aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV

17 nov 2020
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aespa's debut single "Black Mamba" is Out!
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aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

  • 500K c*mments,65M n 2,1M lik3 Lets get it MY'S!! fighting!! ^^

    Ara StarlightAra Starlight37 sekunder sedan
  • Let's see how many people are there before 100 million

    Saisworup RautSaisworup RautMinut sedan
    • Here

      icha celanicha celan26 sekunder sedan
  • the woman at the end (BoA) just had a comeback yesterday !! please check it out. The title is “Better” its really great !!

    Louise BakeryLouise BakeryMinut sedan
  • I wanna see them in variety show such as weekly idol or knowing bros. But i think that they must prepare for that

    Ara StarlightAra Starlight2 minuter sedan
  • haters jangan salah lapak kesini urusin sono idol lu sendiri ,ini idol kita

    bray braidinbray braidin3 minuter sedan
  • this literally the first girl group i stan. aespa monster rookie. :))

    jorr :Djorr :D3 minuter sedan
  • when is sm gonna send them to variety shows or like give us content aside from tiktok and pictures ):

    Louise BakeryLouise Bakery4 minuter sedan
  • Winter really so beatiful

    *kitty _dreams**kitty _dreams*4 minuter sedan
  • 63,616,273!

    MY_ NingningMY_ Ningning6 minuter sedan
  • Pengen liat interakasi aespa sama mbak2 redvelvet :"

    Hafizah RakhmawatiHafizah Rakhmawati7 minuter sedan
  • àespa

    Rafael MarbunRafael Marbun7 minuter sedan
  • 70M!!

    N CiTy is in EXO planetN CiTy is in EXO planet7 minuter sedan
  • By My æ!

    tali sepatu lukestali sepatu lukes8 minuter sedan
    • Be My or by MY?

      Ara StarlightAra StarlightMinut sedan
  • *MaMaMa Mamba*

    Ecem K.Ecem K.9 minuter sedan
  • any filo MYs?

    dxxderdxxder10 minuter sedan

    dxxderdxxder10 minuter sedan
  • KARINA stans: Karebears GISELLE stans: Aerishines WINTER stans: Winterbelles NINGNING stans: Ningmengs

    Jenelle Rose SabarJenelle Rose Sabar11 minuter sedan
  • æspa

    rUndom BoYrUndom BoY11 minuter sedan
  • 솔직히 무슨 노랜지 모르겠다...

    정신머리정신머리11 minuter sedan
  • MY's fighting

  • leggo 64M MYYYYY

    SiMiSiMi12 minuter sedan
  • اني اول عربيه؟

    حذائي تاج راسكم ياهيترزقحذائي تاج راسكم ياهيترزق12 minuter sedan
  • I can see the biggest girl group coming ! ... They'll rule the world 💜

    Bts ArmyBts Army13 minuter sedan
  • 70 million

    atashaatasha15 minuter sedan
  • wow is this the new gg? looks interesting

    soobin moasoobin moa15 minuter sedan
  • i just noticed that they have their official emojis of heart , moon , stars and burtterfy in 0:03 aww

    Archana V Bhat 1AT19CS016Archana V Bhat 1AT19CS01616 minuter sedan
    • yesss!! the heart is Karina, the moon is Giselle, the star is winter and the butterfly is ningning

      SiMiSiMi11 minuter sedan
  • U will have a big win like bp💜💜💜

    Malini's varietyMalini's variety19 minuter sedan
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아니 이젠 일루미나티 대놓고 숭배하네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 춤은 대체 𝙒𝙝𝙮𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙤...

    지안지안19 minuter sedan
  • Eweswe 22w2 2 2w2 kekdkkdkdkdo

    Карлыапппгаш Мырзагулаащеоеоаоалещп8оваКарлыапппгаш Мырзагулаащеоеоаоалещп8ова19 minuter sedan
  • *aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV* 1/12/12 : 62.325.911 views 2/12/12 : 63.606.753 views *Today : 1.280.842 views* *aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV* 1st day : 21.425.062 views 1 week : 52.607.939 views 2 weeks : 62.325.911 views (⬆️9.717.972) 3 weeks : 4 weeks : 1 month

    Jyotsna SyrilaJyotsna Syrila20 minuter sedan
  • น่ารักจังเลยค่ะ

    ห้องเรียนพิเศษ 301.1ห้องเรียนพิเศษ 301.121 minut sedan
  • 63.7m here we go!

