AC/DC - Live At Grammy Awards 2015 Full Consert | Rock or Bust/Highway To Hell - Full HD 2020

19 jan 2019
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ac dc

  • I swear I spot bolovski from the young ones in that crowd

    Doc Skywalker51Doc Skywalker512 timmar sedan
  • The bloke @2:35, if look’s could kill. He is jealous beyond belief !!! What a tool.

    southerncaveman10000southerncaveman100003 timmar sedan
  • Lmao those artists and people in the audience don't understand they are witnessing legends in action, damn. Being Argentinean, this crowd is shit compared to the shows they play there.

    bonjour itsizzybonjour itsizzy4 timmar sedan
  • Asco de público

    Christian SoutomaiorChristian Soutomaior6 timmar sedan
  • Way to completely take the essence of the song away Brian.

    John CastnerJohn Castner6 timmar sedan

    Abhishek TripathiAbhishek Tripathi12 timmar sedan
  • Can anyone be as exciting for as many a...c... d...c.... well ......o...k... zz top is the other one...

    Jim BernittJim Bernitt15 timmar sedan
  • The best band ever does not need an introduction at the start.

    Dral_ SolusDral_ Solus17 timmar sedan
  • Cant believe they were only given 6 bloody minuets. they should have at least been given 10 mins and finished out with Back in black that would have been an epic finisher. For a once in a lifetime thing for bands they really need to be allowed play at least 4-5 songs, 15-20 mins min. Its fukn stupid how short bands are getting on stage nowadays, they used to get much longer years ago.

    atourdeforceatourdeforce21 timme sedan
  • I don't know if this is @SEworld updated version of the original video or not but I can say the quality is 3000% better then the one I saw over 10 months ago.

    Savvy TurtleSavvy TurtleDag sedan
  • Maybe I’m crazy but is it me or when Angus played the chords for highway to hell his guitar was out of tune

    Italiana 71 LinduraItaliana 71 LinduraDag sedan
  • Wth was with the crowd, fucking Argentina did better then this

    truck- kuntruck- kunDag sedan
  • I dont like this crowd.

    Asher SunilAsher SunilDag sedan
  • The most boring audience i've ever seen..

    EleKaPriuzz :3EleKaPriuzz :32 dagar sedan
  • I miss Malcom 🤘😣

    EleKaPriuzz :3EleKaPriuzz :32 dagar sedan
  • Australia's finest

    Joe ParsonsJoe Parsons2 dagar sedan
  • I like how he posts 3 different years. The concert was in 2015. It says HD2020, but it was posted in 2019. So confusing

    BeAsTsAhShA 24BeAsTsAhShA 242 dagar sedan
  • When selling albums the hard way such as going out there traveling on buses, air planes and performing on real concerts not Online now that’s pure talent especially when you’re pass 50yrs old and still selling albums.

    DjDj2 dagar sedan
  • Should have played "back in Black". just so these lemons can see it live. I saw it live on the 1980 Back in Black tour.. 06/November. First concert ever... every concert I ever saw.

    iaidomaniaidoman2 dagar sedan
  • 4:28 man that's it, that's what I been trying to say. That's AC DC 😎🤟 LEGENDS❤️

    Itachi GenjutsuItachi Genjutsu2 dagar sedan
  • This is what you call TALENT BABYYYYY

    Alin YAlin Y2 dagar sedan
  • Tony Bennett looks lost 😂😂

    Christian ShippChristian Shipp3 dagar sedan
  • Angus Young is a king

    Jamey SimmsJamey Simms3 dagar sedan

    RiqueLme SorbeteRiqueLme Sorbete3 dagar sedan
  • Highway to hell still gives me the shivers

    Kevin TurtonKevin Turton3 dagar sedan
  • I like to imagine during highway to hell the entirety of the pop singers where intimidated

    The cheese ManThe cheese Man3 dagar sedan
    • @Jason Terry it made enough sense

      The cheese ManThe cheese ManDag sedan
    • They were

      Jason TerryJason Terry2 dagar sedan
  • 4:05 what is your name?

    Tony MontanaTony Montana4 dagar sedan
  • I saw them for Ballbreaker and they rocked DC. Non-stop rock n roll!

    Stacy GrossStacy Gross4 dagar sedan
  • They are soooooo good

    Jutta JansenJutta Jansen4 dagar sedan

    Ryan MillerRyan Miller4 dagar sedan
  • 3:55 Dave Grohl screaming all the lyrics 😂😂 only person in there actually rocking out

    Everett SanchezEverett Sanchez4 dagar sedan
  • Finally real music at the awards show

    Jonas HopsonJonas Hopson4 dagar sedan
  • Did you spot paul McCartney at the start?

