17 okt 2020
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Call me crazy, but I'm building an entire house because of my passion for ant keeping. Today I explain how it all started, how I went about finding land, designed the new room, explain the new Ant Room's features, and give you guys a tour of the construction to date. Hope you enjoy today's video! #AntFarms #AntRoom #NewAntiverse
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  • Should the new Ant Room have a new name? VOTE HERE (see replies)!

    AntsCanadaAntsCanadaMånad sedan
    • 'Extended Antiverse' seems obvious

      Karolis ZinkusKarolis Zinkus7 dagar sedan
    • Antchives

      Jömbēé BaxtrütJömbēé Baxtrüt11 dagar sedan
    • @AntsCanada i was eager for a newname but hey could you take my name for it antfloaroma

      seventine jamesseventine james14 dagar sedan
    • Ant+mansion = antsion

      A KA K21 dag sedan
    • Aunt Multiverse

      Joey LefebvreJoey LefebvreMånad sedan
  • this is soo exciting!!!!! GOOD LUCK!

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  • Keep it the antverse

    Elise ParkerElise Parker7 timmar sedan
  • ANTiverse, sANTuary.

    SalexSalex8 timmar sedan
  • 16:02 what kind of ant is that ? What is the name? please.. thankyou !

    Henokh GracioHenokh Gracio15 timmar sedan
  • Damn i thought u made a mini house for the ants

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  • I don’t even like insects. Why am I watching this guy? Answer: because of his crazy ideas

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  • I'm bringing to think this man doesn't live in Canada

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  • What is you’re electricity bill at? If you don’t mind me asking

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  • Men what a house ! Bravo !

    Y GHY GHDag sedan
  • I cant be your ant jus build me a house ill show you what i be doing

    DUB TVDUB TVDag sedan
  • Some would say this is a new era for our colony

    Jakeplays MinecraftJakeplays MinecraftDag sedan
    • (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

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    • ●︿●

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  • I hate ants so much and I dunno why I watched your whole video and hit that subscribe button. 🤣

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  • Can we call u ant man now?

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  • Didn't visit this channel for a month or so and whoa, he's building a whole freaking house!

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  • uhh, Antimention? (like Ant Dimension?)

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  • Dude you’re like so passionate about ant

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  • Try to use your window and pulley system sir

    Porky TvPorky Tv2 dagar sedan
  • The title speaks for itself

    LORD LWED!!!!!LORD LWED!!!!!2 dagar sedan
  • I suggest a live cam at the most active areas! :D It would be awesome to check in from time to time between your videos!

    Kevin AgoncilloKevin Agoncillo2 dagar sedan
  • wait a second, that doesn't look like canada!

    Lunar LeitmotifLunar Leitmotif2 dagar sedan
    • Did you know he is in the philippines

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  • yo when you move the ants to the new place you definitely gotta call it "operation: nuptial flight"

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  • You should make a visitor center

    GoldenmediaGoldenmedia2 dagar sedan
  • Also if you can use memory foam as a cushion if you bump it around

    Jace the beatboxer DeakinJace the beatboxer Deakin2 dagar sedan
  • Hes a legend he goes through loads of things just to provide content for us what a legend

    Jace the beatboxer DeakinJace the beatboxer Deakin3 dagar sedan
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    • Its actually in the philippines and he has a vlog channel

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  • ok how did this happen. I am THAT many vids behind??? Geh can you rush like that..'s been three years? Wow...ok you didn't tell at first so...its more like two years for me...i am quite jelly of your house plans i said it a few times in the vlog i think..but I wish i was getting anywhere with my own place -_-''s great to see the summary as a pimped up antscanada vid. i am also cringing at the cable salad. i mean..its been going for a long time i am sure, but i hope you are aware that such things could be a hazard for fires D: please be sure to have too many thingie hubs plugged in a row . I feel sorry for those fit guys. But do that. Plz ....i faint at the idea what it would cost might be doable with the water gone maybe..and there are tools to help sorta...i am corious how you are going to do it. I think I would prever the old name..i alwasy liked it :3

    SlewenskiSlewenski3 dagar sedan
  • Keep it antiverse

    Nate SandersNate Sanders3 dagar sedan
  • @AntsCanada shrink wrap the glass on the tanks before you put them on the truck. If the glass cracks or breaks, hopefully the ants won’t escape

    Trevor CTrevor C3 dagar sedan
  • Imagine all the tax write offs he's doing! lmao

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  • Since it is bigger it should be called a ant galaxy

    Epic Lego gamerEpic Lego gamer3 dagar sedan
  • This guy is like Ant man

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  • Let's get this man 1 trillion dollars

