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10 jan 2021
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  • Thank you Simon 🙏God Bless

    Dianne BassDianne Bass3 timmar sedan
  • Thank you Simon, GOD BLESS May GOD’S Grace always shine on you and your work!!

    St. Michael ArchangelSt. Michael Archangel11 timmar sedan
  • Good dvise! Just got my network encrypted with using BlockBig .tech

    Maria GomezMaria Gomez14 timmar sedan
  • Good advice, just signed up for BlockBig .tech and have setup my VPN on my phone and computer. Good look selling my data big tech! haha

    producto_digproducto_dig14 timmar sedan
  • Good advice, just signed up for BlockBig .tech and have setup my VPN on my phone and computer. Good look selling my data big tech! haha

    Abraham LugoAbraham Lugo14 timmar sedan
  • This clown should be in a padded room, says his mom is a 9’ alien 😂😂😂😂

    TrynbkindTrynbkindDag sedan
  • All you believers are embarrassing to the rest of the world. This man is a fraud and taking your money. Cut the 💩 and move on with your life. Stop believing in fairy tales already.

    JPJPDag sedan
  • Wow frame 8:47 there a ghost going by is chair right hand side when he mention Vatican or the Pope so god is watching look for yr self

    Ted FordTed FordDag sedan
  • Simon the con man hows your alien girlfriend and baby yes that is what Simon said he had a baby with an alien his wife wasn't happy about it but shit happens folks drop this fool look up his bio fake news all of it .

    Aiden FletcherAiden FletcherDag sedan
  • I'm Canadian an have family in. Montreal. And u sir r correct. They locked down an road blocks everywhere

    MrBudderbudMrBudderbudDag sedan
  • This is no better than tabloid, media feeding into the inatiable addiction to drame that this culture suffers from. It has become a soap opera. By your admission, The so called white hats in power, have promised you a position in America based on nothing more than your ability to keep a secrets and only disclose what your told. Is this driving your motivation to just keep relaying abstract cryptic or sensationalized scenarios, that never actually take place in reality

    Vincent LumeVincent LumeDag sedan
  • Where is the accountability pertaining to the reliability of the information you are presenting here? I just dont get how you claim to be in the know without ever having to be accountable in terms of the accuracy and reliability of the information your providing? Its just irresponsible!

    Vincent LumeVincent LumeDag sedan
  • Simon, this past Monday, you emphatically, and definitively claimed that your sources told you that there would be a communications blackout, including mainstream media and the internet. You said that your very reliable/credible sources told you that this blackout would occur sometome between this past Monday and the past Wednesday. However , clearly you and your sources were wrong. WHY HAVENT YOU ADDRESSED THIS?

    Vincent LumeVincent LumeDag sedan
  • The irony for Biden supporters is they will make war more likely, as Trump has wanted to reduce the # of entanglements. With Biden, I think the BOAS should definitely move their clock closer to midnight, but I guess that wouldn’t fit their political agenda?

    Wi ToWi ToDag sedan
  • People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

    Country ManCountry ManDag sedan
    • I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks Mr Nicole Jose🇱🇷

      Morale KellieMorale KellieDag sedan
    • My first investment with Mr Nicole gave me the assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with him already

      Francis HargreavesFrancis HargreavesDag sedan
    • @Aliear windf Thanks , placing my trade with expert Nicole jose ASAP

      Roleance mjRoleance mjDag sedan
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      Aliear windfAliear windfDag sedan
    • How do I start trading with Mr Nicole Jose?

      Hanison GilbertHanison GilbertDag sedan
  • Honestly, how do you show your face in public! What a Joker.

    Tone RangerTone Ranger2 dagar sedan
  • Loving the gorgeous-cat-photo-bomb!

    Machiavelli PatriotMachiavelli Patriot2 dagar sedan
  • Trump would have to have a personality transplant before letting the bullies beat him up, take his lunch money, and make him walk away with a wedgie between his cheeks if he has any way of punching back. Now Simon Parkes... he reminds me of the Nigerian email scammer who tells you to send him another $500 just this one last time and then the big payoff will happen. I’ll apologize next week if I’m wrong.

    ted.angell instagramted.angell instagram2 dagar sedan
  • Is there anything that you get right? Just curious

    FuCkthEnSaFuCkthEnSa2 dagar sedan
  • I'm an American republican converitive if trump does leave next week this will be the sadest day in America. Which means that the sewer creatures and China and globest have win. God bless president trump.

    Kevin AbshireKevin Abshire2 dagar sedan
  • Do u guys actually believe this man or u just like the positive roleplaying

    Warriorlike 1Warriorlike 12 dagar sedan
    • He's gonna look like a right berk this time next week.

      smokeybarrsmokeybarrDag sedan
  • FYI. This guy claims that he is the adopted child of a 9-foot-tall green space alien so I'm not sure you should listen to him.

