The History of SMPLive - A Mini-Documentary

18 jan 2020
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I spent a lot of time on this video so it would really mean a lot to me if you gave it a like. I'm still pretty new at this, so let me know what I could do better in the comments. Also I tried to fact check everything in the video but I'm sure something slipped through, so apologies if I got something wrong.
People featured in the video:
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Special thanks to:
SMPLive Wiki -
SMPLive Timeline by Anthony Critelli -
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  • Holy crap 1000 views! This is amazing thank you all so much for your likes and comments they mean the world to me. I'm currently working on some more videos in this essay style, so please subscribe if you are interested. You guys are amazing!

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    • No your amazing

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    • U should see how many you have now lmao

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  • imagine if dreamsmp vs smp live war ooooooh tommy and techno would love that. and dream will be released in the prison and start fighting

    Sid NunezSid Nunez14 timmar sedan
  • I watched this a year later and I only watched for Shadowapples and I’m sad bc he never showed up.

    Mike SpokkMike Spokk9 dagar sedan
  • I'm sad that SMPlive is gone and I only watched the finale. This shows it was a good server.

    elijah odhubaelijah odhuba9 dagar sedan
  • but if you close your eyes...

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  • :(

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  • "different countries": "Florida:FitMC" 14:50

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  • This made me sad and I haven’t even watched SMPLive

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  • ;'(

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  • They had a major role in reviving Minecraft

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  • XD That is an awesome way to end an SMP!

    CandyThePuppyCandyThePuppyMånad sedan
  • 7:39 Heh, sounds like the villain laugh you'd hear in a movie/show trailer.

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  • Anyone see a similarity with Mindcrack here, or am I wrong? I watched Mindcrack when I was a kid, and this reminded me of that :o

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  • this is so underrated!! thank you for making this :)

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  • I'm like, still realy hoping that "February 31st 2021" Is March 1 2021 and there will be actual SMPLive S2 😢 Anyone here hoping for the comeback?

    ne mine miMånad sedan
  • Need more subs and views i bed all the people in smplive will agree

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  • 8:58 Top 10 Anime Battles

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  • I’ve DMed yoshi on discord. He sold me lemonade

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  • why was the cuck shed not mentioned once

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  • seeeed?

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  • So awesome to see the smp legends watching and commenting on this, congrats @LegendaryLee

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  • This is sad because SMPLive was big and really got to everyone. SMPLive was special to everyone and I am happy it happened.

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  • Me, who knows the basics of command blocks: *sees svyoshis command* Also me: *oh dear*

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  • i didn't know there were religions

    Sandy RossSandy Ross3 månader sedan
  • although the dream smp and smp earth were great, smplive was felt the most natural and i really miss it

    chloe limputrachloe limputra3 månader sedan
    • ikr. It's like an everyday show with diff skits everyday ;( It's not very dramatic but u still get hooked everytime

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  • how do you only have 200 subs?!?!?!

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  • ahh!! my heart!! i love everyone from smp!!

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  • Zyphon v2

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  • stop using the blur effects in videos, you're gonna make my brain think I have bad vision

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  • Bruh you deserve more subs, this is almost as professional as a video from Zyphon.

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  • i love how some notable people who played on the SMP live server are in the comments of this video

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  • I think I'm gay.

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  • Best Minecraft server ever made

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  • love how that server capacity was 42069

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  • M E A T has to be one of the weirdest bits on the server 😂

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  • Why does this not have at least half a million views?!

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  • All the boys in the comments FeelsStrongMan

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  • Well shoot. Now I have to watch EVERY SINGLE SMP LIVE VIDEO. I-I don’t have a choice.

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  • i didnt lnow the ip was leaked,, thats so spooky

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  • Season 2 is underway

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  • ah yes.. team cock

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  • this guy only has 141 subs? jeez man i'll see u when ur big

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  • stellar music choices, had me feeling emotions even though i knew next to nothing about the history. great video dude

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  • What’s the song name used at 0:10

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  • Wait I literally thought antvenoms real name was hank lmao that's crazy

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  • I can't describe how sad it makes me that I only learned of smp live after it had ended

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    • Same, dream amp just ain't the same

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    • Unlucky

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    • You poor bastard

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  • Why has so few people watched this video and why has so many big people watched it?

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  • We’re lucky poke hasn’t found this comment section

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  • Wait antvenoms name isnt hank

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  • honestly after the wheel got added smplive just didnt feel the same to me

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  • Yoshi is a merciless god 0-0. Jesus And i thought Carson was Pretty Step up Zeus

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  • My dude barely cut out the most hype part of schlatt killing the ender dragon.

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  • Holy shit there are so many creators here, great video man! You’ve got my sub

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  • This is really pulling at my heartstrings, here, and I can see that CScoop, Antvenom, SVYoshi, Tommyinnit, YoItsGold, DinksterDaily, Grunk, BeefStewSG, and SneegSnag also already have found this amazing documentary. It’s so sad to see the server go like that, but it was an absolute honor to have it around when we did.

    Justin TimeJustin Time7 månader sedan
  • wouldn't mind a timeline of the dates everyone joined. regardless, great video. thank you

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    • Link in the description has a timeline just for that :)

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  • Hey odd question: What microphone do you use?

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    • I use a blue snowball with a shock mount and windscreen.

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  • Cool vid man :)

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  • This is really well done. Good job

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  • this video is genuinely really well-made

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  • you should've included schlatt's water bucket clutch when he and antvenom were killing the ender dragon! but what a good vid, great job :)

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  • Damn there was so many events in the server I had no idea about

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  • The force behind the fuck when he said “one of the biggest fuck up” was immeasurable

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  • this is an actual masterpiece.

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  • This is such a cool video. Great job!!!!

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    • And AntVenom

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  • I think that Schlatts character arc was the best part of Smplive

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    • @Sam Sketches everyone has good and bad days, normally schlatt is a cool dude, don't write him off because of one occurrence

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    • Awesome Smalls yeeeee. He rubbed me the wrong way tho when he called jawsh unfunny during the reunion

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  • Here after the SMPlive reunion event

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  • Smplive was an amazing fever dream

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  • Extremely well made video I was very entertained and learned a ton

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  • This video ia so good

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    • How do i delete a comment?

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  • This video deserves more views, SMPLive was gods gift to mankind.

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  • He eat meat. I’m glad antVenom was able to clarify the stal gift. Close call.

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