My Girlfriend, My Best Friend and the Barfy Beach Date

10 okt 2020
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My Gif is the best Beach
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  • I just Ship Fiction Characters

    Gacha CrystalGacha Crystal3 timmar sedan
  • Bruh, james got muscles and a girlfriend!?!? He turned from the Virgin to the Chad

    Derek GalanDerek Galan3 timmar sedan
  • Good for you James 👍

    dark purple convoydark purple convoy3 timmar sedan
  • James: "Dont ship real people that arent already together or havent said they're ok with the shipping" Kpop stans: 👁👄👁no❤ (Yes I'm a kpop stan and in many fandoms myself but I am not a shipper lol.....Unless they're anime characters 👁👄👁)

    Googie's Kookie'sGoogie's Kookie's3 timmar sedan
  • I thought he was dating floof.

    Adetomiwa AgunbiadeAdetomiwa Agunbiade3 timmar sedan
  • Floof 2 not a Beach Boys fan.

    Cade Kozle KozlowskiCade Kozle Kozlowski3 timmar sedan
  • soo who is you best friend huh

    Kelly Lewis-LyeKelly Lewis-Lye4 timmar sedan
  • “This sign can’t stop me because I can’t reeeheeeed”! I’m dead.

    ninjadude91ninjadude914 timmar sedan
  • good for you James

    Shelby WoodsShelby Woods4 timmar sedan
  • You may have a girlfriend but you'll always be a virgin, James.

    Prueßens GloriaPrueßens Gloria4 timmar sedan
  • 😁😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘

    Aubrey LindamannAubrey Lindamann4 timmar sedan
  • Congratulations 😄❤️❤️❤️

    Panda BearPanda Bear4 timmar sedan
  • He's drawing is getting there

    ReconicFNReconicFN4 timmar sedan
  • Lol

    futureeyedrfutureeyedr4 timmar sedan
  • Who this animation use mask if not have ear?

    manuela javiermanuela javier4 timmar sedan
  • Remember the intovert vid? Ya well we watched it in class at school

    Chicken NuggetChicken Nugget4 timmar sedan
  • Btw james I feel ya with a vomiting doggo ( I fainted of its smell)

    Mr hamsterMr hamster4 timmar sedan
  • When ur 14 and a relationship is already starting ( I’m already, dang that’s sad )

    Mr hamsterMr hamster4 timmar sedan
  • Huntington Beach Has A Dog Beach

    Kitty LynnKitty Lynn4 timmar sedan
  • Did anyone notice the rainbow flags on his suitcase?!

    Catalina Garcia GonzalezCatalina Garcia Gonzalez4 timmar sedan
  • the media offline screen though-

    melonmcmelonmc4 timmar sedan
  • Lmao simp


    k.c eventingk.c eventing5 timmar sedan
  • Plz i must know its driving me crazy why whats with the seat belt? I'm all for it but just why?!?!

    lifestylegaming90lifestylegaming905 timmar sedan
  • Good cover to hide her facial identity. Your style would make it too obvious who it is

    Janessa MitchellJanessa Mitchell5 timmar sedan
  • It seems like you do

    Aiden AllstonAiden Allston5 timmar sedan
  • Do you like guys

    Aiden AllstonAiden Allston5 timmar sedan
  • Plot twist : That was indeed TheAMaaz- I mean TheOdds1Out

    Daren LOGDaren LOG5 timmar sedan
  • Eyey

    Gabriele De RosaGabriele De Rosa5 timmar sedan
  • Just before you said not jaiden I thought maybe jaiden

    JackGamingJackGaming5 timmar sedan
  • Am I the only one who is annoyed about how he said Cali instead of California the only people who would understand why it annoys me are the people who live in California

    Kelly McDonaldKelly McDonald5 timmar sedan
  • lol I saw the desc and saw "My Gif is best beach" and saw "Additional Artists" with GetMadz' YT link but I saw them and thought it was My Gif: https// as if James was dating Madz

    JinjojousJinjojous5 timmar sedan
  • can you do a Q n A

    Happy PotatoesHappy Potatoes5 timmar sedan
  • James: I have a girlfriend and it is not jaiden Shippers:LIES

    Alan HernandezAlan Hernandez5 timmar sedan

  • I got ur book it’s really good

    Mr ReaperMr Reaper5 timmar sedan
  • Personally...I always thought that Jaiden and James acted more like siblings than BF and GF.

