Chris Rock Isn't Surprised That The Capitol Terrorists Were Treated Differently Than BLM Protesters

12 jan 2021
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Chris Rock has been watching the news and he was not surprised to see the insurrectionists storming the U.S. Capitol Building treated differently than those who marched to protest racial injustice last year. Check out Chris Rock's remixed Netflix comedy special, "Total Blackout: The Tamborine Extended Cut." #Colbert #TotalBlackout #ChrisRock
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  • If Eminem was black, he'd be on Snoop's top 10 list.

    69Neoviking69Neoviking13 minuter sedan
  • They called the National Guard on the Capitol protesters. They did Not have Apache HELICOPTERS at BLM protest. The Mayors did not want the Guard for any BLM protest, ie Seattle.

    Michael RooneyMichael Rooney18 minuter sedan
  • now ask chris cock about the drive by killings in chicago killing little BLACK CHILDREN__ funny you media drug addict liars never report the REAL BLACK COMMUNITY?? why is that ?

    joe joejoe joe20 minuter sedan
  • ColBER-T British name. Not french.

    Harman P JohnsonHarman P Johnson23 minuter sedan
  • Can we just please wake up from this nightmare 😫

    T1974T197452 minuter sedan
  • is chris rock gonna look 16 yrs old for ever?

    SamSon viewSamSon viewTimme sedan
  • I love Chris Rock!!

    Josabet CJosabet CTimme sedan
  • It's a pleasure to watch Mr. Colbert try not to botch pronouncing "Jean-Baptiste". As we celebrate MLK Day today, I feel the same pain. Progress is not comfortable. We are not born tolerant, it takes self-challenge and visionaries to lead us there. The tribulation of the last 4 years was painful, but for the sake of my children, I hang on to this quote of Susan B. Anthony "Work your best works, be your best self." We love your groove, Jean-Baptiste!

    camelia colincamelia colinTimme sedan
  • 22 yo got called a bitch by Rock!

    Clarence LeeClarence Lee2 timmar sedan
  • What a true commentary from Chris about landing on an island and seeing how poor the people are and then being whisked away to a Sandals resort ...the inequity of it all!

    tinydancer444tinydancer4442 timmar sedan
  • Chris I luv😉😉😉😉😉😉u r so so awww!!!!!!!!Awesome Amazing Amazing Amen dis is

    Mydebby ToohotMydebby Toohot2 timmar sedan
  • Chris u crazy lol

    Mydebby ToohotMydebby Toohot2 timmar sedan
  • Mr Colbert, you don't know what the work is

    Rehberg HansenRehberg Hansen2 timmar sedan
  • Lady gaga singing the national anthem an awful idea. How about Iggy pop even the gun crazies like him.

    joebstarsurferjoebstarsurfer2 timmar sedan
  • That Baptiste guy annoys me like no other, and I cannot figure out why.

    diane ridleydiane ridley3 timmar sedan
  • "If popcorn were black they wouldn't sell it at movie theaters". I laughed my ass off at that moment. Got to love Chris!

    zirak93 - 2zirak93 - 23 timmar sedan
  • Now, thanks to writer Ted Wilburn, in a story which follows, new evidence has surfaced to prove that the government and the media have been lying to the public about the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.

    Bond BondBond Bond3 timmar sedan
  • #ChrisRock you are number one the 🐐 follow IGDenise Booth author ✍🏾

    Denise BoothDenise Booth4 timmar sedan
  • Private BONE SPURS is FIRED thank God for seth Meyers Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Fallon Steve Colbert James CORDEN trevor Noah for keeping us from going CRAZY the nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue is dammmm near over donny Kruger was FIRED BIGLEY UGEEELY OUTSTANDING TRUTHS

    Claude WilliamsClaude Williams4 timmar sedan
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    Genie out of the Bottle!Genie out of the Bottle!4 timmar sedan
  • Chris Rock is a lovely man. ❤️

    c'est moic'est moi4 timmar sedan
  • Thank you John Batiste.

