More Weird Youtube Channels

3 jun 2019
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We have found more weird youtube channels. That's why I named the video that.
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Intro: Sneaky Yoshi - Princess Rosalina
Outro: it's been too long (w/ omar) - tysu
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Weird SEworld Channels 2

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  • do the play nintendo channel, it's an officail nintendo channel aimed at young kids, it starts off fine but the farther you dig the weirder it gets.

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  • for me the view count is 9,666,420. hell yeah

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  • 2:03 "I made the channel 3 years ago" "I forgot when I made it."

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  • Grab that mink by the tail and swing it against the bars

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  • Peter Cain is a God among men

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  • cows?

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  • ACCCIIIIIIIIIDD MmAaaannnnnnn... Trippy trippy, Days of window Paynes....

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  • The mink man with his rat massacres are the best

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  • Funny thing is I watch the mink man😂

  • my favoite super villain, *T HANOS*

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  • He clearly likes it!

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  • "My crow is a douche, it sucks."

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  • Did you know that when pigeons have sex they die Well at least the ones i banged did

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  • Ted looks like a Ted

  • the Peter Caine Dog Training lore is very deep

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  • I've watched this video so many times that I memorized what everyone is saying-

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  • Next channel: axxl His videos are wierd

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  • lazar beam found this

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  • 7:43 Ted turns into Lil Wayne

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  • Carson’s voice looks like wilbur soot’s voice Idk if it’s just me but yea

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  • 7:37 what if he's not lying about the female big foot

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  • Dog men are real

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  • Why does Carson's wheeze sound like those pigs from dollar tree that makes noise when you squeeze the hell out of them.

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  • could it be a dogman?

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  • I desperately want the link to the Japanese channel

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  • Edgar Allen Poe looks different there.

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  • 11:08 I watch this SEworld channel

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  • Hey Carson there’s this weird channel called “ callmecarson LIVE” it’s pretty weird y’know?

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  • Y’know

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  • If you ever wanna see more questionable content you should check out BlackHole Studios.

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  • In England that music is called happy hardcore and people normally do drugs to it

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  • I got a 8 min ad right at the good part

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  • “A knobber”

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  • At 8:01 in this video how the fuck does this guy have a life on SEworld he needs some help he doesn’t need milk he needs help

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  • ted had a xbox series x a year early

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  • I love how they give guns to people like this

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  • Pete gives off Creed from the office vibes

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  • Why siri opened at 0:53???

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  • I know no one cares but the videos at 8:37 say 15/5/2019's 9 o clock news, then 8 o clock news and then 14/5/2019 10 o clock news

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  • completo absurdo que tortura desse animal

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  • Carson you should make another one lol there's a funny SEworld channal called Sir. woods with a shadow face

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  • This poor guy gets harassed by his raven, so does he hear lord of the rings "Nazgul March?"

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  • I wonder if the supposed bigfoot was actually female or he pretended it was

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  • 1:06 i fucking saw that onii-chan

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  • When you forget what your wife looks like "a female bigfoot forced me to have sex with her"

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  • Could a dogman do that? Y'know?

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  • Carson i know im laye but this made me laugh so jard that my chest started to hurt so bad

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  • These guys are required to get drunk before recording these vids

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  • One of their newer videos, First Lady in Bigfoot community with child

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  • 2:37 im know for saying moo so i approve

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  • It turns out dog man dude has found a lady

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