This was a bit painful...

18 sep 2020
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  • I wish I could like this twice. Hilarious video!! love you Petko!

    Dez RiveraDez Rivera7 dagar sedan
  • Freaking awesome entertaining educational destructive incredible never the same great video😄😄😄

    everyday grinddayeveryday grindday20 dagar sedan
  • And thus Rasputin was born

    Amanda PowersAmanda Powers24 dagar sedan
  • Recently me and my daughter she is 5 years of age was at the park and she pointed something out to me that was underneath the slide when I look underneath their it was a jumping spider but this particular jumping spider was a size of your fingernail on your thumb I noticed that most of the land scape Keepers who work in yards and deliver trees fruits and vegetables I understand that sometimes these insects can come over from different areas of the old world and Central America through situations like that of that nature but this particular black Jumping Spider with so big and huge I didn't have a containment unit to get it the next time if I run across one I will take a picture due to the fact I do have one at home inside of a jar that is dead but this one is half the size do you think that some of these jumping spiders are coming over from Central America with people who have something to do with shipment of fruits and vegetables in that nature even trees let me know what are your comments

    mordacah wistonmordacah wistonMånad sedan
  • The black tarantula was like inch by inch slowly I turned and fang you

    mordacah wistonmordacah wistonMånad sedan
  • I noticed that tranchulas like to be fed at 2 a.m. in the morning when it's still dark but that's still morning to

    mordacah wistonmordacah wistonMånad sedan
  • Bob your booty dance

    mordacah wistonmordacah wistonMånad sedan
  • She probably likes hornworms better

    mordacah wistonmordacah wistonMånad sedan
  • Linda linda

    mordacah wistonmordacah wistonMånad sedan
  • We won’t lie at all, right guys

    Luke HernandezLuke HernandezMånad sedan
  • Here we have the first known Escape of Rasputin, Circa 2020

    Shay_Mendez98Shay_Mendez98Månad sedan
  • Those two spiny assassin guys clearly have a pact that they both hate each other and stay opposite ends of the enclosure at all times but then you introduced the roach and all hell broke lose 😂

    Steph GoodmanSteph GoodmanMånad sedan
  • What does the happy dance mean? I know so little about spiders, so I don't know if they experience happiness like we do

    Renn NicholsRenn NicholsMånad sedan
  • I'm wondering how are you so wonderful with the pets hardly anyone will approve of. P.S. I love how knowledgeable your videos are, saved a lot of arachnids with your help. Thank you dark den.

    Raymond BrooksRaymond Brooks2 månader sedan
  • iam going to ged my new tarantula and it,s gonna be my first one (Latvia)

    Pythonmmm ChannelPythonmmm Channel2 månader sedan
  • I need a avicularia matalica badddd

    gina marie avellinogina marie avellino2 månader sedan
  • Great feeding vids and content like always

    Model The MastersModel The Masters2 månader sedan
  • I dig that you're wearing a Tarantula collective shirt!

    Chad BrowderChad Browder2 månader sedan
  • It seemed like she may have hurt her fangs. She could only manage to pierce the soft belly of the roach. Linda is a legend!

    Hollie SHollie S2 månader sedan
  • Linda is the best spider yet and Jesus loves her

    noonars1noonars12 månader sedan
  • I was worried about that spelling that thingy!!!!

    Sandra MorrisonSandra Morrison2 månader sedan
  • Some of the spiders are so fuzzy that I just want to pet them lol

    Alice KnightAlice Knight2 månader sedan
  • poor cockroach

    fahmi danial danialfahmi danial danial3 månader sedan
  • Excellent! The big and hopefully pregnant roach escaped, so now you'll have home bred to feed your Tarantulas for years to come.

    Et EtEt Et3 månader sedan
  • I wonder what happened to that hissing roach

    Dorothy -Dorothy -3 månader sedan
  • G stands for Great feeding clip

    TokenMGTokenMG3 månader sedan
  • a very hairy, palm sized, angry female tarantula who's probably on her monthly is jumping and kicking her way out of a 99cent salad container while you're holding. nope.

    Jim YJim Y3 månader sedan
  • anyone else constantly looking for the roach like this this is a where's waldo book? im mean the roach was wearing a striped shirt...

    Zie SpiralOutZie SpiralOut3 månader sedan
  • It is amazing that she ate after she escaped and got stressed out

    stefanos tokatlidisstefanos tokatlidis3 månader sedan
  • The trying to convince the roach makes me sad :0 noooo poor babyyy

    It's Friday I'm In LoveIt's Friday I'm In Love3 månader sedan
  • I think she took it finally from the roaches belly side. Perhaps, the downside is softer?? But she seems to feel good when she is happy dancing ??? Hmmm....

    Ute SommerUte Sommer3 månader sedan
  • Who else saw the Title of the video, and spent the whole video waiting for him to be bitten?? LOLOL

    Journalist JimJournalist Jim3 månader sedan
  • Linda is awesome!