    Ezra ShollEzra Sholl4 dagar sedan
  • Every time I see Katie Perry my puke goes up my nose and I get Diarrhea

    ejcecil1305ejcecil13054 dagar sedan
  • Salieron dos viejas sabrosas en el vídeo.

  • People in the comments are acting like ac/dc is some niche band that no one in the audience have even heard the name off. Only because they’re not reacting as a normal ac/dc concert audience doesn’t mean they don’t know them/ don’t appreciate them.

    andout_rogerandout_roger5 dagar sedan
  • 2:45 This man shall justify his unrocknrollableness before the supreme court. That's a shame.

    Massie GauthierMassie Gauthier5 dagar sedan
  • “For those about to witness legends” was missing from that introduction !

    garry savagegarry savage5 dagar sedan
  • Amaziing old soundrenaline...

    Adhink JAFAdhink JAF5 dagar sedan
  • How is it possible that an entire audience is incapable of appreciating the awesomeness on that stage?!

    jjfromthebiglandjjfromthebigland5 dagar sedan

    Sophia PascaleSophia Pascale5 dagar sedan
  • And that my friends is how you do it, pure freedom, pure free speech, pure rock and roll, fucking legends. God bless AC/DC and rest in piece our beloved Malcolm!

    Assateague CottageAssateague Cottage6 dagar sedan
  • 3:55 one the best parts of the video is Dave just enjoying it

    The cheese ManThe cheese Man6 dagar sedan
  • hi acdc

    matthew smithmatthew smith6 dagar sedan
  • They're old but they are one hell of a rock band.

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne6 dagar sedan

    Blue HughesBlue Hughes6 dagar sedan
  • Eres lo mejor de mejor

    Patricia Lopez AguilarPatricia Lopez Aguilar6 dagar sedan

    Samuel ZoremsangaSamuel Zoremsanga7 dagar sedan
  • 2:45 asi no sea usted, disfrute el rock y de la buena musica

    Rodolfo OsorioRodolfo Osorio7 dagar sedan
  • who the hell is that audience lol

    Si VoodooSi Voodoo7 dagar sedan
  • Ed Sheeran has got no fucking idea what’s going on

    Aditya RajAditya Raj7 dagar sedan
  • 2:00 lit girl - who tf is this old guy

    j i j 0j i j 08 dagar sedan
  • I really love the WTF look on Tony Bennet's face. He is absolutely clueless to what's going on.

    Leigh PalmerLeigh Palmer8 dagar sedan
  • That drummer.... is he from Midnight Oil??

    Stanely WilliamsStanely Williams8 dagar sedan
  • Bunch of turds in the audience. Ac/dc is too good for the stiff Grammys

    Holly KaneHolly Kane8 dagar sedan
  • We might be experiencing the last years of this legend. I can already feel the pain it's gonna 'cause, same pain as when we lost Lemmy.

    Nicolás EspinosaNicolás Espinosa8 dagar sedan
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    H HH H8 dagar sedan
  • Paul McCartney ❤🎼

    Rafael RubenRafael Ruben8 dagar sedan
  • Wtf, everytime i watch someone in yt at a social event i get anxious bc they not wearing masks😂 Fckn pandemic

    Xavier MarinXavier Marin8 dagar sedan
  • Professors Johnson & Young will be taking questions after class but please understand that anything considered to have been answered before could result in an SG shaped imprint being left on the left side of your cranium

    Panama RedPanama Red8 dagar sedan
  • As Great as Steve Young is, it's hard watching this knowing that Malcom was already too Ill to perform.

    toadman506toadman5069 dagar sedan
  • Ed Sheeran is like " im not impressed "

    Nikita RiskinNikita Riskin9 dagar sedan
  • So basically we have a crowd that (mostly) can't appreciate those living legends of rock and roll. How (most of these people) can be this dead listening to A DC? How? They freaking deserve the crowd they got in Argentina, nothing less, ever

    007x007x9 dagar sedan
  • Wooooow

    lorenzo.dimitrovlorenzo.dimitrov9 dagar sedan
  • Mr young what an honour to see this man still rocking away .

    Cody KaiCody Kai9 dagar sedan
  • The audience at River Plate was so much better than this

    SixSilverStones GamingSixSilverStones Gaming9 dagar sedan
  • Lady Gaga is loving it

    PhilofthesouthPhilofthesouth9 dagar sedan

    Orlando Alves dos SantosOrlando Alves dos Santos10 dagar sedan
  • Ah!, a cereja desse gigantesco bolo de tudo quanto é sabor, é que não há play-back!. É no gogó, tem instrumentos, tem instrumentistas tocando, não tem dançarinas, coreografia, frase feita, óculos escuros em local de penumbra, etc... . Ainda dá para salvar a Música, Viva a Bela Arte!!!... .

