The reason why Piqué and Griezmann insulted each other during Barcelona-PSG | Oh My Goal

17 feb 2021
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Today, Oh My Goal is looking back on the clash between Gerard Piqué and Antoine Griezmann in the middle of the Barcelona-PSG game.
Gérard Piqué was angry at his teammates for not running enough and for being too high up the pitch. But when PIqué lost his temper, Griezmann told him to be quiet and to calm down.
Things then got tense between the two players leading to a very surprising argument...
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  • Was Gerard Piqué right to get mad at his teammates?

    Oh My Goal - NewsOh My Goal - News12 dagar sedan
    • Plz name the song at the last of video?

      Nuri AzizovNuri AzizovDag sedan
    • @faze destroyer and here I am worth 7 subs lol

      Nabeel HakeemNabeel Hakeem9 dagar sedan
    • Yes Griezman was right to get mad at him

      Aniello L‘AfricanoAniello L‘Africano9 dagar sedan
    • @faze destroyer A shame. Nobody asked.

      1 2341 23410 dagar sedan
    • Yeah. Typical Messi. He wouldn't contribute to defense. He need to move to other could. Been there for far too long in his comfort zone

      ductu vlogductu vlog10 dagar sedan
  • No pique was out of control and that was because of his frustration as a bad looser thats all

    Luis GarciaLuis Garcia12 timmar sedan

    Nuri AzizovNuri AzizovDag sedan
  • Man u give us so much clarity. ly

    Om BaskotaOm Baskota2 dagar sedan
  • Pique has no right of speaking when he does nothing for the team, he’s only there because of his rich daddy. Griezmann deserves better

    Dayanara BenitezDayanara Benitez3 dagar sedan
  • Bruh.. What sad doing Pedri and Desr in first 11... WHEN U HAVE UMTITI AND Pjanic... so stupid Couch.... dude this guy cant even make one good team.. dont even speak about strategy.. is useless this man and Baltomeu Broke the whole Barcelona in the last 5 years...

    Pīka RPīka R4 dagar sedan
  • If the team was better in the first half than the second that only makes the coach a utter shite, don’t you think ?

    ジャシンジャシン5 dagar sedan
  • Pique is a baby.

    Alex Loaiza IIAlex Loaiza II5 dagar sedan
  • If Messi only ran just as much as Ter Stegen why didn't he confront Messi then?!

    Felix.Jr.Felix.Jr.5 dagar sedan
  • What the hell is pique doing there

    BENCOBENCO6 dagar sedan
  • Imo getting rid of rakitic and Suarez was a bad f****** idea.

    14th GHOST14th GHOST6 dagar sedan

    McTelvin EdmondMcTelvin Edmond6 dagar sedan
  • Puta means f*ck Learned it from narcos

    DavidDavid6 dagar sedan
  • Griz did his best but just not enough because he has no impact on attack.... ofc Pique will blame him cost a lot but has zero attacking impact... if just running best can make Barca player I can do better job.... if it was Suarez Pique won't blame. At least Suarez make them fear so does PSG players won't be able to attack freely so Pique have easier defense. I would blame the same.

    kim dskim ds7 dagar sedan
  • Shouting and insulting will never encourage your teammates to do better. 😥😥

    Angelica BorilloAngelica Borillo7 dagar sedan
    • It used to work when the players were committed, all these new Barcelona players are trash and don't care about the team at all List goes , Griezman , umtiti ,lenglet , dest , dembele , de jong, etc. Too many errors and nobody comes up and show some nerve , good for Pique these brats need to learn that THEY ARE GETTING PAID ! Pique is doing what any fan would do , its insulting that these brats are bleeding the finances of the team and have nothing to show for.

      Mauro V.Mauro V.6 dagar sedan
  • Ai dịch hộ tôi 😌😌

    Joker JrJoker Jr7 dagar sedan
  • Pique to much talking

    Wina PanjiWina Panji8 dagar sedan
  • Lmao the fuckin music. As if it was a fight for their lives lol

    Chue VueChue Vue8 dagar sedan
  • Messi keep adjusting his armband, looking good, and just walks around. No tracking back, no tackles, no runs. How can u watch ur team suffer as a captain? No wonder maradona said didnt like him as a leader.