    Tristan RozelleTristan Rozelle3 månader sedan

    Seba DHX_RSVSeba DHX_RSV3 månader sedan
  • don't spam feeding wait about 2 to 5 minutes to give some feeders because they stress if you keep giving the roach they refuse it

    cyrus Ccyrus C3 månader sedan
  • What kind or hisser is that i like the look

    Who Saved WhoWho Saved Who3 månader sedan
    • The one u lost an the one that got eating

      Who Saved WhoWho Saved Who3 månader sedan
  • Please feed monoceptropus balfuori

    Liam KnezLiam Knez3 månader sedan
  • Did you ever drop an enclosure while carrying it around? :(

    Dragon MangoDragon Mango3 månader sedan
  • Lol love how u lied to the roach bout the food 🤣 🤣 🤣. "Right, guys!?"

    Wes WardenWes Warden3 månader sedan
  • Listen Linda...

    Christianna131Christianna1313 månader sedan
  • I have a "Linda" too. I love watching her eat. Never disappoints. I actually named her Linda because I love yours just as much 💓 Here is a nice video of her happy dance when I first got her..... Keep up the good content bro! Thank you!

    Jason JAE ILLA LillerJason JAE ILLA Liller3 månader sedan
  • "This was a bit painful" _Drops roach into the enclosure_ *But not for me*

    Justin Y.Justin Y.3 månader sedan
    • Dude I have literally seen you everywhere. This is awesome

      Shay_Mendez98Shay_Mendez98Månad sedan
    • Only 30 likes justin. Looks like your slowly dying.

      TimeIsSlippingTimeIsSlipping2 månader sedan
  • “N” is for No roach survives

    Thugnificent JThugnificent J3 månader sedan
  • did you ever find that roach?

    UNKOWNUNKOWN3 månader sedan
  • i love spiny assassin bugs please doo more or make a vote about other feeding videos

    MDFireMDFire3 månader sedan
  • To that roach, G is probably stand for Goodbye

    Melon GraceMelon Grace3 månader sedan
  • My Goliath (Theraphosa Stirmi) isn't very shy anymore. In fact I just got a video of me holding her and it was intense haha, but she was very nice. She's also a lot bigger than Linda haha. You can see her on my channel if you want. Plz do..

    Tarantula MadnessTarantula Madness3 månader sedan
  • F R E E That spells free credit report dot com baby

    iDaCarrotiDaCarrot3 månader sedan
  • I hope Linda is okay.

    Noblebird02Noblebird023 månader sedan
  • This is the first video of petko that i heard him that he does not have it under controll. Lols.

    Kirsten DivinagraciaKirsten Divinagracia3 månader sedan
  • WHAT SPECIESNIS LINDA? she is magnificent

    VaginaFaceVaginaFace3 månader sedan
  • *not even five minutes in* **roach vanishes**

    VaginaFaceVaginaFace3 månader sedan
  • I don't think the roach believes you!

    The Fiber EnchantressThe Fiber Enchantress3 månader sedan
  • Linda has some moves!!

    The Fiber EnchantressThe Fiber Enchantress3 månader sedan
  • The black Tarantula looks like velvet!

    Tizianna DiosaTizianna Diosa3 månader sedan
  • F R E E that spells free credit report dot com baby

    Ultra Instinct JirenUltra Instinct Jiren3 månader sedan
  • i like these videos but damn youtube sucks; 5 advertisements in 12 minutes, didnt even want to finish it i had to turn it off. guess that whats happens when a video blogger gets a large enough following

    tom walkertom walker3 månader sedan

    SpooodrSpooodr3 månader sedan
  • I really want a brazilian black tarantula and I'm gonna name them Cthulhu

    I couldn't think of a cool nameI couldn't think of a cool name3 månader sedan
  •'re hilarious!! This was the best vid! I never know what you're gonna do next! Your vids make my day!🕷🖤

    Jen ShelleyJen Shelley3 månader sedan
  • I don't know about you, but I am curious about how a T would react to a mirror and it's own reflection.

    XemDeadXemDead3 månader sedan
  • I have 3 tarantulas, but I’m TERRIFIED OF ROACHES!!🤢😭

    Ashlyn MunozAshlyn Munoz3 månader sedan
  • Another great video! They are the highlight of my week!

    Michael MancillMichael Mancill3 månader sedan
  • Busted out laughing IRL when the hissing roach yeeted itself out of the tub.. he took one look at Linda and said, “no sir I’m outta here!”

    CarrieCarrie3 månader sedan
  • Is there anyway you could give both names, instead of just giving only the scientific name? 🙏

    Heathers NailsHeathers Nails3 månader sedan
  • When you find him, you should keep him and name him Houdini. Not only did he survive Linda, but he escaped Petko and prevented his death to another tarantula. LONG LIVE HOUDINI.

