24 nov 2020
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  • Your pack luck was sick today man... Dayum..

    Shams TarekShams TarekMånad sedan
    • Guten Tag [ Pokerstars Users ] Fals du bisschen Kleingeld oder Kisten übrig hast würde ich mich sehr freuen über die spenden Name Leo46p Damit ich meine Sucht weiter stillen kann danke !!!!!!

      Afterglow GamingAfterglow GamingMånad sedan
    • Desaily cant complain right

      Topspits LacazetteTopspits LacazetteMånad sedan
    • im the one that got Bergkamp and i´d like to disagree...

      Ribbholm 8Ribbholm 8Månad sedan
  • I got Cruyff in mine

    Frank TaylorFrank TaylorMånad sedan
  • I got gigs

    xpatsfan72xxpatsfan72xMånad sedan
  • If someone get Cruyff from this, they should always do SBCs

    bilishu alissbilishu alissMånad sedan
  • Stop talking and open the dang packs already.. no one wants to hear you speak!

    Andrew WojoAndrew WojoMånad sedan
    • Don't watch the video then

      Angus MacKellarAngus MacKellarMånad sedan
  • I have a icon pack

    Even HabbestadEven HabbestadMånad sedan
    • I packed Eusébio today 😝

      bilishu alissbilishu alissMånad sedan
  • nick do you reply? anyways, thanks for the grind and the daily 2x uploads. king shit.

    serdy ximiserdy ximiMånad sedan
    • Check out my latest vid. Best custom tactics on fifa

      serdy ximiserdy ximiMånad sedan
  • I packed gullit gg!

    StijnFCStijnFCMånad sedan
    • Wild man. Wish EA didn’t transfer ban me so I could do one of these.

      senni bgonsenni bgonMånad sedan
  • I got scholes

    Wouter HendrixWouter HendrixMånad sedan
    • I packed Eusébio today 😝

      Shauka HodanShauka HodanMånad sedan
  • If someone get Cruyff from this, they should always do SBCs

    misolou foutmisolou foutMånad sedan
    • Nick could you video of how to invest properly cause i got 900 k but i don’t know how to invest

      misolou foutmisolou foutMånad sedan
  • Gg Nick be safe!❤️

    senni bgonsenni bgonMånad sedan
    • 8 on trending nick come a long way

      senni bgonsenni bgonMånad sedan
  • Me and my Paul Scholes love watching people pack Puskas and Butra over and over❤️

    nijuo joingnijuo joingMånad sedan
    • 8 on trending nick come a long way

      nijuo joingnijuo joingMånad sedan
  • Me and my Paul Scholes love watching people pack Puskas and Butra over and over❤️

    zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsvMånad sedan
    • Filthy stuff!

      zuygj bnsvzuygj bnsvMånad sedan
  • Wild man. Wish EA didn’t transfer ban me so I could do one of these.

    toijg avnnrtoijg avnnrMånad sedan
    • 8:36 sounding like aa9

      toijg avnnrtoijg avnnrMånad sedan
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    • 8 on trending nick come a long way

      senni bgonsenni bgonMånad sedan
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    • T la meilleur, on t adore ???

      senni bgonsenni bgonMånad sedan
  • Is this some sort of performance art piece or a very disturbing social experiment, in which the beany head marks the one, who has to be the most off-putting douchebag in the history of all time? If so, then kudos. I am still not completely sure if this not a very good prank.. In any other case, do I think wholeheartedly, that your parents must be utterly destroyed, after seeing this. I am.

    Ferdinand von WedekindFerdinand von WedekindMånad sedan
    • @senni bgon

      Ferdinand von WedekindFerdinand von WedekindMånad sedan
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      senni bgonsenni bgonMånad sedan
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    Darlynton ODarlynton OMånad sedan
  • 480k how?😂

    Toutai PaluToutai PaluMånad sedan
  • Best Girls dance videos

    Alex JohnAlex JohnMånad sedan
  • I packed Eusébio today 😝

    Syra TixSyra TixMånad sedan
  • these packs look decent, so its written in the stars for me to get inzaghi aye

    PixelStackerPixelStackerMånad sedan
  • Something new 4 YOU : Our actual video! Enjoy!

    Jens HatzigJens HatzigMånad sedan
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    MasriSkillzMasriSkillzMånad sedan
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    Sanchit MhadgutSanchit MhadgutMånad sedan
  • Wild man. Wish EA didn’t transfer ban me so I could do one of these.

