Doom Runs on Everything | MVG

16 mar 2020
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Have you ever wondered why DOOM runs on everything from computers, game consoles, tablets, phones, watches and even microwave ovens? In this episode we take a closer look!
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  • Id Software's code from the '90s and early 2000's are some of the cleanest, elegant and most pleasant codebases to work with. I learned a lot about quality in programming from modding the various Quake games and toying around with their code. It's also made all of the spaghetti codebases I've had to work with throughout my professional life extremely disappointing. Id just set the bar so high for me early in life.

    AstfglAstfgl8 månader sedan
    • @Eboreg2 almost every project with 2+ programmers eventually grows above of what a single human can perceive. But that does not mean the project must be a mess: there are a number of clever researchers analysed the subject and developed approaches to mitigate issues. In a very simple form it boils down to principles like SOLID and friends. Follow them strictly and you will be OK in most situations :)

      Shur MurrayShur Murray6 dagar sedan
    • There are some projects so big that even God can't cleanly code them. I'm dead serious the human genome is the king of spaghetti code.

      Eboreg2Eboreg27 dagar sedan
    • There's even a guy who managed to make it work on a FUCKING PREGNANCY TESTER!!!!

      Zarni MaungZarni Maung12 dagar sedan
    • @Soul Sphere there is a catch about SOLID - the whole OOP is not always the best answer. John Carmark preferred C over C++ up to Quake 2 not bothering with classes and I think he definitely have a point to do so. It is always better to master different programming paradigms and be able to arrange chunk of code in a single function instead of spawning, let's say, 10 classes for the same task. Especially when it is never going to grow. Too many new programmers know nothing except OOP and simple C or assembly code looks like a black magic to them. PS: Sorry for kinda mixed thoughts - the subject is massive, you know... (:

      Shur MurrayShur Murray22 dagar sedan
    • Is source spaghetti code sloppily fixed with yet more spaghetti code?

      big oofbig oofMånad sedan
  • I watch a little of this information from a show on Netflix about videogames, really nice video MVG

    GloriayanaGloriayana19 timmar sedan
  • doom runs on roblox

    EE VEE V4 dagar sedan
  • This is like Guile's theme, is goes with anything

    KTVX.94KTVX.946 dagar sedan
  • Doom on C64?

    SirOnikomSirOnikom7 dagar sedan
  • Doom EVEN runs on your phone grandma!

    Tiaan PreklasaTiaan Preklasa8 dagar sedan
  • 2020: Super mario 64 runs everywhere with no emulation

    jim koutso2008jim koutso20088 dagar sedan
  • Doom is so universally portable, even DOOM can run DOOM. Hell, you could probably get it to work on a copy of Pokemon Crystal.

    Jack MoseleyJack Moseley8 dagar sedan
  • Once I thought that this is a meme 😅 but when I completely this video I think memes can also become true 😂

  • It even runs on the VIC-20!!!! With "only" 37KiB of RAM.

    cb meekscb meeks13 dagar sedan
  • Oh. That was Clint reading carmack's email.

    Nandana LakshmiNandana Lakshmi15 dagar sedan

    SugarwaffleSugarwaffle16 dagar sedan
  • Anyone here after that guy who managed to run it with potatoes?

    EserEser19 dagar sedan
  • Me:Hey Wanna play doom? My Friend:Yeah Where Is Your Calculator?

    Eli NeeleyEli Neeley19 dagar sedan
  • 6:19 Why are you using Hyper-V only to run Visual C++

    Luigi MarioLuigi Mario20 dagar sedan
  • Is that Clint from llgr reading out the letter at the start?

    Rich Retro TechRich Retro Tech20 dagar sedan
  • Oh no way, you are behind DoomX? That is awesome, I play it daily on my Xbox emulation station that i pulled the trigger on because of your video on it. Do you plan on coming back and and finishing the DoomX port? perhaps adding cheat code option screen to it? Maybe rewind would be interesting. I came across the source code but without any coding skills that's as far as I went with it lol great vid! Liked & Shared.