    Alyxander BucknerAlyxander Buckner3 dagar sedan
  • I feel like you could try to empty out the ant tanks by luring the ants into those little ant farms making them easier to move

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  • Me when I miss one day of school:

    Mina EclipseMina Eclipse3 dagar sedan
  • Ants are coool bugs I hope they go salfy

    Felipe Cruz.MFelipe Cruz.M3 dagar sedan
  • @AntsCanada I've been following along for 3 days now. I must admit that I haven't been looking at my usual stuff, in here. I really find it very amazing to see how well you take nature into "artificial" surroundings and mixed habitats that you create.. 👌🏽👍🏽🙏🏽 My 7 year old son and I have agreed to go for Ant Queen hunt around Sping/Summer time.. Then we'll see how far it'll take us.. Who knows, maybe we can one day combine aquarium/terrarium.. 😅

    Bob Christian LaryeaBob Christian Laryea4 dagar sedan
    • Furthermore, the plans for the building looks great. 👍🏽

      Bob Christian LaryeaBob Christian Laryea4 dagar sedan
  • Are you going to make your new place a sort of insectarium/zoo? Definitely seems like it could be fun

    Stephanie BittnerStephanie Bittner4 dagar sedan
  • At 9:22 the KSP space music is on

    A sentient BeanA sentient Bean4 dagar sedan
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  • why don't you try to make the tanks undesirable for the ants and move them to a smaller more lite enclosure so then you can empty out your tanks and move them easier

    angel cruzangel cruz4 dagar sedan
  • An idea for moving your bigger tanks is to devide them in segments somehow. maybe get all the big rocks out, put glass in segmented places, get the sand and eggs and ants out. otherwise i think you'll have to destroy the wall :)

    ano niemano niem4 dagar sedan
  • Wow.. he actually did it

    ꧁༒Banana༒꧂꧁༒Banana༒꧂4 dagar sedan
  • I vote the name stays the way it is!🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

    Jay’s AdventuresJay’s Adventures4 dagar sedan
  • You should name the new room ant-a-lope

    DevilprokingDevilproking4 dagar sedan
  • So much I've missed

    DevilprokingDevilproking4 dagar sedan
  • this guy is rich RICH

    Zac ZackeryZac Zackery4 dagar sedan
  • I am so happy for you guys to be able to live your pation to the fullest

    DarkBlaze MiniaturesDarkBlaze Miniatures4 dagar sedan
  • Dont blow a breaker

    AAAAAA4 dagar sedan
  • his bills: *making a mountain from your money*

    EasyHard -origamiEasyHard -origami4 dagar sedan
  • I stopped watching him for a few months and now he's making a house lmao

    Steven _THSteven _TH4 dagar sedan
  • Maybe you could build a gigantic glass/acrylic ecosystem enclosure in the center of the lounge for a paludarium with a colony of ants, fish, frogs, etc.

    CopeecatCopeecat4 dagar sedan
  • Use a helicopter.

    Chris DuriasChris Durias4 dagar sedan
  • Why?

    Brock 5150Brock 51504 dagar sedan
  • Tokay geckos, reticulated pythons, spitting cobras, tarantulas, flying lizards... Mikey, you are moving to the world's largest outdoor reptile house, and I'm low-key jealous now.

    Cristia OlsonCristia Olson4 dagar sedan
  • Omg are you moving to Australia? Just rename it the Ant Multiverse

    Well GarozzoWell Garozzo4 dagar sedan
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    I fish that Johnny joestar eatI fish that Johnny joestar eat4 dagar sedan
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  • This is really nice!

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  • Can u make it into a museum too?

    Ahcat MeowAhcat Meow5 dagar sedan
  • I'm a bit late to let me know this video but for moving your larger setups I would suggest boxing them up in a wood crate packed in styrofoam then you can move the setups down the stairs a lot easier and transport them in the truck a little safer

    WayhartWayhart5 dagar sedan
  • The Anti-multiverse

    Destroyer M14Destroyer M145 dagar sedan
  • Make it somewhat public please Please please please please

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  • Keep the name!

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  • Would you do a video on the native insects of the new location???

    John GibsonJohn Gibson5 dagar sedan
  • Where you live:25-35celsius Japan, at 40celsius+ in summer: we need those numbers cranked up ASAP (Sorry if I have bad English)

    笹尾涼笹尾涼5 dagar sedan
  • Now that I look at the window of the ant room,it looks like the Philippines there I mean 1.The roofs definitely look the same to the roofs of wooden houses in Philippines 2.Philippines is *kinda hot* 3.I'm Filipino and went there for 2 years,I live in Hong Kong now

    Blue Fire TrainBlue Fire Train5 dagar sedan
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    Phone Htike Myat MyatPhone Htike Myat Myat5 dagar sedan
  • This dude is really trying to build a real life Hallownest and I love it.