    Mike HuntMike Hunt2 dagar sedan
  • Is this guy that had a alien baby ?

    SouthernSouthern2 dagar sedan
  • THANK you soooooooo much for this broadcast !! God Bless You. May we all be able to sit down together for a virtual cup of proper tea and sip to the glory of our Father God and his son Jesus Christ. May Biden never be President. May those Chinese individuals that have infiltrated other nations for any negative purpose like spying and recruiting be removed or leave on their own. I am amazed that fellow Americans would sell out their companies, like GE, to China-- with no thought to all of us.

    Annette ArrowAnnette Arrow2 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for what you are doing.

    Scott MillsScott Mills2 dagar sedan
  • I have had enough of all the lies, you are fake, Trump is giving up, the Q Anon movement was a fraud. We were all lied to about sealed indictments, declassification of documents, prosecutions, arrests, and now you continue the lies, you are just as bad as fake media.

    Marti AllisonMarti Allison2 dagar sedan
  • What a guy! Thank you so much!

    wendy bakerwendy baker2 dagar sedan
  • False

    Kelly McKinneyKelly McKinney2 dagar sedan
  • Do you have all your videos you could post to Rumble?

    ricks6590ricks65902 dagar sedan
  • Very interesting, but what is that white glow coming from at 8:50 in to the left of his shoulder. Anyone else seeing this? That was strange. Is it just me.. wtf happened? and why is it showing through the whole background instead of just the chair.. which I don't see how anything could make that effect without editing but obviously this guy doesn't care about editing soo... wtf is that. That aint no cat reflection. Reflection doesn't work that way...

    amhamh2 dagar sedan
  • 📺👀 🍿👅

    Edwin QuintinEdwin Quintin2 dagar sedan
  • Any news from your inside source info in regards to Trump staying for another term yet?? Any more of your predictions and how Trump is going to sign the insurection act??

    Gabar-GCSGabar-GCS2 dagar sedan
  • You are not found at your .org...selling??

    CaliforniagirlCaliforniagirl2 dagar sedan
  • Your cat appears to be your supervisor, popping up periodically over one shoulder or the other.

    Brian FergelBrian Fergel2 dagar sedan
  • When was the last time aliens visited you? Are they pro Trump, or Communists?

    Mark JonesMark Jones3 dagar sedan
  • Why did I just get this notification if this is a 3 day old video?! So weird

    Dox'd CandelabraDox'd Candelabra3 dagar sedan
  • Simon Executive order 13959 amended and signed late today against China also letter to pelosi and McConnell informing them 😮

    Lori JamisonLori Jamison3 dagar sedan
  • i am from VN, but i am patriot of USA

    BimgraphicBimgraphic3 dagar sedan
  • Disinformation ppl!!!

    amandalei535amandalei5353 dagar sedan
  • The only way we will be able to make it through these horrible evil times, is to pray. There is power in prayer, and power in the name of Jesus! Chains are broken, hope is given, life reclaimed. This is not only about America and Donald Trump! This is about bringing down and ancient ruling class. We can only win when God is fighting our battles. We have to turn to God and repent of our sins. He is our only hope.

    Pixie Dust2000Pixie Dust20003 dagar sedan
  • Why is this channel still here, with all the crap bullshit he posts???? HEY SEworld, WAKE UP!!!!!

    John JakobsenJohn Jakobsen3 dagar sedan
  • What truth!? I keep hearing about the truth. I feel bad and evils happening but someone please enlighten me . Please.

    Diana GarciaDiana Garcia3 dagar sedan
  • Nothing is going to happen.

    Luciano BerardiLuciano Berardi3 dagar sedan
  • This guy is a whack job I have seen nothing!!!

    Pat MoPat Mo3 dagar sedan
  • What happened to the special ops taking out corrupt leaders in usa election fraud !!!!!!!!

    Daniel KameDaniel Kame3 dagar sedan
    • 16,000 troops for bogus inauguration really!!## Trump is cleaning up...he is in for another term..be patient, all will be revealed

      Jelena AlgieJelena Algie2 dagar sedan
  • Thank you God Bless ❤ from US

    srndipity672srndipity6723 dagar sedan
  • Much love, loyalty, honor and respect from Canada 🇨🇦 keep fighting the good fight ❤💪

    Alexandra BonsanAlexandra Bonsan3 dagar sedan
  • Mr. Parks, I’m afraid to say you are a fraud

    Annunaki HunterAnnunaki Hunter3 dagar sedan
  • Mr. Parks , I’ve done research on your past. I’m unable to believe your information. Though, you seem to be a kind and gentle person, I feel that you are misleading the scared and upset folks here n the United States. I wish you good health and peace.

