seemed more like generic good guys than the villans they were supposed to be 3) the plot of suicide squad is very exciting a fresh concept but the crew members failed to deliver the great movie it could have been it felt as something was a miss and it could have been way better

    SunDaleSunDale3 år sedan
  • I want people to send dead rats.

    Simon GhoulSimon Ghoul3 år sedan
  • I just don't like his laugh it's just not insane enough

    Bag on head 2Bag on head 23 år sedan
  • Better than the emoji movie

    ioletsgoioletsgo3 år sedan
  • Worst joker laugh of all time

    SethSeth3 år sedan
  • still looking for the joker in the animation. also suicide squad is like a solid 4/10

    Keeba AfricaKeeba Africa3 år sedan

    Reimi DietrichReimi Dietrich3 år sedan
  • dude the new joker is the worst lol

    Jacob ArevalioJacob Arevalio3 år sedan
  • why does Harley sound like Chris from Family guy? in 0:40

  • suicide sqad was the best movie

    the thethe the3 år sedan
  • my god

    Ann wrightAnn wright3 år sedan
  • heath ledger for the win !!!!

    Frankenstein's GhostFrankenstein's Ghost3 år sedan
  • I broke out laughing when harley came in

    MaryJane ChrMaryJane Chr4 år sedan
  • spoiler alert it fucking sucked!!!

    MarviMarvi4 år sedan
  • Suicide squad was a good movie

    Ross PettigrewRoss Pettigrew4 år sedan
  • Everyone in the comments are complaining about how they love the movie or hate it or something, but I haven't seen an actual review. So here goes I think the movie was pretty good compared to the shit that DC has made. What I really hoped for for the movie was a movie about the bad guys, and cool plot twists, but instead it gave us a pretty shitty storyline. Jared Leto's joker I also thought was pretty good, and his different designs of tattoos tell him a little backstory. There were som big things in the movie that I absolutely hated, like the sexualisation of the female characters, and enchantress (she just could not act!). Actual rating 6/10

    Booster seatBooster seat4 år sedan
  • "Ohhh. Imharleyquin ☺️" I laughed so hard

    JarvisJarvis4 år sedan
  • I loved Suicide Squad

    EvanthecinemaguyEvanthecinemaguy4 år sedan
  • MMMmmmmmk

    Kari KrummiKari Krummi4 år sedan
  • I hate that movie

    Aaron Hutchinson56Aaron Hutchinson564 år sedan
  • Here from smosh WUB WUUUUB!

    Will WWill W4 år sedan
  • nope da critics were right it was a bad movie for a true DC comic fan

    Irvi CarrilloIrvi Carrillo4 år sedan
  • ರ益ರ. I was going to watch it if it was any good.

    Zachary EricksonZachary Erickson4 år sedan
  • I like dis harley better.

    Rndm VdsRndm Vds4 år sedan
  • I know

    Renji CortezRenji Cortez4 år sedan
  • "hueheheuhe.. im harley quinn" xD just in case you didnt know

    HyungwonkHyungwonk4 år sedan
  • this is woldemort u know not joker

    Toprak Cem SAVASToprak Cem SAVAS4 år sedan
  • Roman?

    LegioLegio4 år sedan
  • it's not even his movie that's the funny thing

    Master's SwordMaster's Sword4 år sedan
  • his laugh lol

    Master's SwordMaster's Sword4 år sedan
  • Lol Harley Quinn at the end

    McGeeMcGee4 år sedan
    • DO THE BELLY ROLL Psycho with big Boobies!

      Bonnie Aprillollipop #TRIGGEREDBonnie Aprillollipop #TRIGGERED2 år sedan
  • i actually like the new joker he seems sav af

    Leo/NoxLeo/Nox4 år sedan
  • I never pay attention to the sites that rate movies i only care on what i think about it

    TheDeadCobraTheDeadCobra4 år sedan
  • It still good to me

    Jeremy Lai GamingJeremy Lai Gaming4 år sedan
  • But I did not watch it is it really bad

    Jeremy Lai GamingJeremy Lai Gaming4 år sedan
  • Me too

    Jeremy Lai GamingJeremy Lai Gaming4 år sedan
  • Your movie? Suicide Squad was just Deadshot and Harley doing stuff while the others were just there.

    0DarkEagle0DarkEagle4 år sedan
    • Yup

      Debis ArtDebis ArtÅr sedan
    • And she thinking of him all the time #love ;v

      EstefyEstefy4 år sedan
  • I think the reason critics don't like suicide squad as much as most of us expected is because most of them are looking for a technically good movie, rather than one like suicide squad, which is made for a specific audience who already know the comics.

    IcyIcy4 år sedan
    • Icy regardless of who a movie is centered towards, it still has to be a *good* movie, you know with a *plot* & *characters*? You know what those are right?

      dippnrippdippnripp2 år sedan
    • What are you talking about?! The comics are awesome! The movie was terrible!

      SabalghooSabalghoo2 år sedan
    • I’ve been reading the comics for years and I still hated the movie

      TrinTrin •TrinTrin •3 år sedan
    • Then you shouldn't have a problem with their rating. It was a bad movie, but if you get joy out of watching it then who's going to stop you?

      Danger MCDanger MC3 år sedan
  • Suicide Squad=BAY

    Obeid HussainObeid Hussain4 år sedan
    • Obeid Hussain ya mean bæ?

      WillJoshGamingWillJoshGaming4 år sedan
  • It's really bad no our fence

    YoshieYoshie4 år sedan
    • Offence

      YoshieYoshie4 år sedan
  • its good joker so

    videos any dayvideos any day4 år sedan
  • What country are you from?

    DanutzzDanutzz4 år sedan
    • england

      StrongestVirus4StrongestVirus44 år sedan
  • Suicide squad is the best movie of all time in my opinion. So joker, put on your shades, and BLOCK OUT THE HATERS!! 😎😎😎

    DarthCandy101DarthCandy1014 år sedan
  • the donut disappeared into his chest at the start

    Last NameLast Name4 år sedan
  • the donut disappeared into his chest at the start

    Last NameLast Name4 år sedan
  • It is truly terrible

    Tyler DurdenTyler Durden4 år sedan
  • Its awesome you can click on extra videos now on the phone.

    armenianplyarmenianply4 år sedan
  • "uhhhh im harley quinn"

    Milly MMilly M4 år sedan
    • **sigh** its the little things in life...

      Mlgfoxy1111Mlgfoxy11118 månader sedan
  • Is suicide squad a good movie???

    BBish GTBBish GT4 år sedan
    • Evanthecinemaguy thx

      MTP The SnoopMTP The Snoop2 år sedan
    • Yes

      Tooba AhmadTooba Ahmad2 år sedan
    • BBish GT nope

      Alvi SyahriAlvi Syahri2 år sedan
    • It's awesome! Not as good as Deadpool, but still awesome

      EvanthecinemaguyEvanthecinemaguy4 år sedan
    • It's okay.

      murderousratmurderousrat4 år sedan