The "Nice Guy" Ballad - Wilbur Soot

21 jan 2018
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  • that stare at 1:19 will always get me cracked up XD

    toki_nimtoki_nim34 minuter sedan
  • this is the weirdest video to simp for him over but here we all are lmaoooo

    issues i have themissues i have themTimme sedan
  • his humor is superior

    Tatiana MTatiana M4 timmar sedan
  • "facebook page" fella, this was recorded in 1999 and facebook started 2004

    NimoNimo4 timmar sedan
  • "I'm really mentally stable" 3:04 I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF

    Dominic ConditDominic Condit4 timmar sedan
  • H ah a h a aaaa

    Dot IDot I5 timmar sedan
  • woah the grey guy from soot house is really good

    AwefulcheesecakeAwefulcheesecake9 timmar sedan
  • im 100% a lesbian, but wilbur just comforts me even while portraying a creepy character.

    superiorsnailsuperiorsnail10 timmar sedan
  • im also very mentally stable *IM GONNA KILL MYSELF IF YOU DONT GO OUT WITH ME*

    SharkamelonSharkamelon12 timmar sedan
  • OMG WAIT WILBUR MADE THIS!?!??!?!?!?!? I-

    Elise LomeliElise Lomeli13 timmar sedan
    • Yes. :)

      Gertrud IdvaniGertrud Idvani12 timmar sedan
  • This is like an early version of the simp song trilogy

    Calum.mp4Calum.mp414 timmar sedan
  • Womon.... hahaha

    Benjamin WinzenkerrBenjamin Winzenkerr15 timmar sedan
  • 2:21 keep twitter far away from this

    jeff 09jeff 0922 timmar sedan
  • how did he do all of that with a straight face-

    mollie jade flanaganmollie jade flanagan22 timmar sedan
  • Wilbur is the only reason I’m bi and not a lesbian

    Smiles Is very boredSmiles Is very boredDag sedan
  • Wilbur: I'm really mentally stable :) Also Wilbur: *"It was never meant to be."*

    Hannah 123Hannah 123Dag sedan
  • this is GOLD comedy and music! Why isn't this bigger??? ;~;

    InkimeVAInkimeVADag sedan

    Jay PestridgeJay PestridgeDag sedan
  • mental stability gang

    Patty BallrealtPatty BallrealtDag sedan
  • got recommended after 2 years

    mino dianalamino dianala2 dagar sedan
  • good work bro!

    Twisted_FishyTwisted_Fishy2 dagar sedan
  • can’t believe I watched this in 2018 cause I heard abt him from james marriott and then two years later watched him blow up the british minecraft nation l’manburg o7

    Grace LillyGrace Lilly2 dagar sedan
  • can someone explain to me how this song is 3 years old?!

    Spacey ArtSpacey Art2 dagar sedan
    • @Jesus thank you for your wise words jesus

      Spacey ArtSpacey Art2 dagar sedan
    • yes you see it was made 3 years ago

      JesusJesus2 dagar sedan
  • uwu

    HotCocoaHotCocoa2 dagar sedan
  • Sent this to my crush next day got a smack

    BIG_HBIG_H3 dagar sedan
  • 1:59 OH MY GOSH

    Ethan BryantEthan Bryant3 dagar sedan
  • 2:58 best part

    Govo 4269Govo 42693 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur 2 years ago: being nice Wilbur now: IM NOT GAY THO 👀

    Dead Draws StuffDead Draws Stuff3 dagar sedan
  • questioning if im bisexual or lesbian after this

    venusvenus3 dagar sedan
  • last time i came here people called him odd1sout

    Not MeNot Me3 dagar sedan
  • He was definitely Influenced by Bo Burnham.

    Wicked WingsWicked Wings3 dagar sedan
  • I like your music 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️

    Farida IdaFarida Ida3 dagar sedan
  • 2:54 and further, I dont know if your really mentally stable based on the following words

    YamYunYamYun3 dagar sedan
  • POG

    The AideniThe Aideni4 dagar sedan
  • MSM Messenger wasn't created until July 1999, so...

