AC/DC - Jailbreak (Live at Donington, 8/17/91)

27 jun 2016
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"Jailbreak" by AC/DC from Live at Donington, 8/17/91
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All in the name of liberty
All in the name of liberty
Got to be free
(Jailbreak), let me outta here
(Jailbreak), sixteen years
(Jailbreak), had more than I can take
#ACDC #Jailbreak ##LiveatDonington

  • Lorsque je s'rai mort mes os continueront toujours de danser au rythme du rock'n'roll.

    François JEAN ™François JEAN ™2 timmar sedan
  • Смотрел-аж прослезился. как давно это было... рок н ролл жив!!!

    Сергей КузнецовСергей Кузнецов5 timmar sedan
  • Malcom is best drummer of the 🌍 🥁

    Patrizia LunghiniPatrizia Lunghini5 timmar sedan
  • 7,9 que deram deslaike...são tudo otarios...🤘

    Ideraldo SantosIderaldo Santos11 timmar sedan
  • We sure need to b able to witness these outdoor masterpieces again how do we find our way back

    bc bbc b12 timmar sedan
  • Voy a cumplir 50 , hace de los 12 años que lo escucho lo mejor música de verdad

    KalelKalel15 timmar sedan
  • They Rock 😎 But Neil Peart from Rush Rocks it to 💯

    Michele A DennisMichele A Dennis15 timmar sedan
  • The devil himself

    Rod24 WcrRod24 WcrDag sedan
  • Had a gathering at the house 25 people. Crank the massive amp on, check the subs an klisph speakers an cranker this full bore on the ole plasma. Drinking, smoking,cooking, socializing all stopped. Even time stopped, until this all played thru. The looked on people face when all said an over will never forget because of this band ah rockin

    charles sawallichcharles sawallichDag sedan
  • Got nothn on Bon - no offence

    Bond007Bond007Dag sedan
  • Fucking love this! My first concert was, the Back In Black tour, at the Worcester Centrum, in 1981! Greatest Rock Band Evah! Angus Mooned the crowd, from a stack of Marshalls.

    Trader DaveTrader DaveDag sedan
  • Пенсионеры

    Евгений МаксимовЕвгений МаксимовDag sedan
  • Мне как им

    Евгений МаксимовЕвгений МаксимовDag sedan
  • Новое

    Евгений МаксимовЕвгений МаксимовDag sedan
  • Ну дальше

    Евгений МаксимовЕвгений МаксимовDag sedan
  • Что последнее

    Евгений МаксимовЕвгений МаксимовDag sedan
  • Тема класс

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  • Slade back there killin it

    Thomas StephensThomas Stephens2 dagar sedan
  • brother.......keep me a place warm....Im coming....................................

    John DoeJohn Doe2 dagar sedan
  • Jealbreak🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    Elias PapazisisElias Papazisis2 dagar sedan
  • سلام یه نفربر یه گیتار چی بسر ملت میاره .....

    Addgh JgvjAddgh Jgvj2 dagar sedan
  • Je suis toujours émerveillé

    Jean Paul PeterJean Paul Peter3 dagar sedan
  • No app, no software uses that much of laptops battery as AC/DC 🤘

    D DDD DD3 dagar sedan
  • Thankyou😁

    Crystal DemyenCrystal Demyen3 dagar sedan
  • Fuckin A Smokin!!!

    Peter WynbegPeter Wynbeg4 dagar sedan
  • Gosto de viajar nas belas musicas.

    João Batista GonçalvesJoão Batista Gonçalves4 dagar sedan
  • I wrecked my truck listening to this.

    David KloockDavid Kloock4 dagar sedan
    • WORTH IT???

      NH TreasurehunterNH TreasurehunterDag sedan
  • Thank You @ACDC for this song and all your songs we been vibrating to while creating great content on @SEworld and thank you for allowing us to be super fans since the humble beginnings in Australia!

    Savvy TurtleSavvy Turtle4 dagar sedan
  • petit numéro d'Angus au début très agréable

    Aude CondetteAude Condette5 dagar sedan

    Rick TilburyRick Tilbury5 dagar sedan
  • Would rather suck, being the bloke who has to clean the sweat, spittle, snot, drool off of Angus's SG. I take that it was a warm evening.

    Captain AmericaCaptain America5 dagar sedan
  • I love my AZ dz here s to you Bobby santarelli I love you and miss you dearly love Karen

    Karen BrandowKaren Brandow5 dagar sedan
  • 10:58

    john cenajohn cena5 dagar sedan
  • 9:56 rocking black air forces

    john cenajohn cena5 dagar sedan
  • Malcolm. The beating heart of AC/DC. Never skipped a beat. Most of the time you don’t even think about him. All hail the god of rhythm guitar!