    IreneIrene5 timmar sedan
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    Oscar Torres RodriguezOscar Torres Rodriguez5 timmar sedan
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    Monsters In The HouseMonsters In The House5 timmar sedan
  • Love Chris Rock ❤

    Jun IJun I5 timmar sedan
  • My life is complete... Colbert is crushing on Chris' abs!🤣🤣🤣 Welcome to the club Stephen 🤣🤣🤣

    Morena XoxoMorena Xoxo5 timmar sedan
  • What's up with he Sonic the Hedgehog intro

    tbatespsitbatespsi5 timmar sedan
  • colbert tried harder

    Keith BKeith B6 timmar sedan
  • Nobody's gonna talk about that sonic the hedgehog green hills intro!!? Fuck politics this Badazz mixed rappers delight with green hill zone!

    Copper 5Copper 56 timmar sedan
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    Mildred FoxMildred Fox7 timmar sedan
  • I hate to say it but this was the biggest nothing interview I've seen in a while!

    Al B.Al B.7 timmar sedan
  • “ I got ya PHONE BITCH”. Classic Chris rock ✊🏽😎😂

    A.S. WatsonA.S. Watson7 timmar sedan
  • Thumbs up for Jon. Steve are you a poser? Wondering these days

    Paige WashingtonPaige Washington7 timmar sedan
  • Chris Rock cheeks are far

    DJ InfraredDJ Infrared7 timmar sedan
  • Chris is outrageous and I LOVE IT 😻

    NB in DCNB in DC8 timmar sedan
  • I like the chemistry here lol

    rick zavalarick zavala8 timmar sedan
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    Elo OjiElo Oji8 timmar sedan
  • Pooky

    Mr. ChandlerMr. Chandler9 timmar sedan
  • John has magic fingers🥰

    Alexandra SaadiAlexandra Saadi9 timmar sedan
  • "It's so sad, Stephen, it's so sad…" Very true.

    Roli GRoli G9 timmar sedan
  • John the pianist is delightful as always. I know I wouldn't be half as cheerful as a black man living in America. But you cant solve all the problems in the world, so ultimately his attitude is much better than mine. Love Chris, and the show ofcourse. "I got your phone bitch" lololol

    Mo TarekMo Tarek10 timmar sedan
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    david whangdavid whang10 timmar sedan

  • I can’t believe these two came to Jamaica and didn’t say hi.

    Vanley PalmerVanley Palmer11 timmar sedan
    • Even in Ja everything is irei

      Vanley PalmerVanley Palmer11 timmar sedan
  • are they playing sonic theme song in the intro to this video????omg

    Joseph ScarbroJoseph Scarbro11 timmar sedan
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    Bui Sy DanBui Sy Dan12 timmar sedan
  • Why is this talk show host talking to a Zebra?

    jollyomeatLAjollyomeatLA13 timmar sedan
  • Even the piano 🎹 sounds is a prophetic word 🤔

    EuroAfro BigTimeEuroAfro BigTime13 timmar sedan
  • It's not funny, rather painful to know... 🤔

    Junaid EgaleJunaid Egale13 timmar sedan
  • I saw port a potties...LOL 😆. 😆 🤣

    Cia Rose MunizCia Rose Muniz13 timmar sedan
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    Rafael OnlyRafael Only14 timmar sedan
  • actually america has worst poverty in the world. poverty of the heart

    thomas jeffersonthomas jefferson14 timmar sedan
  • Every time I see Chris smilimg while speaking I immediately think of "One rib!" 🤣🤣🤣

    jayjaylenchase75jayjaylenchase7516 timmar sedan
  • The work? Fund schools so our children are properly educated. We wouldn't be in this state of division of we hadn't stopped funding education programs starting back in the 70s!

    chowe9chowe916 timmar sedan
  • Stephen's outing Chris Rock being at a resort with a very young woman. Thanks, Steve!?

    Sean PMSean PM16 timmar sedan
  • How awkward was the extremely young woman comment lmao

    YO_IM_ CHILLINYO_IM_ CHILLIN16 timmar sedan
  • HOW about BLACK PANTHERS ???? STORMING THE CAPITAL (ca) ... ....

    CAUGHT RedhandedCAUGHT Redhanded16 timmar sedan
  • Weak AF Chris and Colbert!

    aka TGIFaka TGIF17 timmar sedan
  • Nisuuuuuu!!!!

    Stone YelllowStone Yelllow18 timmar sedan
  • I had mostly all of the Pheochromocytoma symptoms and Covid 19 but didn’t actually have either. So this video is for anyone surfing with those symptoms but they can’t find anything!!

