Son Demands A PlayStation 5, Then Mom Teaches Him An Important Lesson | Dhar Mann

22 okt 2020
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Don't get so focused on all the things you don't have that you forget there's a lot of people wishing for all the things you do have.
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  • Hey #DharMannFam, thanks for watching my video! For more inspirational content and exclusive giveaways follow me on Instagram here: Also, did you know I have another SEworld channel with my fiancée Laura? We drop new videos every week! If you want to get to know us more, see more personal content and get access to exclusive giveaways, check out our SEworld channel here:

    Dhar MannDhar MannMånad sedan
    • I love this story your changing lives

      bubly slimebubly slime13 timmar sedan
    • the kid's mom: "don't throw that away people who are hungry would eat that" kid: "oh yeah? like who?" me: "like me, i ran out of popcorn an hour ago!!"

      Byrd AllieByrd AllieDag sedan
    • I prefer you to be in a movie 🎥 cause you videos are great! 😊

      Pink Sniper wolfPink Sniper wolfDag sedan
    • Awesome video...I enjoy all ur videos..ty

      Daniel NerioDaniel NerioDag sedan
    • I kind of wonder if he got the ps5

      TTV Lil_angel999TTV Lil_angel9992 dagar sedan
  • This boy over her needs his mom to tell him to donate while I'm over here begging my dad to give some pple our change and some food

    RainbowUnicorn GamingRainbowUnicorn GamingTimme sedan
  • My dad was a homeless man he was alcoholic since I was born and I have a step dad and my real mom as my guardians but when I went to see my dad he was tired and sweaty I was crying and we had bought him a backpack with food and clothes and we gave it to him I can’t tell you how much giving to the homeless means to me my church also has a food pantry for the homeless or people who have money but not enough to buy groceries ❤️❤️

    Queen SavannahQueen SavannahTimme sedan
  • omg this touched my heart

    samaiya robertssamaiya roberts2 timmar sedan

    محمد وفيقمحمد وفيق3 timmar sedan
  • buy him the playstation

    BowenierBowenier3 timmar sedan
  • bro I’m starting to cry

    Mohamed Al ShamsiMohamed Al Shamsi4 timmar sedan
  • someone cutting onions up in here? 😢

    FinnFinn5 timmar sedan
  • Is this guy mad😂😂😂😂

    Addicted GamingAddicted Gaming5 timmar sedan
  • Is no one going to talk about the lady who has difrent colored eyes? Is she wearing contacts or is it some sort o condition? plz reply if you know!!

    Jessica SnowJessica Snow5 timmar sedan
  • Dude my bro had to camp for his PlayStation 5 and this kid is going to just do something else like dude!

    Annie GomezAnnie Gomez5 timmar sedan
  • I watch this and think of Christmas for some reason

    jevion jeanjevion jean7 timmar sedan
  • You know he did all of this just to get a PS5

    Hussain Zain ZaudHussain Zain Zaud7 timmar sedan
  • oh so thats why my dad tells me that be happy what you got

    Evan Liandro C. TolosaEvan Liandro C. Tolosa7 timmar sedan
  • Dhar Mann thank you so much for changing lives You and all the actors are so nice even in these hard time you have been working soo hard Thank you so very much

    Shaily MathurShaily Mathur7 timmar sedan
  • Brandon : it's 25$ who cares Me: sees a 25$. IM RICHH

    Kyra AghaegbunaKyra Aghaegbuna7 timmar sedan
  • This hits way to close to home ima bouta cry 😢

    It’s K VlogzIt’s K Vlogz7 timmar sedan
  • These always make me cry🥺 Dhar mann makes great vids. Edit:That woman with the daughter is so beautiful💗

    • ToyBonnler •• ToyBonnler •7 timmar sedan
  • mama kinda thicc tho

    Rafique YTRafique YT8 timmar sedan
  • This made me cry

    Silver Chariot RequiemSilver Chariot Requiem8 timmar sedan
  • omg why do you have to make me cry at 1:20 am 😓

    『?William Afton?』『?William Afton?』8 timmar sedan
  • Oh my goodness, I have almost cried just about 3 times. But how can't I it's just so beautiful.

    Another YoutuberAnother Youtuber9 timmar sedan
  • We all know that little kid isn’t poor she’s wearing Vans * I love these videos cause they teach us life lessons *

    Just MonikaJust Monika9 timmar sedan
  • Boy: you want the quarter get it yourself Me:You want the ps5 get it yourself

    Emily CastroEmily Castro9 timmar sedan
  • I am so thankful that these people are helping one special person at a time/this Chanel

    XxWolfy_SanxXXxWolfy_SanxX10 timmar sedan
  • That boy would be dead if he had a other mom

    andrew soteloandrew sotelo10 timmar sedan
  • The only thing i hate about these videos is how patient the moms are. My mom woulda whooped my ass if i did or said anything of those things to her.