    Joshua SelfJoshua Self6 dagar sedan
  • This is really music fuck this awesome

    Benjamin james RochBenjamin james Roch6 dagar sedan
  • Amazing

    Kevin VargasKevin Vargas6 dagar sedan
  • this is the most grooooovy!!! song the groove is such that it rattles your soul!

    Karen SinghKaren Singh6 dagar sedan
  • Ilive free or die

    Stephane LussierStephane Lussier7 dagar sedan
  • Don't fuck with people liberty

    Stephane LussierStephane Lussier7 dagar sedan
  • His legs are always going lol love AC\DC

    Roof ManRoof Man7 dagar sedan
  • 14:18 Así como cuando eres una leyenda y vivirás por los siglos de los siglos amén

    Andrés FelipeAndrés Felipe7 dagar sedan
  • In the beginning...god said. let there be light, sound, guitar, and drums, then he said LET THERE BE ROCK

    dominic nortondominic norton7 dagar sedan
  • thats just so fucking awesome...... 😎

    Karsten Sjøstrøm ClausenKarsten Sjøstrøm Clausen7 dagar sedan
  • 🤘⚡️🤘⚡️🤘⚡️

    Angela JacksonAngela Jackson7 dagar sedan
  • Malcolm inspired me to play guitar

    Jesse BundrickJesse Bundrick7 dagar sedan
  • Ladies and gentlemen.. This is how it's done.

    Henry GHenry G8 dagar sedan
  • A very 70's thing to flash your bum in these days don't do it.

    leokimvideoleokimvideo8 dagar sedan
    • The dreaded Brown Eye if you were at a Catholic boys school in the 80s...🍩

      Billy MackBilly MackDag sedan
    • @thatmexicanguy kisd

      Earl HouseEarl House3 dagar sedan
    • @thatmexicanguy kikisskiddkiss.

      Earl HouseEarl House3 dagar sedan
    • Not flash your bum bro. It was called a "Brown eye" back in the days.....

      Good Big BoyGood Big Boy4 dagar sedan
    • yea bro we still do it

      thatmexicanguythatmexicanguy6 dagar sedan
  • This is - Top of the game - Angus Young, last of his kind until the music world turns back to music instead of money - there's is no discussion. any idea who can play guitar like this today - the answer is NO ONE!

    Decibell oneDecibell one8 dagar sedan
  • This DVD Will Be Played At My Funeral Or There Will Be Hell To Pay.

    Gary AllenGary Allen8 dagar sedan
    • Greatest concert dvd ever. It's 3 a.m. & I'm listening to it & I'm 74 yrs old. Rock on boys.

      Charles walterCharles walter3 dagar sedan
  • Jailbrake Thin Lizzy 👌😂 no kidding love it👊 😍

    SwedenMCSwedenMC8 dagar sedan
  • Ki sorte desse cara, toca guitarra com DEUS....🌍

    Spartok SkySpartok Sky8 dagar sedan
  • I'm 52 years old and have been to 40 or 50 shows. In 85 or 86 Fly on the wall was my 1sr. I will never forget that ever. God bless everyone.

    Vikki GVikki G9 dagar sedan
  • Il est le plus grand Angus de la planète entière

    Pascal SOUMATPascal SOUMAT10 dagar sedan
  • Jamás he visto nada igual!!! Tremendos y muy grandes!!!

    E69NazgulE69Nazgul11 dagar sedan
  • Moça do among us ? Então tomare que vc esteja lendo esse comentário ... Sou o cara com o" i " da partida que gosta do Ac Dc

    CristianCristian11 dagar sedan
  • Moça do among us ? Então tomare que vc esteja lendo esse comentário ... Sou o cara com o" i " da partida que gosta do Ac Dc

    CristianCristian11 dagar sedan
  • Moça do among us ? Então tomare que vc esteja lendo esse comentário ... Sou o cara com o" i " da partida que gosta do Ac Dc

    CristianCristian11 dagar sedan
  • Vakve se legende,ne rađaju

    Ivo SalicIvo Salic11 dagar sedan
  • yıkılıyor

    Mehmet Cem TokerMehmet Cem Toker11 dagar sedan

    eric horvitzeric horvitz11 dagar sedan
  • Цікаво як би вони коломийку зіграли? Я собі уявляють таке: Начеб то голодні воли у полі цілєну орали.

    Василий ПавловичВасилий Павлович11 dagar sedan
  • AC/DC good. and SG good.

    Ikuno. YasujilowIkuno. Yasujilow12 dagar sedan
  • How can he play the guitar while running? 🤔

    Sagatuppercut SF2Sagatuppercut SF212 dagar sedan
  • Good tone Malcolm's guitar.

