20 dec 2019
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Complete Tarantula guide video:
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Heterometrus sp.
euscorpius sp.
Leiurus haenggii
Parabuthus schlechteri
Androctonus crassicauda
Androctonus liouvillei
Tityus stigmurus
Hadrurus arizonensis

  • Get an airsoft gun and shoot loose crickets before they run away. Works for me everytime

    Jordan BlackerbyJordan Blackerby18 dagar sedan
  • Can you feed them in the day?

    Walter WhiteWalter White22 dagar sedan
  • melhor conteúdo do mundo hahaha

    Pedro HenriquePedro Henrique2 månader sedan
  • @8:06 the scorpions like: get over hereee

    rhys746rhys7463 månader sedan
  • Daddy: why do you have to be so difficult? Baby Scorpion: Because I’m secretive, and WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TAPING ME?! GET OUT!

    Mary MustangMary Mustang3 månader sedan
  • The roach at 4:16 “Heheh don't mind me pls I'm just gonna slowlyyyy get tf out of here“

    JustSayinJustSayin3 månader sedan
  • what heterometrus specie is that?

    cadecade4 månader sedan
  • Scorpions usually don’t eat before dense light, it won’t eat if you have big camera spotlight on it...

    RWina GangGangRWina GangGang5 månader sedan
  • You cot the STUPID CRICKET, but didnt feed it to ANYBODY??? BUMMER!!!

    Sandra MorrisonSandra Morrison6 månader sedan
  • 🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂🦂

    Krissy SterlingKrissy Sterling6 månader sedan
  • So sorry the loss I know you love all your creepy crawling friends!

    Faith MoukeFaith Mouke6 månader sedan
  • I have a Gaint scorpion which is Dark greenish black in color ..... I wanna no which specie does it belong to ... help me plzzzz

    Chinnu JaiChinnu Jai6 månader sedan
  • she will be misst

    Connor StroeingConnor Stroeing7 månader sedan
  • I had an emperior scorprion and i often asked me how they survive in wilderness because they are soo slow and bad eaters.

    FloFlo7 månader sedan
  • After two births of my heterometrus spec the female also died. But I keep the already grown babys in a communal setup and this goes very well for two years with 4 scorpions :)

    MrTjakkeMrTjakke8 månader sedan
  • Sad you didn't feed the cricket :P

    TheGinojikaTheGinojika8 månader sedan
  • it’s also a positive to dislike roaches, for enjoyment

    ShardaunShardaun9 månader sedan
  • i’m very happy after listening to you talk to the scorpions and their difficult behaviors

    ShardaunShardaun9 månader sedan
  • 10:40 Androctonus crassicauda is like the deadliest scorpion in the world, even more then Deathstalkers. Respect for you Petko for enough courage to keep it.

    Crisium HDCrisium HD9 månader sedan
  • I had an Emperor scorpion about the same size. Died pretty quick. Maybe a week or 2. Not sure why. It use to catch 2 crickets at same time. One in each hand lol

    Lexlex8003Lexlex800310 månader sedan
  • Life, is suffering.

    • Your Local Lemon •• Your Local Lemon •11 månader sedan
  • 7:50 can that scorpion kill human

    Hose ArmandoHose Armando11 månader sedan
  • She was an absolute MACHINE. RIP. 1

    Mister Kuma1#Mister Kuma1#11 månader sedan
  • 5:14 epic no moment

    Bosup GBosup G11 månader sedan
  • Sorry about your loss

    drake batelaandrake batelaanÅr sedan
  • Scorpions are such shit pets to feed tho

    Tom LoweTom LoweÅr sedan
  • The second scorpion looks like a Euscorpius carpathicus

    haydnr01haydnr01År sedan
  • Gah! I just went searching all over the room for that cricket before I got to 6:22 lol

    Todd WTodd WÅr sedan
  • Make an epoxy cube with her body they make ruber cubes just for them its real easy to do. Just make sure to be outside when you do it. It will save you tons of cash

    Chase BlairChase BlairÅr sedan
  • I have two scorpions, none of them ever eat when i give them food they always get anoyed

    NathanBNathanBÅr sedan
  • they look so lazy xD... also wtf are those stings xD

    KantieTheThirdKantieTheThirdÅr sedan
  • Haha free that poor cricket

    Artur ArrudaArtur ArrudaÅr sedan
  • Hi dark den sorry to hear about your scorpion. I just thought for the display for the scorpion. You could shine a UV light on the scorpion to show that scorpions glow under UV light. Your videos are brilliant and keep up the good work.

    Carlos JamesCarlos JamesÅr sedan
  • How about have a mold made, then cast her in bronze? You can probably sell it so other people can share.

    Larry IbanezLarry IbanezÅr sedan
  • Seriously, let’s talk about your cricket problem on a enclosed space with a spider. And so, so many spiders and things that want to feed on it...