    Jorge MarquezJorge Marquez10 timmar sedan
  • They say so you see in every video.

    Lil SquintzLil Squintz10 timmar sedan
  • This is really sad.I really want to help poor people

    Bairon MoralesBairon Morales10 timmar sedan
  • hi Dhar Mann my name is penelope and i am 11 years oldyour videos up lift me so much when i am going thought alot

    PogoStick footballPogoStick football10 timmar sedan
  • This mother is the goddess of niceness

    cinder caponecinder capone10 timmar sedan
  • I love this kid at the end

    cinder caponecinder capone10 timmar sedan
  • I used to be homeless I feel for these people

    cinder caponecinder capone10 timmar sedan
  • The man just like the meme ohhh my god

    Wiljohn AcainWiljohn Acain10 timmar sedan
  • 😎

    wes does nothingwes does nothing10 timmar sedan
  • 😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😢😭😢😢😭😢😭 I will remember this

    Rover RenRover Ren10 timmar sedan
  • God bless Them

    Daylan ClarkDaylan Clark11 timmar sedan
  • i am just siting here writing all the thing that it is saying at the end of each video thinking how an i change a persons life by doing all of these thing

    SAVANNA ROESAVANNA ROE11 timmar sedan
  • Snacks

    goose demongoose demon11 timmar sedan
  • im now crying :)

    Austin KirkhamAustin Kirkham11 timmar sedan
  • I love your videos so much Dhar Mann!

    Sara ShahbazSara Shahbaz12 timmar sedan
  • i am literly crying

    Spencer lambSpencer lamb12 timmar sedan
  • Don't lie, who else is balling their eyes out? I know I am 😭😭😭

    Pandi_cupcake17Pandi_cupcake1712 timmar sedan
  • This video shows people how thankful they are to have these stuff from that boy and then he realized that he was acting spoiled

    Glorianne MuzacGlorianne Muzac13 timmar sedan
  • I feel like going to every homeless person in my town of Beaumont and giving them tons of stuff

    Plymouth furyPlymouth fury13 timmar sedan
  • Hell nah boi I’ll take dat ps5 it’s not like I’m gonna help every homeless people so mum where that ps5 on god do where it at

    John LopezJohn Lopez13 timmar sedan
  • no one absolutely no one = ME where did you get the girl from ?

    iwa opkviwa opkv13 timmar sedan
  • Pls make me stop crying 😭

    Katsuki_ firewolfKatsuki_ firewolf13 timmar sedan
  • Lesson learn never ever evee throw away the things u dont want instead give them as donation

    Katsuki_ firewolfKatsuki_ firewolf13 timmar sedan
  • Dude I teared up from this

    Shattered GamingShattered Gaming13 timmar sedan
  • mom: *homeless* also mom: *has false lashes on she put on 2 minutes before hand*

    Angelina HolleranAngelina Holleran13 timmar sedan
  • I cried 🥺

    Ashley ChicasAshley Chicas13 timmar sedan
  • If that were me i would've gotten my ass beat!!!

    Mzilikazi KhumaloMzilikazi Khumalo13 timmar sedan
  • Lets be honest here the ps4 is still great

    Ramen SageRamen Sage13 timmar sedan
  • Mom: *spills drink on her Kid: guess ima get a new mom

    rxspectplays IOSrxspectplays IOS13 timmar sedan
  • I love thos but why is that when the mom was homeless she still had her nails done

    love is all people need !love is all people need !14 timmar sedan
    • Anyone else notice that

      love is all people need !love is all people need !14 timmar sedan
  • on every single one of these story's I teared up, I teared up the most on the third one

    Liav ShanavaLiav Shanava14 timmar sedan
  • Especially the sweatshirt part omggg

    Chelsea MbaindjikuaChelsea Mbaindjikua14 timmar sedan
  • What kid throws away clothes?😕

    Marcus BrezgelMarcus Brezgel14 timmar sedan
  • Omg I cried so much I was watching it on my TV at night

    Chelsea MbaindjikuaChelsea Mbaindjikua14 timmar sedan
  • Who else cried as I did

    Lucas MakamLucas Makam15 timmar sedan
  • The thing i most hate is wasting food if im full ill put it in the refrigerator and eat it the next day

    Alex Reviews, gaming, and moreAlex Reviews, gaming, and more15 timmar sedan
  • I started sobbing at the end

