FIGHTERS PREDICT: Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 2 | UFC 257

13 jan 2021
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Ahead of UFC 257: Poirier vs. McGregor 2 and the UFC lightweight fight between Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier 2, UFC fighters make UFC 257 fight predictions and preview the fight and discuss the x-factors.
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0:00 Stephen Thompson
1:18 Laura Sanko
2:50 Dan Hooker
4:41 Jack Hermansson
5:43 Bas Rutten
7:42 Ben Askren
7:55 Jan Blachowicz
8:21 Colby Covington
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  • 0:00 Stephen Thompson 1:18 Laura Sanko 2:50 Dan Hooker 4:41 Jack Hermansson 5:43 Bas Rutten 7:42 Ben Askren 7:55 Jan Blachowicz 8:21 Colby Covington

    Submission RadioSubmission Radio5 dagar sedan
    • Colby Covington support trump?

      Dragomir BošnjakDragomir Bošnjak2 timmar sedan
    • Bro Connor is gonna whoop his ass. Like dude 1st round

      Tommy RamirezTommy Ramirez21 timme sedan
    • @Nicola Maxwell, yes Mam absolutely correct

      denzil munsamydenzil munsamyDag sedan
    • @denzil munsamy Conor TKO round 2

      Nicola MaxwellNicola MaxwellDag sedan
    • Why are people always saying, Dustin is not the same person he was in the last fight, what about conor he is also not the same, he became 2 division champion since then, he gona smoke Dustin in 2 rounds

      denzil munsamydenzil munsamyDag sedan
  • Conor has to be the old one with that slipping head movement

    Adam KhanAdam KhanTimme sedan
  • Dustin has to not let him stretch hes arms out to get distance and bob and weave if he can

    Adam KhanAdam KhanTimme sedan
  • Lmao Colby went off 😂

    Yung BeemsYung Beems2 timmar sedan
  • Colby is a hilarious. What a beast 😂❤️🇺🇸

    Brandon KilbrideBrandon Kilbride3 timmar sedan
  • Dustin won. Thank me later after the fight. Don't underestimate my man. Mark my words time changes everything .

    Akansha RaiAkansha Rai3 timmar sedan
  • Dustin wins 99% of his stand up matches due to his great boxing skillset and cardio and heart... unfortunately Conor falls in that small 1% margin where Dustin is gonna have to shoot and tie him up if he wants to win.. yes he can always try to drag it on to the later rounds but I feel Conor will hit him hard early and close the show... he only really loses to wrestler or a good choke but never loses a fist fight.. so my money is on Conor, No I'm not a fanboy... just my opinion! Best of luck to both of these Gladiators.. Respect to the winner and new number 1 contender 😎

    Mysteron71Mysteron714 timmar sedan
  • Colby Covington’s only line “He’s completely washed up, he’s got no chin anymore and he’s got no heart”

    Cody ChildsCody Childs4 timmar sedan
  • Khabib said Conor is #1 and when Khabib comes back, Conor is #2. I think he's right.

    TheNuggzt3rTheNuggzt3r5 timmar sedan
    • He's definitely right... he beat everyone

      Barry WallsBarry Walls54 minuter sedan
  • All that talking and bass rutten didn't make a prediction lmao

    General ConsensusGeneral Consensus6 timmar sedan
  • Colby is fucking hilarious

    jason lantzjason lantz7 timmar sedan
  • Laura is a beauty .

    DrongoriusDrongorius11 timmar sedan
  • Everybody: "Conor will win, Conor is the best!" Also everybody: "Why do people still underestimate Conor!?"

    Alberto AmorusoAlberto Amoruso12 timmar sedan
  • Who else here to see what Colby said 🤣😅😂

    drewcliff82drewcliff8213 timmar sedan
  • Dustin Poirier will surely beat mcGregor tes tym. He is no more old poirier......every thing seems tol be perfect for Dustin.. Good luck both.