    Chris MachadoChris MachadoÅr sedan

    iNotsuohiNotsuohÅr sedan
  • Is it ironic I got a petco ad on petcos video

    carson garnettcarson garnettÅr sedan
  • I wanted to see the Death Stalkers

  • I was about to say, the REAL high-note would be if that cricket was caught! Also, just realized why I have not seen your videos in a SUPER long time! Yours seems to have been one of several I seem to have been unsubscribed from, without my input for it! :(

    ESCfromNomeESCfromNomeÅr sedan
  • I've heard a scorpion that is so poisonous that if it crawls on you it leaves welts and blisters do you have this species of scorpion

    OffTheWall GarageOffTheWall GarageÅr sedan
  • 12:16 is priceless frustration lol

    Anthony FiorellaAnthony FiorellaÅr sedan
  • I love your scorpions! They are so cool! I’m sorry for your loss. Love watching your videos. Your funny haha

    kohen volkkohen volkÅr sedan
  • ...dude literally keeps one of the most dangerous scorpions in the world...in a Tupperware bin...

    Atom_AlchemistAtom_AlchemistÅr sedan
  • Sorry for ur lose

    Turtle9013Turtle9013År sedan
  • She knew it was time to pass the torch ^^

    josué costajosué costaÅr sedan
  • The baby when it turned to the dead roach and raised its body and arms like it was screaming WHHHHYYYYYYY!!

    Blue LeaderBlue LeaderÅr sedan
  • Of course the young scorpions would not be able to eat... Their mom just died. They are grieving! You should be giving them your condolences and empathy instead. Imagine yourself as one of the young children... Would you be able to eat knowing that your mom just died? How can you be so insensitive to their feelings?

    Gerry CrisostomoGerry CrisostomoÅr sedan
  • Eating taco Bell nachos and watching this is best combo ever! Love your channel keep it up ♥️

    zondy008zondy008År sedan
  • I have a few Centruroides sculpturatus communal setups, they are extremely hardy scorpions with great feeding responses. Definitely more rewarding than my others.

    Mateo ConstantinoMateo ConstantinoÅr sedan
  • Mr John j Roachy saw scorpion said,(oh wait what's this?)

    Rodney HendrixRodney HendrixÅr sedan
  • Rip to one beautiful girl

    The WillisThe WillisÅr sedan
  • you feed small not big

    Kent Vladdimer CiabuKent Vladdimer CiabuÅr sedan
  • What's the song during the initial feeding?

    Jan SkodaJan SkodaÅr sedan
  • Very Sorry for Your loss, Heterometrus is my Favourite .

    Dwarfs ExoticsDwarfs ExoticsÅr sedan
  • How many times should I feed my H. Longimanus a week?

    Shan PlatonShan PlatonÅr sedan
  • Baby scorpions eat dead insects

    King keeping and gamingKing keeping and gamingÅr sedan
  • Dark den I think she’s a longi that’s why he had babies

    King keeping and gamingKing keeping and gamingÅr sedan
  • the scorpion said why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?? 5:14

    ALIX 4UALIX 4UÅr sedan
  • Bigger...roaches..less days

    Mckay WellsMckay WellsÅr sedan
  • Hi im looking to get into the scorpions but i dont know which speacies i should buy as a first. A friend of mine who has alot recomended me asian forest or the african burrowing/hissing scorpion. What do you think. Also do i need any external scource of hitting for a scorpion?

    blizzards children cblizzards children cÅr sedan
  • Spot on with that music while she’s eating!

    grace penniesgrace penniesÅr sedan
  • You are the best! You're excitment is contagious. Thanks for the smiles P! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic birthday ❤❤❤

    Amanda ZAmanda ZÅr sedan
  • New subscriber, I love your videos you are vastly knowledgeable! I love your scorpion videos the most! New keeper to scorpions recently myself, have kept snakes, lizards, turtles other species with success. I have a few questions on scorpions if you wouldn't mind.?

    Marvel FanMarvel FanÅr sedan
  • 0:40 OH MY! That is going to give me nightmares! And we are only two days from Christmas! 😳

    FazBroGaming 777FazBroGaming 777År sedan
  • Btw, feeding that baby asian forest isn't gonna work in full light since they despise bright lights lol I had more success with my Asian forests eating while their deep down underground in complete total darkness since they are burrowers. They like to peak out of their burrow entrances waiting to nab unsuspecting passerby and take then down underneath their subterranean bunkers to be consumed.

    Scorpio DestructoScorpio DestructoÅr sedan
  • WOW she really did loved a good life under your care RIP.

    Scorpio DestructoScorpio DestructoÅr sedan
  • Ahhh rest in Scorpio heaven girl! You had a happy life in the den! We shall miss you.

    Hayley WrightHayley WrightÅr sedan
  • Roach be like: What do we say to the god of death? Not today!