    Max MillerMax MillerMånad sedan
  • Nick could you video of how to invest properly cause i got 900 k but i don’t know how to invest

    Gy StinktGy StinktMånad sedan
  • Sold my RTTF Griezmann and got Shearer hahahaha don't do it if you're stupid like me 👍🏻

    L AL AMånad sedan
    • I had to see this comment earlyer... Got Wright...

      _ Kevin4Elite__ Kevin4Elite_Månad sedan
  • 8 on trending nick come a long way

    Abdul OlayinkaAbdul OlayinkaMånad sedan
  • Filthy stuff!

    Selim EvrengilSelim EvrengilMånad sedan
  • 8:36 sounding like aa9

    Fe4R SpowFe4R SpowMånad sedan
  • disliking because i got inzaghi

    Cha Cha Real SmoothCha Cha Real SmoothMånad sedan
  • Cost me 250k and I pulled Puskas

    Asad TheOneAsad TheOneMånad sedan
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    Ridge 1974Ridge 1974Månad sedan
  • I got Dennis birdcrap...was lesd than 200k away from baby Cantona...risked it and spent 150k plus all my high end untradeables and high end reds. Not worth it unless you have coins to burn. Plus I thought I had Cruyff for a moment so I got trolled too lol...i had already sold varane and kante and oblak rttf to get anywhere near Cantona And I am rtg...not spent a penny so this was a big loss for me. Will stick a hunter on him and try him at cam but pretty gutted

    mark datvoltamark datvoltaMånad sedan
  • You showing good packs to influence people to do it and help shift your sbc fodder?

    JayoBhoyJayoBhoyMånad sedan
  • i got xavi l or dub

    Nav KhanNav KhanMånad sedan
  • F me bro i dont want to watch anymore cuz then i am going to do one and il get liniker😭

    Aleks KračunAleks KračunMånad sedan
  • I got Van Der Sar :(

    Jimmy 😃Jimmy 😃Månad sedan
  • Packed Aubameyang and Lenglet in Marquee Matchups, up to 700k now!!

    Randon BonesRandon BonesMånad sedan
  • Trim the fat on your videos

    Authentic AcesAuthentic AcesMånad sedan
  • I got Ian Rush 😭😭😭💀

    Ufuk G.Ufuk G.Månad sedan
  • Cost me 350k to do this, packed 87 Kaka, so fairly decent I think

    Chris StuartChris StuartMånad sedan
  • 2 milions coins??? How it is possible you cheater??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Ľubo MírĽubo MírMånad sedan
  • This video is part of the reason I did the sbc and I packed baby pele!! Thanks for the great content Nick!

    Brandon RobinsonBrandon RobinsonMånad sedan
  • I saw some streamers get some pretty good pulls so i said fuk it let's just do this shit and guess what i got friking riqulme what a joke

    אופק ליפשיץאופק ליפשיץMånad sedan
  • I got seedorf, W or L?

    Alex RuizAlex RuizMånad sedan
    • @_ Kevin4Elite_ unlucky

      Alex RuizAlex RuizMånad sedan
    • Got Wright...

      _ Kevin4Elite__ Kevin4Elite_Månad sedan
    • W

      _ Kevin4Elite__ Kevin4Elite_Månad sedan
  • I did the base icon sbc and got Hernandez🇲🇽

    Undead AlphaUndead AlphaMånad sedan
  • Nick got tempted, sent it, and packed Bobby Moore 😂😂

    EatUrNuggiesEatUrNuggiesMånad sedan
  • This is my first time playing ultimate team when do you recommend buying high meta players now or wait till Friday

    Ghost063 KGhost063 KMånad sedan
    • I think now, caus a lot of people wait till friday and then the market is gonna rise pretty fast

      GerbenGerbenMånad sedan
  • I had amazing team with ney, kyllian and so on. But anyway, still I dont enjoy playing. For last 2 weeks I fall from div3 to div5. dont finnish my futchamps.. I sold every one. Its just a game I said. I make sbc. spend like 400k on it and got Shearer. We all now i could end my story here. But thers turn. I have Red Volland. Simillar to Shearer but left footed. I put some sbc cards to the squad. Play 3 matches.. Volland and Shearer have 7goals each. Imagine that.. Best 3 games ever. And they seams unusable.. I know I play in lower rank now than usual but still.. Imagine putting chellini and pique with busquets on cdm.. i will try meybe theres some point in it.. my biggest opponent in fifa is always DDA