    Kiyekhe AwomiKiyekhe Awomi16 timmar sedan
  • Dustin is getting dusted off.

    kobie campkobie camp17 timmar sedan
  • Oh my gosh! I can't believe Dustin is going to win, that's crazy! (Colby literally gets every single fight prediction wrong so ya..)

    HGJ NinjaHGJ Ninja17 timmar sedan
  • defund the media!

    wheelmanstanwheelmanstan19 timmar sedan
  • 29-1 coming soon

    Mark 13Mark 1320 timmar sedan
  • Colby does it again he's hilarious 😆 hahaha

    Samuel MartinezSamuel Martinez20 timmar sedan
  • Conor by KO. Not much doubt.

    VOIP PortlandVOIP Portland20 timmar sedan
  • Who the fook is that last last guy in the video?.... Do not taint their names with your ugly ass hat!!!... This is a honest fight, so throw that political shit in the dumpster mate!!!!!

    panickypresspanickypressDag sedan
  • See these are real mma stars giving real input , not like all these fan boys always coming and commenting “khabib choked him out”

    pacsoul Pavonpacsoul PavonDag sedan
  • c'mon Dustin I wanna see you're combos!

  • Hooker saying he hit Dustin with hard punches means nothing 🤣

    Brad CzajkowskiBrad CzajkowskiDag sedan
  • Laura Sanko is my type of women

    EthanEthanDag sedan
  • Thanks for having Bas on here - the man!

    VOIP PortlandVOIP PortlandDag sedan
  • Colby is suck an idiot

    Cameron LuquetteCameron LuquetteDag sedan
  • It`s doesnt metter who win, both fighters taps out against one and only KING !

    ffactorrffactorrDag sedan
  • Colby still clutching that MAGA hat like his own personal safe space hahaha

    Kevin KnutsonKevin KnutsonDag sedan
  • Conor vs Gaethge, thats a fight.

    SuperHunter1975SuperHunter1975Dag sedan
  • Poirer record is better 26 wins 6 losses while conor the cock talking guy is 22 wins 4 losses and with some wins rigged like against cowboy

    John JongJohn JongDag sedan
  • Colby is a pussy he fuck over all his training partners🤬

    Adrian SingeorzanAdrian SingeorzanDag sedan
  • Damn, Laura Sanko's breakdown. On point

    kindog86kindog86Dag sedan
  • Sensei Bass 👊

    Giddy_onhyGiddy_onhyDag sedan
  • People are all saying Dustin not the same fighter he was last time out, what about conor, he also not the same, he became 2 division champion since then, conor smokes him in 2 rounds max

    denzil munsamydenzil munsamyDag sedan
  • Dustin wins end of first round tko maybe Tap

    RaindeerRaindeerDag sedan
  • Jan's comment really intrigues he a genius or predicting a bizarre outcome.

    Stuart AndersonStuart AndersonDag sedan
  • Dan hooker was right..

    Ragnar RamsesRagnar RamsesDag sedan
  • Just shows how much of an ass hole Colby is talking bad about ex team mates but then again he's like that with everyone until a bigger man goes for him then he tells that person I'm going to phone the cops

    ROB KROB KDag sedan
  • Colby is so right

    ProTonProTonDag sedan
  • #NERDBASH2021

    SammySam7xSammySam7xDag sedan
  • Coby Covington is on point😂😂😂😥

    Johnson DonJohnson DonDag sedan
  • izzy and connor make the mma fans see more of the ,izzy is really hot right now

    foreverforeverDag sedan
  • Who turned off when ben came on ha.. Like his opinion can be taken seriously

    francis kfrancis kDag sedan
  • jesus christ covington is obnoxious

    Michael McCayMichael McCayDag sedan
  • Keep the best analysis to last (OK Bas) , Colby. Funniest anyway.