    Andreas KlostermannAndreas KlostermannÅr sedan
  • 04:54 the scorpion is like: get this fucking roach out of my face!!!

    Abo AliAbo AliÅr sedan
  • Your scorpions are camera shy.

    Mayank RiyalMayank RiyalÅr sedan
  • What a beautiful girl, sorry for your loss.

    Venus ArachnidVenus ArachnidÅr sedan
  • Death stalker communal rehousing? They NEED a skull in their enclosure! Im already looking forward to it, especially because they are so skittish.

    TzombikosTzombikosÅr sedan
  • That cricket though lol 😆 😂

    VampireVampireÅr sedan
  • Sorry for your loss 😢 I hope my 2 H. laoticus will live a long happy life.... great video as usual ❤️

    angela_tarantulasangela_tarantulasÅr sedan
  • Wats that background music from, that was deep

    thecrow1althecrow1alÅr sedan
  • Hi guys. I have few heterometrus petersi. And they just refuse to eat. Any idea why is that? I am kinda worried about it. Anyways great videa as usual.

    Termix 420Termix 420År sedan
  • Rest in peace little scorpion

    Shawn KavanaghShawn KavanaghÅr sedan
  • Let me buy molts offfff you

    Ashley AcevedoAshley AcevedoÅr sedan
  • Escaped crickets in my collection don’t get mercy. They get fed straight to a spider lizard or gecko

    Empire of SpidersEmpire of SpidersÅr sedan
  • @The Dark Den did Felix wake up when you finally caught the cricket

    The Orange FlashThe Orange FlashÅr sedan
  • What website do you recommend for prices of tarantulas?

    Jody PriceJody PriceÅr sedan
  • I think pushing the roach so close to them isn’t a good idea. Because it turns them defensive, when the food is closer to their claws they seem more likely to grab.

    Luke ShawLuke ShawÅr sedan
  • I’ve always wondered how insects think. Like, do they even totally comprehend pain like we do? Does it feel fear like we do? I understand it’s nature but seeing a scorpions jaws ripping into a roach’s stomach makes me feel bad for the roach. I suppose it’s the fear of like, that being me, being eaten alive. But of course the insect world is so alien to us. It’s amazing that these little creatures live alongside us and are so unique and dynamic. Evolution always amazes me.

    Luke ShawLuke ShawÅr sedan
  • "Get over here!"

    Joe CurrJoe CurrÅr sedan
  • i was expecting u give the cricket to someone

    kenzokenzoÅr sedan
  • Very cool video my friend! I'm really digging the scorpions!

    the Tarantula Collectivethe Tarantula CollectiveÅr sedan
  • The vibrationa of your voice seem to startle them cause deeper frequencies probably indicate a predator? Idk someone correct me just a theory

    goop [y]goop [y]År sedan
  • How long do they usually live? And did you breed her to get babies?

    HappyistHappyistÅr sedan
    • @Scorpion Addiction Understandable, was this individual wild caught? What about the life expectancy of Heterometrus sp.?

      HappyistHappyistÅr sedan
    • Happyist // A lot of wild caught scrpions come in already gravid.

      Scorpion AddictionScorpion AddictionÅr sedan
  • We need assassin bugs feed video xD

    SSÅr sedan
  • I rarely ever see my asian forest scorpion but I sometimes hear him moving things around in his enclosure at night

    DanDanÅr sedan
    • Coool

      BeerusBeerusÅr sedan
  • 1:51 was almost like "look ma!!! no hands!!!" Have you ever looked into a dictator scorpion? Sorry, don't know to scientific name off hand...

    Heyher_Heyher_År sedan
  • 8:04 Scorpian: GET OF MY FACE Roach: *Loud screams*

  • Scorpions are such funny things! I got my first scorpion almost a couple of weeks ago, just a little baby Heterometrus Spinnifer :) think I’ll have to get another one as they’re just so funny to watch when they’re exploring at night :) You have a great collection :)

    LoveWolf 9LoveWolf 9År sedan
  • Amazing video shame about your death man . 3 years ago you got her that is crazy I can remember when you got her.. that is crazy it was that long ago

    Jps Pet nationJps Pet nationÅr sedan
  • I found the low-light video quality to be more than adequate. I think it's a worthwhile compromise to use low light with species who are sensitive to it, if it means we'll get to see them eat. =)

    joppek77joppek77År sedan

    lokii agustinlokii agustinÅr sedan
  • That cricket is as annoying as the ones that gather under my window during the warm months XP A better ending to the video would have been to see you feed that cricket to something XD

    Cyberra 01Cyberra 01År sedan
  • I like the music you used

    Alexi DavilaAlexi DavilaÅr sedan
  • you could do feeding videos with just the uv light, it would look awesome! plus, they probably would eat more in camera x)

    being adriftbeing adriftÅr sedan
  • Can you make a dark den tour

    Tomas DubovecTomas DubovecÅr sedan