    Im jeydee26Im jeydee2621 minut sedan
  • ayo 63M

    Min sugar'ın ayakkabı bağcığı'nın ipiMin sugar'ın ayakkabı bağcığı'nın ipi25 minuter sedan
  • 표.....저 ㄹ

    송아미송아미26 minuter sedan
  • 104

    Maulani PratiwiMaulani Pratiwi26 minuter sedan
  • I come every day ❤️

    Rosié BunnyRosié Bunny26 minuter sedan
    • Same

      TaesInnerChildTaesInnerChild21 minut sedan
    • Same ❤✨

      rosemary Laijurosemary Laiju21 minut sedan
  • I like aespa more than other groups except TWICE in K-pop. Even through I am a once,i really like this.the song, the lyrics, dance, visual OMG these girls are slaying . I guess we should Stan these amazing girls. They have a brighter future I swear. I wonder why this has 100k dislikes. Ha Ha.i know there are so many jealous people in the K-pop industry. Fighting aespa n fans of aespa. (BTW what can we call a fan of aespa?? Do they have a fandom name already???)

    Imagine CharmImagine Charm27 minuter sedan
    • Yess,our fandom name is MY (Korean meaning;precious friend) Wlc to MY family♡♡♡

      Lin YueLin Yue21 minut sedan
    • Fandom name is MY 🥰

      XY KXY K21 minut sedan
  • Road to 100M views😌❤

    Jade DieudonnéJade Dieudonné27 minuter sedan
  • NINGNING'S VOICE IS LIKE RV JOY'S VOICE. i just noticed hihihihi

    De Leon, NovelynDe Leon, Novelyn29 minuter sedan
  • I don't use to follow k-pop groups, but I consider that they have a lot of potential! Keep going girls. I will watch your next video. Wishing you sincere success!

    Lisseth ALisseth A30 minuter sedan
  • Habis ujian langsung kesini

    Siti WahyuniSiti Wahyuni31 minut sedan
  • Ayoo 60M

    nezuko-channezuko-chan31 minut sedan
  • Pas si uler nongol berasa kek dicaplok😩

    Sintia OfficialSintia Official32 minuter sedan
  • 400k to get 64M.

    aespa for life. This is evolutionaespa for life. This is evolution32 minuter sedan
  • winter's voice in the near dance break really sounds like itz•'s lia,or is it just me...?

    multi fan멀티 팬multi fan멀티 팬33 minuter sedan
  • 104K dislikes are from people that miss clicked, because they were blinded by talent.

    Nicholas LouieNicholas Louie33 minuter sedan
  • When that group's fandom barking at us when they can't achieve their goals. like our goal for the first 24 hours was only 3 million . But their goals is too high to achieve and now they disappointed but, they said that aespa 21.4 million view in first 24 hours were because of ads. But they did not know that yt doesn't count add in the first 24 hours. Also , I did not even see a single aespa add . Even if add are counted , still the add can't give a million views. So , you better shut up aesholes Plus , aespa Black Mamba mv is still trending 19 in my country. Their faves also trending but a lot lower than aespa. But now, aespa still trending but not their faves.

    Æ RV MY ReveluvÆ RV MY Reveluv33 minuter sedan
  • yaay 60M

    ːlinoːlino34 minuter sedan
  • 63.598.987 Kencengin lg MY

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  • 63,598,987 MY ayoo 64M!! fighting MY!

    fighting aespa!fighting aespa!34 minuter sedan

    kayo nicekayo nice35 minuter sedan
  • Okay... but like it’s gonna be super hard to have a bias in this group. I mean just look at those QUEEN SLAYING EVERY PART.!!!!

    Sumaiya AshfaqSumaiya Ashfaq35 minuter sedan
  • 12 2 4 43 Present hihi I'm back 4:51pm

    Janna Grace BayronJanna Grace Bayron35 minuter sedan
  • WOW!!!!

    Ramel DalitVevoRamel DalitVevo36 minuter sedan
  • 63.598.987

    Adisa de ScarlettAdisa de Scarlett36 minuter sedan
  • 63 598 987

    kayo nicekayo nice36 minuter sedan

    • I think it's what they called smcu/? things All artists of them are related

      kayo nicekayo nice34 minuter sedan
    • Because boA will comeback , you can watch her Mv with tittle 'boA better Mv'

      YOurmilk_YOurmilk_35 minuter sedan
    • sm usually hints comebacks/debuts in their artists' mvs hehehe.

      EXO -LEXO -L37 minuter sedan
  • Omg my ningning!!!!!

    Lee HeedeungieLee Heedeungie39 minuter sedan
  • 63M views ☹️❤️❤️ proud aespasol here 😭❤️❤️

    Faith LeangeneFaith Leangene44 minuter sedan
  • Fun fact: 100 thousand people are threatened by their impact

    HateHates HadesHateHates Hades45 minuter sedan
  • Looking confident all member of aespa and well in dancing all of them i think talented

    Cresel ElmedulanCresel Elmedulan46 minuter sedan
  • 63M

  • Karina, giselle, ningning, winter

    Keyra MulyaKeyra Mulya47 minuter sedan
  • That's hot

    Jelrose SumalpongJelrose Sumalpong48 minuter sedan
  • Ning ning

    Zahratun NisaZahratun Nisa48 minuter sedan
  • Anyone know how many view we gain today???