    Jack of All ClawsJack of All Claws5 timmar sedan
  • James do be a ladys man doe

    I will defeat arcade assassinI will defeat arcade assassin6 timmar sedan
  • Do u have another accounts called the theodd2sout ? Or something like that

    Hannah’s WorldHannah’s World6 timmar sedan
    • Yes.

      LemonyOreosLemonyOreos5 timmar sedan
  • ima play neopets ok james ok

    Noah SantNoah Sant6 timmar sedan

    Pink PopciclesPink Popcicles6 timmar sedan
  • not my rl name

    Ashleigh BoroffAshleigh Boroff6 timmar sedan
  • i love this vid oh and im fortnitekid love your vids (:

    Ashleigh BoroffAshleigh Boroff6 timmar sedan
  • I hate you now.

    Buyisani MhlongoBuyisani Mhlongo6 timmar sedan
  • shout out please please please

    Blake EnglerBlake Engler6 timmar sedan
  • Who ask out who

    *-Catching Butterflies -**-Catching Butterflies -*6 timmar sedan
  • in probay would be clod

    Krina DesaiKrina Desai6 timmar sedan
  • Hello

    AIDEE HAROAIDEE HARO6 timmar sedan
  • 2:42 me on a rollarcoaster

    Sprite GamingSprite Gaming6 timmar sedan
  • Where was u at how sooo long?

    Samuel PerkinsSamuel Perkins6 timmar sedan
  • My dog did the same thing in the car to

    Matthew CardonaMatthew Cardona6 timmar sedan
  • I also got Disneyland annual passes

    Matthew CardonaMatthew Cardona6 timmar sedan
  • So your gay

    Ms MartinezMs Martinez6 timmar sedan
  • It's.. Its not jaden

    Shagarty MathsShagarty Maths6 timmar sedan
  • Come see my video drawing of you Odd1sOut

    South Carolina and North CarolinaSouth Carolina and North Carolina6 timmar sedan
  • JAMES IS AN LABTQ+ ALLY?! YAY!! my gay heart :3

    Cøtton_ CatCøtton_ Cat6 timmar sedan
  • James: guys I got a girlfriend but it’s not Jaden. Jaden: i’m not good for you!

    gisselle ayalagisselle ayala6 timmar sedan
  • 5:02 oh so his Gif is neutral Janet

    LavenderflowerLavenderflower6 timmar sedan
  • SCREW THE PLAY BUTTON I GOT A GIRLFRIEND just stop asking about me liking guys

    Samuel Vlogs TVSamuel Vlogs TV6 timmar sedan
  • Why da swearing

    Lucinda BurricksLucinda Burricks6 timmar sedan
  • You and dream have a lot in common- like your uhh «characters» or «avatars»

    LotteLotte6 timmar sedan
  • Hey it's the first time odd1sout swears. Did anyone notice?

    PROD. SHAMEPROD. SHAME7 timmar sedan
  • Bro you need to make a video bro😒

    Hi AlexHi Alex7 timmar sedan
    • When?

      LemonyOreosLemonyOreos5 timmar sedan
  • Girl: Ah, Finally, this is the moment! Boy: Will you ever leave me? Girl: Nah! Boy: Do you love me? Girl: Yes, A lot! Boy: Have you ever cheated on me? Girl: Are you crazy?! Of course not! Boy: Do you want to kiss me? Girl: Everytime I get the chance! Boy: Would you ever hit me? Girl: Why are you even asking me this?! No! Boy: Can I trust you? Girl: Yes Boy: Darling Girl: Gasp No.. Boy: Will you marry me? Now read it backwards??????? If you liked this pls support me to reach 2k ssu bbss

    ScribblesScribbles7 timmar sedan
  • Ultimate Plot Twist: What if it was Rebecca Parham A.K.A Let Me Explain Studios?

    Tsunami FuryTsunami Fury7 timmar sedan
  • supposedly he has made 4 videos since last January.( he probs deleted som vids)

    Vikram DalalVikram Dalal7 timmar sedan

    TheShadowGamerTheShadowGamer7 timmar sedan
  • This is on google maps?

