CallMeCarson VODS: SMP Live (Part Fifty One)

15 jul 2019
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Streamed on 7/3/19
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  • Carson's old nether tunnel is another nether hub.

    FroggehFroggehMånad sedan
  • this didnt age well

    Trenten MooreTrenten Moore4 månader sedan
  • This was so awkward

    GrilledGetusGrilledGetus6 månader sedan
  • who is here in 2020 lmao

    Alex WilsonAlex Wilson6 månader sedan
    • Not me

      CaittyCattCaittyCatt8 dagar sedan
  • me binging these vods rn and seeing fitz lol ,,, cute..

    Allison MakAllison Mak7 månader sedan
  • oh how badly this has aged...

    eczemmaeczemma8 månader sedan
    • Fr Fr

      thonkthonk5 månader sedan
    • Fr

      ・qexxis・淵・qexxis・淵5 månader sedan
  • this video hits different now

    Joshua EgenJoshua Egen8 månader sedan
  • I like how when Carson is talking about people to invite on the server and Ginger Pale donates to come on and Carson completely ignores it.

    OwentertainmentOwentertainment8 månader sedan
    • Ginger Pale literally got on

      Janathan TranJanathan Tran5 månader sedan
  • carson shouldnt have felt bad about the bad things he said about the misfits :( not good guy fitz.

    Defarius_Defarius_9 månader sedan
    • No one could've predicted how horrible this would've aged

      T4c0_N1nj4T4c0_N1nj49 månader sedan
  • 2:32:45

    FaebFaeb10 månader sedan
  • 1:19:20 wow, I can’t believe Carson larps.

  • 23:21 I felt that

    DanberoDanberoÅr sedan
  • 1:19:10

    Cade SturmCade SturmÅr sedan
  • I'm at 46:53

    BigBoi195BigBoi195År sedan
  • 2:05:27

    KonoDioDaKonoDioDaÅr sedan
  • C: _mhmm_ *yeah* F: *mhmm* _yeah_

    niceniceÅr sedan
  • Eyy yo carson i made a girlfriend in ur sub server

    Isaiah __Isaiah __År sedan
  • Carson's Funny Mic Effects: "This is so bad!" "OooooOO I'm gonna die" "mmm meat" "B O O T"

    DeepFreeze172DeepFreeze172År sedan
    • S GAY M

      niceniceÅr sedan
  • Vod Squad

    Nathan ZmegacNathan ZmegacÅr sedan
  • I was getting my dinner from the kitchen and u just hear "a baby has shit spaghetti sauce"

    bob bobbob bobÅr sedan
  • 1:33:00

    Yoloswagpro BroYoloswagpro BroÅr sedan
  • Jordan is the only one who can eat a 1000 calorie slice of cake and burn it off by breathing

    Yoloswagpro BroYoloswagpro BroÅr sedan
  • “A family of zombies inside me”

    Yoloswagpro BroYoloswagpro BroÅr sedan

    Josh KnightJosh KnightÅr sedan
  • Carson: I dont larp Also Carson: So when are we larping?

    DarkiKunDarkiKunÅr sedan
  • All we need is PewDiePie and techno

    Cc PlaysCc PlaysÅr sedan
  • ngl i watched fitmc before i watched carson

    Miller FoutsMiller FoutsÅr sedan
  • when you binge every single smp live vod and look at the comments, you begin to see regulars. i connect with these regulars on a spiritual level

    ecoecoÅr sedan
    • I am thinking this at this comment

      DocShawDocShaw6 månader sedan
    • hęllish yep

      Sergent BuzzSergent BuzzÅr sedan
  • After seeing 2014 uwu carson, i feel like bean yoda time

    BlakeBlakeÅr sedan
  • bro i'm scared i burped then carson burped send help 1:21:01

    k scgfk scgfÅr sedan
  • 55:40 can someone pls link to the clip he's talking about

    Mariya StoyanovaMariya StoyanovaÅr sedan
    • @bruh moment same

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista5 månader sedan
    • i want it too

      bruh momentbruh momentÅr sedan
  • Which one is the meat

    Mahogany MouseMahogany MouseÅr sedan
  • 59:43 oh shit it me. when was this stream wtf edit: i just checked the description

    RegularlyDrunkRegularlyDrunkÅr sedan
  • Does anybody know what shader they use?