    Paul BentleyPaul BentleyDag sedan
  • I watched that whole video just to see what Colby had to say

    Andy KrahnAndy KrahnDag sedan
  • man Colby is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Fatlind MalajFatlind MalajDag sedan
  • The fact that Dana is already talking about khabib mcgregor 2, it’s clear Dustin will not be winning. Unfortunately.

    Anthony WalkerAnthony WalkerDag sedan
  • Khabib said the only way to him was thru dustin.

  • your right!

    Alexander EAlexander E2 dagar sedan
  • dustin deserves this

    J. RahimJ. Rahim2 dagar sedan
  • I like that Hooker didn't lean towards Dustin even tho he lost to him. Most fighters try to boost the guy that they lost to, because they wanna show that they lost to a great fighter.

    Kajus KupKajus Kup2 dagar sedan

    NO LimitNO Limit2 dagar sedan
  • Fighters (+askren and covington)

    RNGRNG2 dagar sedan
  • Bas is still a straight killer 👊

    Lav77Lav772 dagar sedan
  • I love it whe Colby speaks his mind

    Javier SánchezJavier Sánchez2 dagar sedan
  • Lmao. Colby is great

    Hector MMAHector MMA2 dagar sedan
  • Either gonna be a war or Conor kos him quick

    Jennifer Lopez’s AssJennifer Lopez’s Ass2 dagar sedan
  • Love Colby!

    jack dempseyjack dempsey2 dagar sedan
  • Colby is a strange guy

    Chingri MungreiChingri Mungrei2 dagar sedan
  • Dan Hooker made an excellent point. Dustin fights better without a crowd and Conor feeds off of the crowds energy and there isn't one now. I think Conor can stop Dustin in the first 3 rounds but passed that it's Dustins fight for the cardio advantage.

    Cho JoCho Jo2 dagar sedan
  • wonder boy got a one punch man poster. i see you

    XX2 dagar sedan
  • Colby turning into the try hard of relevancy

    Bennett CharlesBennett Charles2 dagar sedan
  • Great and detailed analysis by Laura Sanko

    1907KANARYAFB1907KANARYAFB2 dagar sedan
  • I mean if you like striking fights, you should definitely wanna see Gaethje vs McGregor at some point.

    Joshua ReyesJoshua Reyes2 dagar sedan
  • Damn colby still wearing red hat😀😆

    Phx AZPhx AZ2 dagar sedan
  • Conor does better with big crowds

    Phx AZPhx AZ2 dagar sedan
  • poiriers short range "brawling" style just doesn't work against fighters like Conor.

    eric cameric cam2 dagar sedan
  • Colby is hilarious. Still repping Maga ahhaha

    Henry OHenry O2 dagar sedan
  • whats Colby gonna do in a few days. is he gonna be a trump fanboy when the dude is old news and has zero platform?

    will cwill c2 dagar sedan
  • Conor will spark him quick...

    Dmac9994Dmac99942 dagar sedan
  • Colby's daddy is not president anymore

    Sufiyan RakhangeSufiyan Rakhange2 dagar sedan
  • Hermansson : people underestimate conor... Me : ........,

    Gagak PutihGagak Putih2 dagar sedan
  • From watching the hooker fight i think Connor will win cause in the fight with hooker Dustin was letting himself get hit way to much and he constantly pulls up his shorts and connors gonna catch him while he’s doing that

    JesusJesus2 dagar sedan
  • Fuck Trump Supporters

    rlb productionrlb production2 dagar sedan
  • Colby Covington is the best 😂😂😂😂😂

    RASRAS2 dagar sedan
  • Well said Dan Hooker ... your analysis was spot on

    RASRAS2 dagar sedan
  • Hermansson going with good old Uncle´s :"How good Conor is"

    lordMethodlordMethod2 dagar sedan
  • Colby was hilarious

    Nigel SmythNigel Smyth2 dagar sedan
  • Colby is such a bitch if he was a true martial artist he would say anything can happen