    Matthew BuckMatthew Buck18 timmar sedan
  • Love Jon and Stay Human. More of them! LOVED what Jon wanted America to hear. He is gracious and a national treasure.

  • The worst interview of an awesome comedian.

    Michael RuzanskiMichael Ruzanski19 timmar sedan
  • discrimination can't be eliminated, since we all do it...

    Todd C. WigginsTodd C. Wiggins19 timmar sedan
  • These are the same Neanderthals who reenact the civil war every year like the outcome is going to change don't expect much from them 🤏🏿🧠

    huntn211huntn21120 timmar sedan
  • Their scene today, is over, Phony bull shit, the big melt down, the 👹 throws his slaves to the shit pile after they are useless

    david burkedavid burke20 timmar sedan
  • I landed in Kingston for a weeklong vacay with extreme poverty all around and "Yankee GO HOME!" signs everywhere. But that was in the 70s. Still that way??

    Kinky2Kinky220 timmar sedan
  • "While I breathe I hope we can get our SLAVES back." SC motto.

    Kinky2Kinky220 timmar sedan
  • Does Chris Rock NEVER AGE?!!

    Kinky2Kinky220 timmar sedan
  • The Pixar movie Soul was based on John Baptiste.... Ha! Nah I'm just playin'. Dude can play tho

    TrinityTrinity21 timme sedan
  • We saw how BLM terrorists were treated all summer, if they had raided the Capitol they would have either burned it to the ground, or they would have set up camp, and made themselves at home. The riots last summer lasted for months, the peaceful protest at the Capitol lasted less than one day

    Mike ChandlerMike Chandler21 timme sedan
  • What a difference a week makes. On Wednesday, we discovered that House Democrats actually support police. They are against mob violence. They believe in law and order. They believe in harsh punishment for rule breakers. They believe in accountability. They care deeply about civility. They believe words matter. They abhor intemperate rhetoric. They are against coarse language. Fancy that. They believe in a peaceful transition of power, at least this time, as opposed to 2016. They believe in the Electoral College. They believe in the legitimacy of the people’s vote. They believe in walls, at least when it comes to protecting their own place of work. They even believe in bringing in the National Guard to quell civil unrest, at least when it comes to preserving their own peace. They believe in guns, at least when their own safety is at risk. They revere American history and institutional norms. They honor the Founding Fathers. Hah!

    Michael PoindexterMichael Poindexter21 timme sedan
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    21 timme sedan
  • Chris got that Benjamin button

    Susporiea HarrisSusporiea Harris21 timme sedan
  • Lots of LoVe ❤️ to you Chris !

    Tamar 4272Tamar 427221 timme sedan
  • The capital takeover was one incident. Antifa and BLM took over a police station, destroyed and looted businesses, assaulted cops over a whole summer. Took over areas of Seattle and Portland. Cops did nothing. In nyc, blacks and whites were getting arrested and almost immediately released. You can’t have selective outrage.

    Anthony ClayAnthony Clay21 timme sedan

    Rebel RenéeRebel Renée22 timmar sedan
  • Why was this such an awkward interview? I've never seen SC be so awkward. What's going on?

    Rawhaan HenryRawhaan Henry22 timmar sedan
  • Listen to robin williams comments on Joe Biden... Robin was a comedian.... cancel this show now

    james eatonjames eaton22 timmar sedan
  • Chris Rock is low-key one of the hottest comedians still doing it