    Chris ZelezChris Zelez12 dagar sedan
  • Keep beating drums stronger than ever. Thank you Chris.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _7912 dagar sedan
    • Unfortunately one of the least suited to ACCADAKKA...Phil Rudd is the man for AC⚡️DC 🇦🇺 PHIL WE SALUTE YOU ✊

      Billy MackBilly MackDag sedan

  • Started listening to AC/DC for a joke. Now it is my favourite band.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _7912 dagar sedan
    • @Nigel McKenna It is true. I started listening to AC/DC from Iron man 2 CD. Up to now I have listened all albums. What a legendary band.

      Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _79Timme sedan
    • Really man no kidding?

      Nigel McKennaNigel McKenna2 timmar sedan
  • Getting emotional when Mal starts playing his Gretsch.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _7912 dagar sedan
    • @Chris Zelez but not everybody starts one of the worlds most popular bands ever, I get what your saying but its asshole-ish no offence.

      HaHa9 dagar sedan
    • Why? Every body will eventually pass on, get over it.

      Chris ZelezChris Zelez12 dagar sedan
  • This is my favourite song. Best band ever.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _7912 dagar sedan
  • When Mal starts playing I start feeling goosebumps.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _7912 dagar sedan
  • AC/DC doing what they do best..... TEARING THE FUCKING PLACE DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

    ogrebattle22763ogrebattle2276313 dagar sedan
  • Angus you rock the world,keep shining the light we're ever you go,your my idill.

    Brett PattersonBrett Patterson13 dagar sedan
  • Somebody save that SG guitar, a human has possessed it.

    Chris PerrienChris Perrien13 dagar sedan
  • 17:48 best part ever!

    TheGamerGodTheGamerGod13 dagar sedan
  • Seen him and AC/DC live, twice. 🤘🏻 Allways something EXTRA with long solos. 😉

    SkummisRockerSkummisRocker13 dagar sedan
  • None scared our parents more than AC/DC LOL

    Kirsten VerdiKirsten Verdi14 dagar sedan
  • Now thats an SG screaming Help.....or scratchmee

    Reese BobbyReese Bobby14 dagar sedan
  • Phil keeping it .....Real

    Reese BobbyReese Bobby14 dagar sedan
  • AC⚡DC is the best Rock n roll band of all times I listen to you guys regularly Keep up the good work and Rest easy Malcolm GBNF

    Michael ParisMichael Paris14 dagar sedan

    BJ CBJ C14 dagar sedan
  • Badass!!!! No other words describe this!!

    RaidersACDC 489RaidersACDC 48914 dagar sedan

    octavian visovanoctavian visovan15 dagar sedan
  • Why does Agnus think the audience want to se him wank the SG all the time? Play the song please..

    Mr MajestykMr Majestyk15 dagar sedan
  • For all the flac people have given Chris Slade over the years about him not being as good as Phil...listen to him keep the beat dead straight all through this song 😳.

    Jimmy LundbergJimmy Lundberg15 dagar sedan
  • One hell of a guitar picker. It was reported 72,500 people in the crowd. Looks like more than that.

    cornshucker77cornshucker7715 dagar sedan
  • He might be Glasgow born, but he's AUSSIE through and through!!!! Way to go, ANGUS!!!!!

    Meredith ArbonMeredith Arbon16 dagar sedan
  • Labada

    Paskuy GonzalezPaskuy Gonzalez17 dagar sedan
  • во! это мое!

    Николай УденеевНиколай Уденеев17 dagar sedan
  • He is the only man that can do This

    Jeff St JohnJeff St John17 dagar sedan
  • Mercury has his vocal ad-libs, Angus has his guitar solos.

    Ezekiel LunaEzekiel Luna17 dagar sedan
  • That yellow Gretsch is absolutely lovely.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _7918 dagar sedan
  • AC/DC brought me into hard rock music. It is still the same after years.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _7918 dagar sedan
  • If I start listening to this masterpiece I'll cry. Why does it happen?

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _7918 dagar sedan
  • I wish I was there. Unfortunately I was only one year old. Thank you AC/DC.

    Jailbreak _79Jailbreak _7918 dagar sedan
  • The only time ever that it's perfectly alright to tell someone in a schoolboys uniform to get it off! I like Brian... but this song is Bon's... RIP Bon and Malcolm!

    dramoth64dramoth6419 dagar sedan
  • Shared a beer and a J once with Angus front row... :-)

    Susan StaceySusan Stacey19 dagar sedan
  • Hes the reason i play guitar

    Aidan RamosAidan Ramos19 dagar sedan
  • Esta Fuera De Control l a la Vez Tiene control

    Julio GarciaJulio Garcia19 dagar sedan
  • Dege No Se Sabe Quien es

    Julio GarciaJulio Garcia19 dagar sedan