AC/DC - Live At Grammy Awards 2015 Full Consert | Rock or Bust/Highway To Hell - Full HD 2020

19 jan 2019
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ac dc

  • I wanna see acdc perform before they don't exist. Wish I can level up and get this bag and spend it on a private concert and trip on lsd.

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  • DAMNNN they still OWN THE STAGE!

    Σοφία ΤσιμαραΣοφία Τσιμαρα4 timmar sedan
  • Is anyone else playing the lick @ 4:28 over and over again?

    Oc CcOc Cc6 timmar sedan
  • That guy at 2:45 looks like he wants to die 😂 little did he know he was already on the highway to Hell

    The Boogie ManThe Boogie Man9 timmar sedan
  • Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to what true aussie pub rock sounds like. We here in Oz were getting our rocks off in pubs of a weekend back in the 70s & 80's listening to this sort of stuff and then that vile arse juice called disco took over and practically killed the entire scene. But guys like ac/dc and that INCREDIBLY underated Little River Band were kicking goals overseas for us. The original LRB In talking about not the current covers band that flogged the name. The original LRB are the most awarded aussie band yet the most ignored here in Oz. We ahd INXS but by comparison they were fairly limp and Midnight Oil, bunch of hypocrites, were out there preaching about how bad we aussies were the our indigenous and you NEVER EVER saw then give anything back I tells ya. As for Peter Garrat the song Beds Are Burning is indeed so accurate. That poonce was Minister for Environment responsible for burning down over 200 houses and killing 4 people. Yeah Pete how can you sleep? Rant over, I'll grab me another drink and crank up some more Acca Dacca. Bye

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  • Highway to hell toooo fucking slow

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  • yes every one l can’t believe Alice Cooper, Bon Jovi , Joe Walsh and AC/DC too enjoy 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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  • This is music! And i noticed that Gaga understands the vibe! Love AC DC to bones brothaaaaahhhh

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  • Dave Grohl and Lady Gaga and the executives in suits seemed to be enjoying it

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  • Jesus Katie Perry is so hip lol...watching professionals work most of these kids do not know what the hell that is...

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  • Old man rockin!

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  • How the fuck is Dave Grohl, Sir Paul, and Lady Gaga not in front for the cameras!! They’re the only true rockstars in that joint!! Today’s music sucks Big Balls!! 🤘 ACϟDC FOREVER 🤘 It’s A Long Way To The Top...and these guys made it!!

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  • The audience sucks😂 I would have gone mad

    Nakisaka RymbaiNakisaka RymbaiDag sedan
  • Ed Sheeran standing like :)

    The SwedeThe Swede2 dagar sedan
  • I'd be trying to get closer to that stage. I don't care if I got carried away by a security I need a once in a lifetime moment. RIP MALCOLM.

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  • Rock artist sounds better in live than studio....

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  • Loved watching Dave rocking out to one of the best bands to ever grace these aussie shores. Rock on AC/ showed that crowd how to rock and have a fantastic time doing it. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!

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    • Best?

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg2 dagar sedan
  • So glad they are coming back with a new album!🎉🎉😝💖💖

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  • that crowd dont deserve AC/DC

    Jordan MasriJordan Masri3 dagar sedan
    • Stfu

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg2 dagar sedan
  • Menuda panda de estirados los famosos allí presentes...palo por el recto!🤟

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  • Sheeran, I hope he learns what a true artists sound like.

    Edward GibbonEdward Gibbon3 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Schaumburg If you like "old" music you'll notice the real decline in every form of art from music, movies, etc. Since you are such a condescending creep let me be one also: Music is music, but there is good and bad. Nowadays there is a type of music very popular among latin kids which glorifies the narco culture but since you say music is be it...let's not judge nor dissect it...

      Edward GibbonEdward Gibbon2 dagar sedan
    • @Edward Gibbon I'm an actual fan of music, unlike you. I like old and new music

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg2 dagar sedan
    • @Edward Gibbon Forgotten? The guy's sold millions! I believe one of his tours has sold the most money in history

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg2 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Schaumburg SO you dare compare AC/DC with Sheeran and say that is a great artist? hahahaha. What the hell are you doing here then? AC/DC are total grandads.

      Edward GibbonEdward Gibbon2 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Schaumburg Oldman? hahaha! Have you noticed that lots of young people hate Sheeran and consider him overrated? The Beatles borrowed from JSBach in case you know who that mummy was... There is good and bad music, music is not just music little grasshopper. Sheeran is just another merchandise that will be totally forgotten in 5, 10 years.

      Edward GibbonEdward Gibbon2 dagar sedan
  • Why did they slow down Highway to Hell?

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  • That''s the best you got Ed Sheeran??? You were witnessing history and you just stood there?

    Vass MalanosVass Malanos3 dagar sedan
    • It's just AC/DC

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg2 dagar sedan
  • It might be the botox but bloody hell, there are some miserable looking people in that audience.