    Kinga MirzejewskaKinga MirzejewskaMånad sedan
  • I packed guardiola 😥😥

    Elian HernandezElian HernandezMånad sedan
  • MOORE quality content keep up the good work Nick

    Darragh ToyeDarragh ToyeMånad sedan
  • I dont have cards and coins for this sbc 🤔

    Tony12Tony12Månad sedan
  • my friend packed lahm in icon sbc and position he needed

    BleachguyBleachguyMånad sedan
  • Got Rivaldo from it, seen Brazilian and instantly thought it was r9

    Conor ReillyConor ReillyMånad sedan
  • When should i sell my sbc fodder?

    CKUT2000CKUT2000Månad sedan
    • about three days ago

      Rikki NüthRikki NüthMånad sedan
  • Worth it I’d say I got r9

    Football AFootball AMånad sedan
  • Imo untradeable icons are never worth it. - but thanks for panic selling, I brought 7 icons today, cause I wanna try em, and I'm sure I won't loose that much in the end.. Max 200 k. Or maybe gain 200k.. Nobody Know

    CasperCasperMånad sedan
  • I accidentally opened a totw pack I was saving by mistake and got mane I then opened my icon pack and got cantona

    DT 09DT 09Månad sedan
  • Watching this after getting nesta like...🙃🙃

    h3nr1h3nr1Månad sedan
  • I got Scholes :)

    PhilipJPhilipJMånad sedan
  • I pushed almost all of my coins in the sbc and got Matthaus, W?

    Henrik NordliHenrik NordliMånad sedan
    • Huge W, I got him too, play a 5 at the back and switch in game to a 4 at the back formation and move him to CDM/CM, he’s insane

      SvezyySvezyyMånad sedan
  • Got Torres, is he any good?

    Bram LaeremansBram LaeremansMånad sedan
  • How does one get these icons please

    Salako OluwasegunSalako OluwasegunMånad sedan
  • did one with all my club fodder, got Cruyff! Im over the moon

    leojol2003leojol2003Månad sedan
  • for my RTG i have picked modric, casemiro, pique, giminez, ter stegen, lenglet, valverde (already losing some value) packed ramos, and lost some value in picking up alba . Besides alba, everyone else that i have purchase (besides packing ramos and immobile) has gained about 5K to almost 12K in value since I picked them up since like 2/3 weeks ago. Should i plan to sell everyone or keep some? (preferably ter stegen) (when i packed ramos about two weeks ago he lost about 20K in value so still debating whether he'll drop more especially since of black friday + been holding immobile he has stayed the same value). Should I bomb my team or keep one player/build around one of them. need some advice ! plsssss

    Christopher OlveraChristopher OlveraMånad sedan
  • Im just here for the trolls lmao

    It'sYaBoi LeoIt'sYaBoi LeoMånad sedan
  • Seeing Luis Figo dance like that is terrifying

    StirlingtonStirlingtonMånad sedan
  • Pulled an Eto tonight, can’t wait to use in weekend league

    Joe HindJoe HindMånad sedan
    • * Eto'o, the state of you lmao fifa nerd

      Lim MulianaLim MulianaMånad sedan
  • I packed eto!

    Manu GioinoManu GioinoMånad sedan
    • Eto'o * you nerd

      Lim MulianaLim MulianaMånad sedan
  • I shouldn't have watched this.. I feel to do it now 🤣 I know I'll get screwed though

    Connor gConnor gMånad sedan

    Army Of ModdingArmy Of ModdingMånad sedan
  • I got inzaghi

    AshhAshhMånad sedan
  • I did one and got King Kennyyyyyyy, lesssgooooooo.

    Ari SmárasonAri SmárasonMånad sedan
  • Got zambrotta L Or W chat ????

    Top ten headshotsTop ten headshotsMånad sedan
  • how do you get those packs

    ethan elmoreethan elmoreMånad sedan
  • and here i am with raul in my club now with all the fodder ive gathered since the start of the game is gone. hes not even good enough to be on my bench. thanks ea, sick value for money, glad i didnt waste coins cuz i had all the fodder untradeable. but its still a huge waste doe.