    RajaGamer08RajaGamer087 timmar sedan
  • Are u into guys

    Vaylin WingfieldVaylin Wingfield7 timmar sedan

    MasterMindsMasterMinds7 timmar sedan
  • while the barfing dog part i was singing in my head "Barf barf barfy dog barf barf barfy barf barf barfy dog is the barfyst dog!" Lol

    Kyle KramerKyle Kramer7 timmar sedan
  • Girlfriend reveal at 16 million subs

    DroitXDDroitXD7 timmar sedan
  • 10 year olds who ship jaiden and James: b-but... SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE

    Leave Me Alone I’m A SaladLeave Me Alone I’m A Salad7 timmar sedan
  • girlfriend ooo

    Hanet IbrahimHanet Ibrahim7 timmar sedan
  • gf ooo

    Hanet IbrahimHanet Ibrahim7 timmar sedan
  • Not Jaiden? So there is a chance.

    UrrisoUrriso8 timmar sedan
  • Hi my name is Molly and I am 8 and I love your videos

    Molly FoxMolly Fox8 timmar sedan
  • james gf is a surger mama

    vAdammm GangstervAdammm Gangster8 timmar sedan
    • No one cares

      Christina WrightChristina Wright8 timmar sedan
  • u have a gf?!

    DigitoraDigitora8 timmar sedan
    • @Christina Wright chill christina

      DigitoraDigitora6 timmar sedan
    • No one cares

      Christina WrightChristina Wright8 timmar sedan
  • Hi jams I love your voteless 🥰

    Ava SchlingmanAva Schlingman8 timmar sedan
    • No one cares

      Christina WrightChristina Wright8 timmar sedan
  • James:Jaiden isn't my girlfriend. -wait,it's someone else? *always has been.* congrats

    LOL Game KingLOL Game King8 timmar sedan
    • @Christina Wright you care enough to make a hate comment :/

      LOL Game KingLOL Game King6 timmar sedan
    • No one cares

      Christina WrightChristina Wright8 timmar sedan
  • Eu sou do Brasil te amo seu trabalho acho que vc nunca vai ler iso rumo a 16milhoes

    Turbossalro 13Turbossalro 138 timmar sedan
  • Floof 1 and 2 and both my spirit animals

    Kirstin SmithKirstin Smith8 timmar sedan
  • Elephant girlfriend be like ;-;

    Robert LozanoRobert Lozano8 timmar sedan
  • Coloca legendas em português para quem não fala em inglês

    MARIANUHMARIANUH8 timmar sedan
  • like, if you thing that James girlfriend is Jaiden

  • who is Jaiden? serisly.tell me !!!!!!!

    Liam Plays GamesLiam Plays Games8 timmar sedan
    • Search jaiden animations on youtube, she is an animator and she lived very close to James so they did videos together , but they are *friends* and people ship them ...

      ענבר בוצרענבר בוצר6 timmar sedan
  • Hello james ı am sendin this form my freinds account because my mor does not let comment so ılove your videosu and you are awsemo ı trıed to make your comic abaout chips so keep it up you are awsome 😀

    The MEME TeamThe MEME Team8 timmar sedan
  • Ok but he has pride flags on his lunch box pan and gay?????? Hmmmmmmmm

    wes tvwes tv8 timmar sedan
  • Are you dream

    wes tvwes tv8 timmar sedan
  • His character looks like an axolotl

    Stop ClickbaitStop Clickbait8 timmar sedan
  • Hey James I have made a pumpkin with your channel logo and I think you might like it Link to the pictures are below The wight thing is a flashlight because we did not have any candles

    Robloxshawny PlaysRobloxshawny Plays8 timmar sedan
  • Did he say Callie? Like when he was talking about gif?

    Willow’s EternityWillow’s Eternity9 timmar sedan
  • 0:56 James is the big mad lmao

    tastelesstasteless9 timmar sedan
  • ottohc ,odekianukatii aw ot adusorug ag uni, etihsiak o ukkiruf on etebus ed okod aw uni onos

    Egginoik different accountEgginoik different account9 timmar sedan
  • Yh guys, stop shipping james x jaiden. His sister is much better

    StaryStary9 timmar sedan
  • Bowser and Clifford? Thats unholy and I mean UNHOLY

    Mike RMike R9 timmar sedan
  • James imma hit you with a really hard question but you GOTTA answer! WHAT is your favorite Mario??

    Maxton AmosMaxton Amos9 timmar sedan
  • 2:30 when my mom takes me somewhere but I don’t remembered that I had a doctors appointment

    Unbuilt FlameUnbuilt Flame9 timmar sedan
  • ayo mans fr smashed during quarintine

    LiamPlaysGamesLiamPlaysGames9 timmar sedan