    Zain FoladiZain Foladi8 dagar sedan
  • Nos there only new kids who DIDINT experience the uefa For barca that is why they are loosing

    THUG MEDIATHUG MEDIA8 dagar sedan
  • Its Griezmann he was playing foward witch means he was running back on defense, pique has to tell him not to run like idiots in defense cause they need better roster. I am a real madrid fan. But koeman should not sell luis suarez in the first place. Messi needs to stop with his problems

    HJU RodriguezHJU Rodriguez8 dagar sedan
  • If Pique could play like he runs his mouth, he'd still be relevant.

    Rob RRob R8 dagar sedan
  • Pique has been shit for 5 years now. The number of games Barca bottled in the last 5 years because of shit defending are unbelievable.. Only relevant because he has a political image in Barcelona..

    shubham chauhanshubham chauhan8 dagar sedan
  • Video is cringe af!

    Bob BrushBob Brush8 dagar sedan
  • Did you know: Barca had a chance to sign haaland They rejected him and signed Braithwaite Rest is history .

    Aditya PandeyAditya Pandey8 dagar sedan
  • If im on a ship with messi as a captain, i will jump. At least i have bigger chance to survive by swimming. Ask neymar, he knows better.

    Heru IrawanHeru Irawan8 dagar sedan
  • 2:04 That have a fully equipped team Bruh neymar and Di Maria weren’t even here 😂

    Ludo GamaaLudo Gamaa8 dagar sedan
  • As the vice-captain of the team, Pique has every right to shout at anyone! he is a leader of the team and Griezmann should know his place rather than talk back and yell profanity! He has lost the faith of the fans, who never wanted him here in the first place! Griezmann was absolute shit against PSG and has been average since he moved! He lacks the instinct of goals which is what we need from him. The reign of Bartomeu, the fucker did this!

    Ahmed Abdul HaadhyAhmed Abdul Haadhy9 dagar sedan
  • In koeman we never trust 🤭🤣🤣🤣😅😅, shut up your mouth

    Andika Rizki pradanaAndika Rizki pradana9 dagar sedan
  • Your video make no sense.. rubbish

    lassanah's imaginationslassanah's imaginations9 dagar sedan
  • Motherfather?

    Md. Aimar NaimMd. Aimar Naim9 dagar sedan
  • Griezman and Mbappe should join CR7 in Juventus.. 😏

    Jonathan MontalvoJonathan Montalvo9 dagar sedan
  • They are teammates, barca is a team and they should talk during the match and i thing that this is happening every match but are people so hyped bout that?No

    Filip GamesFilip Games9 dagar sedan
  • Messi is given so much privilege in barca yet his fans make it seem like hes the victim lol

    Nabeel HakeemNabeel Hakeem9 dagar sedan
  • He should go home complain about laliga referees, hate on madrid and cry in twitter. That's better for pique.

    Nabeel HakeemNabeel Hakeem9 dagar sedan
  • That's what you get for selling Suarez 🙆‍♂️💯

    It's NelkieIt's Nelkie9 dagar sedan
  • Pique is trash❗️ pedri pique alba busquets messi all were trash❗️

    Cino bambinoCino bambino9 dagar sedan
  • Pique thinks Barcelona is his father's playground he can't talk to others like that especially griezman he's a top tier striker and world cup winner the only reason he's not giving much is because the whole team is trash starting from Pique and the entire defensive line

    salaheddine sifsalaheddine sif9 dagar sedan
  • I don't know y grizy never stayed at his club you were better off without those players that don't appreciate you man you should leave

    Deshaun PinnockDeshaun Pinnock9 dagar sedan
  • Barca looses Barca: where is griezman...🐐🐐🐐

    TONY STARKTONY STARK9 dagar sedan
  • #fake newsss

    TrulycrazyTrulycrazy9 dagar sedan
  • Brooooo I understand Spanish nobody insulted anyone

    TrulycrazyTrulycrazy9 dagar sedan

    Peter JoosaPeter Joosa9 dagar sedan
  • This Barca team is not enjoying the company if not resolved at right time it will crash like Manutd

  • I would sell Pique and Griezmann

    VrapyVrapy9 dagar sedan

    Putra ZayanPutra Zayan9 dagar sedan
  • Barca defence is a joke... I feel sorry for Griezmann, everytime barca loses a game, they blame him....

    Sophie MillerSophie Miller10 dagar sedan
  • This is not the first time that they lost against a strong team. They lost against atl. Madrid, Real Madrid, Juventus Turin, Bilbao in the final. I don't know why people thought they are going to win against Paris. I personally don't like Ronald Koeman I don't think they are palying well as a barca fan the only reason I watch barca games is because of Messi. If u compare barca team vs red bull Leipzig Baca team is strong but red bull Leipzig play really well football than barca right now.

