How LIFE HACKS ruined the Internet.

14 dec 2020
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Life Hacks as a genre has seen a huge evolution in the past several years, with channels like 5-MinuteCrafts, So Yummy or Troom Troom, prompting many critics and even more parody videos and people roasting the objectively terrible videos these channels have been putting out. Despite all backlash, though, channels like 5-Minute Crafts continue to skyrocket, TheSoul Publishing (the company running the channel) becoming just this October, the number one media company in the world, topping Disney, Viacom and WarnerMedia. With over 70M subscribers and 19B views, 5MinuteCrafts proves the unfortunate truth, that the algorithm doesn't reward quality, but quantity. And when it's quantity over quality, when content farms get more spotlight than actual content creators, the creative market suffers. Today we talk about this phenomenon, and more.

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  • Should I eat white strawberries and risk death but have a lawsuit against 5 minute crafts or not do it and wait for some wealthy kid dumb enough to do it?

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  • If u whant a good life hack channel watch davehax :)

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  • I was about to skip when he said "this video is sponsored by the ridge"

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  • I love me some bleached strawberries

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  • Life hacks they hack my life

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  • Ok I Was Like Maybe 8 Yrs Old And My Mom Gave Me A Boiled Egg (Cause I Like Them). But I Waited To Long To Eat It And It Got Cold, So My Cousin Told Me To Microwave It. I Put It In For 30 Secs And It Got WAY To Hot So I Threw It In The Sink, And It Exploded. I Literally Cried. Moral Of The Story: Don’t Listen To Your Cousins

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  • The million dollar question Something that no one will be able to answer. Why troom troom has 21 million subs.

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  • o love how you still got the romanian accent on the words that are pronunced same!

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  • Easy,its tik tok's fault

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  • I was going to try one now I know not to

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  • I think it’s the creator and the platform.............because they should of at least put a disclaimer so no one would get hurt or die....................and if they allow this kind of stuff to be present on the platform....................but that’s just what I think, tell me what you think.............I would love to see your point of view.............

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  • In the description of the 5 minute crafts video it says "don't forget to wear disposable gloves and do not eat these strawberries",but they should have made it more noticeable

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  • I get this was 1 month BUT I AGREE WITH THIS!

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  • Life hacks

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  • I honestly think the ones responsible is really the viewer for this as they did it all by following a trend that got themselves hurt. Also I don't like life hacks at all

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  • imagine if a channel made bleached strawberrys and called them "White Chocolate Strawberrys"

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  • Five minute crafts: overcomplicated, inconvenient solutions to problems nobody had

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  • just rant and lets eat bleached strawberries

  • Theyre so fake that my mum caught them being fake

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  • Superb video Friend

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  • Andrei could you look into the vegan teacher and tommyinnit problem, I think people should see this and understand the problem you don't have to just saying

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  • yo we should boycott all the life hack channels

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  • My parents don’t allow my little sister to watch any channels like this. Me and my brother know better(and, why would I want to watch that anyways) but my sister want to replicate something she found off Troom Troom before my parents knew about it. Basically, it was a BAT. WITH NAILS STICKING OUT OF IT. SHE WANTED TO MAKE THAT AND USE IT.

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  • Troom Troom had 4 other channels that are the exact same with different names for their ego

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  • It’s like they have an iq of a rock

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  • mans not hot

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  • If you’re going to Maine five minute hacks at least make him safe when I put do not try at home

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  • Btw the Popcorn one is true you can do it but you have to be careful aka a kid should not be doing it and don't blame the creators for it sure you can do it with the right tools as in an electric stove a normal gas stove ofc would cause it to blow up cause you can't fine tune the heat well enough also Blame the parents a bit more they should be seeing what their kids are doing

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  • This is not good

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  • Andrei Terbea you should create a membership you deserved you can make more money because your working hard for making content for us

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  • I question the intelligence of the people behind this operation

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  • ya life hacks and 5minuetecreafts should be delt with by either the law or youtube (all platforms its on) itself

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  • Yes, and the great making a spoon out of a spoon

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  • You should make a video about the toy review channels and if you don't know what to do you should watch idubbbz video

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  • yay lifehack has got 70 million subscribers yay don't even watch life hack I don't know myself

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  • Life hacking is just being lazy

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  • Hi! Can I ask you this? Can you make a Video About Troom Troom? They do weird hacks & They are just not kid friendly. :T

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    • i never watch troom troom

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    • But on my brother he watch troom troom 123 go challenge lala life yeah its so many

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  • Life hack, eat mold to die

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  • Minunate videoclipuri , te sustin si astept si urmatoarele !

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  • I watch troom troom cos of my cousin but idnt regret it but btw i watch it just for fun

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  • Here's an idea what about cobanermai456 and his friend

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  • For me I feel like the creator is to blame because they should have putted a warning to the childrens out there to let them know that they can't do stuff like that and it could have been different if they said that it was experiments instead of food life hacks and this is my personal opinion and by the way I love your videos

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  • #COPPA

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  • There is another channel called Slick Slime Sam, which made a pizza oven out of a Coca-Cola can. The owner also said 'Do Not Try This At Home". So should the channel be banned or not?

  • mm racist strawberrys delish

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  • Im glad my mom tells me to not put soap in the microwave

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  • .

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  • 5minute crafts be like:random bullcrap go!

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  • someone: dies 5 minute crafts: bleach a strawberry!

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  • the creator is definetly at blame, they can’t mindlessly post something without understanding the welfare of others

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  • life hacks

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  • I'm pretty sure I've already commented this, but here I go. The creators and platform are at fault. If the creators arent gonna do anything about this then the platform needs to get rid of that content. And those people that claim censorship or free speech dont have a leg to stand on. Safety is not censorship.

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  • just to say to everyone who watched this, DO NOT TRY ANY OF THOSE HACKS! or else...

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  • Bruh that sink cleaning hack is legit useful. I didn’t know it and i used it just now (my sink was clogged) and it worked... they need more useful hacks again...

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  • Aaaaand hes dead

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  • While it’s stupid to say that removing ‘life hack’ videos is cecorship, I think that SEworld and Facebook should be accountable for these horrible and somewhat dangerous trends, and a less controversial way of limiting the content is to demonetise it. If there’s no money to be made most of the snakes will leave and the community will die, and if SEworld can randomly demonetise small creators for swearing and using ‘content not suitable for advertisers’ then they should have no issue doing this.

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  • HowToBasic is the real life hack man

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    • @Progreshbar Whatsapp changed its terms and conditions saying that they can sell your info to advertisers in facebook

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    • What?

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  • Ye life hacks are not safe because while downloading you can download a virus

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    • @Progreshbar while downloading hacks for life you may download a virus

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