    Bunnie ByrdBunnie Byrd23 timmar sedan
  • Yeah they were treated differently because they had help from the inside. The left let them in so that they could cause destruction and get that crowd rowdy because they were already overly excited so it was easy to get the rest to follow. The people up front were let in. Yes some broken but others were literally let in. And it's because they're perfectly trying to make Trump look bad. Trump would not do this people take his words the wrong way. As always. Trump wanted to win you can't win by causing this to happen. Not only can you not run in 2024 because of it but the people that vote for you would be felons and could no longer vote. I feel sorry for the ones that followed into the capital being harmless and just wanted to go in to be a voice. Now they are in trouble and facing crime. That's not right. People allowed to step foot in that house people that were just going around shouting should be let free. only the piece of garbages that went in there attacking others and hurting people are the ones that need locked up. We all condem them!! POSs!!!.. A lot of them protesters was not expecting others to be violent. We should all be aloud freedom of speech now the left is trying to take that away from everyone. Trump called in the national guard no one knows why they took so long. But Trump did call them. we think it's the left they stalled on purpose because they wanted people to break in to do that. But I bet the left wasn't expecting people to come in and steal evidence that's incriminating to them. Yep but they thought only their people would cause trouble to make Trump side look bad without thinking all the evidence that could be stolen from them. LMAO the stuff that's being found on Nancy pelosi's laptop!!.. Wait till you all see the truth. You will see that this was a biochemical weapon made on purpose to overthrow the election that's why they did all the changes to the voting the Democrats did. Elections have been the same every year but this year they wanted it to be a special way so that they could win. I hope you all enjoy living in places like Venezuela because that is what's going to happen to our country. My friend from Venezuela is scared of bidens administration. so is a lot of my Hispanic friends that are here in america. They know the truth and what's up. And all my black friends they love Trump and what he has done for them. I pray for all of you to not be a blind sheep leaving itself to the slaughter. Please start going to underground news channels to get your information. I know this is probably one of them but it's also the left you need an independent unbiased so that you can see full footage and not little clips.

    Donna MetcalfDonna Metcalf23 timmar sedan
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    Mathew HaidenMathew HaidenDag sedan
  • I love Chris rock, but he is not in the top 700 actors

    N GN GDag sedan
  • Colbert's "extremely attractive and extremely young" comment was extremely off putting. Wasn't he accused of child abduction and sexual abuse?

    Icarus AberrantIcarus AberrantDag sedan
  • Okay when have you ever heard a black person say they were mad at Lincoln?! Why would we deface the main person who set us free. Sounds like thats what those racist would do. Everything white people say black pwople would do I just assume that's what they would do. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Maggie MooMaggie MooDag sedan
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    Devin HoustonDevin HoustonDag sedan
  • Race baiter Rock!

    Ancia GabeAncia GabeDag sedan
  • Hey, Deplorables! Trump just called to say he used you.

    Bill WrightBill WrightDag sedan
  • Sad but true.....The trip from the airport to the resort is an eye opener. Help me, help Jamaica.

    Jamerican PilotJamerican PilotDag sedan
  • comments about how BLM is treated different from white marauders start at 5:08

    Dentsun4228Dentsun4228Dag sedan
  • 7:35 what was that?? Chris rock wasn't feeling comfortable... Until he spoke about the imagined lady.. Colbert is a pervert

    Rainy DayRainy DayDag sedan
  • Hey Chris, imagine if Barack Obama would have done some of those things, or told the lies he told. How long do you think Barack would have lasted. Three days? Maybe not that long. I believe President Obama has more professionalism and class in his little finger than Trump has in his whole family.

    Marie MaroneyMarie MaroneyDag sedan
  • I love Chris Rock only he knows how to rock!

    Colleen MacColleen MacDag sedan
  • Chris Rock! as a Jamaican i am offended by that joke...there are no dead babies on our streets...those are dead dogs!!..thank you!

    AK RobinsonAK RobinsonDag sedan
  • Why the surprise that WH rioters would get special treatment than that of BLM after all it's AMERICA land of the perpetual racists!

    B SmirhB SmirhDag sedan
  • Chris rock in fargo good work.he made the gangster reality.

    Michael FieldsMichael FieldsDag sedan
  • Terrible interview

    Rico Michael JacksonRico Michael JacksonDag sedan
  • It's the real life joe gardner!

    John CarlosJohn CarlosDag sedan
  • It’s ok for comedians like “Andrew Dice Clay” to be buffed... that’s what his comedy is (a threat) us “wanna-be” bullies love him... he says things us intellectuals which we could say... and he teaches us how to do it. But comedians like Chris Rock... noooo... don’t buff up, we love you because your “right”... and we’ll fight for and protect you... but if you “buff up” you no longer need our protection... and as a matter of fact... if you’re buffed up and you jive on me... well... sorry, but now I gotta kick ya’ ass.

    7-minutes7-minutesDag sedan
  • Whoever pressed the thumbs down please go have a coke and a smile and go get ur mind right

    Tyson RobertsTyson RobertsDag sedan