Insulting Josh Widdicombe | James Acaster | Hypothetical

4 jan 2021
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Mark Ruffalo on The Graham Norton Show was just the beginning...
Welcome to the OFFICIAL SEworld channel of James Acaster, the number one coolest channel on the net: You may recognise James from the Netflix Trilogy “Repertoire”, or his countless appearances on Mock The Week, 8 out of 10 cats and Would I Lie To You, or heard him as the genie on the award-winning podcast “Off Menu”. Here you can watch stand up clips, TV appearances and more EXCLUSIVE content.
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  • What show is this? I need to watch this

    Alticiae KelleyAlticiae Kelley7 dagar sedan
  • Hulk smash.

    Elodie _Elodie _9 dagar sedan
  • I enjoy your work Mr. Acaster. I'm from Birmingham... In The United States of America. It's in the state of Alabama in the South, touching the Western tip of the state of Florida.

    pandoras9of9pandoras9of912 dagar sedan
  • Hi James and everyone. How are you all doing? Love you my amazing friends.

    Steven BakerSteven Baker12 dagar sedan
  • I don't really think that joke was about him being a pedophile. My interpretation was that he is so afraid of women that he is even intimidated by little girls.

    JackDManheimJackDManheim12 dagar sedan
    • He said that because Josh wrote for Dora the explorer magazine, so the joke was that he's incapable of chatting up adult women, the implication that he only likes little girls was collateral damage XD

      Woohoo! LifeisamazingWoohoo! Lifeisamazing3 timmar sedan
  • Mcu sucks

    TheMonadoTheMonado13 dagar sedan
  • This man, I love him

    BlueSkieeeeesBlueSkieeeees14 dagar sedan
  • No matter what show or the stage decor Rob's teeth always upstage everything. It's visually intrusive. You can't NOT look at them.

    bossfan49bossfan4915 dagar sedan
  • Dear James Marry me pls Alex x

    Alex BurnsAlex Burns15 dagar sedan
  • Anyone notice Jonathan pronounced lubricant properly with the correct ‘r’ sound

    David PlenderleithDavid Plenderleith15 dagar sedan
  • Will, just a weird thought: Assuming you can get a solid frame, aren't you like... a machine lathe and some raw material away from fabricating your own power hammer? The old girl is BUSTED, dude. You should start new. You say you want to challenge yourself. All a power hammer has to do is move up and down. It CAN'T be that complicated. Sure, it's more complicated than that. But fundamentally, up and down with interchangeable dies. You should make a Stelter original.

    shookingsshookings15 dagar sedan
  • Why aren't comedians funny anymore.

    Look AgainLook Again16 dagar sedan
  • Josh is so overrated, how’d he even get to his position? Not even slightly funny

    Ryan McCabeRyan McCabe16 dagar sedan
  • .. and they call us legends; indeed they should.

    beartasticbeartastic16 dagar sedan
  • surprised jono mentioned socks.

    Adam GAdam G17 dagar sedan
  • Girls over 12 xD

    Edurne AceEdurne Ace17 dagar sedan

    StarOwenStarOwen17 dagar sedan
  • 🥰 forever in love with James

    Brea MayBrea May17 dagar sedan
  • James is the only person who can still make me smile when the depression kicks in... ☺️

    Steffi MenzelSteffi Menzel17 dagar sedan
    • 100%

      Heather WhiteHeather White14 dagar sedan
    • Breaking news: researchers have discovered that James Acaster is THE cure for depression

      Sivan SharmaSivan Sharma14 dagar sedan
    • @Edward Steggall well done sir

      The Red slimeThe Red slime16 dagar sedan
    • That's coz you never met me 😉

      Edward SteggallEdward Steggall16 dagar sedan
  • Look mate,british comedy is life.LIFE

    Jojo BrewJojo Brew17 dagar sedan
    • bruh pommy comedy shits over american comedy lol

      C BallC Ball16 dagar sedan
  • I love the way josh calls james jimbo

    orlaith korlaith k17 dagar sedan
  • is there gonna be a third season??

    LordeoftheavocadosLordeoftheavocados17 dagar sedan
    • I think they showed a clip from a new season on last leg of the year, but I’m not sure when it’s coming out

      Amy Blackshaw xAmy Blackshaw x17 dagar sedan
  • What are you on Josh, your eyes are soooo RED..