    YoutubeGamesYoutubeGamesMånad sedan
  • Didn't know Torres was an Icon... When did he stop playing IRL? Anyway, mostly WWWWWW, some good ones, and only 2 LLLLLL... Did you smoke the peace pipe with EA? I'm tempted, but then I remember the GKs I've been seeing some people pack. I would only have enough cards/coins to make one of these, if I got a GK I would feel obliged to give EA a few Molotov Cocktails (the real ones, not those stupid gasoline bottles I see some idiots use).

    Norman Rand WolfeNorman Rand WolfeMånad sedan
  • I got baby Eto in the base pack wow I'm in tears

    Joony GodJoony GodMånad sedan
    • Eto'o *

      Lim MulianaLim MulianaMånad sedan
    • Over packing a virtual card? sad

      Lim MulianaLim MulianaMånad sedan
  • rip in bought like 25 martials for 52k and now theyre 40k

    AussieFootball HDAussieFootball HDMånad sedan
    • lol, I have a old car quartet with big trucks.Someone interested in swapping, or at least explaining why this is so fun..?

      Ferdinand von WedekindFerdinand von WedekindMånad sedan
    • @Superman batman yeh i took the loss selling them for 44k and a couple ucl ones for 47k, lost about 150k. big yikes

      AussieFootball HDAussieFootball HDMånad sedan
    • @AussieFootball HD sell if there dropping lol

      Superman batmanSuperman batmanMånad sedan
    • should i hold or sell?

      AussieFootball HDAussieFootball HDMånad sedan
  • Its a 1 in 100 but i know in gonna get nakata

    KalleKalleMånad sedan
  • If someone get Cruyff from this, they should always do SBCs

    Brillian TranBrillian TranMånad sedan
  • How do you get this icon base pack??

    Doguhan ArdaDoguhan ArdaMånad sedan
    • I don't want to seem weird, but this can only be from hell.

      Ferdinand von WedekindFerdinand von WedekindMånad sedan
  • Bored of the game already sold my team and got Torres in it

    Joemoff12Joemoff12Månad sedan
  • Matthaus is very bad? R u kidding me?

    t0rrensito8t0rrensito8Månad sedan
  • I’m too broke to do it but lil bro got best

    MugziiMugziiMånad sedan
  • Welcome Emilio Butragueno to my club

    KennyKennyMånad sedan
  • When u watch the stream and then the SEworld video and know all the players he got Breed: Different

    Brynjar Daði FinnbogasonBrynjar Daði FinnbogasonMånad sedan
  • Dude I packed cruyff get it done bro. Wanted to reach a mil coins was 30k off then this sbc came out so had to do it put about 200k in and rest from club. Payed out BIG TIME!!

    Liam KLiam KMånad sedan
  • I got garrincha let’s go

    Ben McGorrianBen McGorrianMånad sedan
  • I Got rui costa man :(

    KadirKadirMånad sedan
  • I’m looking to put mid icon Keane in my team when is best time to buy he’s pretty low now do you think he will go lower?

    • Icons r very cheap rn but could get lower or go straight back up

      julian fjulian fMånad sedan
  • Did it and got eto’o!! Happy with that!

    John BrownJohn BrownMånad sedan
  • Of course i get ashley cole from the only one pack i could afford

    SupremeShrekSupremeShrekMånad sedan
  • Just watched this and took a shot and got it done Got Butragueno Not bad

    jrzf80jrzf80Månad sedan
  • Wtf are you saying ??????? Matthaus is sooooo fucking gooooooood

    Soufiane Qx2Soufiane Qx2Månad sedan
    • That's the point Nick didn't want to do the SBC but because this share play guy packed Lothar he is thinking of doing it

      Bob BobbyBob BobbyMånad sedan
  • Me and my Paul Scholes love watching people pack Puskas and Butra over and over❤️

    Bayern BoyBayern BoyMånad sedan
  • These aren’t worth it they shouldn’t have had the 87 one in then it would been worth doing there’s only 26-30 icons base that are worth more then the sbc cost n anything close to the cost is an L as it’s untradeable.

    Jarid RudebuschJarid RudebuschMånad sedan
  • Wanted Ronaldinho but packed Eto! I'll take it!

    Mark BollyMark BollyMånad sedan
    • * Eto'o fool

      Lim MulianaLim MulianaMånad sedan
    • Baby dinho is bad anyways you got the better option

      SMIZZSMIZZMånad sedan