    Gordon IrvingGordon Irving22 dagar sedan
  • Anyone know of an HTML 5 version that actually works and can be hosted or downloaded?

    DoctorNoobDoctorNoob22 dagar sedan
  • Took me a min but that's nostalgia nerd reading the letter at the start isn't it 😅

    MattGamesMattGames24 dagar sedan
  • I love the cameos by nostalgia nerd and LGR!

    benzbubblecatbenzbubblecat25 dagar sedan
  • I have doom1,2,3 on my phone with plenty of mods 😂

    SASMAC DroidSASMAC Droid25 dagar sedan
    • And quake1,2,3,too

      SASMAC DroidSASMAC Droid25 dagar sedan
  • Have you seen Doom running on a pregnancy test yet? You have now.

    david newburydavid newbury28 dagar sedan
  • "Deprecated", not "depreciated"

    AntneeAntneeMånad sedan
  • There is Doom version running on the display of Xerox office printers.

    Bike-Cave-ManBike-Cave-ManMånad sedan
  • i know that voice Sargon of Akkad ? sorry to the other voice over guy, i hear the voice, but cant make it match a name !! great video as always

    Mr ElkatookMr ElkatookMånad sedan
  • Wow, just learned u were the one who ported doom on modded og xbox, thats dope 👊🏿

    Joe AndralJoe AndralMånad sedan
  • It even runs on a 32bit arm microcontroller (stm32)

    Sami LimamSami LimamMånad sedan
  • I gotta get that book.

    The Bone ManThe Bone ManMånad sedan
  • Doom is what Skyrim wants to be.

    Solanum TuberosaSolanum TuberosaMånad sedan
  • Döøm

    Jacob JensenJacob JensenMånad sedan
  • Before "Can it run Crysis?" There was "Can it run DOOM?"

    Mr. Atari 2600Mr. Atari 2600Månad sedan
  • Can DOOM be run on a FlySky/FrSky Radio? 😂

    Coreh MartinushkevichCoreh MartinushkevichMånad sedan
  • Chocolate Doom is the vanilla flavor of Doom huh? Makes sense.

    Chaoss CreationsChaoss CreationsMånad sedan
  • Ps4 can run doom for $10

    Joe MamaJoe MamaMånad sedan
  • Doom also runs on Minecraft Sheep,3362880.amp Potatoes and Pregnancy Tests

    Viktor EngelmannViktor EngelmannMånad sedan
  • fact doom is the first game!

    The normal trailer guyThe normal trailer guyMånad sedan
  • Sadly, you can’t play DOOM on a modern Mac, legally. What’s hilarious is DOOM can run on a calculator, but not a modern Mac, Apple is a joke these days 😂.

    RetroMandaloriansRetroMandaloriansMånad sedan
  • Wow im playing doom in my nokia 3301 awesome

    SCP IDKSCP IDKMånad sedan
  • coming back to this after seeing doom run on a pregnancy tester

    WoobertWoobertMånad sedan
  • Doom in real life

    DannyBoi111DannyBoi111Månad sedan
  • I can play DOOM inside DOOM ETERNAL inside my Xbox

    The illegal MexicanThe illegal MexicanMånad sedan
  • Id guy: I am sorry but we cannot port Doom on Amiga because it is too powerful for the Amiga to handle The guy who ported Doom on a pregnancy test: I am four parallel universes ahead of you

    D MonacoD MonacoMånad sedan
  • I’m learning more and more that Doom is more than a game. I wonder how many lifelong passions started as a result of some kid experimenting with the code, learning to manipulate a video game, and they just fell into some programming or IT career.

    VinnyMartelloVinnyMartelloMånad sedan
  • Doom is in possible danger with Microsoft's purchase.

    Matt HardenMatt HardenMånad sedan
  • Just saw video running it on a pregnancy test. Not sure if true. October 7, 2020

    systemmax2000systemmax2000Månad sedan
  • powerfull

    comme le ventcomme le ventMånad sedan
  • SSSo itSSS impoSSSible to SSSee.... bruh, you need a pop filter

    DDMånad sedan
  • Nice work getting @nostalgianerd and @lgr for the voice acting!