    Porky OrcyPorky OrcyÅr sedan
    • silders enhanced default

      aliali5 månader sedan
  • Can we get the daddy o five family on smplive

    Hunter MooneyHunter MooneyÅr sedan
  • im freaked out, i was pooping when then donation came up saying that hes poopin lol 1:32:38

    Ayden SimoneAyden SimoneÅr sedan
    • Sexy i guess

      un comentario comunistaun comentario comunista5 månader sedan
  • what vid was it that they said schlatt was sad in

    Ash Is VibingAsh Is VibingÅr sedan
  • Big Shrimpin' American television series

    Chad Thunder CheeksChad Thunder CheeksÅr sedan
  • Hi

    Mr.LonelyMr.LonelyÅr sedan
  • 1:45:00

    SidoGhastSidoGhastÅr sedan
  • sgaym

    logijuuulogijuuuÅr sedan
  • Captain sparkles getting HIS items back after carson killed him : Every other person : Constantly spamming music in the background

    OnkelsidOnkelsidÅr sedan
  • what the fuck is up with his hair

    FuzeDaCuzeFuzeDaCuzeÅr sedan

    EcksDeeEcksDeeÅr sedan
  • 45:20 awww man

    Marc ScottMarc ScottÅr sedan
  • Fitz felt legitimately bad about the creeper hole LMAO

    BrantMKWBrantMKWÅr sedan
    • @JACK HARP Lol I now what you mean now

      toorutooru7 månader sedan
    • I guarantee he feels worse now

      JACK HARPJACK HARP8 månader sedan
  • 1:08:44

    CabinstheticCabinstheticÅr sedan
  • i hate the misfits

    dominic derosedominic deroseÅr sedan
  • I like how Carson says "It's really scary" sarcastically and then a cave noise happens

    Notification NationNotification NationÅr sedan
    • eco jujujjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjuujjjjjjjjjjjjjuujjjjjjjjjjjjjuuuujj juice jujujjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjuujjjjjjjjjjjjjuujjjjjjjjjjjjjuuuujjjjjujjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjuujjjjjjjjjjjjjuujjjjjjjjjjjjjuuuujjjjjujjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjju. b. I fell asleep while typing this 😂😂

      Futuristic JosephFuturistic Joseph5 månader sedan
    • idk about you but cave ambience makes me shit a minimum of 7 bricks every time it plays

      ecoecoÅr sedan
  • What time does Carson usually stream?

    Nope NopeNope NopeÅr sedan
  • Headset carton

    monkymonkyÅr sedan
  • 1:00 leave this place the people over 1 mile are talking

    ImHaloImHaloÅr sedan
  • Misfits more like mistakes

    Mr.Waffles06Mr.Waffles06År sedan
  • It is now 6 am and I’m at 2 hours might as well finish

    Edgar CondeEdgar CondeÅr sedan
  • 1:29:05 he got pewdiepied lol

    MarineMarineÅr sedan
  • Ted Nivison? More like Ted Nividaughter

    Ambassador Lo MeinAmbassador Lo MeinÅr sedan
  • “Every time I go on sub mode people just post this one emote of don cheadle”

    addieaddieÅr sedan
  • s gay m

    ًًÅr sedan
  • Poop gang

    Metabox podcastsMetabox podcastsÅr sedan
  • When is Carson streaming

    Mr. EletricdadMr. EletricdadÅr sedan
  • When is Carson streaming

    Mr. EletricdadMr. EletricdadÅr sedan
  • When is Carson streaming

    Mr. EletricdadMr. EletricdadÅr sedan
  • When is Carson streaming

    Mr. EletricdadMr. EletricdadÅr sedan
  • When is Carson streaming

    Mr. EletricdadMr. EletricdadÅr sedan
  • What mixer does carson use

    Thunder WaffleThunder WaffleÅr sedan
  • cleanup on isle 4

    ItsHaydenItsHaydenÅr sedan
  • onth

    SilasoSilasoÅr sedan
  • you have to get across

    jermjermÅr sedan
  • Is this the one where he eats a stake for 20 minutes with the voice change on?

    Not a HomosexualNot a HomosexualÅr sedan
    • Not a Homosexual if you haven’t seen (ik I’m late) that would be the next one

      •nightmares••nightmares•År sedan
  • Sgaym

    GingyGingyÅr sedan
  • 13:07 Is that IKEA TOWER?!?