    Vulture 38Vulture 383 dagar sedan
    • Because they don't want to be there. Ed could be fucking models right now

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg2 dagar sedan
  • Even dressed as Jimmy Cranky, Angus could have took Gaga hame that night after that guitar solo! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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  • 3:59 part make shook me all night long

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  • australia 🇦🇺

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  • ACDC is one of the top 5 best rock bands of all time

    David KuykendallDavid Kuykendall3 dagar sedan
  • Nothing can top this music.

    Peter JonesPeter Jones3 dagar sedan
  • My friend said i was built like angus

    Blake ReederBlake Reeder3 dagar sedan
  • Garbage

    Kenyn RicheyKenyn Richey3 dagar sedan
  • Kate Perry is the devil

    Kenyn RicheyKenyn Richey3 dagar sedan
  • 0:29 Paul McCartney

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  • They set the bar wayyyy too high for whoever performed after that lmao 😂

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  • Paul Mccartney? 😳

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  • Iconic

    Paige N. S.Paige N. S.4 dagar sedan
  • WTF?????? how embarassing was that - a bunch of suited mofo's who havent got a clue who they are watching, along with a bunch of liggers completely acting like they know too, in the presence of the best band in the world- wasted totally!!!!

    bronia mcgillivraybronia mcgillivray4 dagar sedan
  • Industry band made to look grass roots.

    cinema tvcinema tv4 dagar sedan
  • No matter how big a celebrity or powerful u r...ull always bow down to ACDC

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  • 4:29 that's how I am gonna walk in heaven when I die else I ain't dying.

    rajat gakarerajat gakare4 dagar sedan
  • Whats the name of the girl in the thumbnail

    Kujo JotaroKujo Jotaro4 dagar sedan
  • Goosebumps

    Powder_ DaysPowder_ Days4 dagar sedan
  • Honestly I think they're better now than 30+ year's ago.

    Powder_ DaysPowder_ Days4 dagar sedan
  • persona 5 ost

    Katrina KlumppKatrina Klumpp4 dagar sedan
  • Lady gaga so into it

    Alan ConnellyAlan Connelly4 dagar sedan
  • Gaga gets it. Your watching a legend.

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  • Then imagine if Lenny Kravitz comes in out of nowhere

    Anthony SefoAnthony Sefo4 dagar sedan
  • Paul mccartney

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  • Well,lets jump now to river plate ,buenos aires ,Argentina

    R VR V4 dagar sedan
    • I really wish they go back there. That was my favorite concert I've seen on youtube. The next best was the one they did in paris back in the 70s.

      David HarrowDavid Harrow4 dagar sedan
  • 🤘🇧🇷🇦🇺

    Daniel MeloDaniel Melo4 dagar sedan
  • 4:30 ON 🔥💯💯

    Alessandro Gabriel EspinosaAlessandro Gabriel Espinosa5 dagar sedan
  • .... And the Grammy's were never the same again. How do you continue the show after an opening line that???? Lol. It's literally downhill for whoever followed after AC/DC

    Trevor RayTrevor Ray5 dagar sedan
  • Ill tell I like Ac DC. But rather woukd have seen Metallica rock the stage

    Brandon AveretteBrandon Averette5 dagar sedan
  • Always make me wonder where this bands future and path would of travelled if the late great Bon Scott was still alive

    Brendon WBrendon W5 dagar sedan
  • The Crowd is ungrateful.

    DarkSoulOfCinder89DarkSoulOfCinder895 dagar sedan
  • Menos sangre tiene ese público! Acá en 🇦🇷 por más famoso que sea se desata la bestia .

    Belén oscuro diamanteBelén oscuro diamante5 dagar sedan
  • remember an interview with Brian where he said they were allowed just five minutes so they slowed the tempo down on purpose!!

    David MoodyDavid Moody5 dagar sedan
  • This crowd simply doesn't deserve what is happening.

    Jean Christophe VigneronJean Christophe Vigneron5 dagar sedan
  • Yo amo a ese viejo, es que lo amo Angus!

    Camilo VazquezCamilo Vazquez5 dagar sedan
  • What? Playing your own instruments and actually singing? What is this witchcraft?!?

    Joseph HallJoseph Hall5 dagar sedan
  • Got damn cool .. drummer sounds like a freight train 🚂

    Mark SoiMark Soi6 dagar sedan
  • Gaga loved it she’s a metal head!!

    Brendon WBrendon W6 dagar sedan
    • @David Harrow pftt

      Brendon WBrendon W4 dagar sedan
    • gaga is a clown

      David HarrowDavid Harrow4 dagar sedan
    • Metallica and AC/DC are her favorites like Beavis and Butthead. 🤘🏾🎸🔥🔥

      The Hive ProductionsThe Hive Productions5 dagar sedan
  • Legends being clap it by "artist"

    GameDemon DemonL6GameDemon DemonL66 dagar sedan
  • The Crowd think: shit the first time i listen to real music^^

    Jacob SJacob S6 dagar sedan
  • Get Ready Kay t, The Camera Gunna Pan on Thee.