    Maria CarpenterMaria Carpenter3 dagar sedan
  • Value your insight...look forward to your talks!!!

    June SpenceJune Spence3 dagar sedan
  • Watch the fall of the cabal on bitchute. This is a part of a huge shift. The light will win and everything will be revealed this year.

    Maria PellebergMaria Pelleberg3 dagar sedan
    • Not.Gonna.Happen..

      John JakobsenJohn Jakobsen3 dagar sedan
  • Good evening to you Simon and the rest of Europe. Good day to the rest.

    Teresa ShelleyTeresa Shelley3 dagar sedan
  • I love your cat! 😍

    Shawn RobinsonShawn Robinson3 dagar sedan
  • They should post a timeline with events. That will clearly show the riot started prior to trump finished his speech

    Eudon HickeyEudon Hickey3 dagar sedan
  • That is a beautiful meow 😻

    Teriann DavisTeriann Davis3 dagar sedan
  • Love your cat!!

    Sandi TulloSandi Tullo3 dagar sedan
  • Watching you from Southern California. Keep up the good work by keeping us informed . I look forward to hear from you everyday !

    Barbara WhiteBarbara White3 dagar sedan
  • Glad you still out there Parkes. I followed you about 10 years ago. I had a baby, singlemom... was so so busy making ends meet, I fell out of keeping up on things. Glad to have found your channel. I googled you wondering what you are up to these days 😃

    Jenn WhiteJenn White3 dagar sedan
    • He thinks his mother is an alien and that he had a child with an alien...

      Jakob WarkentinJakob Warkentin3 dagar sedan
  • Not one thing he's said has come true all a lot speculation and fantasy theories. Clocks ticking and still no media blackout or insurrection.

    Red 91Red 913 dagar sedan
  • One truth remains, God’s word will prevail. The scriptures are coming to life at a rapid pace. Better know that you know and that He knows you and your name is recorded in The Lamb’s Book of Life.

    Gary JarvisGary Jarvis3 dagar sedan
  • Awwww.... Your cat is so cute

    Kate Preston-SmithKate Preston-Smith3 dagar sedan
  • I've only watched a couple of Simon's videos. I'm a huge Trump supporter and find these stories of what "may" happen straight out of a Harry potter story. And Although I didn't follow " Q", I truly did hope someone with authority was getting somewhere with truth and justice. Has it been a ruse? Prove me wrong

    ralphg63ralphg633 dagar sedan
  • Thank you! 💕✨🙏✨💕

    Purple RosePurple Rose3 dagar sedan
  • Are you MI6

    richard millsrichard mills3 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for spreading the truth 🙏

    Dympna O DonnellDympna O Donnell3 dagar sedan
  • Simon is tricking us don’t trust him look up what he is saying

    Colin SelbyColin Selby3 dagar sedan
  • Official SEworld Q disinformation asset and asshole.

    Ghost SquidGhost Squid3 dagar sedan
  • I love your cat! I had one that looked a lot like her! She just disappeared one day! What’s her name?

    Heather W CollinsHeather W Collins3 dagar sedan
  • What kind of cat is that Simon? Never seen one with those colors i don't think, at least not in America?

    Christopher J CrincoliChristopher J Crincoli3 dagar sedan
  • Fellow Trump supporters, the people in this video are cruel liars profiting from our fears. Check their credibility. Google SIMON PARKES HAS BABY TO AN ALIEN. Simon Parkes is the one that rarely changes his clothes in his disgusting videos.

    D WD W3 dagar sedan
  • 🙏

    Store Dot ComStore Dot Com3 dagar sedan
  • Is it possible the media etc pull the fake alien invasion card as a Hail Mary to stop trump from doing all this ? I just wanna know if it’s a possibility

  • If you believe this fella, I have some land on Mars I am selling cheap! Never have I heard such elusive commentary. I have heard, I cannot reveal because you know...It’s about good and evil, as if this is suddenly new... Goddddd!

    Paul GagnonPaul Gagnon3 dagar sedan
  • Blackout didn’t happen

    JJ3 dagar sedan
  • I just heard from Gorka on Rumble that the Italy story is fake! Why the hell are you people spreading bullshit stories right now? Why? What the hell! In a time like this our country is going through hell and we are listening to you and your friends a wanting to believe you and your just blowing smoke up our asses! I’m livid!

    KerriKerri4 dagar sedan
  • Cats are the nastiest animal there is.., Pigeons are more of a pet than a nasty ass cat!!

    American Bad AssAmerican Bad Ass4 dagar sedan
  • a FAKE!!!!!