    ShacklesjpgShacklesjpgÅr sedan
    • AlienNug ikea tower ISNT a pewdiepie thing pewdiepie didn’t make up ikea tower it’s a real thing

      Mistaken AlphaMistaken Alpha3 månader sedan
    • Idk Wut to do / it isnt, it was built before Pewdiepie built IKEA tower

      AlienNugAlienNugÅr sedan
    • BRuH we all know that’s IKEA tower

      hey there Delilahhey there DelilahÅr sedan
    • No

      AlienNugAlienNugÅr sedan
  • vod squad

    Linus HelanderLinus HelanderÅr sedan
  • Betty

    Rylan RojasRylan RojasÅr sedan
  • Guys. So basically, to summarize this vod, he goes to Area 51 and beat the aliens to death. He actually wins and goes into the UFO to go to Mars, and sees that the Earth is flat.

    skuqreskuqreÅr sedan
  • Fitz’s reaction to Jokos hit killed me

    Celes1iusCeles1iusÅr sedan
  • Remove the misfits

    KuramaKuramaÅr sedan
  • *gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp gulp* just took a sip of my shroud capachino

    Patrick* パトリックPatrick* パトリックÅr sedan
  • S gay m

    BoozerFTWBoozerFTWÅr sedan
  • why is carson low res but his room is high res F

    AkiraAkiraÅr sedan
    • He's using a low res skin but a high res shader

      Time Well SpentTime Well SpentÅr sedan
    • Emerge Carson is the embodiment of low resolution

      Justanother pyromainJustanother pyromainÅr sedan
  • Literally all of carsons friends are gay as hell lol. Ex: Traves says coopy Noises and jokes Dick and balls Their voices lead

    Lilshmil_24Lilshmil_24År sedan
  • Why so late mate?

    m i f y b e a t sm i f y b e a t sÅr sedan
  • 1:13:12 Someone do something with this segment, It's just great

    Barack ObamaBarack ObamaÅr sedan
    • ok Obama

      Bruce WillBruce Will10 månader sedan
    • thank you obama

      KillimonjouKillimonjouÅr sedan
  • Good luck call me cars. Get the dub. Get 1.0 k likes so you dont turn into minecraft creeper.

    caveman crankycaveman crankyÅr sedan
  • The fitmc shit at the start is spot on

    VistaVistaÅr sedan
  • carson someone put a thanos baby in your sever (meme section)

    sadenoxsadenoxÅr sedan
    • sadenox this isn’t Carson dumbass

      The Shrimpy TomatoThe Shrimpy TomatoÅr sedan
  • Fuuuuuck I’m Carson Fuuuuuck

    「Z A W A R U D O」 Revolving「Z A W A R U D O」 RevolvingÅr sedan
  • Fartson

    Alyssa ZombiAlyssa ZombiÅr sedan
    • Sorry made me laugh out loud

      Alyssa ZombiAlyssa ZombiÅr sedan
  • i pierced both of my ears while i watched this so thanks

    ugly eelugly eelÅr sedan
  • 16:20 *American archeologist finds a shrine for a vegetable*

    ayysopayysopÅr sedan
  • next we need pewds

    777!777!År sedan
  • first

    Vision ManhunterVision ManhunterÅr sedan
  • what happened to Carson’s hair line?

    JoyJoyÅr sedan
  • Wait carson fitz has a yt channel?!?! 😱😱

    isaac palman-calleriisaac palman-calleriÅr sedan
  • Can someone tell me which VOD the “Meat Dinner” is in?

    Pvt. NapalmPvt. NapalmÅr sedan
  • When is Carson streaming

    B2MarksmanB2MarksmanÅr sedan
  • Carson like not giving a shit just great truly epic he also has a fetish for cscoop

    McCrippled15McCrippled15År sedan
    • I mean

      Time Well SpentTime Well SpentÅr sedan
  • 1:13:58 sorry my boi carson but betty has become one with the wall, she cannot clean up the baby spaghetti.

    WhatIsSpadeWhatIsSpadeÅr sedan
    • 🅱asghetti

      Time Well SpentTime Well SpentÅr sedan
  • S GAY M

    твой отецтвой отецÅr sedan
  • Why does Carson actually do a good FitMC impression

    Hector NajarHector NajarÅr sedan
  • This series makes me ejaculate little babies

    KHOKH 69KHOKH 69År sedan