He's FINALLY Back...

24 nov 2020
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That's right guys. Tim is finally back on Fortnite! He doesn't know anything about the new season so it was hilarious to get a dub with him! Hope you guys enjoy!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about the black hole video! In todays video we talk about what epic needs to do in Fortnite Season 5! I did one of these for season 4 and 3 so I figured I'd do another one before the end of season Devourer of Worlds event with Galactus . Hope you enjoy!
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  • And then they quit again

    Awesome KhunAwesome Khun2 dagar sedan
  • Pls pls bring back Fe4RLess

    Hero's GamingHero's GamingMånad sedan
  • Bruh the amount of times u reloaded the burst pissed me off lmao

    Ryze ClapzRyze ClapzMånad sedan
  • Can u Bring back fearless plsssss

  • I know how Tim feels I stayed away from fortnite for the whole of season 3 chapter 2

    Gabriel BallGabriel BallMånad sedan
  • Bring hamlinz and Daequan pls 😭

    Reaper GamezReaper GamezMånad sedan
  • I though he was gonna say ceeday

    Leelan DomoslaiLeelan DomoslaiMånad sedan
  • he gonna leave in the next 2 weeks he already did

    Nellmarie NaudéNellmarie NaudéMånad sedan
  • Bro this brings back some much nostalgia and vibes from 1-2 years ago 😪

    Evangelo SoneyEvangelo SoneyMånad sedan
  • I remember last chapter they were good

    H20 _VibesH20 _VibesMånad sedan
  • POV: You clicked because you thought it was Fe4rless

    Carter PittCarter PittMånad sedan
  • Bring back my dad

    Wavvy to BabyWavvy to BabyMånad sedan
  • Bring back courage next if he doesn’t play fortnite anymore

    Tragical GamingTragical GamingMånad sedan
  • Sypher... if your reading this if you bring back fearless I will slap my self as hard as possible

    Dillon ThorntonDillon ThorntonMånad sedan
  • Do fearless next

    Caspian izcoolCaspian izcoolMånad sedan
  • Syher Tim is supposed to die to fall damage not u

    SaltyRvSaltyRvMånad sedan
  • On the thumbnail I thought it was tyler1 lmao

    ZaizzZaizzMånad sedan
  • is it Tim?

    TacticalFNTacticalFNMånad sedan
  • Bro we’re all a higher level than nickmercs and timthetatman. Let that sink in

    Noah LevisNoah LevisMånad sedan

    chris vanegaschris vanegasMånad sedan
  • Bring fearless😪

    Zeuch YTZeuch YTMånad sedan
  • Some one has to do a count down for how many times the say bro

    Felipe MejiaFelipe MejiaMånad sedan
  • GET BACK COURAGE!!! please

    Ingrid AmadorIngrid AmadorMånad sedan
  • He should try to bring back daequan

    Ellis The BatEllis The BatMånad sedan
  • Go with fearless please i miss him

    Mohamed BenselemMohamed BenselemMånad sedan
  • SypherPK is gonna bring tfue back to fortnite

    MsWaleejaMsWaleejaMånad sedan
  • Btw fearless is comming back bc his friend Lix made a video with him like a week ago

    Jiovan KhatriJiovan KhatriMånad sedan
  • bring back ceeday

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  • Bring back fearless and ceeday😭😭

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  • Plz fearless and daquen

    nisaramad ibraimonisaramad ibraimoMånad sedan
  • Hi

    mayra carmonamayra carmonaMånad sedan
  • 5:38 he found gnome on his wall

    Reaperazhar aliReaperazhar aliMånad sedan
  • Nice

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  • Drlupo next

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  • Tim is back

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  • Epic should be paying Sypher to do their job

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  • Plz try to bring back dequan plz I love him and you

    Scot CarrikerScot CarrikerMånad sedan
  • Bro bring back Myth,Dae and Hamlinz please because I miss those guys, I remember watching them in season 5-8 and they were so funny

    KxbezKxbezMånad sedan
  • Jarvis

    Aaron AguilarAaron AguilarMånad sedan
  • "I brought back nickmercks" U mean thiccmercks

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  • I could tell it was tim

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  • Congrats on bringing back all these og fortnite players

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  • Daquan

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  • Daquan

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  • Daquan

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  • I knew it would be tim

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  • Pls do Fearless

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  • Bring back Lupo please like so he can see this

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  • 1.18 when Tim said show off 😂

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  • To the people who thought it's fearless

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  • Bro same

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  • Courage nexxxttttttttt

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  • I thought it was ceeday

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  • Where is Fearless😒

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  • Bring tfue back

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  • Sypher is a Legend he is getting our other legends back

    Maddox ZunigaMaddox ZunigaMånad sedan

    Jasmine smithJasmine smithMånad sedan
  • That sad moment when you realize the reason why Sypher doesn't know the Ironman car is a two seater is likely because he never gets to play squads with his friends anymore since they left

    Sokena4569 Bebejan]Sokena4569 Bebejan]Månad sedan
  • When did tim make earnings? season 2? hahaha hes so bad its funny!

  • Hi

    Raze PushRaze PushMånad sedan
  • I thought you’re gonna say Daequan

    Jakeehm GadsonJakeehm GadsonMånad sedan
  • Bro I know everything they said about why they aren’t gonna give Sypher a cup or a skin but he’s bringing back all the people that made the game fun cmon epic just do it

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  • Bring back courage

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  • The picture looked like a raptor so I immediately thought that was cedar but my hopes were too high

    Blake GouldBlake GouldMånad sedan
  • *sigh* here we go with Tim’s fall damage weakness

    Student Avery McintoshPoche`Student Avery McintoshPoche`Månad sedan
  • brooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bring feaarrrrllleeessss baccckkk

    Akshay GuptaAkshay GuptaMånad sedan
  • “it’s a 2 seater PK”

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  • Gotta get everyone back on! This is so fun to watch

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  • Bring back pokimane

    Mikaeel EbrahimMikaeel EbrahimMånad sedan
  • the guys stream sniping yall was SEworld Monks and searched em DID NOT EVEN APPEAR IRRELEVANT

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  • Tfue

    Controller player tommieController player tommieMånad sedan
  • Can u bring back fearles

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  • Fe4rless

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  • Timthetatman, chat says I set my self on fire.LMAO

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  • Tim is gonna freak when the live event domes lol.

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  • Just give up fortnite is shit now🤣

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  • So. How much is Epic Games giving Syper for bringing the old boys back ? :)

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  • aydan is back

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  • Let’s go!

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  • Everyone came back to fn

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