    Michael TavaresMichael TavaresMånad sedan
  • Because of the Mario 24 source code leaks and the pc port, Mario 64 is the new doom.

    weegee coolweegee coolMånad sedan
  • Can Doom run in the comment section? XD

    ThePlaythroughCarlThePlaythroughCarlMånad sedan
  • Can I play Doom on a chair or couch?

    Julien RodriguezJulien RodriguezMånad sedan
  • The most thing that i liked about is the face getting bitten.

    Gelijk JatochGelijk JatochMånad sedan
  • I ported doom to my school computers

    annoymousannoymous2 månader sedan
  • They say, "keep it simple".

    heavyacceptheavyaccept2 månader sedan
  • i got doom running on my ti nspire cx cas calculator flawlessly at high graphics now i am waiting for skyrim

    Mordy_420Mordy_4202 månader sedan
  • 2020: Doom runs on a prengancy test.

    SimteSimte2 månader sedan
    • lol someone actually got doom running on a pregnancy test:D

      Dragon Vlogs Dragon VLOgsDragon Vlogs Dragon VLOgs3 dagar sedan
    • 2169 doom runs on a flashlight

      Neon RiderNeon Rider9 dagar sedan
    • @When you use tear gas Your just seasoning the air connect to the internet to get a new firmware update for your gun. Somehow it fucks up the update and now you get a melle weapon for free XD

      John GraveJohn Grave24 dagar sedan
    • 2077: doom runs on a gun

      When you use tear gas Your just seasoning the airWhen you use tear gas Your just seasoning the air28 dagar sedan
    • 2030: Doom runs on brain chip

      AndyDoesAnAnimateYTAndyDoesAnAnimateYTMånad sedan
  • Ultimate proof that Doom runs on _everything_ : It runs on _pregnancy tests_ now! LOL.

    Travis HTravis H2 månader sedan
  • at school I've helped port Doom to a Vex robotics V5 brain

    Tetex7 TeteTetex7 Tete2 månader sedan
  • "With the right developer, that's familiar with the target hardware, miracles can occur." That's what big studios/publishers don't understand anymore these days.

    BlauBlau2 månader sedan
  • depreciated != deprecated

    Ben HaddenBen Hadden2 månader sedan
  • Doom is here so LGR is here xD

    AMB YungBaeAMB YungBae2 månader sedan
  • The funniest doom i saw was running on a pregnancy tester lol

    Anthony Lee DickinsonAnthony Lee Dickinson2 månader sedan
  • We are allowed to use calculators but not phones on classes, professor said "Then use your calculator, I don't want anyone of you to play games on your phones" next weekend I bought a Ti 82 and ported the game for about a week and tested it to make sure I got everything right, The next exam, I finished early… switch the mode to doom and played The teacher looked me dead in the eye and I just said "Doom can run on everything" It cost me time and money, but it was well worth it

    Ashura D_FoxAshura D_Fox2 månader sedan
  • ...but can it run on the Kindle?

    Weretyu7777Weretyu77772 månader sedan
  • doom on dos: runs doom in 2d doom on ps1: GO 3D OR GO HOME

    New syria / volcanixNew syria / volcanix2 månader sedan
  • 6:46 Am I nuts or did I just hear "depreciated" instead of "depracated"?

    Efstathios MesaretzidisEfstathios Mesaretzidis2 månader sedan
  • and recently someone got it to run on a freakin pregnancy test

    Golden PunGolden Pun2 månader sedan
  • plz don't tell me I just heard nostalgia nerd voice somewhere in the beginning...

    New syria / volcanixNew syria / volcanix2 månader sedan
  • It even runs on a pregnancy test lol

    LovrenčićLovrenčić2 månader sedan
  • Let's see it on Genesis or Sega Cd then yea.... everything

    Joe mazeJoe maze2 månader sedan
  • Even the ZX Spectrum runs Doom

    Jason CairnsJason Cairns2 månader sedan
  • 0:47 I hear you LGR!