    CRDoesStuffCRDoesStuff5 dagar sedan
  • i got a name THE ANT ABODE

  • You asked about ideas on how to move the large terrariums of ants. My thought is don't. Instead move the ants and other livestock but not the finished terrariums that do not fit in your elevator. I think it would be both cheaper and more interesting to us if you buy a few new glass boxes and develop new colonies in the new house. Save some space upstairs for the old ones when they are freed up later. I love to watch you create a new terrarium because you are so very good at it. Especially the fire ants should not move as is, because it is too dangerous, too costly and that permit thing. I do not know if you will be keeping the living space in the city or not, so I do not know your timing. Can you afford to allow your fire ant colony to die of old age? Will you be able to continue to film it if you do not move it? If you need to move out faster then you may want to move a part of the colony by arranging a flood and an escape box above the flood. Then use frogs or some other critters to kill off any stragglers, before removing the soil and plants, tipping it on the end and hauling it down in the elevator. I wonder how tough it is to get a new queens for the colonies in the big terrariums? I hope you will answer these questions in one of your upcoming videos about your move. Would you please make a playlist that sorts out all the videos you have made about finding your new home, creating it. and then moving so we can watch the whole saga more easily?

    Earte CathyEarte Cathy5 dagar sedan
  • “More like ANT well we were at it”

    Max TavakleyMax Tavakley5 dagar sedan
  • A advice is maybe it will be slow but very careful here every 5 levels rest for a minute

    NANI DBLNANI DBL5 dagar sedan
  • So there’s a museum of African American Heritage In Washington DC that the entire walls are made out of recycled material (huge artistic metal sheet you can see though both in an out of especially more at night when lit up) I thing having something like that to be featured in that would be cool. And maybe even a huge wall of an art farm where certain areas have magnetized viewing points as a telescope to view ants for kids to enjoy and learn

    Lemb CruetLemb Cruet5 dagar sedan
  • Well, if I ever travel to the Philippines I legit want to buy tickets to tour the AntsCanada ant house/museum

    Danny SprawkaDanny Sprawka5 dagar sedan
  • How to move them. Buy 100's KM's of Tubing.

    Darryl JoudreyDarryl Joudrey6 dagar sedan
  • Framing that fixture you had in the rendering of the upstairs could be framed in glass and used as a tank too would look amazing

    Haley JenkinsHaley Jenkins6 dagar sedan
  • For moving you should cover the whole thing in foam and in put it in boxes with more foam for moving them carefully

    Alex HermundAlex Hermund6 dagar sedan
  • Congrats. You deserve all your success.

    Stephen BeagleStephen Beagle6 dagar sedan
  • wow. you have been so dedicated to the "antiverse" that you now needed a full house just to film and raise them comfortably. that is admirable. hope it all continues to work out for you!

    Kristopher PrimeKristopher Prime6 dagar sedan
  • Call you Antrepreneur the New beginning for the Antreprise of the World - Super Good

    World Aquarium SingaporeWorld Aquarium Singapore6 dagar sedan
  • you every go to an aquarium where they have thos 2 story tall aquariums. do that but with an ant colony

    Frost 1700Frost 17006 dagar sedan
  • I know this is a month late but I think you may need to make your ant colonies move back into smaller enclosures so they don't get killed by careless movers going down 15 flights of stairs. The smaller more manageable containers can fit in the elevator and you can do a welcome home video for the ants when they get to move back into the enclosures once they are relocated in the new house.

    Mr BonesawMr Bonesaw6 dagar sedan
  • I’ve been watching your video’s since your channel had 200k subs. It makes me happy watching your channel grow. Proud pinoy here!

    Bendrei AmboangBendrei Amboang6 dagar sedan
  • When the ants have a beautiful house than yours: ;-;

    John Gideon C. De OcampoJohn Gideon C. De Ocampo6 dagar sedan
  • New home? Bro, you're raising these boys to become a dominant species, so then you can send them to a new planet and have them colonize the place to have a new alien species for us to interact with!

    Coffee SuccubusCoffee Succubus6 dagar sedan
  • wow thats super cool also can you speak tagalog? dahil ako kaya ko lol eh mas gusto ko mag english eh hehe alright stay same man

    UndeadGamingUndeadGaming6 dagar sedan