    Lin YueLin Yue48 minuter sedan
    • @KIM MINSEOK oh thanks:)

      Lin YueLin Yue43 minuter sedan
    • Approximately 1.1- 1.2 million vi3ws

      KIM MINSEOKKIM MINSEOK45 minuter sedan
  • Winter

    neo grassneo grass48 minuter sedan

    Limuel PelimianoLimuel Pelimiano50 minuter sedan
  • Whos here from the girl spinning her Hair to this song on tiktok

    Justine KirbyJustine Kirby51 minut sedan

    Ikee DesynIkee Desyn51 minut sedan
  • after a years someone will think they know aespa before me or better than me then ill tell them i stan them after i see their logo

    my æmy æ52 minuter sedan
    • Lmaooo yea

      filmifilmi45 minuter sedan
  • *I honestly appreciate ONCEs because I found Aespa-related posts in their Fan Pages. Like I'm glad that their supportive to other fandom.*

    Batislaon 1104Batislaon 110452 minuter sedan
  • 100m!!!

    ssaltifahs 705ssaltifahs 70553 minuter sedan
  • I like the song but the name aespa doesn’t sound so familiar as a korean :o

    Ryan KwonRyan Kwon53 minuter sedan
  • Let's do 70M this week

    GEMINY.LOAD.GEMINY.LOAD.56 minuter sedan
  • check out SM top 100 mv here.

    KpopTrash Since2011KpopTrash Since201156 minuter sedan
  • Lets get 70M for this week, MYs!

    Pena Sean æPena Sean æ56 minuter sedan
  • if karina isn't your bias, then she's your bias wrecker

    Ririn AndrianiRirin Andriani59 minuter sedan
  • guys stream stream for 100M views

    Molida NakMolida NakTimme sedan
  • AssaLamu'aLaikum wr.wb..

  • yes so true queen mamamamamba

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  • Jeng jeng jeng

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  • can we get 100M in 1 month? MY let's make it happen !!!

    lovita diartilovita diartiTimme sedan
  • Have you guys see how adorable they are on their way to sbs for radio guesting? Also watch them on "sbs fm" Idk the exact name of the program I just saw it on my recommendation. Finally I get to see them smiling they are so prettyyyy!! unfortunately I understand nothing, I just smile when they laugh. You know the struggle of an international fans... aespa fighting!!!!

    FarrahFarrahTimme sedan
  • Apakah aku akan jadi fouble stan(tanda tanya), I think..

    I'm a GrassI'm a GrassTimme sedan
  • 63,575,874!

    MY_ NingningMY_ NingningTimme sedan
  • Let's go MY 65M views !! We can do it !

    Taengooo 09Taengooo 09Timme sedan
  • Keep str34m MYS

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      Dimaz RadityaDimaz RadityaTimme sedan
  • 63 575 874

    kayo nicekayo niceTimme sedan

      Dimaz RadityaDimaz RadityaTimme sedan
  • Guyssss we need to stream harder. Our average vi3ws in 24hrs is not 1M+ anymore. We need to reach 100M as soon as posible

    Ysa's PortraitYsa's PortraitTimme sedan
    • Yep I'm here

      kayo nicekayo niceTimme sedan

      Dimaz RadityaDimaz RadityaTimme sedan
    • Yes

      mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 RenTimme sedan
  • ❤❤❤

    Rahmah YolandaRahmah YolandaTimme sedan

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  • Aespa the best

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      Dimaz RadityaDimaz RadityaTimme sedan
  • ❤❤❤

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    Selah HierroSelah HierroTimme sedan

      Dimaz RadityaDimaz RadityaTimme sedan
  • Currently 3 fandom are barking and hating on Aespa even before they debuted and 1 fandom is hating on Karina ~ why so afraid? just focus on your faves😏 (not all fans, just the toxic)

    Aespa and SBR TVAespa and SBR TVTimme sedan

      Dimaz RadityaDimaz RadityaTimme sedan
  • Let's go today 65M

    mnosh.7 Renmnosh.7 RenTimme sedan
  • Quem concorda que estão copiando as kda da like namoral

    Im MarihIm MarihTimme sedan
  • Winter🤤🤤🤤

    Zeynep ZorluZeynep ZorluTimme sedan

      Dimaz RadityaDimaz RadityaTimme sedan
  • why is this here all i wanted was some kobe highlights

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno GiovannaTimme sedan
  • Let's go 64M tonight ayayayayayayayayayyaya 🤜🏻🤛🏻

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    • Delete the 3m 0ujiii pleaseee

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