    FaridFarid10 dagar sedan
  • Pique was right , everyone was sleeping

    Shiji JayanShiji Jayan10 dagar sedan
  • Pique is been a disgraceful to other teammates & a disgrace to his game as well . He is finished 3 yrs back he should start dancing waka waka with wife

    vaibhav negivaibhav negi10 dagar sedan
  • This team is done in this era

    Ammar HakimAmmar Hakim10 dagar sedan
  • Piqué must leave barca

    Siguel PletSiguel Plet10 dagar sedan
  • Pique was actually doing way less then Griezman and he is shouting at him, messi ran what ter stegan did, dest is the only one marking mbappe, like seriously the hell is wrong with barcelona.

    Alex AlpeckAlex Alpeck10 dagar sedan
  • Pique should went for Messi. I mean Messi is the captain and for alot of people the best of the world. Messi need to step up in the really BIG games, liks this one.

    Fenley RosaFenley Rosa10 dagar sedan
  • pique and busquets are the problem in Barcelona

    Sadik_Sadik_10 dagar sedan
  • Maybe we should've kept Valverde....

    Nicolas MichielsNicolas Michiels10 dagar sedan
  • Barca has huge problems at offense when comes to big games, Messi don't want to run anymore, he is too old, Griezmann is worst than Werner and without Messi, Barca cannot make an attack and chance.

    Ilčo DimitrovIlčo Dimitrov10 dagar sedan
  • Why’s he not shouting at messi, who only ran as much as the goal keeper ?

    Dell RussellDell Russell10 dagar sedan
  • For me Griezmann was the best Barca player he was everywhere

    Hayredin ViyachevHayredin Viyachev10 dagar sedan
  • Its like the indian media , the music makes it so annoying 😕

    Subhrajyoti DEWANJEESubhrajyoti DEWANJEE10 dagar sedan
  • the problem and the goals came all from the fullback mistakes if griezman and dembele went back none of this would have happened so pique was right and i guess koeman knew

    Andrew MattaAndrew Matta10 dagar sedan
  • Pique the last guy to be talking that game. If I had a performance like that I’d be silent all game

    Antonio AndradeAntonio Andrade10 dagar sedan
  • Whenever pique comes Barca

    Avinash RawatAvinash Rawat10 dagar sedan
  • Doesn’t include the clip. A ten second title card would’ve been enough instead of this trash slideshow. Downvote.

    Outlaw SoulOutlaw Soul10 dagar sedan
  • Lets be honest this barca wont come back ..

    Josip ArgentieriJosip Argentieri10 dagar sedan
  • Gerard: runs Gerard s purpouse: to stay back and defend

    Andrej BekanAndrej Bekan10 dagar sedan
  • I didn't even realise Griezmann was playing

    My Weekly MemesMy Weekly Memes10 dagar sedan
  • Messi has no leadership.Pique deserved the captaincy. Just because he’s their best player it doesnt mean he has the leadership. Look at RM, Ramos is the captain even Ronaldo was playing in RM.

    Afiq Danial Bin Nor AsmadiAfiq Danial Bin Nor Asmadi10 dagar sedan
  • Shack the pique

    The LuxxyOpThe LuxxyOp10 dagar sedan
  • This translation is such bogus and extra dramatic. 50% accuracy.

    Juan S A BejaranoJuan S A Bejarano10 dagar sedan
  • lol wtf wrong translation. very wrong

    RafaelRafael10 dagar sedan
  • Dear lord that music!!! It's as if Thanos was about to snap his fingers again

    elninoelnino10 dagar sedan
  • Seems like griezmann is the best defender at Barca 😅😅

    Lyawn GamingLyawn Gaming10 dagar sedan
  • This is common in soccer people actually stupid when you Los teammates fight with each other this is normal thing the actual problem is barca team selection and fitness also defender like Sergio Ramos you can hate him even I'm also hate him but he is the best

    Logan ModricLogan Modric10 dagar sedan
  • barca was given a gift goal then also messi is playing like worst. captain blaming other should correct themselfs

    Sai Romit mohapatraSai Romit mohapatra10 dagar sedan
  • Pique was shouting as if he handled Mbappe JUST fine and had no issue with him AT ALL. The guy is old and frankly just a grumpy moron. In fact, griezmann defended better than the whole defense did. Mbappe had Pique holding onto his shirt for dear life and he is shouting at Griezmann. What a trash player.

