Rioting: Only Ok When We Do It!

12 jan 2021
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What's the difference between a riot and a peaceful protest? Whether or not you're on MY side!

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    • This is the perfect paradox. It's shows the revolving door of people's attitudes, we need to stop fighting each other

      Gregory GlazierGregory Glazier10 minuter sedan
    • Bet

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    • 1000th dislike

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    • Well no one can call this biased

      Yannis KarageorgiouYannis Karageorgiou11 timmar sedan
    • @Art Vandalay “rioted”? How so? I saw no fire, no graffiti, no vehicles destroyed, no property damage other than a single broken window, but no video or confirmation of who actually broke it. I did see police ushering/escorting Trump supporters into the building and the only violence (you know, the aspect required to justify the “riot” label) I’ve seen is from the Secret Service who murdered a Trump Supporter. I saw people taking pictures and selfies. I saw them carrying flags and saying America is great. I saw a cop ask Trump supporters to leave the chamber to which they replied “yes sir” and then left. This whole thing is a hoax, fake news to further demoralize and browbeat Trump supporters, but that should come as no surprise when the MSM is essentially the propaganda wing of the racist Democrat party. The RINOs whining and condemning these people, who were at least trying to do something and take a stand, are cowards and douche bags. I don’t know what comes next, but the GOP is dead, Mitch McConnell made that very clear today during Dementia Joe’s inauguration.

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  • E.T. phoned home for a reason.

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  • Would be funnier if it were truer, the right were way less spazzier than the left

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  • One another cant see eye to eye!

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  • *The media when lefties find out there was no riots at the inauguration.*

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  • 1000th dislike

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    • Nope, I did it

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  • That very last line got me good.

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  • too true

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  • just accept that the repuplican party loss

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  • My man can really play that sax tho

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  • Haha this makes more sense than reality.

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  • Galaxy brain take is > BLM protests are good > Capital riots were also good

    we had a good run I guess.we had a good run I guess.13 timmar sedan
  • So many issues in one country.

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  • Wow this vid really sums up how ive felt about all this crap. Yeah having a country was great while it lasted. Guess ill pack my bags for the "re-education camps"

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  • There is a difference between the BLM protests and what happened at the capital building. The BLM protests were peaceful, but assholes took advantage of it and started looting, what happened at the capital building was dangerous and they stole some stuff, one person even trying to sell Pelosi labtop to Russia.

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  • Can we just not argue? Can we just focus on living our lives with manners that are respectful to everyone and be nice to everyone?

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    • No

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    • No

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  • Fuck both sides. My vote is with Kanye.

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    • BASED

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    • Based

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  • keep it coming! gives me hope to know there is someone else seeing this not just me!

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  • Well, I don't condone rioting, but I do condone peaceful protesting, and BLM was protesting for racial justice, and a black man that was murdered by a police officer, again, I'm not saying that the looting and burning were justified, but you guys were rioting because you thought you were cheated out of an election, if it was a peaceful protest, keep doing it! It's great that you want to voice/show your opinion, but breaching the US capitol, chanting things like, "Hang Mike Pence!" Is not the way to voice/show your opinion. If this was a BLM protest they wouldn't of even made it to the Capitol stairs, as there would be so many guards, which is a good thing, as we don't want anyone, no matter which side they are on, breaching the US capitol, but there were no guards when the Trump supporters were rioting. Have fun with our new President. And have a great day everybody.

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  • ✨unity✨

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  • Hey, remember when radicals had rioted against Trump’s presidency after the inauguration?

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  • Can we just get the civil war 2.0 over with

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  • It’s sad how true this is

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  • Cant wait till an actual Nazi not em' fake ones start a 'peaceful protest'

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  • What would you 5 years ago think of you now.

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  • hey, look on the bright side! Dr. Mac's life ended with a smile on his face, knowing humanity's death was for freedom.

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  • we need this serie in multiple languages and plataforms,the world needs this.

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  • The headlines are the best part.

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  • MSM/The Left after Trump wins: Election fraud, Russian collusion, white supremacist and Nazis everywhere!!!! MSM/The Left after Biden "wins": Don't ask questions about the election. Just accept the results, unite and move on.

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    • The Right after Trump wins: Don’t ask questions about the electipn. Just accept the results, unite and move on. The Right after Biden wins: Election fraud, Propaganda, SJW’s and Communists everywhere!!!

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  • Accurate.

    Starfall 21XStarfall 21XDag sedan
  • “Antifa Peacefully Kicks 12 People to Death”

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  • I mean five people died, two of them police officers from injuries from insane maga domestic terrorists. But yep totally the same as a blm protest.

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    • Oh and let’s not forget the men in Portland and Denver who were executed by blm/antifa for using their first amendment right.

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    • I watched on live stream in Kenosha when blm threw a brick at the back of an unarmed officers head because he was trying to de-escalate the situation so don’t try pulling that shit.

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  • At this point I'm welcoming the nuke. Bring it.

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  • Guys lgbtq isn’t a movement it’s the amoung us code

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  • Dam...... They just Nuked Greenland....