    Sean ColledgeSean Colledge17 dagar sedan
  • 🥬🥬🥬You’ve been CABBAGED!!! 🥬🥬🥬

    Blake MorelandBlake Moreland17 dagar sedan
  • I wasn't paying too much attention and thought Noel Fielding was sitting next to Jonathan.

    murmurrrrmurmurrrr17 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂😂 so did I

      Michael RaymondMichael Raymond12 dagar sedan
    • Same I came to the comments to see who had also been decieved.

      Caroline IrvineCaroline Irvine17 dagar sedan
  • I love the orange phone

    Helen JonesHelen Jones18 dagar sedan
  • Bless him. He’s a sweet boy. In his thirties? There’s something of the wild teen in him.

    Cathy BryantCathy Bryant18 dagar sedan
  • the way i love mr. acaster

    Anna BAnna B18 dagar sedan
  • Spider under Rob's chair at 2:28 ?

    Vee MacksVee Macks18 dagar sedan
  • yes ❤

    LauraRLauraR18 dagar sedan

    Madison KingMadison King18 dagar sedan
    • "First off, I have to ask..."

      JackDManheimJackDManheim12 dagar sedan
    • He was looking for Josh's humour...

      Euan DunbarEuan Dunbar15 dagar sedan
    • Hello, Mr Detector!

      Richard JonesRichard Jones17 dagar sedan

      LibbyLibby17 dagar sedan
  • james being over 30 doesnt sit right with me

    sliim17sliim1718 dagar sedan
    • @karen imber i can imagine him as an old man in his 70s, but i cannot picture him middle aged

      PeaceCrane13PeaceCrane1314 dagar sedan
    • Ikr.He has aged well but spooky kid energy at 50yr will be interesting .

      karen imberkaren imber16 dagar sedan
    • @Joanne Indeed. Don't mind the "whoosh" sound, I'm sure it's nothing.

      StarkRGStarkRG16 dagar sedan
    • @StarkRG According to Wiki - James is 35 and Josh is 37.

      JoanneJoanne16 dagar sedan
    • Particularly since he looks no more than five years older than Josh who can't be much older than 15.

      StarkRGStarkRG16 dagar sedan
  • Though James brought up the Mark Ruffalo comment about Josh, he's not featured much in this clip. Nice to see an artist willing to highlight his colleagues as much as himself.

    Kelly GKelly G18 dagar sedan
  • Wow Maisie looks gorgeous in this!

    Eisenwulf666Eisenwulf66618 dagar sedan
  • Why on earth are these clips 21:9, its so bizarre. Although cinematic acaster is always going to be good

    NothenNothen18 dagar sedan
    • I'm all for clips being in 21:9, but I wish they'd actually upload them in 21:9 instead of 16:9 with hardcoded letterboxing. There's nothing on youtube more frustrating than watching 21:9 content on a 21:9 monitor, and having the black bars on all four edges.

      Slavir NabruSlavir Nabru16 dagar sedan
    • @Berry MfGreen yeah it definitely is cropped to take out the station logos

      JoanneJoanne17 dagar sedan
    • Possibly copyright issues? As much as he is a host and part of it, the company could ask SEworld take it down if it is posted as it was produced. That’s why sometimes it is tweaked in screen ratio, sound or lagging frames etc.

      Berry MfGreenBerry MfGreen17 dagar sedan
    • It’s very weird. It also cuts off the top of everybody’s heads.

      Keaton BellistonKeaton Belliston17 dagar sedan
  • Never seen MR Ross so sharp

    Eran Avni-SingerEran Avni-Singer18 dagar sedan
  • James just brings me joy

    HagfromHellHagfromHell18 dagar sedan
  • My favorite comedian ever

    Jess FJess F18 dagar sedan

    The Dunya done yaThe Dunya done ya18 dagar sedan
  • If Wossy says it it must be true.

    system Skynetsystem Skynet18 dagar sedan
  • why are you letterboxing the video to 16:9? It keeps chopping people's heads and it looks weird

    Aidan MarshallAidan Marshall18 dagar sedan
    • Removing station logo

      ZarkowZarkow17 dagar sedan
    • 2:35:1

      G. TobyG. Toby17 dagar sedan
    • Probs a copyright thing

      Titular HeroTitular Hero18 dagar sedan
  • Well... who could resist, really?

    New MessageNew Message18 dagar sedan
  • James oozes charisma I’m legit jealous.

    Lupo MagnottoLupo Magnotto18 dagar sedan
  • I just love everything with james in it

    BonobobonbonBonobobonbon18 dagar sedan
    • I like his pants too

      Tom MulderTom Mulder13 dagar sedan
    • I’ve got a response to this but I don’t think I should 🤭

      Rebecca IrvingRebecca Irving15 dagar sedan