I Finally Moved Out...

10 apr 2021
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  • How everyone pronounces ramen: rom - en How simon pronounces ramen: rawr men

    KalebThatOneGuyKalebThatOneGuy10 dagar sedan
  • Love the series

    Ash FarrugiaAsh Farrugia17 dagar sedan
  • Were is the next episode

    Gamer BoyGamer Boy19 dagar sedan
  • where do u downlod the game

    samkill090samkill09020 dagar sedan
    • on steam

      jettsonjettson7 dagar sedan
  • "it's so foggy, you know what this does to me"

    Dave That's meDave That's me20 dagar sedan
  • This is a banger please keep doing it

    EurazEuraz20 dagar sedan
  • Simon is really making me want to get this game.

    enz025enz02522 dagar sedan
  • Heskey time but with wham donny?

    JellyBOBJellyBOB22 dagar sedan
  • Please can someone let me know what this game is called bc I really want it

    Max BartonMax Barton25 dagar sedan
    • Streamer life simulator

      Fusion1511Fusion151122 dagar sedan
  • 1881 lol😂😂😂

    TyezlyTyezly26 dagar sedan
  • What’s the name of the game

    Igor SkikunIgor Skikun27 dagar sedan
  • Can some1 tell me what this game is called?

    Emils JakubonisEmils Jakubonis28 dagar sedan
  • Everybody wants zorn hub

  • you just got clickbaited

    Alfred RigbyAlfred Rigby28 dagar sedan
  • Ngl he should do a 24 hr stream and like he can order food and dat when hes at like 50% energy

    Toi Let boiiiToi Let boiii28 dagar sedan
  • Plzz upload daily mannn

    Tanjim AhmedTanjim Ahmed28 dagar sedan
  • Zorn Hub

    Evan RoarkEvan Roark28 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else catch the fog joke from the Katy price vid

    SWplayzz _SWplayzz _28 dagar sedan
  • U clickbait nooob ( coudnt find any negative comment so .... )

    Naeem _Naeem _29 dagar sedan

  • how do you get the skill tree up

    RACCOON _MATERACCOON _MATE29 dagar sedan
  • Whats this game called?

    Taggar NuTaggar Nu29 dagar sedan
    • Streamer life simulator

      Jkt *Jkt *29 dagar sedan
  • amazing clickbait👏🏼👑

    harrison carterharrison carter29 dagar sedan
  • "Why is this so foggy, you know what this does to me" LOL. Yes indeed, the m i s t

    AK somethingAK something29 dagar sedan
  • Love how nobody is talking about ZornHub

    Matthew PohlMatthew Pohl29 dagar sedan
  • When is next episode

    Brownzy FNBrownzy FN29 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me who wants to see Simon play through some Nintendo switch games

    Ed BEd B29 dagar sedan
  • Love this series

    Samuel HaupertSamuel Haupert29 dagar sedan
  • can we see what is under zorn hub tab

    Kalen ChayKalen Chay29 dagar sedan
  • We need this more

    Ansh VermaAnsh Verma29 dagar sedan
  • Keep uploading

    Ansh VermaAnsh Verma29 dagar sedan
  • Dailyyy

    Ansh VermaAnsh Verma29 dagar sedan
  • Please more

    emily Graingeremily Grainger29 dagar sedan
  • We need this series daily. Simon the only reason you have dislikes is cause it's not more frequent so pls more uploads of this

    Jeremy SaucierJeremy Saucier29 dagar sedan
  • I think If you put this series on your main channel. It will still bangs

    ReezFreezeReezFreeze29 dagar sedan
  • Bro... I actually thought... Nvm😐

    Elliot NelsonElliot NelsonMånad sedan
  • This game is the best please play this daily.

    Ryaan PaniRyaan PaniMånad sedan
  • Daily episodes plsssssss

    Max WilliamsonMax WilliamsonMånad sedan
  • We’ve been mega clickbaited

    FennyBroFennyBroMånad sedan
  • The thumbnail is so clickbate lmao

    Dubz FishyDubz FishyMånad sedan
  • 10:22

    Australia Is well goodAustralia Is well goodMånad sedan
  • why does his voice sound so deep

    Cori RoseCori RoseMånad sedan
  • Do it daily fam

    ouhouihouhouihMånad sedan
  • Idk y it’s so addicting

    CombatantCombatantMånad sedan
  • make these videos more often and longer

    DarkDarkMånad sedan
  • NDL

    ReshirexReshirexMånad sedan
  • Upgrade your bed too Simon

    Xtreme_RøddyXtreme_RøddyMånad sedan
  • 13:12 Why is it so foggy? You know what it does to me.” 🤣😂

    ProffesionalGProffesionalGMånad sedan
  • He baited me

    Salah SultanSalah SultanMånad sedan
  • Simon, you can download games and therefore get a larger audience using the SLS version of Steam

    Spaghetti YeeterSpaghetti YeeterMånad sedan
  • U need furniture minter

    Stephen AStephen AMånad sedan
    • Yes

      Xtreme_RøddyXtreme_RøddyMånad sedan
  • I thought minter and talia split 🤣😂😱🤦

    Ted LoweryTed LoweryMånad sedan
  • i wanna see what the hub looks like

    Spencer JahngSpencer JahngMånad sedan
  • Get mods

    Cj_ TV69Cj_ TV69Månad sedan
  • You should see if you can renovate your house!