    Orlando Alves dos SantosOrlando Alves dos Santos10 dagar sedan
  • Até que enfim, uma Música que é Musica nesse "Gremi", basta com música de mídia e de gueto.

    Orlando Alves dos SantosOrlando Alves dos Santos10 dagar sedan
  • Lady gaga was heaving a great time 🤘🤘🤘

    BrunaBruna10 dagar sedan
  • Real entertainers

    Classic WWE 2k MatchesClassic WWE 2k Matches10 dagar sedan

    Jenn SJenn S10 dagar sedan
  • This gave me goosebumps...

    slamponypslamponyp10 dagar sedan
  • 형아들 오늘도 들으로왔어 오래사세요

    구독구독10 dagar sedan
  • hey a coolest gandpa in the world...

    Zal KayZal Kay10 dagar sedan
  • Thats why they never playedthe grammies.. worst crowd ever.

    Western WarriorWestern Warrior11 dagar sedan
  • Loll funny the crowd don't know shit about rock 🤪🤣

    unkown 34Xunkown 34X11 dagar sedan
  • I hate Grammys but I love ac dc

    unkown 34Xunkown 34X11 dagar sedan
  • If the Krankies had a band...

    smith23smith2311 dagar sedan
  • Toda esa manga de putos , que son productos de una discografica .. no le pisan ni los talones a la Majestad del Rock ... AC/DC forerer !

    Doncella de AceroDoncella de Acero11 dagar sedan
  • Ed sheeran there be like 😶

    Shredder MayhughShredder Mayhugh11 dagar sedan
  • they seem quite excited as a child singing to an audience of dolls

    Raphael SalisRaphael Salis11 dagar sedan
  • Of course Dave Grohl is in his element

    deVilleshdeVillesh11 dagar sedan
  • is that sharon osbourne on the left side when the speaker intros?

    SteamEngineSteamEngine11 dagar sedan
  • Of all the GREAT ACDC songs who's the dumbfuck that chose the first one instead of Thunderstruck, You Shook Me All Night Long, Hells Bells, Who Made Who. TNT. I wanna know the dumbfucks name.

    hockeysladehockeyslade12 dagar sedan
  • Miss you Bon and Malcom but the boys did you proud as always!!!❤🧡💙💜

    Ah! bowakawa pousse pousseAh! bowakawa pousse pousse12 dagar sedan
  • Watching dave Grohl rock out to AC DC was the best thing I have ever seen

    CHEFCHEF12 dagar sedan
  • 4:29 what we all came here for.

    Irvin AriasIrvin Arias12 dagar sedan
  • When granpa bored to paint

    fikri majafikri maja12 dagar sedan
  • 3:55 that sheraaan guy looks all confused

    gayfrogs420gayfrogs42012 dagar sedan
  • Dave Grohl’s having the time of his life yet Ed Sheeran is a fucking mannequin?! Move over Ed, THIS is how it’s done

    Patrick KowalskiPatrick Kowalski12 dagar sedan
  • How good live. Sir Paul, GAGA, Dave Groll, Katy Perry all enjoys it

    Lee RobinsonLee Robinson12 dagar sedan
  • When a 40 year old act shows up and performs for mostly names no one will remember in 40 years

    80s Teen80s Teen13 dagar sedan
  • Jesus fuck the greatest band playing in front of Zombies 🧟‍♂️. X

    plastic fantasticplastic fantastic13 dagar sedan
  • Only Dave grohl, lady Gaga and sir McCartney understood that they were witnessing legends

    Franc TursicFranc Tursic13 dagar sedan
  • Reality vs fake

    Marius CtsMarius Cts13 dagar sedan

    AC/DC.4.LIFE !AC/DC.4.LIFE !13 dagar sedan
  • THey needed to slow down the pace of Highway to Hell so that they have time to process the masterpiece

    Charles LuisCharles Luis13 dagar sedan
  • Like they said they are on a highway to hell and there won't be any devil's with pitch forks. There won't be any rock and roll. Katy Perry being a satanist won't do her any favors. No they will all be there in hell and for eternity they will have the memory of the highway to hell before the highway closed and all of those meant to be there are all finally there. Then they can think of a new song like "I'm on fire it hurts...a lot" Katy Perry's new single "God isn't being nice and I'm on fire all the fame wasn't worth it in the end to lose my soul." There will be trillions and trillions actually infinite numbers of new songs wrote in screams of horror. AC/DC newest album art can be "The worm that never dies." It shows each members individual worm they have that crawls through them for eternity. As in the Bible says "Their worm never rests."

    Eric GunnisonEric Gunnison13 dagar sedan