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  • wait I thought this was a cartoon, not a documentary

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  • I like that they made fun of both sides

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  • The sudden playing of the music instrument made lose it

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  • We are descending into an age of domestic terrorism

    joshua hurtadojoshua hurtadoDag sedan
  • On lo y good riots uwu xD

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  • >protests in the streets >breaking federal law yeah the streets one is worse

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  • Not sure that’s a great equivalent. Who has come out in favor of the Capitol riot? Yet mainstream supported the Antifa and BLM riots.

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  • Let's all watch the world burn

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  • Google the average life span of a country, now Google the age of America

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  • Trump supporters rioted when there preferred candidate lost. BLM protested systematic racism. Don’t get it twisted it is very obvious who will be on the right side of history. History repeats itself.

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    • @Ghost Bear Yet most of the protests were peaceful. Some idiots just took advantage of that

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    • Protesting isn't beating people who did nothing wrong except beg you not to destroy their livelyhoods. Protesting isn't shooting a woman dead because she dared say "All lives matter" to a black guy leaving her 3yo son never getting to see his mother again. Protesting isn't destroying towns and business in another state because you don't want to wreck your own shithole town.

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  • Can America just have a civil war, make up and then get back to living. 2025 the end of the turning

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  • Where do BLM protestors do any act of terrorism like the supporters who raided the Capitol Building?

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  • "Antifa peacefully kicks 10 people to death" 🤣

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  • “All life on Earth is being annihilated in a mostly peaceful protest from a pro-cybernetic life organisation called Skynet”. - Future CNN

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  • Im honestly 90% sure nobody agrees with the left, its just media portraying it by getting influential people to say yes to everything they do, probably why they need millions of dollars from the entertainment industry every year. Its extremely likely nobody cares about blm or antifa, or better yet almost everyone hates them. But media bias is owned by them, because of this, its put this image that if you disagree with them, your the only one. Whats equally as ironic as it is scary is that this is exactly how the nazis came into power. America isn't Germany though, and from what I've seen, people know this already and are fighting to keep are rights to freedom and liberty. This was why what happened at the Capitol happened. We're not stupid enough to let those rights get lost, but we are stupid enough to start the second civil war over it. That claim isn't a stretch at this rate, its highly likely that America will go into civil war by the end of the year. Thanks to the fearmongering the left thought it could get away with. Stay indoors, and be ready incase you have to pick a side. For we are on the brink of rebellion, and when theres rebellion, theres extremism. So in my mind its best to Be safe, and be prepared for the worst.

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  • 0:57 This is going to be terrible for the economy

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  • I love how all of this went full circle. Expect the righties didn't burn down half of D.C.

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    • Oh tell me clearly unbiased person. Which city realy got burned down? Because (as far as I am concerned) a handfull of small businesses don't constitute a city. And what is realy worse? Some property damage which insurances probably covered. Or reanacting the Kapp Putsch?

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  • Dr Mac died a happy man

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  • Says a lot about society

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  • Ehh... biden or trump eitherway ur voting for a rich guy pretending to know what strugles there people go through while they have no clue

    martijns ark15martijns ark15Dag sedan

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  • ive never seen anything more accurate in my life

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  • So true

    Jason ZernJason ZernDag sedan

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  • Ayo based ancom

    BraxtonBraxtonDag sedan
    • @Tar Boy on here? Sure, but he makes animations for the foundation for economic education, in which you get to see a lot more of his libertarian beliefs, especially his anti-protectionist and anti-regulation stances.

      E- tanE- tanDag sedan
    • @E- tan he calls himself a libertarian but everything he says points towards him being a republican.

      Tar BoyTar BoyDag sedan
    • @E- tan no one dude in the animation had an ancom mask

      BraxtonBraxtonDag sedan
    • Huh? In what way is any of this pointing to ancom? The dude is a moderate libertarian

      E- tanE- tanDag sedan
  • So true they were protesting and rioting back in 2016

    Shrek gamerShrek gamerDag sedan
  • Sadly true. 💯

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  • cant say i appreciate the Equality of the view of both of these things is not like the other ...THAT KINDERGARTEN KNOWLEDGE

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  • Let us make a "politics-free day" when you don't read, listen to or hear anything about politics at all whatsoever. You will enjoy it so much you would want to make it a whole year without politics

    AgoooAgooo2 dagar sedan
    • We need to replace all politicians with cats, they would do a better job and at least they shit in a litterbox, not all over a nation.

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  • Lol this is a documentary 🤣

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  • You can’t even compare the capital protest to ALL of the months of death and destruction cause by the blm/antifa riots...

    Frankie BootsFrankie Boots2 dagar sedan
    • BLM protested, antifa rioted.

      Tar BoyTar BoyDag sedan
  • Mmm yes, the west is falling. Now everyone's economy is fucked.

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  • 😂

    Tyler OrtizTyler Ortiz2 dagar sedan
  • This is the most accurate cartoon of the last 5 years

    its a wacky worldits a wacky world2 dagar sedan
  • Blame both

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  • .... Wow. Funny because it's true.