    Nicolas PyrkeNicolas PyrkeMånad sedan
  • Is there no mods in this game?

    Nicolas PyrkeNicolas PyrkeMånad sedan
  • Day 2 with no new episode of this. I am getting serve withdrawal symptoms🤣😭

    Michael AndersonMichael AndersonMånad sedan
  • You can play games aka do it like get a game in the computer and you can play em

    Madara UchihaMadara UchihaMånad sedan
  • We gotta appreciate how Simon puts out these BANGER series regularly

    Real CommenterReal CommenterMånad sedan
  • Can you please do the next one

    Jonny HopkinsJonny HopkinsMånad sedan
  • I love Simon ❤️❤️❤️

    TotallyThomasTotallyThomasMånad sedan
  • i am loving this series

    Yahya TareenYahya TareenMånad sedan
  • I thought when u said u was moving out I thought u was moving out ur flat and I was like there’s not way ur moving out of your flat as moving out your flat with KSI would make me sad

    Confused CrocConfused CrocMånad sedan
  • Best series do it more

    TheGamingRuleTheGamingRuleMånad sedan
  • Keep uploading this

    Marcus SegervallMarcus SegervallMånad sedan
  • Zornhub haha

    Shift3NaShift3NaMånad sedan
  • You should play games on your stream it get more views

    TTV_ HindesTTV_ HindesMånad sedan
  • Plz do this daily 😭✋

    King WilliamKing WilliamMånad sedan
  • The amount of time I streamed this series is unbearable to think. But I low key wanted to actually see what happen when that hacker do the hacks but make sure your money are either in pocket or barely empty simon

    ApepApepMånad sedan
  • whats the game called

    KillSwitchKillSwitchMånad sedan
    • streamer life simulator

      Abhijay Kheechee CSAbhijay Kheechee CSMånad sedan
  • Daily video please😅 love this series tho....

    Unknown Orc 47Unknown Orc 47Månad sedan
  • i love this series so much

    Isaac MerrittIsaac MerrittMånad sedan
  • Anybody know how to pull up the skill tree ...

    SF Exotic WaveSF Exotic WaveMånad sedan
  • where do you click to upgrade?

    taZer ́s mammataZer ́s mammaMånad sedan
  • Best series ever

    Frank FInn RodgersFrank FInn RodgersMånad sedan
  • Quick maths, if Minter makes consistent content ranging around 500k views, in a year he has about 100-200k to throw around, so JJ must be stacked.

    CloudOnYTCloudOnYTMånad sedan
  • This game is the most content that make clickbait thumbnails

    Mohammed -_-Mohammed -_-Månad sedan
  • can you please stream this

    Oskar !Oskar !Månad sedan
  • You kan hire Mods under the workers tab on your pv

    Me___ FirstMe___ FirstMånad sedan
  • Imagine getting clickbaited that hard

    Mr BagutteMr BagutteMånad sedan
  • Simon should try the lotto cos he can get like 5k if he tries a few times

    Alex GAlex GMånad sedan
  • just buy as many miners as possible, i took out the biggest loan and bought bulk miners and after paying it back they generate me like 1k per day ez

    LDRLDRMånad sedan
  • Love this series

    MajorsadsMajorsadsMånad sedan
  • Did you know that you can find it on App Store and play store

    Sean SpiteriSean SpiteriMånad sedan
  • Play Counter Strika,you get money from playing,views and you can upgrade pc to get higher fps.Btw make SEworld channel

    Arian P.Arian P.Månad sedan
  • Yo to get more money put max time on ads and keep playing them,also in the city there is a place, which is labeled on gps as ???, it’s a Bitcoin miner it easy way to make money.👍

    Anush PrasadAnush PrasadMånad sedan
  • Can we get a zorn hub reveal

    Hafsteinn Marel KristbjarnarsonHafsteinn Marel KristbjarnarsonMånad sedan
  • You can buy a moderator

    Nick NilphaiNick NilphaiMånad sedan
    • you click on workers in the browser btw

      Nick NilphaiNick NilphaiMånad sedan
  • Upload this series daily please Simon we all want it

    IamonlyfourhahaIamonlyfourhahaMånad sedan
  • This may have clickbaited me, but I’m glad it did.

    Jesse BurnsJesse BurnsMånad sedan
  • If Simon posts something MEGA clickbait, you know it's a Streamer sim vid lmao

    Nicolas JamesNicolas JamesMånad sedan
  • This is the best series out there

    Mister MigginsMister MigginsMånad sedan
  • this fun af

    iTysonTkiTysonTkMånad sedan
  • What is this game called

    HH9 GamesHH9 GamesMånad sedan
  • We need more pls

    •Black• Dragons••Black• Dragons•Månad sedan
  • The view is amazing

    Lefika SegobyeLefika SegobyeMånad sedan
  • Daily!!!

    Sondre EngerSondre EngerMånad sedan
  • This is the best series

    Oliver StilesOliver StilesMånad sedan
  • Yessss I love this series

    Owen QueryOwen QueryMånad sedan
  • I know you won’t read this but I love your content and I just bought this game because of you

    F8tezyF8tezyMånad sedan