  • Pique was right about the forwards being too high up, but there was no need to blame Griezman when It came to defending, he did more defensaive work than Messi and Dembele. I love Messi, but he needs to work a little more...

    Pablo AguilarPablo Aguilar10 dagar sedan
  • The thing Gerard Pique has done is absolutely necessary because he wants the Barca which was in 2014-15-16 inspite of not having Neymar and Suarez

    Ronaldo ProductionsRonaldo Productions10 dagar sedan
  • Looks like the old club now ehh?! CR7 smashing still at this age and Messi ran as much as the GK. Lmfao

    Sourish SahaSourish Saha10 dagar sedan
  • You know what Barca needs.. It’s Xavi to be manager. Like if U agree wit me

    Jeffrey AmbrocioJeffrey Ambrocio10 dagar sedan
  • That's a horrible translation. That's not what he said. Pique said they couldn't have one single long ball possession

    DjVoldi19DjVoldi1910 dagar sedan
  • funny how Griezmann played better defense than pique despite being an attacker lmao. I dont think pique realizes that your supposed to mark someone, not let them waltz through to 1v1 ter stegen

    luca loghanluca loghan10 dagar sedan
  • Barcelona had been winning before this idiot called Pique came back. All he does is talk! talk! talk! with his mouth rather than his feet. Thanks to him we were thrashed 8-2 and now 4-1. I hate Ramos but he is a leader and unites his teammates rather than dividing then like Pique does.The last season he played world class football was 2014-2015, post that he joined Otamendi, Mustafi and Phil Jones hall of Fame. But While the other three are too ashamed of their schoolboy defending such that they rarely talk, Pique has talking and talking like a Kenyan elderly lady who has lost her house keys in a crowded place!!

    PAPA DAVIEPAPA DAVIE10 dagar sedan
  • The team is gone. It would take them years to recover especially when they're best player retires.This Generation is over. A new generation is here.Messi and Ronaldo generation os over.

    InfinityInfinity10 dagar sedan
  • Pique was just trying to take out the rage of his incompetence on Griezmann , who is the only attacker who actually makes defensive attempt and is good at it thanks to Simione. Pique is bad , he, Busquets n Lenglet keeps playing at Barca we will keep suffering . I hope Messi leaves this summer , he deserves better. That guy literally plays in center of the field being a RW or a stricker cuz no one can move ball forward .

    Prabhat ThakurPrabhat Thakur10 dagar sedan
  • Litle dest is assfacking mbappe dest is crying

    strontboer strontboerstrontboer strontboer10 dagar sedan
  • Pique is the reason we lost so badly

    SAS DIARIESSAS DIARIES10 dagar sedan
  • Fucking Preety sure koeman didn't not win any trophies during FCB managerial period

    Karma Wangyal BhutiaKarma Wangyal Bhutia10 dagar sedan
  • Dear griezmann.... Atletico is ur club not barca

    K DAWG . 14 Years agoK DAWG . 14 Years ago10 dagar sedan
  • Tbf, why Barca hire Koeman is so they can pin all the blame to him. First between players, then players & manager and finally Manager takes all. Board sack him and act like hero, swift all failures to Ronald.

    Ben DeGorroBen DeGorro10 dagar sedan
  • It's funny, barca player's never say anything about messi not defending...

    Milton SpencerMilton Spencer10 dagar sedan
  • Pique and whole barca players are stupid

    Riola octaphiRiola octaphi10 dagar sedan
  • another problem they let go of good mid filders like rakitic and Vidal and a striker like Suarez which benefited other teams and cost barca a lot and why wasnt coutinho playing

    Prince IftahPrince Iftah10 dagar sedan
  • Pique good as businessman but not as footballer! Take care of your Waka Waka!!!

    Summer at the LonghouseSummer at the Longhouse10 dagar sedan
  • This is why we need a captain like pique.... it dos t sit right with me Messi as captain

    John UjaJohn Uja10 dagar sedan
  • Pique is expired, Koeman was stupid to put him out there

    Vr30_YangVr30_Yang10 dagar sedan

    Eduardo DiazEduardo Diaz10 dagar sedan
  • Pique don’t played well

    Sreeram RanganathanSreeram Ranganathan10 dagar sedan
  • And then, they said this is the last chance for barca to win ucl 😒

    Mohammed AdrihafiziMohammed Adrihafizi10 dagar sedan
  • Leo was walking the whole game like a lost kid .... and people talk about griezman efforts ...

    R1CEE 123R1CEE 12310 dagar sedan