    The S/word 23The S/word 236 dagar sedan
  • Such an ungrateful audience

    Rumaan AhmedRumaan Ahmed6 dagar sedan
  • Malditos jóvenes. Ignorantes y dormidos por las redes sociales

    Milton Guillén TorresMilton Guillén Torres6 dagar sedan
  • THIS is the MUSIC!!!

    Jenn ZhangJenn Zhang6 dagar sedan
    • Sure is 👍🙌🤘🤟

      Powder_ DaysPowder_ Days4 dagar sedan
  • I want to see one of their show just to heare that highway to hell song

    AstrefAstref6 dagar sedan
  • Stevie young en guitarra ritmica, cliff williams en bajo,cris slade en bateria bryan jhonson en voz y angus young en guitarra,

    distorcio 2020distorcio 20206 dagar sedan
  • T-shirts, jeans and pair of shorts...get ready kids.

    craiggrewarcraiggrewar6 dagar sedan
  • Lady Gaga is a poser. You can't like this kind of music and then make trash

  • The best part of the video was seeing the look on Katy perry's face!

    Matthew HaverkampMatthew Haverkamp6 dagar sedan
  • Ed sheran looked like a gender studies student who doesn't understand Theory of computation(automata theory).

    tucking fypotucking fypo7 dagar sedan

    Dimitar DimitroffDimitar Dimitroff7 dagar sedan
    • This comment wins the internet!!!!!😆😆

      Scott HayesScott HayesDag sedan
  • AChenDSee:

    Armin NaschbergerArmin Naschberger7 dagar sedan
  • Who the fuck is justin Bieber.🤭🤭

    Dagobert DuckDagobert Duck7 dagar sedan
  • Bow down bitches the real God of music are on the stage... ❤❤

    AYAM 007AYAM 0077 dagar sedan
  • 4:06

    FoxyFoxy7 dagar sedan
    • Thanks 👍. I thought it was just on the thumbnail

      Powder_ DaysPowder_ Days4 dagar sedan
  • See Lady Gaga knows what’s up she dancing her ass off as she should

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  • omg

    kbin fgnkbin fgn8 dagar sedan
  • When grandpa is cooler thsn the cool kids!

    Rex SalesRex Sales8 dagar sedan
    • Ok boomer

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg7 dagar sedan
  • Que triste que AC DC se presente en esa basura.

    Hum olHum ol8 dagar sedan
  • McCartney il est à fond. Ça envoie la tripaille putain. ..

    shoukashouka8 dagar sedan
  • Thankfully we were born in AC/DC era Can boast our children that we have seen them live and rock the world

    Spurs_avisek AvisekSpurs_avisek Avisek8 dagar sedan
    • @Spurs_avisek Avisek What's changed then? Music's great today thanks to the internet

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg4 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Schaumburg yeah..but music ain’t the same nowadays

      Spurs_avisek AvisekSpurs_avisek Avisek4 dagar sedan
    • @Spurs_avisek Avisek kids can see them perform now though

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg4 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Schaumburg I care and it’s enough for me

      Spurs_avisek AvisekSpurs_avisek Avisek4 dagar sedan
    • Nobody cares

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg7 dagar sedan
  • Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl were loving it. The only true musicians that I actually saw.

    mark riggmark rigg8 dagar sedan
    • And Jamie Foxx ;D

      Frida SalazarFrida Salazar2 dagar sedan
    • @mark rigg Get help, Mark.

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg2 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Schaumburg 😴

      mark riggmark rigg3 dagar sedan
    • @David Harrow my opinion mate! Leave your own comment instead of writing on mine. Goodbye.

      mark riggmark rigg3 dagar sedan
    • @Michael Schaumburg i can do what I like thank you. Don’t tell me what I can or can’t do. Now fuck off.

      mark riggmark rigg3 dagar sedan
  • 4:12 Boi ed sheeran did not have a blast thats for sure😂

    AllegoryAllegory8 dagar sedan
  • 03:55 Ed just realized he has still a long way to the top if he ever wants to rock&roll.

    keithkoolkeithkool8 dagar sedan
    • Ed Sheeran has sold more than AC/DC. Rock is dead. You're old and upset that you're not young again

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg7 dagar sedan
  • Who is the girl in the min 4:33???

    Nico cancinoNico cancino8 dagar sedan
  • Yo who else saw ninja 4:12

    Ky BradKy Brad8 dagar sedan
  • warning! if you have epilepsy dont watch this

    kholil .-kholil .-8 dagar sedan
  • Look at all these pop stars who didn’t have their dance moves choreographed suddenly don’t know how to dance.

    Troy StauntonTroy Staunton9 dagar sedan
    • Pop is becoming more popular. Don't cry, bigboy. Your daughter is cool

      Michael SchaumburgMichael Schaumburg7 dagar sedan
  • who are the 1700 who gave there thumbs down....a got a highway for you to travel on...

  • i love how franke grande is giving it his all in the back

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