    MrSywinMrSywin2 månader sedan
  • Some crazy bugger got this thing working on just a keyboard with nothing but a tiny strip of LEDs. Lol

    Philip J BlackmoorePhilip J Blackmoore2 månader sedan
  • pregnancy test kit doom ftw...

    martin burnsmartin burns2 månader sedan
  • 6:46 dep·​re·​cate | \ ˈde-pri-ˌkāt \

    Desert MouseDesert Mouse2 månader sedan
  • I have the 32X version. While it plays and looks pretty good for the time it only has about half the levels. You just get about halfway through episode 2 and it stops. No ending, just nothing.

    jimbox114jimbox1142 månader sedan
  • Whos here after doom is running on a pregnancy test

    pravin thokalpravin thokal2 månader sedan
  • Most recently, Doom was able to run on a pregnancy test!

    MonoTypeMonoType2 månader sedan
  • And now it's running on a pregnancy test.

    a aa a2 månader sedan
    • @wayge false

      a aa a2 månader sedan
  • Nice cameos in this video

    dumitrimandumitriman2 månader sedan
  • I'm here after seeing Doom ported on an electronic thermometer

    VRavVRav2 månader sedan
  • 1990s: But can it run DOOM? late 2000s: But can it run Crysis?

    CiniCraftCiniCraft2 månader sedan

    mauro esteban rodriguez zubietamauro esteban rodriguez zubieta2 månader sedan
    • doom on pregnant test , yes real

      mauro esteban rodriguez zubietamauro esteban rodriguez zubieta2 månader sedan
  • I felt like I was playing warcraft 2 with that narration at the beginning

    Hector SantanaHector Santana2 månader sedan
  • Someone has just made Doom for a pregnancy test thing

    Miles BousteadMiles Boustead2 månader sedan
  • And now today someone ported it to a home pregnancy test

    The Q n K ShowThe Q n K Show2 månader sedan
  • They tested doom on digital pregnancy tester

    7183mn93P7183mn93P2 månader sedan
  • Rumor has it someone is developing Doom for the Abacus.

    WhiteTylerPerryWhiteTylerPerry2 månader sedan
  • It ran well on an INTEL Pentium 4

  • Doom Definitely does not run on every devise

    bedsteve superbedsteve super2 månader sedan
  • Yo Becca is a fucking G. She ported an entire game HERSELF on a whim because her higher ups had no idea of how the tech worked. She fucking went for it. And I commend her

    Tj RizviTj Rizvi2 månader sedan
  • r/itrunsdoom

    TheCoolDaveTheCoolDave2 månader sedan
  • i was wondering something, how did doom handle registration? i can find modifiers in d_main.c but i am not quite sure i am reading it correctly, looks to me like its looking for a saved parameter and 3-4 files to go into registered mode. is that correct?

    GeekMoto13GeekMoto132 månader sedan
  • Hello, first of all huge THANK YOU for showing me how awesome Xbox classic console can be! I wondering if you still have DoomX previous version where is D-pad still available for walking? if you wondering why I need this version, that's because I'm trying to build Arcade cabinet powered by Xbox classic, and my theme going to be Doom. Thank you

    Mini CipaMini Cipa3 månader sedan
  • So Doom is the game "Hello world" now

    Matheus RicciMatheus Ricci3 månader sedan
  • I don't normally like to correct people, but depreciated and deprecated are different words. You meant to say "deprecated".

    Tim SeguineTim Seguine3 månader sedan
  • it doesnt run on geforce now

    Spectical2dSpectical2d3 månader sedan
  • In order for something to be considered a computer, it must run DOOM.

    y00dy00d3 månader sedan
  • MVG is a bloody legend

    drunkenCosmonautdrunkenCosmonaut3 månader sedan
  • Fun Fact: You can actually play Doom 1 and 2 in Eternal

    Diego SahdoDiego Sahdo3 månader sedan