    Marcos SanchezMarcos Sanchez4 dagar sedan
  • PLEASE "I'm also really mentally stable" half a second later 'IM GONNA KILL MY-

    Gizzy RabeGizzy Rabe4 dagar sedan
  • He made the meaning of the word simp before it existed

    Ritter VoslooRitter Vosloo4 dagar sedan
  • The amount of times I've listened to this song, makes me question if I'm mentally stable.. Probably not

    BunnoxBunnox4 dagar sedan
  • i dont understand how wilbur can say "Why can't you just show me your tits?" with a straight face

    Ben BrownBen Brown4 dagar sedan
  • That thumbnail got me

    Jex ProductionsJex Productions4 dagar sedan
  • He ruined it when he consentually.

    oh nooh no4 dagar sedan
  • That end really reminded me of the bridge in Oh Brother by Frank Turner

    Alice BullAlice Bull4 dagar sedan

    Ava belle NobleAva belle Noble4 dagar sedan
  • Don't diss off my sister Sarah like that young man. She didn't deserve you! I am joking. No hard feelings.

    EmilyEmily4 dagar sedan
  • Well this song inside my brain and in my brain got damage to much, im sad now

    Orchida __-Orchida __-4 dagar sedan
  • Omg I’m screaming I saw this years before I knew who will was WTF I SHOULD’VE WATCHED MORE OF HIS SHIT

    MadisunieMadisunie4 dagar sedan
  • I’m a lesbian.... well except for Wilbur but he doesn’t count

    Birbie DrawsBirbie Draws4 dagar sedan
  • he's such a nice guy

    AlmondAlmond4 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur: **Stares blankly at camera**

    Ash_ 157Ash_ 1574 dagar sedan
  • i just cried to this song :')

    ellie paigeellie paige5 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is a simp confirmed

    Melon PockyMelon Pocky5 dagar sedan
  • old wilbur 🥺

    StarStar5 dagar sedan
  • my favorite part was when was mentally stable :D

    qbsessive mediqqbsessive mediq5 dagar sedan
  • I'm also really mentally stable IM GONNA KILL MYSELF

    Why hello thereWhy hello there5 dagar sedan
  • Im also reeeeeally mentally stable............. *Stares dead into the camera* IM GONNA KILL MYSELF

    Ryan GoringeRyan Goringe5 dagar sedan
    • It was so cold hearted the way he said it lmao

      Ryan GoringeRyan Goringe5 dagar sedan
  • Its not even a criiiihihihihihihhiihihhime

    Ryan GoringeRyan Goringe5 dagar sedan
  • bro ur crazy but ur still my favourite singer

    Seren HarrisSeren Harris5 dagar sedan
  • "I'm also really mentally stable" False information detected

    Itzme EzeeItzme Ezee5 dagar sedan
  • This guy looks like he can be a president then blow it all

    Edrick joemar BuaraoEdrick joemar Buarao6 dagar sedan

    • Neko Gacha •• Neko Gacha •6 dagar sedan
  • Ngl I'm VERY mad the raw ass line "you are what reality is made of, even the part that's gritty" is in THIS song

    Oh OkayOh Okay6 dagar sedan
  • if the comment section allowed pics, it would be full of girls recreating the "bad idea" by girl in red cover

    SauleSaule6 dagar sedan
  • can we appreciate that at this point wilbur had only been playing guitar for about a year?? and he was that good?

    glueglue6 dagar sedan
  • Reminds me of my ex 🙃🤪

    Athena ColvinAthena Colvin6 dagar sedan
  • Just noticed I’ve got the same guitar

    Seth HammySeth Hammy6 dagar sedan
  • This is nearly 3 years old damn

    Rose PriceRose Price6 dagar sedan
  • This is the same guy who says that we should all eat sand...

    Atticus MooreAtticus Moore6 dagar sedan
  • D×mn this man can make very good music wtf-

    Emo GoatEmo Goat6 dagar sedan
  • Burh I’m died it’s a funny song that sounds so fake it was really funny

    Ash_ay_toxic_ LifeAsh_ay_toxic_ Life6 dagar sedan
  • anyone else watching this while learning trigonometry?

    CleggsterCleggster6 dagar sedan
    • @G Loveland this is a bruh moment

      CleggsterCleggster5 dagar sedan
    • Actually? Yes.

      G LovelandG Loveland6 dagar sedan
  • Really Wilbur?