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  • 0:41 Oh... the irony.

    Kayn MaynKayn Mayn2 dagar sedan
    • The worst part is that actually happened

      Ryan bRyan b2 dagar sedan
  • Yup, when people define themselves solely as either side of the isle, they can't see past their own nose even when they do things that are hypocritical to what they say. Can we just fucking stop rioting and shooting people and do actual peaceful protests?

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  • Yeah that's how it feels like nowadays

    hazmat unithazmat unit2 dagar sedan
  • Basically...

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  • he kinda shredded that sax solo...

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  • These are way underrated 😂

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  • The saxophone had me crying. 🤣

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  • Nobody cares if you support left or right but if you went to the capitol and tried to break in you’re a domestic terrorist.

    Panzer FaustPanzer Faust2 dagar sedan
  • Ok So when will this country collapse?

    Señor HillerSeñor Hiller2 dagar sedan
  • The nuke covered all of North America and they only died when the world exploded suggesting that these reporters aren't even American

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ2 dagar sedan
    • Amen

      Señor HillerSeñor Hiller2 dagar sedan
  • Yeah but its different when you're protesting about not getting shot by police because you're black, and rading the FUCKING CAPITAL because your candidate is a sore loser, and that the Trump supporters were yelling hang mike pence because they want him to not do what the constitution is intended to do. 'Yeah you're DEFINITELY not biased'

    Golden speed Guy YTGolden speed Guy YT2 dagar sedan
    • i agree

      Uh KeUh Ke10 timmar sedan
    • Sounds about right

      Ryan bRyan b2 dagar sedan
  • That was a fantastic ending lmao

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  • The news in a nutshell 🤣

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  • This video is SPOT ON !!!

    Davis FountainDavis Fountain2 dagar sedan
  • Accurate.

    Zero NeutralZero Neutral2 dagar sedan
  • This sums up the the news perfectly.

    Big ChungusBig Chungus2 dagar sedan
  • This is all fun and good but can we be adults and admit this is the lefts fault

    Joe MamaJoe Mama2 dagar sedan
    • What? How? I'm legitimately a little confused by that statement

      Ryan bRyan b2 dagar sedan
  • This all fun and good but can we be adults and admit that this is the rights fault

    Joe MamaJoe Mama2 dagar sedan
  • ads up

    GreenninjaGreenninja2 dagar sedan
  • This is so true to life. Thank you for making this, Seamus.

    That One Cat with the Top HatThat One Cat with the Top Hat2 dagar sedan
  • Distinguish between private property, and government targets. Whether you agree with the motivation or not.

    Bear ClawBear Claw2 dagar sedan
  • All of the real conservatives condemned the violence at the captital while also calling out there hypocrisy but theres also the politicians the majority of which are just as bad as the democrats

    Jpmgamer577Jpmgamer5772 dagar sedan
  • Accurate

    David Turney297David Turney2973 dagar sedan
  • the right wingers protested for one day. they broke some windows and stole some papers. the cops beat them up and killed a protestor. somehow they are labeled "domestic terrorists." meanwhile the left and blm rioted all year causing millions of damage and resulting in many deaths. these two things are not comparable.

    LL3 dagar sedan
    • You do realize they went in there for blood. They weren't going in there to protest anything. They were ready to kidnap and murder public officials.

      Ryan bRyan b2 dagar sedan
    • if they had protested peacefully in Washington, to make their voices heard, most sane human beings would have no issues with this. It's free speech. Many people have done that, including BLM. But they broke into the Capital of the United States and put the lives of our congressmen and our Vice President at risk. BLM never did that. I think it's also worth mentioning Trump attacked rioters when they were against him and said he loved them when they were for him. Which ngl, is kind of a double standard. I know he never directly said he supported the violence in the capital and asked them to stop but he was far less aggressive with Proud Boys at the capital than he was with the BLM protesters. Most sane people don't support rioters no matter the side of the political spectrum.

      Hunter SchnitzelHunter Schnitzel2 dagar sedan
  • America is absolutely wild right now

    Johnny CadJohnny Cad3 dagar sedan
  • The fact that so many people in these comments are pulling the "both sides" shit when I don't recall Democrats/liberals literally storming the Capitol in an attempt to get their guy to stay in power. Must've missed that part or something

    DjDj3 dagar sedan
    • You know Trump supporters did something really bad when a conservative chanel like this one has to make it a "both sides" thing instead of "it's the lefts fault"

      Ryan bRyan b2 dagar sedan
  • Music at the end?

    amit gabayamit gabay3 dagar sedan
  • Everyone's a hypocrite

    DuffinThe MuffinDuffinThe Muffin3 dagar sedan
  • Technically antifa and blm were the ones who got in the Capitol. They were dressed as trump supporters.

    DrVadGunDrVadGun3 dagar sedan
    • Ahh yes I do love alternative truth based on nothing

      Ryan bRyan b2 dagar sedan
    • Lol nice one

      Señor HillerSeñor Hiller2 dagar sedan
    • Lol nice one

      Hugh NelsonHugh Nelson3 dagar sedan