    American Bad AssAmerican Bad Ass4 dagar sedan
  • 👽👽👽 For The Truth About Simon Parkes Search: "My mum's an alien Councillor quits politics" ... Like This Comment After You See The Truth!!! This guy is a complete fraud/crazy person. I wish he was legit about his Q contacts but the fact is that he believes his mother is a 9 ft tall green alien and had his first "sexually-charged" encounter with an alien when he was 6.

    MorpheusMorpheus4 dagar sedan
  • So in the one photo I saw they were claiming it was the president of Italy being arrested. I have never seen the person before so I am skeptical due to lack of personal knowledge.

    krismcnabkrismcnab4 dagar sedan
  • Simon, I was initially encouraged by your video. Then I came to realize that you are seriously and deliberately misleading people with false hopes. You should be ashamed. You are the forked tongued servant of Satan. Prove me wrong.

    Richard BurgerRichard Burger4 dagar sedan
  • DAMN! You lost me at "time travel!" Too crazy too believe... 😢

    Rob Van LearnRob Van Learn4 dagar sedan
  • At some point, dam it!!

    Matthew StoneMatthew Stone4 dagar sedan
  • You were saying war on China!!

    Matthew StoneMatthew Stone4 dagar sedan
  • I thought we would be in martial law by now.

    Matthew StoneMatthew Stone4 dagar sedan
  • So this guy didn’t know what he was talking about a day ago.

    Matthew StoneMatthew Stone4 dagar sedan
  • Dear Simon, it is also good that you explain this. Many people don't understand that. At the beginning, when my green friend was still allowed to work, a Taiwanese man contacted me. I had explained others, that in Taiwan there is an inner fear of being occupied by China. He wrote me why nobody understands that. I write this here, not because you don't know, but because many people don't know. It's like Bavaria and East Frisia. Actually, they were all forced into Germany, too. But the Germans are quite robust. Otherwise we wouldn't still be alive. But the Taiwanese are very sensitive. They are islanders. Anyone who can look at a map knows that. But unlike other islanders, they have no peace down there. Similar to the Cypriots in the eternal conflict between Greece and Turkey. The Channel Islands of Jersey with you or Rügen in Germany are quite different. There is no constant fuss about the shares of the sea and all this fuss. So, from the point of view of the Taiwanese, an annexation by China is really a reason to run a away. I would do the same if I were Taiwan.

    FROG NEWS Petra C. EsserFROG NEWS Petra C. Esser4 dagar sedan
  • Good night, thanks...

    Rose Marie LeonardRose Marie Leonard4 dagar sedan
  • Can you imagine trying to take all this in at once?? It would feel like your world has been a lie...which I guess it has been. Can you imagine how our America would be if it had not been in the grips of this EVIL??!!

    Gravity WorksGravity Works4 dagar sedan
  • Sir do you know any thing about the (shot)?how harmful is this to our front line workers ???

    Lisa StippLisa Stipp4 dagar sedan
  • what does Scottsdale AZ have to do with Q anons?

    julietjuliet4 dagar sedan
  • FaaaaaQ!

    Samaual BakhshSamaual Bakhsh4 dagar sedan
  • I think this is a you tube fake schill channel

    Kevin MillerKevin Miller4 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for the info. Your videos are very informative. I pray good wins over evil. Pray for us ALL!

    Leona BreazealeLeona Breazeale4 dagar sedan
  • Roger Stone was just on a show saying the insurrection act was not signed, Trump won't stay in and we are going to see the criminals take over wtf!

    Spiritual AngelSpiritual Angel4 dagar sedan
  • Where do you get your information? How can we believe what you're saying? As much as I want to see this crack-down happen, I just don't see it. I've been praying but I'm really disheartened about what happened with our elections. Please give us clarity, if this is true. I'm just having a hard time believing it. There's so much false information out here.

    Steph FenimoreSteph Fenimore4 dagar sedan
  • Very touching to see so many outside of the USA supporting POTUS Trump & American Patriots.

    Jay LandmanJay Landman4 dagar sedan
  • This is all disinformation, why and how does anyone believe this stuff, I want to believe it, but not one single shred of evidence yet. Pelosi is not in jail like she should be? I think this is all nothing but shit, trying to keep us calm. Thanks for nothing.

    Chris DargonChris Dargon4 dagar sedan
  • Why is this video completely different today? Than it was yesterday? Where is the video from yesterday? Anyone else see a completely different video?

    Chris DargonChris Dargon4 dagar sedan
  • Why does the video read 11 Jan but the published date reads 10 Jan? And where is the video with Danielle and Charlie Ward that was posted/up yesterday? Maybe it was just too much poppycock and had to come down? Just wondering?

    mo-riemo-rie4 dagar sedan
  • Special Ops teams embedded at strategic locations all over the planet open their secret envelopes and read their Top Secret Instructions: Nevermind.

    Charles MillerCharles Miller4 dagar sedan