    Jacob PerezJacob Perez7 dagar sedan
  • This song radiates with Bo Burnham influence

    Mr. VinceMr. Vince7 dagar sedan
  • yk what maybe i’m not a lesbian

    sootsoot7 dagar sedan
  • Why isn't this on spotify yet? I've been waiting for over a year

    Micah BuckhamMicah Buckham7 dagar sedan
  • I feel like at the start he was just like “dont look at the camera dont look at the camera-”

    Professional NoobProfessional Noob7 dagar sedan

    hexhex7 dagar sedan
  • I like how he says "womon" which sounds like a Pokemon lol. Like "womon GO! Use bite!"

    Scotty, The FunkScotty, The Funk7 dagar sedan
  • I’m really mentally stable IM GONNA KILL MY SELF

    NameName7 dagar sedan
  • Thiels went from sad as hell to weird as shit to funny as fuck and back to sad

    TwigTwig8 dagar sedan
  • Something doesn't add up here. The date on the video is 1999, but Facebook didn't start until much later. ;-) [I've recently found your channel, and now I'm binging all your videos and enjoying the '90's vibe coming from someone so young, and all the humor. I'm sure the mismatch is intentional and meant to be funny, but being a geek who lived through the era, a comment like this is my way of saying I'm enjoying your art.]

    Beth LeonardBeth Leonard8 dagar sedan
  • *not me loving this song because its a bop and completely ignoring the lyrics because they kinda creep me out lmao*

    unus unusunus unus8 dagar sedan
  • i remember him talking about sarah on stream like the actual story of meeting her l o l edit; he dated her for 2 years apparently ; w ;

    Isabelle Van RysIsabelle Van Rys8 dagar sedan
  • maybe i am straight

    tubbo like it da beetubbo like it da bee8 dagar sedan
    • @tubbo like it da bee oh then im confused about the joke

      Potato GGPotato GG6 dagar sedan

      tubbo like it da beetubbo like it da bee6 dagar sedan
    • bisexuality just sitting in the corner

      Potato GGPotato GG6 dagar sedan
    • no who am i kidding women pretty

      tubbo like it da beetubbo like it da bee8 dagar sedan
  • the LAYERS to this humour

    Ili RongIli Rong8 dagar sedan
  • hes so british he can rhyme "hoops" with "foot"

    X DX D8 dagar sedan
  • Me listening to the song:”But why tho?” Also me:”Just vibe without the song”

    Tazkia J.GTazkia J.G8 dagar sedan
  • Why no on Spotify?????!!!?! I need.

    Marley Gallegos Bari girlMarley Gallegos Bari girl8 dagar sedan
  • "I'm

    EdenFireEdenFire9 dagar sedan
  • Damn you made me cry because a few days ago my crush friendzone me :(

    BisieBisie9 dagar sedan
  • 1:36 you know this boy be lying.

    cvbrockscvbrocks9 dagar sedan
  • everyone named sarah when they heard the voice message at the start: 😭🔫

    moody noodlzmoody noodlz9 dagar sedan
  • Cool

    GoldilocksGoldilocks9 dagar sedan
  • THIS DUDE YESSSS- i love wilbur he legit said 'show me ur tits' lmao then said 'with conset' BRAVO im just saying hes such a gentleman

    emo_mxxnemo_mxxn9 dagar sedan
  • He should start his own gaming channel! I bet he’d be pretty good at Minecraft

    NebulacosNebulacos9 dagar sedan
    • Yeah... He'd be so good at minecraft. And I bet he'd be really good at role-playing on an SMP.

      Selma PietruckSelma Pietruck2 dagar sedan
  • this song weird af

    DarkInferno_ XDDarkInferno_ XD9 dagar sedan
    • r/woooosh

      I am very funnyI am very funny8 dagar sedan
  • So this is the guy who fucked the salmon

    lol_im _lizzielol_im _lizzie9 dagar sedan
  • is nobody talking about the social MEDICATION in desc? not social media. social medication.

    Alex Leonore HenriksenAlex Leonore Henriksen9 dagar sedan
  • incredible

    Patapetta RulesPatapetta Rules9 dagar sedan
  • pog

    HarryPenguin1HarryPenguin19 dagar sedan
  • 1:54 dont mind me just a bookmark i know that weird cause its a short song just dont ask questions

    rooroorooroo10 dagar sedan