    Konstantin CorkovicKonstantin Corkovic16 timmar sedan

    Ølîvîå TîvîåØlîvîå Tîvîå16 timmar sedan
  • When i watched this i started to cry so much because my mom would tell us how poor she and her sisters brothers and mom and dad were and she would tell us about how they would not be able to eat some days, and how happy her and her brothers and sisters would be to get just one slice of a apple, how they had nothing to play whit they had no shoes and people were mean whit them for what little they had :(

  • I started to cry when when he gave the sandwichs, sweater and the 25 cents

    danny the fat Mexican boidanny the fat Mexican boi16 timmar sedan
  • Ddi he get his ps5

    Mr J VlogsMr J Vlogs16 timmar sedan
  • Kid: about to throw out a jacket bc it has a stain that u can wash Me: spills food all over my sweatshirt Me: wears it all the time bc i WASHED IT

    s n o ws n o w16 timmar sedan
  • I’m crying OMG so nice 😭😭😭 :3

    Xxwolfie_life173Xxwolfie_life17316 timmar sedan

    Robenskey DevilasRobenskey Devilas17 timmar sedan
  • Ok this is sad. but who was waiting for so you see

    Nathan StewartNathan Stewart17 timmar sedan
  • I did not expect to cry today

    Spooky Gacha GirlSpooky Gacha Girl17 timmar sedan
  • Recently my step dad was homeless because he had gotten robbed and kicked out of his house *illegally* during the pandemic and he just passed away from the cold weather while he was outside with nowhere to go so this really means a lot to me that they are spreading this message.

    SplixRBXSplixRBX17 timmar sedan
  • I even cried during this vid

    AM TV gaming TVAM TV gaming TV17 timmar sedan
  • Moral of the story.... When you dont have things MAKE THEM OUT OF CARDBOARD!!!

    Robert Glenn IIIRobert Glenn III17 timmar sedan
  • I was crying while smiling

  • My mom does this whenever I don't finish my food and tells me that less fortunate kids could of eaten it...I got annoyed because I wanted to help...but I just didn't know how....

    Rochelle ThomasRochelle Thomas18 timmar sedan
  • and they help me undrstand about how u help an care about peopl and see what there going thr

    Mrs LovelyMrs Lovely18 timmar sedan
  • This boy is an old man if that poor old man could fit that sweat shirt

    ItzseanItzsean18 timmar sedan
  • and i love all your video and they chang my life

    Mrs LovelyMrs Lovely18 timmar sedan
  • So I wanted a ps5 but my mom has barely 500 to buy it so ima keep my ps4

    Bossywazy1Bossywazy118 timmar sedan
  • the lady who needed the bus fare had 2 different colored eyes ive never seen that

    Nick PeacockNick Peacock18 timmar sedan
  • The woman literally has a McDonald’s card in her purse

    Noah WoolNoah Wool18 timmar sedan
  • This has inspired me to be better and to not be so ignorant. I know this has inspired others. GREAT JOB!

    UniformPie_ XDUniformPie_ XD18 timmar sedan

    Abdulrahman MohdAbdulrahman Mohd19 timmar sedan
  • Awh so cute :,(

    ItzredpandaItzredpanda19 timmar sedan
  • One mans trash could be another mans treasure❤️

    Aneeka KhanAneeka Khan19 timmar sedan
  • who would dislike this Video?

    ALamboGamerALamboGamer19 timmar sedan
  • This is so sad!I always tell my mother to give food and money or even old clothes to them.But she never listens.I'll give it to them instead

    Annie MelAnnie Mel19 timmar sedan
  • just mind that she saved her son from throwing away so many things but she didn't actually do anything with them smh ...except at the end

    Kiyoshi AdererKiyoshi Aderer19 timmar sedan
  • boy: wants to throw away his jacket because he spilled drink me: i need a mouse

    LiamLiam20 timmar sedan

    Sammy Gaming RobloxSammy Gaming Roblox20 timmar sedan
  • Hi I cried when that lady need money:( it's super sad help poor people!

    Patricia OseiPatricia Osei21 timme sedan
  • You see..

    TOXIC01 09TOXIC01 0921 timme sedan
  • Him:It’s only 25cents Me:Well Its still money!

    ItsJtinePlays SssItsJtinePlays Sss21 timme sedan
  • When there not homeless.......

    Miley MarquezMiley Marquez21 timme sedan
  • My sister is a BIG fan we have watched all your vids!

    Fishy FunkFishy Funk22 timmar sedan
  • if I was the son 's mom I would have beaten him up for speaking to me in such a rude but all is well that ends well Thankyou Dhar Mann

    Cecilia GichiaCecilia Gichia23 timmar sedan
  • I just finished watching the 1 hour video . The four stories were great thanks for inspiration

    Mary jane MacabuhayMary jane MacabuhayDag sedan
  • I would be so happy to even get a ps1

    HariCurry SHariCurry SDag sedan