    Michael BoyersMichael Boyers2 dagar sedan
  • I agree with Bas Rutten, the biggest advantage of Poirier is that he is constant, if he does not make the same mistake as all the others and he has a good approach strategy, he can beat him as usual in the 3 or 4 round. Don't be fooled, it's not going to be a fun game for him

    berhan djurovicberhan djurovic2 dagar sedan
  • I would fight Connor and lose for the money people make fighting connor

    MinoritiesRlazyMinoritiesRlazy2 dagar sedan
  • I agree with Colby Covington. And most who don't like Colby Covington just doesn't like his political opinions. Colby Covington is one of the best fighters in the UFC hands down

    Operator 84Operator 842 dagar sedan
  • Man people sleeping on Wonderboy for best strikers in the UFC. Sad times

    waterlegend72waterlegend722 dagar sedan
  • Lost 4 times by submission. Okay but to Khabib and Nate when he was already hurt. And the others were too early in his career to be taken seriously. Khabib submitted both Dustin and Justin more easily than he submitted Conor. Especially Justin.

    Alchemistic AcademicianAlchemistic Academician2 dagar sedan
  • Really interesting point from Hooker. About Conor's energy system dipping but coming back, and how you should time it. It's not necessarily bad cardio, it's more of a predictable dip.

    Alchemistic AcademicianAlchemistic Academician2 dagar sedan
  • Conor is feeling pretty vintage in the lead up to this fight. We'll see though

    Alchemistic AcademicianAlchemistic Academician2 dagar sedan
  • Im really starting to like!?!?! 🤣🤣🤣 his trash talk is so funny. And he isba great fighter to boot.

    anthony lopezanthony lopez2 dagar sedan
  • Good to see Colby at the resurrection march.

    amen 7amen 72 dagar sedan
  • These guys r sleeping on Connor. As long as Khabib is gone Connor ain’t losing to anyone

    Wil DasovichWil Dasovich2 dagar sedan
    • Easy to spot the casual when they can't even spell Conor's name properly.

      VooDooHVooDooH4 timmar sedan
    • @Jacques DeCock Islam hasnt beat anyone. Stop thinking hes another Kabib bc he isnt close to that level. Charles has a slight chance if he can get ahold of him but I think he will get caught first. Dustin, Tony, Hooker, Chandler amd the rest will get waxed.

      drewcliff82drewcliff8213 timmar sedan
    • @Jacques DeCock Islam Makachev had trouble beating his last opponent in at UFC 242 Abu Dhabi, watch that fight again

      Partha P BPartha P B14 timmar sedan
    • @Jacques DeCock lmaoo ok..

      Chip DiamondChip Diamond16 timmar sedan
    • @june snow I though I was responding to some one else. That’s not trolling and certainly nothing to do with you.

      John DoeJohn Doe23 timmar sedan
  • Bas has not aged since he was helping Mark Kerr fight in Pride! Colby has no filter!! Lol

    SUGE WHITE JacobySUGE WHITE Jacoby2 dagar sedan
  • Lauro sanko can get this D

    Yung PapiYung Papi2 dagar sedan
  • Reporter: What about Khabib? Stephen: Um who? Reporter:Khabib Nurmagomedov?? Stephen: Oh yeaah

    Thiago VolponThiago Volpon2 dagar sedan
  • Favorite part, Colby 😂

    Let’s EvolveLet’s Evolve2 dagar sedan
  • I fast forward the video just to hear what Colby would say 😬

    Harris AdjokHarris Adjok2 dagar sedan
  • Dustin needs safe space 😂😂

    Paul LittlehalesPaul Littlehales2 dagar sedan
  • Love him or hate him Colby is quite a guy 😂

    Jonathan BartonJonathan Barton2 dagar sedan
  • This “dustin’s a different fighter than the last fight” stuff is getting old. Did conor not improve as well? Like?

    BEAST5297BEAST52972 dagar sedan
    • It’s pathetic it’s just cos Dustin is popular all through burds fancy him and the lads all love him as well

      TheSatisfied CustomerTheSatisfied CustomerDag sedan