Here's Why TFUE Messed Up

1 jul 2019
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The lawsuit between TFUE and FaZe Clan has been in the news for over a month at this point, with people vocally supporting one side or the other. Many things have been said, many people have shared their opinions, but throughout it all, I feel like the majority of people have missed the point of how this conflict came to be. Turner Tenney aka TFUE, ex-member of the largest eSports organization right now, FaZe Clan, considered to be the best Fortnite player in the world, has signed a contract (gamer agreement) binding him for 3 years to staying in the team. Is his decision to sue justified? Having the context of what FaZe Banks did for him and how close the two of them were prior to the eruption of this drama, it's unclear as to why Turner took such a harsh approach to parting ways with the clan. In this video we take a look at all of it.
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    Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaÅr sedan
    • Wilfer scams, I got scammed by him once.

      ThePyroMageThePyroMage23 dagar sedan
    • Haha 1:11

      1k sub with 1 vid please1k sub with 1 vid pleaseMånad sedan
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      luis iscoolluis iscoolMånad sedan
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    Pixel dip gamerPixel dip gamer3 dagar sedan
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    SpArKSpArK3 dagar sedan
  • Faze takes advantage of everyone tfue def shoulda left

    Andrew KaneAndrew Kane3 dagar sedan
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    Tanner YtTanner Yt6 dagar sedan
  • I know this is a year ago, but I Just wanted to say that there is a situation in the Netherlands. About a football player who wanted to play in America and he could but he still has a 2 year contract with a football team in the Netherlands. But now he can't go because of that contract. With is logic bc hé signed a contract so he should Stay with it.

    Cheesy ArtsyCheesy Artsy7 dagar sedan
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    best wishesbest wishes17 dagar sedan
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  • One more ecample of spoiled brad not being able to properly handeling fame when they have been helped and got lucky that someone decided to do good for them, but instead they stabbed them in the back...

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    oreo boioreo boi20 dagar sedan
  • Coming back with more knowledge on legalities and how contracts work. Why didn’t faze just counter sue tfue for trying to get out of the contract and strip everything he had from the millions of dollars to the pants and shirts on his body

    PyroPyro21 dag sedan
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  • Btw You Do Great Handlings on Controversy and A Unique Animater

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    • No

      Tr3lyn ParkerTr3lyn Parker27 dagar sedan
  • I’m not a fan of faze but I think faze has the rights to make true in the clan and it’s trues fault even if he hates it he wrote a contract and that’s that.

    mr_cactus07mr_cactus0728 dagar sedan
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  • I rewatch this and I just figured out the call machine part Had Logan Paul in it

    Adan AlvarezAdan Alvarez29 dagar sedan
  • I’m with Faze clan because you can’t go back on a contract that’s just bad business. Would if I had a company and bought Microsoft because there going bankrupt. We sign a contract to give them x amount of resources to avoid going out of business but then I don’t. That is what I call bad business.

    E.K.gamingE.K.gamingMånad sedan
  • your videos are so well name

    AustinDehSlothyAustinDehSlothyMånad sedan
  • Faze clan offers Tfue lots of money to join again. Tfue: says no. Me: I’D DO IT FOR FREE.

    Adam AbuobeidAdam AbuobeidMånad sedan
    • The only thing is that you have to be good at anything

      plompyplompy28 dagar sedan
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    DigitDigitMånad sedan
  • now that I watch this again, I assumed the devil was just gonna pull Andrei down while they were doing their outro XD

    Crystal HunterCrystal HunterMånad sedan
  • He couldn't live the f'ing 3 years its not like he is in prison

    THE KTHE KMånad sedan
  • title: TFUE fucked up

    Karol SKarol SMånad sedan