    Alonso CasasAlonso Casas3 månader sedan
    • @Vaughn Zimmerman He will live on forever in my heart where he has a plastic skull in his terrarium lol

      Alonso CasasAlonso Casas3 månader sedan
    • Houdini died lol

      Vaughn ZimmermanVaughn Zimmerman3 månader sedan
  • I think you're right about her fangs, those roaches are VERY tough, they're designed to deflect attacks like that and they can be difficult for some spiders to bite while alive. Maybe find a humane way of subduing them a bit, and offer them on their backs, belly up where the exoskeleton isn't so tough? Then again I don't think she'd react to a slower or still one. Or try feeding in tongs belly first? So her fangs can get in easier x

    thewr0ngchildthewr0ngchild3 månader sedan
  • Wow that T.Stirmi is stunning! I also used to keep those hissers as a kid. I had about six of them. I will be getting a spider when I move and will probably feel a bit sad if I have to feed her those lol x

    thewr0ngchildthewr0ngchild3 månader sedan
  • Started watching a week and a half ago, and I just picked up a T. albopilosum from a friend today! Thank you for your content, you're an inspiration!

    Caleb BurrisCaleb Burris3 månader sedan
  • I love your videos keep up the hard work. you should have the wife join in on your videos 😊

    familycrgamingfamilycrgaming3 månader sedan
  • I have 1 tarantula its my astral i know its dumb name but he is 6 inch big he is dark earth tiger

    HajroHajro3 månader sedan
  • So my Heteroscodra maculata escaped any idea where it would hide?

    Brant KarelsBrant Karels3 månader sedan
  • I think Linda is prettier than the pulchra. I love her red hairs.

    Lucie VondLucLucie VondLuc3 månader sedan
  • I took a bite from a Common Wheel bug (Arilus cristatus) when I was a teenager. It was the most painful experience I've had. Took several months for the effects to completely diminish. While cool bugs, I stay away from assassin bugs.

    Anthony B.Anthony B.3 månader sedan
  • Your inclosers are really to small .

    Coby JonesCoby Jones3 månader sedan
  • Linda inspired me to get my own T. stirmi! I now have a beautiful female who is about the same size. Can’t wait for them to get bigger!!

    Parental AdvisoryParental Advisory3 månader sedan
  • Great video!:)

    rob0trob0t3 månader sedan
  • Really hope you find that Roach..❤

    Maple Gator89Maple Gator893 månader sedan
  • Can you show Linda’s molts in the next video and when the first time was u know she is a female

    DektronikDektronik3 månader sedan
  • I'm new to the channel and cannot stop consuming content!

    Vitamin PaulVitamin Paul3 månader sedan
  • After watching that poor roach being lied to, Petko might be a bad tour guide to foreign tourist. Petko says "Sure that bar is fine, just go in and see". LOL.

    Optics R USOptics R US3 månader sedan
  • "F is for friends who do stuff together". - that roach at 3:31

    Banana-kunBanana-kun3 månader sedan
  • do you still have the columbian funnel web?

    supersexyloverhouse1supersexyloverhouse13 månader sedan
  • 4:45 - "But he is huge! How did I lost him?" 🤣🤣🤣 Your videos rock!

    Ron DacusRon Dacus3 månader sedan
  • That roach is probably entering Spain right about now

    Susan MartinSusan Martin3 månader sedan
  • Just hearing all that loud noise she made inside that catch cup. Can you imagine hearing that walking on the floor and you're in bed in the dark? And you can't see it ...but you could hear it? On my God that's going to give me a nightmare

    Susan MartinSusan Martin3 månader sedan
  • 20+ spiders later , tnx for inspiring me :)

    Clair OwensClair Owens3 månader sedan
  • Are you gonna do enclosure reviews again

    Heath GarissHeath Gariss3 månader sedan
  • If i didn't look forward to these videos every Monday and Friday I would have missed that youtube unsubscribed me... glad I caught that

    Joshua GeorgeJoshua George3 månader sedan
  • 4:03 ‘ight ima head out.

    KittsimKittsim3 månader sedan
  • I would love to send an enclosure or sponsor an enclosure! How would I do that?

    NheffNheff3 månader sedan
  • My favorite feeding video 🤘🏽🤘🏽

    Zackari ZarickZackari Zarick3 månader sedan
  • comment something.

    Andru SvobodaAndru Svoboda3 månader sedan
  • Best Intro Yet

    CheekerpotCheekerpot4 månader sedan
  • Next time : communal enclosure

    Gabriel ProvensalGabriel Provensal4 månader sedan
  • I hope that wasn't a pregnant female hissed that got away, you might end up with a small colony

    Dah G ManDah G Man4 månader sedan
  • From the title I was worried you got bit

    Keenan LarsenKeenan Larsen4 månader sedan
  • The way you say venom😂👌 ‘wenom’

    Melanie .XMelanie .X4 månader sedan
  • Hectic videos make great viewing!

    Shaun MShaun M4 månader sedan
  • Getting big those beauties ❤️👉🏻🇨🇦🇨🇦

    Wanda SteevesWanda Steeves4 månader sedan